Thursday, November 29, 2007

Turkey Day card

Here it is in all it's glory....had to use the boo bash set from TAC one more time....before it retires....and I used my NEW cuttlebug embossing folder...spots and dots...with MY NEW BIGSHOT......yeah!!!! I coloured (that's for you uncle larry) it with aquacolors and a water brush...enjoy!

November Where did you go???

WOW...has it really been that long since I last posted? Guess much has gone on....

Here's a quick list in NO particular order....and I'll elaborate on some of the highlights in another or two post.

My mom had another surgery and was in the hospital for 5 days
I hurt my knee, got xrays
Been icing my knee with frozen peas...gotta love that!
I helped organize and pull off an all day scrapping event at my church
Raised over $650 for the Epic kids at Church
Got MeMe to stamp - yeah MeMe!
Thru a baby shower for Cyn
Survived the baby shower lol!
Had my 3 month Diabetic checkup - ugh not so good
Did a bit of retail therapy...yeah!
Saw American Gangster
Had turkey day at "the Rents"
Took a couple of days off
Went to Cyn's and made baby em announcement cards
Had an MRI on my knee (anxiously waiting results today)
Scheduled an appointment to see a Kidney specialist - eeks
Had breakfast with RICO - too much fun!!!!
Trying to remain calm and keep my blood sugar in a normal range
I've given up coffee and switched to steamed milk....what the?
Bought a scor-it
Made and mailed turkey day cards....a bit late...but still done and out da door
Working on holiday cards for the office....
Got a surprise for DIVA - tee hee
Got a mani and pedi...yeah purple!
Did big shopping stock up on stuff at Sam's Club
avoided the crazy after turkey day shopping

Whew....that's all I can think of right now.....but I am sure there is more....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo Day!!!

WOW...where has the time gone? I've been soooo busy and things just keep happening...but that's good right??? LOL. I'm helping plan a card making / scrapbooking FUNdraiser at my church to help the high school kids (Epic program) go on a mission trip to Honduras this upcoming summer. And the event is Nov 17th...eeeks....if you are interested in attending, please email me. It's a great deal....$30 gets you breakfast, lunch, table space and 2 creative classes! What a bargain....and Yep, I'll be teaching....I'm really looking forward to will be soooo much fun!!!

Anywho....let's see what else has been happening? Mom's gonna have surgery on Friday, my workouts with Rico are going awesome....I made boo day cards a bit late but still made and now a couple of meetings, including an after church class....yep got homework...what the???? LOL! Need to send a couple of prizes out...sorry guys!!! AND I just got a HUGE TAC (The Angel Company) order in....and need to get that delivered...and all of my stamps indexed and cut....perhaps at the hospital on Friday - surgery could be as long as 5 hours...sounds like a good!!!

Anyways we had the traditional costume party at work here today...and my boss dressed well...okay I sit outside the portal to hell....

Be safe, have fun and most importantly have a spookTACular day!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The best day EVER!

WOWZA....Thursday - a day that will definately be remembered and talked about for a long long time.

It all started with the first BIG wind storm....and then the rain...and being stuck in traffic. I arrived at work and started working on reports. I called Wes to check in and see what he had planned. SO the plan was for him to do a bit of sightseeing, come to the office, get a tour, chit chat and then go to lunch at Applebee's then back to the airport.

I hooked him up with a few places to go to in Fremont...but because the weather was well hello I live in Seattle...and when storms are a brew - traffic suckz!!!! he skipped them and came straight to the office.

WHAT AN AMAZING GUY WES IS!!! I had such a great time just hanging out...and just talking about all sorts of things!!!

Later I headed to the airport to drop off my co-worker Reider (yes he's a dj) it was good to spend some out of the office time with Eric and thank goodness I took him to the airport, cuz if he would have driven he would have missed his flight....yeah carpool lane. On the way back, I got totally stuck in traffic jam so I decided to bail and head over to FT to see Jessica (HI JESSICA!!!!) and give her a drive by was soo good to see her, I miss working out with her around....I miss FT...but I Puffy Heart Rico and his studio...

Anyways back to the office I went and hung out for a bit and then it was time to see MeMe...yeah!!! We went to Applebee's....hummm this seems to be a trend today...we laughed and caught up and just had a great visit....then it was head home.

So I offered up some goodies to the first person who identified the "Celebrity" who was going to visit me....and CINDY you shoot me an email with you snail mail addy and I'll drop some goodies into the mail to you.
I am posting a picture that I took of Wes at the studio on his camera (Wes I stole it from your blog) my camera is acting up and I can't get the photo I took off of it...ugh!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Stay tuned for some exciting news.....Pictures are sure to follow.....

I got a VERY RANDOM phone call from a "Celebrity" you just got to LOVE RANDOM...and the irony of it know when you say/comment to someone..."when you come to town, give me a call"...and 9 times out of 10 - no call....well, I must say that Scrapbookers RULE...because...a call was made.

In true radio fashion...I will be meeting this person for lunch using TRADE...cuz well heck it's free...and hook him (hint hint) up with some station SWAG!!!

The first person who can guess who's in the Seattle area and that I'm meeting for lunch tomorrow will win some goodies!

I must confess that when I heard "Is this dflygirl?"....for a fleeting moment I thought it was he always does that when he flys into town unexpectedly...but THIS just one of those people you want to get to know and JUST hang out with!!!

I'm excited for tomorrow!!!

peace out

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shout out to the DMB FAN in Issy!

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DMB FANS (Dave Matthews Band). I was in Issaquah on Sunday at Safeway doing some shopping for DIVA and low and behold....what did I see??? This hummer - license plate DMB FAN....I tried to take a half way decent photo with my cell phone...but here's the a beautiful day. I got up and got ready for church...and then headed out. It was soooo was awesome. Our assistant pastor Markus gave the sermon. I hadn't heard him preach yet....and I was totally moved. Amazing. I saw Ronda and Jared. Gave Jared his teachers guide....and then saw Carla and Dave. Dave and I chatted about our lunch next that will be fun. I headed out to the car and it was beautiful. One the way to Issaquah, I got a call from a good friend 0kay Alex and he asked if I was free for a little lunch. Sure...why not??? I met him at Roundtable for salad - then over to DIVA's to check in on her and to help out a bit. IT was a fun day and a great visit with not only Alex but DIVA and her friends Cady and Hailey....and of course the DIVA kitty!

Headed home and got ready for Monday.....

Post Scrappin Friendzy


The week just flew by! I got everything prepared that need to be done before the big event. I got all my make-n-take card kits done. My page kits all finished. AND all the little details like decorating my table and such.

I had such an awesome week of first week of 3 times a week - Mon, Wed and Fri! WOWZA - RICO YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe that Saturday was FINALLY here. I had set a reasonable goal for sales but my overall goal was to have fun, meet new people and rock it when I taught my class. It was so hot as usual in the upstairs portion of the church. BUT I got there early and totally set up an hour before the first class.

Lots of people stopped by and did the make=n-take...and entered to win prizes..yeah prizes!!! The day just flew by. Pops called around 2pm and decided to come down and check it out...yeah....when he got there it was time for me to set up for class...I had Pops had out my class was too cute!!! I gave lots of stuff away with Scrappin trivia...lots of fun....and then the day came to an end.

I sent RICO a text and got one back, I headed to Lifeway to get the teachers guide for HFG and then finally home I went...WHAT A FREAKING FANTASTIC DAY!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy as a Bee...

As promised here are a few pictures of the goodies I have been preparing for Scrappin Friendzy. Stamped nail files and stamped and decorated bone folders....lots of work but they turned out great in my humble option! Anyways.....

WOW...where did the weekend go??? I had a freakin- fantastic appointment with Sally...and then meet a friend for a little dinner fun fun. AND then it was time....

Back home I went and just kicked it to get ready for the busy busy weekend. I got up on Saturday, did a little grocery shopping, got gas, did laundry and then made a cake and got ready to head up to the "rents". Sweet Granny and my Auntie and Uncle were coming for a visit. We had such a great time. Lots of laughs and Pops and I made dinner. Okay well mostly au gratin, salad, brocolli and sauteed tomatos and garlic...and Pops BBQ SALMON...and we had a wee bit of wine...but no managed...Uncle McGiver...I mean Everyone enjoyed the meal and the CAKE!!! Yeah! I headed home rather late and was tired.

Sunday I slept in...ugh I suck I should have gone to church...but didn' up and made a list of things I still needed for Scrappin Friendzy...I headed out to purchase paper and man o man was it raining!!! Headed over to DIVA'S and helped her out. Did some laundry, dishes, trash out and took care of the Diva Kitty...and made a wonderful fruit salad. Hung out and just chit chatted for a bit...and then it was time to hit the road.
peace out

Friday, October 05, 2007

What NO STAMPS?????

Tee hee. Lots been going on, can't really discuss it here but EVERYTHING is OKAY. I've been busy helping out the "rents" and "DIVA". I was asked to make some cards for Jeanies mom's 70th bday. Here's what I came up with. No stamps involved....what? Her party is going to be at a chinese I found some beautiful asian themed papers. I can't show you the inside as it has all the details of the party and well quite frankly, I don't want to scrub em out in photo there! But the beige symbol paper continues on the inside and then printed on a very very cool textured red paper is the invite. AND YES, for those of you....who know me entirely too well. I did charge her, not only for the cost of the papers but a $1 a that's said.

I have been working on my giveaway goodies for scrappin friendzy, I'll finish them and take a picture of the freakin 100 pile stacks of nail files and bone folders....what was I thinking? They are coming out good I there.

Anyways....back to the grind. I've had a slight cold this week, so I have NOT been working out, and I've missed RICO...dude....but I'm seeing Dr Sally today love our appointments and then my sweet sweet grandma is coming over yeah - there will be pictures for sure.

OMG - I can't believe I almost forgot it again...UGH I suck! MEME is back in town, and working...YEAH....we are gonna try and get together for a movie is soo good to have her back...I missed my movie buddy!!!

til later

Monday, September 24, 2007

This is what 5:30am looks like...

WOW...I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm at 4:50 - what the??? I got up and got ready for RICO to call...hey now you're an ALLSTAR get your game on go play....hey now you're a ROCKSTAR get the show get's his ring tone...and soooo fitting....

RICO called and I bolted down the stairs to go meet him at his studio....

and this is what 5:30 looks a freakin' fantastic workout....and then back home, to get ready....and then "B" called .... no carpool today...oh well, headed to work.....and that's where I'll end it for now....


Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday....oh how I loved to sleep in. No deadlines loomin, no training appoinetments, just relaxation. However, I did get up at 8am. I did a few things around the apartment and then I decided to make breakfast. Yummy. Coffee. I love my coffee maker. I really love my coffee maker.

After having a wonderful breakfast and getting ready, I took the package for Janice to the post office. Just going to the post office can be dicey. There was of course a line....come on's Saturday there is always a line. And there are kids running a muck. I of course found it cute and amusing, however, their parents did not....

The crazy man kept trying to get me to use the Automated Postage Machine...and I was having NO part of it. He wouldn't leave me alone....he ended up grabbing my package and heading to the machine after I had told him, not once, not twice BUT THREE times I wanted to see the clerk. What the??? Anyways, I got my package back and finally made it to the counter. HA!

After the postal incident I decided to pay a visit to Fred Meyer...I love Fred Meyer...YOU can get almost anything there and it's a big store. When I got out of the hospital, I would drive down to Freddy's get a chart and walk the store...if I got tired, I could always stop in the Furniture section and sit. And when I go now, I always walk the store while shopping....I know that Char would find it hard that I actually "walk" a store and not just buzz in and I do...when I have's more of an exercise thing than a shopping I got good stuff for the week...and managed to getout for less than $35...wahoooo! Gotta love that!

I headed home, and hurked everything up the freakin' 4 flights and then started putting everything away. I made a yummy pork boneless loin steak...a bit of brown rice and a nice big salad and some brocolli....I watched all the shows that I had dvr'd and then drifted off....

Sunday came way too early. I got up, and started to wander around the apartment. I realized I had a bunch of laundry to off I went to do that. Got things ready to go to the "rents" and then headed out. Had a good trip up to Everett....caught up with Mom and we just talked. I showed her all the goodies from my swap and from WAG...and we chatted about her surgery on Tuesday. I got things ready for dinner...and the pops changed my oil...YEAH! He bbq'd and then we had a really nice dinner.

After dinner, pops and I made a couple of cards - one for Paula the physical therapist that helped mom and on for sweet grandma's birthday. After all was said and done, eeks it was rather later....I headed home....

Finally made it home, and then hurked everything up the freakin' 4 flights of stairs...ugh....and then I started to get ready for Monday with RICO...Got my lunch all made, work out clothes set out, sneakers out...and what I was gonna wear to work...ready....then finally I drifted off...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The rest of the week in a nutshell...

Tuesday, Jean gave her notice. It was a typical day, lots of work....nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, I drove and it was RICO time. He called me at o dark fifteen, and I hit the road, he was waiting for me, we walked in, got a tour, and then we started ROCKIN! WOW, if I ever had any doubts about his new studio (which I never did) Wednesday when I walked in they would have been gone. What a fantastic workout. My abs are killing me worked out for 50 minutes...Friday will be longer...we'll ease into 60 minutes. I headed home and got ready for work.

I started to get a bit tired around 6-7pm. I went to Issaquah to pick up my meds at my favorite Target...yeah target...and then headed home.

Thursday....Sushi day. Brad picked me up and I showed him the "M" for Miho...and we had a good ride into work...we laughed it was busy at work and then it was time for SUSHI. Cindy, Taylor and I jumped into the Freestyle and headed out. We got there and NO ONE WAS there for almost 30 minutes...then they all started to wonder in...Miho was late to her own party...oh well. We had lots of yummy sushi and lots of laughs! Then it was time to head back. I finished the day and I made a couple of workout cds from my ipod for me and

Brad and I headed home I got a few things done...and was time for bed...

Friday came a bit abs still hurt - Rico called and I met him...we put in my cd and started the was abs still worked out 60 minutes it rocked....I headed home and got ready for work it was well sad, Jean was leaving, I gave her the "J" and helped her carry her stuff out to the car. I was a pretty sad sad day....and passed way to slowly...and then I got a page....from Jessica...>HI JESSICA!

I talked to Sally my nutritionist and we finally set an appointment...ugh it is so hard sometimes to get our schedules to match. It was good to catch up with her....

After 5 I headed down to FT to see was good ot catch up...and seemed so weird to be there....but like ocming home. She said the coolest thing, and I have to tell RICO...she said out of all the people she knew, that Rico and I are the two she wants to (and who deserves to) succeed the most...and she's glad we have each other. II am too. I am glad I have RICO...I am very very lucky.

I headed home and stopped at Safeway and picked up a few things for dinner/breakfast...then I watched Preminition with Sandra Bullock....interesting movie....and then off to sleep I went.


WOW...I can't believe it's Monday already. Rico was on schedule and called me when he arrived into the city. I got dressed and was just getting ready to leave when he called again.

He could NOT get into his studio...the freakin code for the 6ft fence wasn't working....ugh. So we decided not to work out as there would be NO WAY POSSIBLE for me to climb that fence.

We chatted and I told him that Char has passed his picture okay she actually walked it around the room, showing each of the ladies his picture. I was telling him that they all thought he was HOT....alotta HOT!! LOL...It made him smile and not be so MAD about not being able to train me. I told him, at least it's me...and not one of your new clients...we got off the phone and I got ready for work, which I didn't want to do....vacation syndrome.

When I got to work, it was back into the grind...getting caught up after being gone for a couple of was good to see everyone and I did a bit of show and tell...the day FINALLY ended...and then it was time to head home and then to fellowship.

It was good to see the gang, and the kids...we chatted and decided on a new book to study for this next year...we did a bit of scheduling and then I grabbed all the stuff to send to Janice and off we went.

Friday, September 21, 2007

J is for Jean

Oh my Jeanie...I am sad, she is leaving and taking a job at KCMS. I am happy for her...and sad for me. I will definately miss her. She and I have worked together for 10 years. When I started at KMPS/KZOK so long ago...before moving to KISS and then when I went to KLSY...she was at KWJZ...where I am now.
I made this altered J for her it has a little bling...well Jeanie loves hopfully she will put it in her new office, and think of me often.

M is for MIHO

I did a little crafting when I got home - This is what I made for Miho, her birthday is on Thursday and we are going out to I Sushi with the gang for lunch. She loves Hello Kitty or I like to think she does. These altered letters are so easy to do...and addictive. When I made T for Taylor, I came up with a list where everything started with "T". SO of course, I did the same for Miho.
SO here's the list: M is for Miho, Mushi Mushi, Mmmm Sushi, More Saki, and can't wait til Thursday!!!

Roadtrip Home

Heading home.....

After having a yummy bacon filled breakfast, Char and I headed to the Dollar Tree. At Stampin Cat Studio the owner had these cute vinyl bins that she put supplies in...and I thought to myself...HELLO...scrappin friendzy! So I knew I needed to stop and see if I could find 5 of the same color. Well, low and behold I did. I ended up purchasing 5 in a light yellow color and two in a darker green for me. I checked out and then headed out of town.

I had purposly planned on letting Heather get ahead of me on the road so that if she got tired, I would catch up with her and check on her. As I hit Vancouver, I stopped for gas. I saw my favorite tattoo shop...Dragonfly Tattoo. I'll post a picture later, it's on my work computer...ugh, I forgot to put it into the draft folder, oh well.

I chatted with Heather a couple of times....on the way home, I stopped at Chehalis at the Michael's and purchased some pearl white lumiere for the faux mother of pearl technique that Lori (Hi Lori!) showed me. I plan on using that as my next technique at the March Scrappin Friendzy, if I am asked back...(hopefully!). I ended up with two bottles, and then I purchased 2 12x12 scrapbook frames that were on sale for $4 ea. I thought it would be a great way to display my page at Scrappin Friendzy, and then I purchased this cool wrought iron holder to hold the frame...sweet...then I headed out towards Seattle.


Heather called from Olympia where she had found her luggage tags and ball chain for her Women's Retreat...the rest of the trip home was uneventful...I got home and hurked everything (okay almost everything) up the 4 flights of stairs....and got ready for Monday as it would be RICO time!



I slept sooo up - treadmill again....and then I was back in my room to do what needed to be done....PACKING...UGH...I knew as soon as I started to pack that it was time to head back to, working out, apartment in general.

I got everything sorted and packed and then I headed downstairs to get the handy dandy cart. Went upstairs, loaded it up and then back down to the car - filled the trunk up - but it would still fit my suitcase....yeah!!!

After I got to my happened....

THE POWER WENT OUT....what the??? after checking in with Char to make sure she was okay....I took a shower yes in the dark....and got ready to go. The power came back on...I finished getting ready and then downstairs to load my suitcase...and the we walked over to Almost Home (or as I always call it All American) we had a yummy breakfast with Stacy and Bridget, Char and Heather....and I must say the best part was the 5 freakin pieces of bacon (if you don't know I have this obsession with bacon and have been having turkey bacon since December) Since my tests results came back sooo good....I was on an all you can eat meat weekend!!! LOL.....

It was time to go home.....I'll post about the road trip in the next post.


WAG -Saturday

Boy did that alarm clock go off was up down to the treadmill and back to the room to get ready and meet everyone at 8am.

Got down there and finished my swatch book. I need to attach the hardware to the new paper collection sheets and my crop-a-dile was down in the room so finished that up....people were having fun putting together the projects and then it was time for me to demo my card sample books. That went pretty well...and then....more demos....

We had lunch in the room (all the yummy's we bought at Costco) and then I started making elephant cards for Janice's carepackage. Janice is in my fellowship group and she was involved in an accident and we (our group) were putting together a carepackage for her and that was my contribution....I made her 20 elephant cards (she loves elephants) and put envelopes and postage stamps with it. Heather helped me with the ribbons. I need red paper and ribbons so Daphne and I walked over the to Scrapbook store and purchased them....then back to the room to finish.

We finished handing out prizes, and did a few drawings for larger prizes and then it was time for the RAFFLE....and I WON YEAH ME!!!! It is a Rasberry Vituri Urban Scrapbook bag...I'll post a real picture soon...I am sooo looking forward to showing it off at Scrappin Friendzy!!! WAHOOO!

Everyone pretty much finished all their projects and the a group of 8 of us went to Olive Garden for dinner....we called ahead so we didn't have to wait.

Heather, Char and I headed to Wal-mart before heading to Olive Garden....I waited in the car to hurry up the process...yeah Char in Wal-mart...that spells!!

We headed down to Olive Garden and had such a blast....we laughed, joked, noted that all the waiters were ALOTTA HOT!!! And the food was sooo good. While everyone was having dessert, I opted for a cappacino...which was yummy! We headed back to the hotel and the conference room and started packing up stuff as we had to be out by Midnight.

I got all my stuff upstairs and hit the sack....what a fun weekend....and one more day to goo!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wow...where did the night go? Got up, hit the treadmill....and got ready to meet Char to set up the room at 8am. What the??? LOL!

Got everything set up and then it was SHOP. A bunch of us got ready and headed to Izzy's for lunch....and then we went to Stampin Cat Studio's for a bit of shopping and a make-n-take. Lots of fun...cute store. I got some stuff for my Scrappin Friendzy class (inks and spray bottles) and I treated myself to a cool white pen to put dots on the scallops and a dove blender pen and solution.

Then we went to CRAFT WAREHOUSE....I want a CRAFT WAREHOUSE...bought tooo much stuff...but what the heck? IF you ever want to see a funny 10 ladies go shopping in a craft about picked up some black webbing spray, a couple of giant clothespins to alter and a case for my crop-a-dile and a few other tidbits...then we headed officially open WAG.

Let the excitement begin....we ordered pizza for dinner. We played some games, had a few challenges and then stamped...heading to bed really late.

I stayed up WAY TOO LATE putting together my paper swatch book. BUT it is done and looks awesome. I finally headed to bed....thinking of all the fun had during the day and a little bit nervous for Saturday....would they like all the projects???? Too late to worry about that


YEAH on the road with Starbucks....I stopped at the UPS store to get a package that was being held hostage....and then I hit I-5 South....

Sweet....pretty uneventful trip down....stopped at Wal-Mart in Centralia to walk around the car...okay HIGH you don't know what that is....let me know, the visual is quite funny!

Got back in the car and continued down....stopping at Target in Keizer - yes I got a couple of $1 frames...yeah!!!!!!!!

And finally arrived at the hotel, checked in, put my stuff in the conference room, met up with Char and then we went to Costco for a bit of shopping....

AND if you know know I love to go in get what I need and head out....well Char just loves costco and was on a ooooh lllloooook at that??? LOL....we managed to get out without doing too much damage. Loaded everything into the TRUNK that was EMPTY - yea! Back to the hotel to put stuff away.

When we finished Lori and Ande (Hi LORI and ANDE - I miss you guys) showed up, and after a bit of chit chatting we headed to the Olive Garden for Never ending pasta!

We had lots of fun...and then to Freddy's for dessert and booze. We had a blast....Char was out of control as's see the high-lights of the shopping trip....we smelled this lady to find out what type of body spray she was wearing....we sampled desserts, lost Char and Ande, got paged by our kids...what the??? and then we finally headed back to the hotel.

We headed upstairs, laughed a bit more had a few wine coolers and then off to bed....

Getting ready.....


After cleaning out the trunk there were lots of activities to be had.

Let's see....when I leave work even for a day or two....there is always tons of work that gets dumped on me...which is okay...job security right??? Yeah...what the??? LOL!!!

I had a spa appointment after work on Wednesday....paid for by my Account guys ROCK! Let's see so off to InSpa I went.....a signature mani/pedi...nothing but the best....

2 1/2 hours later....I headed home....sweet!

All I had to do was pack my stamping stuff, and my suitcase and haul everything down...2 flights of stairs...eeeks!

Thursday am came way to fast....but finally after a stop at Starbucks I was on the road....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First time for everything

So those of you who really know me....know that my trunk is NEVER EMPTY....well lookie here....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How cool is that?

SO today I learned I had a new blog reader! And was told that I never mention her in my blog...okay maybe I have once or twice. So hi Cyn!!!! Tee hee.

Okay so here's the story. Cyn is major prego...and she looks sooooo cute. And I of course, am the auntie with the mostest...I got to feel baby em kick. Now that had to be the coolest thing Ever!!!

Things have been crazy...doing the final touches for WAG. Almost have everything done.....I can't wait to get the heck out of dodge. I've got the building taken care of - just have to post a note...YEHAW....

And then...load the car, hit the road...oh stop and see RICO....yeah Rico...get a big hug...and then hit the road....stop at the UPS holding center, get my package that is being held hostage and then I-5 South Baby!

I've got a gift certificate I need to spend...yep it's burning a whole in my purse. Tomorrow is doctor day...gotta get test a bit of work...and then....Mani/ InSpa...I love my sales peeps...

Anyways.....peace out....more later!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy B-day Taylor!

My dear friend at work Taylor had her b-day today. We all went out to lunch to celebrate. I made her this altered "T" - my first attempt. Not too shabby eh? I used The Angel Company paper Whimsy Blossoms, and assorted organza ribbon, a little MM flower and bling and wooden letter from Mike's. She loved it! Now that I have done one, and realized how simply easy and fun they are....I've got a sack of them to alter!


Scrappin Friendzy Class

This is the page I will be teaching at Scrappin Friendzy in October. If you are interested in attending, email me and I'll send you all the information.

Football Field made for FT challenge

This is a football field I made for a challenge at FT, although I'm not there anymore, I still made it....

Crazy Buzy's been so long since my last post. Lots has happened. In a nut shell, the best is that Mom is starting to walk with her cane. She's been out and about with Pops in the car. I am so proud of's still gonna be a while but at least there's progress.

I made it through Jazz Fest...Yeah!

I'm not working out at FT anymore....but I'll be starting up again with Rico in a week.

I've been working like crazy getting stuff ready for WAG the Western Angel Gathering. I have been making I'll post those.

Anyways.....peace out...I'll update more later.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

That's Just The Way It Is.....

WOW....where did May, June and July go? It has been crazy. Life is crazy. My days have been filled with work, managing the apartment building, working out, helping with mom and well

Good news first....

My mom just got the okay to start to work with the physical therapist to start weight bearing/walking. YEAH!

All the contest stuff for the jazz fest is done...yeah...that was a HUGE undertaking...but it was soooo cool to see my stuff in all the QFC stores...yeah me!

I kept working out. It was hard the last month (June) while Rico was gone...but I hung in there.

Brian and Megan got married, and I went to the wedding and had fun!!! And looked HOT!!!

I got the apartment rented and the new tenant moved in before JAZZ fest! Yeah!

I had my 3 month diabetic testing....and I did pretty well. My overall blood sugar only went up a .1 which considering all the stress in my life was AWESOME.

Meme is coming home. For good. Yeah!

I saw hairspray with DIVA!

I bought new clothes and they fit....yeah!

I am sure there are lots of other good things...but that's all I got.

The bad......letting all that's a new 3 months and instead of beating myself up for all the things I haven't done I'm letting it go...and focusing on the good.

I need to send out a few prayers for my fellowship buddies....Ken had surgery for cancer...I wish him the best possible...I know it's gonna be a journey so keep the faith....and for Janice...wowza...her faith really amazes me and I am sure she will be up and walking as soon as she is able. God does amazing things.

SO it's Sunday...the Sunday before Jazz Fest...I have a lot of things to do this week, I'll try and update more frequently and with some pictures.

peace out!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong....

tee hee....oh wait that's me....I have a few buds who refer to me as Little Miss Can't Be a very teasing way...I just laugh cuz when I hear it I think of the time I spent with the Spin Doctors...the GRUMPY Spin Doctors...long anyhooo...back to the reason for this post....

Lookie what I got Mom....aren't these just the cutest! They are called littlemissmatched and are a package of 3 unmatched socks...tooo cute. Thought mom could sport these while she's got her cast on. SO dare to be different. I am gonna have to pick up a package of these just for me!!!


Carpool - Anyone?

SO Tuesday am…no poolin’ today. I got everything ready, left a note for Tony for the building and headed out. I placed the precious pineapple in the backseat and attached the seatbelt. What the? Work was good, busy and then it was time for Applebee’s.

WOW…that was fun. Hadn’t been to Applebee’s for such a long time. During our lunch we were quoting lines from Taladega Nights…too funny – Made me think of MM…awe MM….then it was back to the office.

I got a call from GIP..tee hee that’s for you MM…and changed my schedule for Wednesday to earlier…yeah! Then the next thing I knew it was time to go….Got in the car, did the apartment rent bank deposit and then headed up 405N. Everytime I turned to look to see if a car was coming so I could merge, I’d catch the pineapple out of the corner of my eye…lol…SO I started random dialing on 405…much better than drunk dialing…maybe….left a message for MeMe, MM, DIVA, ‘B’ and then talked to ‘B’ and Char…she totally laughed at the pineapple in the seatbelt….got up to the ‘rents’ and then had a little dinner, watched pops chop up the pineapple, poor pineapple did a few things and look how cute is this….pops made me a thank you card….awe cute..…and then it was back to the hood….ballard.

Awe cute....

Look at the thank you card my pops made me.....too cute!

Just another…Manic Monday.

WOW – it’s Monday where did the weekend go? I know on the freeway…202 miles from Saturday to Sunday…eeeks….but the time, travel and what I did was SOOO worth it.

SO I was getting my stuff ready for lunch and there was money – yes money in my fridge. What the? LOL….that sneaky pops. HE kept asking how much the Portabella mushroom was…I told him a buck….so what did I find….a buck fifty! Too cute. I finished getting ready and headed to ‘B’’s to carpool. Parked okay and then off to work we went. Had a good ride, caught up…and then – WORK. DIVA called and checked on me…lol….just love that. It’s nice to have someone check up on me for a change.

I got my new Ipod NANO today…YEAH NANO!!! SO now just to figure it all out and load it up…and rock it!!! Had a pretty quick ride home and then off in the car I went…to Sam’s club to get a few things. I bought pops a pineapple…he’ll be sooo happy!!! Got home, herc’d everything upstairs….and then….24! Sweet.

It’s YOUR turn to do the dishes pops!

LOL…So Sunday was here. Did a few things round the apartment and then grabbed my infamous tomato, cucumber, onion salad (okay I made 2 – one without onions for momma) and then I headed up to the ‘rents’.

Mom and I finished watching the Queen, and then wheeled on down to the living room. I worked on a few cards, while mom watched, we chatted while pops was out and about. LOL…he’s so funny. The afternoon passed pretty quickly, and then it I headed out to do a few errands. I headed to Blockbuster to drop off the movie, stopped at OHT to pick up the ETW box and entries for work, and then to Albertsons. I got a few things I needed for the week and a Portabella Mushroom for pops to grill. I headed back not to shabby…40 minutes start to finish. SWEET!

Dinner was great….we had fun, laughed, and then it was time for the dishes….Uh Pops, I did them yesterday your turn!!!….lol, it was sooo funny….Pops and I went for a walk around the block and then he packed up all my stuff and off I went.

The best thing was I got to talk to MM…YEAH…I so am his new ultimate groupie stalker fan…lol. It was soooo good to talk to him. I miss him so much. HI MM!!!!

Made pretty good time and finally got home….headed upstairs and put stuff away…and then it was time to hit the rack….

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go….

LOL….that seems fitting considering all the things I had done before I left for Heathers. I got up, did 2 loads of laundry, vacuumed, made breakfast, worked out, went grocery shopping, stopped at Walgreen’s went to blockbuster, prepped all the stuff for turkey tacos including cooking the turkey. AND I even took a shower, and got ready ha ha snort…I left around 11:45…and Blockbuster didn’t have any of the movies I wanted….so off I went to fill the car with gas. I was on the road by Noon.

Had a totally awesome time/blast at Heather’s – it was sooooo good to see everyone. We all exchanged cards, I’ve posted them below with titles of who did what… and we made a cool card keeper tin, with tabs inside to sort cards by. I haven’t finished mine, but you will get the idea..

After Heather’s I headed up to Mom and Dad’s. Made good time, got up to Everett and stopped at TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) got a few things and then stopped at good ole Blockbuster. Got the Queen, and then headed to the ‘rents’.

We had a great time, dinner was well received, did the dishes and watched part of the movie. Headed home. Traded voicemails with MM…lol… too funny!

Got home and totally crashed….I know - I know…I lead the life of an exciting singleton…snort!

Card Keeper Tin made at Heather's

It's not quite finished yet, I need to add some ribbon to the handle and such...but you get the idea. I have wanted to make one of these for quite sometime...they are sooo fun and easy. I can see Christmas presents

Becca's card

This is one of my most favorite stamps. I own this...but NEVER use it...cuz it not TAC....I should use it just cuz~

Michelle's Card

Heather's Card

Jessica's card

YEAH it's Friday....

A little bit of green, a little bit of yummy food, good conversation and look what you get…

A FREE LUNCH. YEAH. SO the big boss and Lucy took me, Cyn, Lester, Sig, and Di out to lunch. We went to the Calcutta Grill at Newcastle Golf Course. SOOO nice. We had a great time, great food, great conversation and time away. I was soo good, had lots of good food, and even a bite or two of desserts…and then it was back to the office.

“B” and I had pooled, so on the way home, we had a nice little chit chat. I got home, talked to Brother “B” (you know the other “B” lol) and then I made some dinner. What a relaxing time. I then decided while I was catching up on my shows…gosh just love my DVR…I needed to start working on my bday swap for Heathers. I could not wait to see Heather, Jessica and Becca. Just love those gals…and boy oh boy did I need a creative break. SO I gathered all the stuff I needed and here’s what I put together.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Latest Creation

This is a card I made for the PawsN2Stamp Angel Sympathy swap. All products are from The Angel Company. I used Rose Sentiments, Palette inks - Noir, Toile Pink, Landscape, White, Black cardstock and MM Blush, embellishments, nickel loop brad and assorted ribbons. Enjoy! I can't wait to get together with Heather, I'm sure we'll make some fun things this Saturday.

Routine...what's that?

So it’s Thursday. I have managed to make it through this week without too much turmoil or disruption. I still have the cough. Ugh the cough. BUT it’s much better. Pool’d with “B” on Monday and Tuesday. That was good to do that – it had been too long since we’d last pooled….about 2 weeks….yikes. Tuesday went to the ‘rents’ to hang out and visit and give pops a break. Got home, to bed, and then it was Wednesday. WOW…the week is already half over. Where did it go?

Wednesday was great. Had a good day at work, had an awesome time working out with Rico. Ultimate Trainer was there. GOT a HUGE HUG!!! Much needed to. Even Alison was there. Gosh it was soooo good to see her. AND the new trainer. Humm, first reaction for a nickname. Not so good. Pee Wee Herman. SO I must work on that. I am sure he’s really nice. He worked Alison hard so he deserves a different/better name. It was sooo weird going into FT and NOT seeing MM. It really hit me on Friday HOW MUCH MM is a part of my life. He is such a great person, good friend, awesome trainer and just all around freakin’ terrific dude! I know that our friendship will grow…and I can’t wait to see him again, and for him to see that I’ve been working hard…he is such a part of my success current and future. And well he’s gonna rock whatever comes his way cuz that’s what he does. I’m so proud of him for making the move and I know its gonna be freakin fantastic!!!! He’ll always have a cheerleader in me – total support forevher!

Anyways….where was I? LOL…oh yeah. Let’s see Mom’s doing fantastic with all of her stuff. Baby Steps…but she’s doing it. And Pop’s he’s doing it too…he even ran the dishwasher – yeah Pops!

I went and saw DIVA and the DIVA kitty last night after my workout. It was good to chat and catch up with her. Really it was good. Much needed.

So today the gang from work is taking me out to lunch. Sushi….eeks – I’ll be good, and eat what I should and how I should. And then, I’m heading up to the ‘rents’ but I’ll stop at Lydia’s to drop off some stampin stuff. Yeah stampin stuff!!! I’ve got 7 bday cards to make before Saturday for a swap with Heather and the gang. I’m deciding if I should make 6 of the ones I have mostly done, and make a different one for Heather. I might – cuz then I can make the one for Heather as a test run, and then make some for Mom, DIVA, Sweet Grandma and a few others.

So enough of this boring post. I need to get jiggy with it…so peace out!

Hummm....a celebrity sighting...

Yes it's true. Yes this is donny osmond. Yes I did get my picture taken but for whatever reason, don't have that picture. But here's the proof positive. A signed picture. Yep. Cyn made me do it. And when I told MM....he replied who's Donny Osmond. SO MM, this is for you. My question is why can't we have McDreamy or McSteamy or someone like that come visit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things can change overnight.

Wow…it has been sooo long since I last posted. So much has happened, some good, some bad, some indifferent, some tragic, and some definitely life changing.

Let’s start with the good shall we?

I got my Easter cards out early. Yeah me.

I stuck to my food plan whew….

I got my Symphony swap done early.

Went to Heather’s to stamp…yeah!

Started spring cleaning the apartment and have actually made some headway!

Rented the empty apartment in 2 days

I had my birthday and got some great presents – wahooo!

Stayed at DIVA’s villa and played with the DIVA KITTY

Kept sane, sorta of…lol

Went to Good Friday service and Easter Sunday service…very nice

I curled 50lbs using the bench press bar – yo, pump you up

Some bad now….

MM got a better job offer….booo hiss!

I injured my Achilles tendon…eeeks

I got a nasty cold and still have it…what the heck

I didn’t go to the zoo with pops for my bday – I was sick

I really missed “V” on my bday…he always spoiled me so – even when were we just pals

I missed 5 workouts because of my cold

I broke a fluorescent light ugh

Some indifferent news…..

My brother was in town for a week

My dad retired

We threw a party for my dad

My oil in my car needs to be changed

I’m still sick…what the???

I miss my fellowship peeps

I get to see Heather and Jessica on Saturday

I stamped a few thank you cards the other day

I’ve been to my parents so much lately

I’m a bit tired

My schedule is in complete disarray

Some tragic news

My mom was hit and pinned against a wall

She was in the trauma unit for 7 days

She’s in a wheelchair now

Some life changing news

My dad retired

Mom’s in a wheel chair

AND I’m helping as much as I can

It’s really amazing to me, just when you think you’ve got everything down, it just gets tossed again. I’m glad I can help my dad and mom…I know it’s gonna take time, and patience but all will work out. I have excellent support peeps…you know who you all are…DIVA, MeMe, Char and I’m lucky in that aspect.

What I don’t know is how this is all gonna turn out. And really, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that mom is alive…
So peace out…here’s to the first official day of going up to the “rents” after work to help out pops!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slowly but surely - getting back in the saddle again!


What an amazing weekend! Scrappin Friendzy was a riot! SO MUCH FUN! 90 women attended this event and scrapped their hearts out.

I saw some friends, made some new ones....and met a ton of really nice ladies! I didn't get a ton of orders....but that wasn't the goal. The goal was to teach, have fun, make new friends and get my name out there - and all that was accomplished!!!

My classes went well, and everyone like the page as well as all the goodies in their class kits. I was sooo very fortunate to get some Mary Kay samples from a new friend Margie (if you need any Mary Kay go her way and tell her Chan sent you!!!) to put in my class kits and I stamped nail files and bookmarks with my contact info and also placed a couple of pcs of chocolate in each one.

I'll update more later

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Has it really be 20 days since my last post?

YIKES…it has….

I am still alive….I’ve been busy as all get out.

I’ve got tons of pictures and stories to post….

BUT til then….here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to:

Went to Portland a couple of weekends ago March 9-11th. Took tons of classes. Had a blast. Lots of stories and pictures of projects to post.

Then it was catch up again – and get ready for Scrappin’ Friendzy on the 24th.

I also had a party at Andrea’s on the 17th – Hi Andrea! So I needed to get ready for that…

And this week….wow….lots of prep for my two classes on Saturday (basically Class Kit Mass production line) at Scrappin’ Friendzy.

SO I’m still alive, kicking and totally almost ready for Saturday’s all day event with my 2 classes.

Scrap on!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lunch with DIVA and such

After my workout with Ryan, I headed to see DIVA at our favorite place to celebrate her birthday. YEAH DIVA! We had a wonderful lunch (and healthy too I might add) and great conversation. I just love looking at their display case....I used to be sooo tempted...but now...they are just pretty pretty baked goods to look at. ENJOY!

Afterwards, I headed to the bead store and bought a couple of sparklies to make some pendants and then I was off to see Pops. Had a good quick visit and then headed home. Exhausted. What a week and what a couple of workouts.

In need of a NICK NAME

Saturday came WAY TOO EARLY. I didn't really sleep in, and then I realized that I had to go to the bank for the apartment building, eat and eat again, and make it to my workout with Ryan in time to warm up. Wowza...time just flew by.

I need to give Ryan a nickname. Any suggestions? The poster who provides the BEST nickname will receive a little surprise from me.

Here's a picture of please be nice and remember - this is a family blog!

SO post away!

Spring is in the air?

So in attempts to get ready for my workout with MM on Friday, I made a little card for an upcoming workshop. I had a great day at work, got lots done, and well was really glad that it was FRIDAY! YEAH!
The only thing bad was...
1 - had a late workout
2 - was gonna have a workout on Saturday morning
3 - was gonna be kicked hard a back to back workout

The good things were:
1 - it's Friday
2 - Kinda get to sleep in
3 - gonna see DIVA for lunch
4 - gonna go to the bead store
5 - gonna get to work out with Ryan MM and I had a great - awesome workout...however, my thighs were like tree trunks...eeks...and I could barely make it upstairs. YIKES.

The Easter card holds a gift card (for demonstration purposes my Subway points card)....pretty fun, simple and useful! All products used are from The Angel Company except the ribbon.


Son of a....what the?

SO it was Thursday. No workout with MM. BUT a little get together with the gang at Beck's grand opening. The day couldn't go by fast enough.

After work, I hit the road to meet up with everyone. Got there...and had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed the time with everyone, especially MM. He is such a great person. AND he CARES. Yep he cares! Gosh it is a great feeling to have someone care about you in a non romantic way. It's like what "V" and I had sooo long ago...what I miss the most. Sigh.

Anyways...lots of funny things happened. But they are things that you would have had to be there to get the jist of it all. *snort* I finally left and headed home about 10pm...eeks. BUT what a great time!!!

I realized...what a dork I was - as I had my camera, and there were other people around that I could have gotten a bomb diddy pic with all my PEEPS.



Thursday, March 01, 2007

First or!

WOW…has it been a couple of days. I had a great day on Tuesday, how could I NOT after crafting on Monday night, seeing Scott and getting Barista love on Tuesday morning???

I had a great work out with MM….quoted a lot from Talladega Nights. MM was sooooo happy that I FINALLY watched the movie…we worked hard. I had a few issues, come on now, who doesn’t have issues, right? LOL….anyways….I after working out, I headed to get a couple of things and FINALLY made it home. I’m in 2nd place now for the Cardio challenge…..but as long as I hit my “GOAL” then I’m a winner. MM says I’m a winner no matter what…and yeah…he’s right! SNORT tee hee.

Anyways, Wednesday was well hump day. “B” and I pooled, stopped at Heaven, and Scott was there!! YEAH. It was sooo funny….he said thanks for the wine…and didn’t mention the other stuff….it was too cute…we laughed all the way to work. Work was well work. Got a lot done….and then it started to snow? What the??

“B” and I left early…and off to home we went. We were laughing soooo hard about a few new nicknames…..and well the word “weathered” eeeks…too fun. Just love poolin’ with “B”.

After I got home and settled, I started to make a couple of cards using the polished stone technique. Here they are in their glory…or not…tee hee. I used Glossy White cardstock, Match Makers Cardstock, Purple #1 and Flora #1, krylon pen, and re-inkers from the Calypso Kaliedacolor pad. And the ribbon I dyed using the inks as well. All the products were purchased from The Angel Company…Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Swap

These are my latest creations. I am sending these into an Angel Company Group (My Paws) swap as well as using one for DIVA and one for my Mom and last, but not least, this is my make-n-take for the Scrappin' Friendzy!

I wasn't sure how these would turn out, as I only had a vision/sketch of the it wasn't until last night while making them that it came together. I'm really happy with them...and they are very bright and cheery, and were very easy to make and assemble.

I used Ultrasmooth White cardstock, Black cardstock and Matchmakers Yellow #3 cardstock, Calypso Kalediacolor Pad, scrappers floss in black and a H.Swap Daisy with a button in the center. The stamped (in Palette Black Noir) saying is from TAC (More one liners) All products were purchased from TAC.

Now to send these off to their respective homes, and 60 kits to make!


Barista LOVE

While I dropped off Scotts house warming present....he had one of the other guys make me a drink....and I just have to say....LOVE SCOTT....

The guy said what type of Milk is this Scott? Scott replied....make it with EXTRA LOVE...

Sweet....warm fuzzies!

Our guy...

SO when "B" and I carpool we stop at Starbucks on Elliott Ave and "Scott" is our guy. He is so much fun and we enjoy when he's there and miss him when he's not. Recently, Scott has been moving around...and a couple of weeks ago, he told us he moved to Capitol Hill.

On the way to work that day, "B" and I decided that we should bring him a station goodie house warming present. I got it all together and low and behold....we haven't had it when we've seen Scott. SO yesterday, we stopped and Scott was there. He said he would be there today...On the way to work, I was on a MISSION. I stopped to see Scott and dropped off his present (YES it's still corked)....look happy Scott!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Things I am grateful for....

The other day after receiving a couple of calls/emails about a recent post, I thought I would jot down what I was grateful for.

1 – My health, cuz quite frankly, without it – I wouldn’t be here.

2 – My friends and family – their love and support is so appreciated and needed.

3 – DIVA – without her, I don’t think I would be where I am, and besides, without her I wouldn’t get to diva kitty sit, tee hee.

4 – FT, Brian, Becks and Dave…cuz well without them, #1 would be sketchy – nuff said.

5 – Paper, Ink, Rubhar and Embellishments….these things make me who I am creatively.

6 – God. When it has gotten tough or when I think I can’t…I just remember to have faith in HIM and he gets me through it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

TGIF - Thank Freakin Goodness

SO I must confess - this week has been hard. I've had some hard workouts...this is my second week of 3 in a week. I've felt crappy....been tired...and have managed to stay somewhat on track. I do need to get my butt in gear and get caught up on my cardio for this week. I've been (with MM's okay) taking it easy after our workouts and not doing cardio...eeks and...just to get re-rested. Is that a word??? Who

Anyways...I so didn't want to go to work. I thought well, I called in sick yesterday, so it wouldn't be out of the realm to call in sick on Friday. BUT NO...I did go to work. I had stuff to do...and training meetings to go I went in and did it caught up, did the meetings, I did get my taxes filed...YEAH ME....2 things crossed of the list from Wednesday...tee hee....

I felt bad, as I replied to Heather's (hi Heather!) evite as a no go...I've got so much stuff to do at the apartments that I need to get it done before I head out of town for Portland in a couple of weeks for my would have been fun to go and hang out and stamp, but it would have used the whole day....and I need to go get supplies and inspect the building and talk with the painters and blah blah blah blah and make a laundry list for Tony to do on Tuesday as he hasn't been around for a couple of weeks....and I've got to stay focused. Fun will be had and I'll work on the happy birthday swap for TAC. So I'll at least stamp a little bit anyways.

SO I headed to see MM...and boy - man oh man did he work me - ugh...My arms were burning - so bad in fact on one of the reps I didn't use weights....eeeks...but I still felt it....and then we did a bit o boxing...and well a few other things....busy busy busy...but good. MM totally rocks!!! He is soooo funny.....and then it was time to do a bit of cardio...I hit the treadmill and then I started to shake...oh I went and grabbed my purse and checked my bloodsugar...eeks 75 right after working out....uh can you say too I grabbed a banana and got into the car...headed to the office to get something to eat and let it get here I am - its normal again..yeah...I feel so much time to head home.

peace and love

A hard and very painful lesson learned

SO where were we? was Wednesday. "B" dropped me off after work and I headed in. I happened to run into the CUTE Canadian...okay I must confess....he's HOT! Smokin HOT....okay so we chit chatted and he gave me a big hug!!!! Okay, so one crossed off the list...SWEET!

Anyways...I decided I wanted to take it easy. SO I made a very unusual dinner for me...hence the hard and very painful lesson learned.

See I didn't have my normal amount of water for the day. Then I hit the treadmill, I don't think I had more that a 1/4 of a bottle - then I made dinner. Oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Uh, yeah...okay I didn't know the deal about FIBER.

So needless to say, I woke up Thursday with very painful stomach cramps, and was dry yakking. Nice. I called in sick, took some Aleve, curled up on the couch and belched...and drank water...and slept. Finally I started too feel better.

I went and worked out with MM and told him the story....he so busted up laughing - cuz that has happened to him too. Whew...I thought I was the ONLY DORK in the world that didn't know the fiber/water deal. I headed to see DIVA and then headed watch Grey's.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things I know for sure....

Random thoughts from today....

I am tired
I feel good
I am lonely
I miss “V”
I feel at peace
I want to create
I feel sorry for “V”
My feet are sore
I want to get caught up
Need more time in a given day
I want a nap
I wish my taxes were filed
I need a hug from a NICE HUNKY Man
I wish I could craft all day long

Monday, February 19, 2007


It's finished. I wove the crystals and seed beads onto the larger of the two wire woven bezels. YEAH ME!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A little Spring


SO Friday....School day!!! YEAH! I was sooo freakin excited. I slept in til 7 - wow...and then I got ready to head into Seattle to take the Wire Woven Bezel class at Fusion Beads from Lisa Niven Kelly!!! I couldn't wait!

It was soo great to see Lisa, as soon as I saw her, she said hi Chan!!! YEAH! Class was awesome, and I am sooo in LOVE with these out!!! More to come. SO here's what I made...enjoy!

So Happy Its Thursday!

WOW....what a freakin' fast week.
I had a great day on Thursday and put together this huge project that needed to be mailed out I am soooo glad that it is DONE.

Had a workout with MM...took the cardio challenge poster down and MM LOVED IT....sweet!...

Then I headed to the Villa at Wildwood...and look what was waiting for me...the DIVA kitty!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My funny Valentine (The Talented Mr. Ripley)

MY most favorite version of this song....Enjoy!

peace, love and happiness

Happy Valentine's Day

SO here's to all those that we love, have loved and hope to love!

hugs, kisses and lots of love heading your way!

CARDIO Challenge

SO here it is...the altered Rocky Balboa Movie poster...we only got like a freakin' case of them in December at the there was a huge pile of them in the lunch room the other day. SO I thought I would "alter" it...I'm taking it down to FT to put on the board.

I am sooo excited about this challenge. Basically between Feb 5- March 17 for every 30mins of cardio you do at FT you get 1 yard (1 pt) for every 30mins Outside of FT you get 3 yards (3 pts). SO since Thursday when I got the challenge...I have logged 15 yes 15 yards (15 pts) YEAH ME! I am gonna win this thing. I'm gonna annihilate my competition. I'm in it to WIN it!

SO wish me luck....and the prize??? Well the obvious...but also FREE sessions at FT. NOW that's what I'm talking bout!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Scrappin Friendzy Update

Here is my final approved 12x12 page for Scrappin Friendzy. I am really excited about teaching this class. I will remock it with The Angel Company Supplies when then get in. BUT here it is...enjoy!

Catching up.....Again...

Okay so Wednesday was awesome. Went and meet Ultimate Trainer for a BNI meeting. Lots of fun. It was awesome. Finally was starting to feel better. YEAH!

Thursday...ugh was a hectic day - but I survived. Had a crazy day at work....and then I had a workout with MM. Which was rocking. Also heard from "V"... and then I took a quick trip out to see DIVA...and then home.

Friday....still in shock sorta but dealing. Had a busy day at work and then MM time. Had a great workout and then well...headed home.

This weekend....was a busy one. Lots of cardio...walked the track on Sat and Sun...did treadmill on Sat and then walked up and down the stairs a bagillion times doing "stuff"....all I know is that I feel freakin fantastic!!!


Cliff Note Version Update

"V" is alive. However, WE are finished. I will spare you all the Jerry Springer antics. But - it is over. Our relationship, our long life friendship. DONE. Finished. Enough said.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recap of the Recrap

This is what I know...

I feel icky - still feel crappy. I am sick. I am getting better. BUT I'm still sick.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
Feel like a total loser, wondering what I have or have not done.
Want to punch "V". Want "V" to call and say he was in some horrible accident and couldn't call.
I'm not working out tonight. I coughed up a lung this morning doing my morning cardio. Thought I should take a night off.
Wednesday had better be a better day.

peace out.

Monday, February 05, 2007

he might be better off dead...or at least mamed.

Hi a'll ya'all

I feel crappy. yep crappy. Think I'm fighting all this crap that everyone else has brought to the office. I just wanna sleep and curl up. Right NOW.

Had a pretty good weekend. DID lots of errands on Saturday - it felt good to get out and do em...but the end result...the day vanished. Sunday...was church then to the "rents" was there way too long. DAY GONE.

SO you ask about the title?

Why YES, I do mean that title.

Sooo "V" hasn't called or even texted since Friday night. We had a great conversation...and he ended with he'd call me on Saturday. I called on Saturday and said I was out and about. I called on Sunday...and today too.

SO very frustrated. Trying not to be mad. Not working so much. It better be good. or at least the very least believable.

That's all I'm saying.

nuff said.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Smokin H-O-T!!!


It's Friday - hot clip day!

Last night - so rockin! I had my workout with MM...and met the new trainer - can you all say it with me?


Got my contract and we talked about it...I signed my life really - but it felt like it...and then it was time to BRING IT!

Had a freakin fantastic workout. AND then it was time to hit the RB. Did my new cardio amount and then it was time...

DIVA time...headed to Issy and stopped at Subway grabbed the normal dinner and then off to the villa.

Had a great chat with DIVA and it was sooo good to see the Diva kitty. Watched a bit of tv then headed home.

Today has just been rockin....

Got up, hit the RB and then got ready for "B" to pick me up and then we headed to heaven and saw our favorite barista! And then off to the ofc.

Busy morning and oh no....


No problem....hiked down....and rocked it...

the only problem??? No cute firemen coming to check on me in the fire stairwell...


but the feeling of rockin it?? Priceless!

SO here's to a rockin rest of the day....

and HOT CLIPS on the way home


Thursday, February 01, 2007

The dawning of a NEW Day

SO here it is....

DAY 1 of my 2nd 90-day contract with MM. I don't have my contract yet, but I do know what is included and I even added a few things....Yeah ME!

Thank you to all of you (MeMe & Humpfree) for the kind words. Yes, I will need encouragement....but I've got faith and I trust and I have the love and support of some really great people! - so really I can't fail.

Last night I really thought about how I was feeling about my contract and about failure and changes etc etc...and I am at peace with it. I decided if I just did what I know I am to do. Make time for me to do it...and leave the rest to MM and to God...I will be fine.

Today was interesting to say the least. I was all dressed up, hair done, makeup on...and it was time to head down to FT - GIP had agreed to take a pic of me for my journal. This is NOT the picture that is in my journal for the last day of my 1st contract.

This picture will be the 1st page of my next journal. Diana at work took this picture and so I am sharing it with you all!

I was invited to attend a meeting with Ultimate Trainer next week, apparently I've the favorite client at FT....WAHOO!

lots of love

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An end of sorts...and the start of another 90 day tour

Today is the end of my 90 day contract with MM.


It went by quickly. The looming of the new contract is having a toll on me. Why? Many reasons, financially, mentally, physically, emotionally. There is always the fear of failure.

I need "V" here. But do I really? I know I needed a big hug this morning. I needed someone to say to me "Sweetheart, don't forget to take a couple of Aleve's on your way to work". There are so many things that I think I need or want. But really do I need them or have to have them?

I think I talked to MM more today than I have outside of our workout time in the last 90 days. Sad. Very sad. I told MM I need more from him. He says he's there for me. I hope so, cuz I'm gonna need it.

I just want to cry right now. Why? Not really sure. But I have been on the urge of tears all day. Maybe it is realizing that I am saying goodbye to the ole Chan and hello to the MORE New and Improved Chan. I don't know. All I know is I just want to cry and I need "V" to hold me. Maybe I realized today that the start of this new contract and what it entails will be saying goodbye not only to the ole me but to "V". I don't know. Maybe it's the fear of failure. Letting MM down, Who knows?

MM is asking a lot of me. But really - its what I should be doing what makes it different? I think it's the fact of it being on paper. Being accountable for it - 100% of the time. And just doing it.

I've chosen two new people to be accountable to in addition to MM, one is smooth, and the other becks. I haven't heard back from becks...but I am sure she's in. I know she can help, being the first trainer I ever had...if she got me started, she can keep me going. And smooth, he's been sooo supportive and encouraging - and I need that.

I know this is what I need to get over the hump. It's almost been 6 months since I have started this...I've come a LONG way - but have so much further to go.

I am going to do my picture a day for the length of my new contract again...I think it will help to really record what's happening. I think I will have more emotion on this one. And many more struggles. The end result...will be ROCKIN!

MM's excited, I'm nervous. BUT I trust him...can I trust myself?

Smooth just came over and talked to me....I feel a bit better. And he's right...I have to let go of the "SAFE" Me.

So here's to that.

Here's to taking the NEXT STEP!

And here's to what I want the most to do


peace out

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An unexpected surprise!

Today was Monday. I got ready and was ready to go - "B" called and said he was gonna be late. Okay - now what do I I made coffee and toasted an english muffin. He called as I got downstairs and said he was gonna be even later. SO, I decided to take my car to pops so he could change the oil.

Got there..."B" wasn't there yet....ugh...oh well - and then "B" showed up. We headed to work and got there late of course...but oh well, what is one to do? I was in a good mood, I had my favorite coffee and an warm english was good.

Got working and caught up with everyone - and before I knew it - it was lunch time...Sweet!

Did a little sketching on my scrapbook page I'm to teach - still don't have it all figured out yet...and then back to work.

Finished with a last minute project - of course...and then...."B" was late. Oh well...what's one to do??? We headed home =- traffic was like NON EXISTANT - YEAH - made it to Ballard in record time...and "B" dropped me off at Midas.

Pops had not only changed my oil, but adjusted my brakes, rotated my tires, and cleaned the inside of my car - YEAH!

SO I gave him a big ole kiss and headed home. I got home, made a little dinner - did a little time on the RB - and then it was time for 24. I was sitting looking at my mail during a commercial and realized I hadn't checked my mail at work. Dork. it is Tuesday - traffic was really bad on the way in, but when I got to the office, I checked my mail - and this was waiting for me.

What a nice surprise - Thank You MEME!!! I miss you too! This totally made my day!!!!


A day of rest

After herc'ing stuff upstairs, I got ready for church and headed out. Great service. I headed home did a few things and then it was time to head to the nursing home to do a little community service with my fellowship group.

We sang songs and did a little service. It was nice. And then - up to the "rents" Had a nice visit and then it was time to go home and get ready for Monday. WOW - where did the weekend go?? It was totally fun and filled.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Reinkers, Krylon, Alcohol and Cotton Balls OH MY!

So here it was Saturday morning! I awoke to the sounds of the birds. Yep those squawking birds – so much nicer than the loud siren noise of the ambulances, firetrucks, or the shrill of metro buses brakes. SO where was I? Oh yeah – totally snuggled in bed with a warm Diva kitty next to me. Nice. Now where was my man? Yeah – NO still – ugh…life can’t be perfect all the time. Anyways…So I got up, made a little breakfast and got ready to head to Jessica’s for a little candle party and stamping with Heather – yeah! I grabbed my swap cards (see previous post) and an extra one for Jessica! And off I went.

I was able to drive the back W900 highway all the way to Maple Valley – Sweet! I found Jessica’s place without any drama of counting speedbumps..etc!

What a fun time. Jessica and Heather’s friends are sooo nice. Mostly they were all from their church…and I was embraced into the fold. So nice. We went thru the Party Lite catalog and the speal and then it was time for a little light lunch. Sandwiches were laid out and everyone dove in…yummy! And then…it was time to stamp!!! Yeah!

Heather took out all her stuff and showed us what we were going to be making. Too fun and cute!

We made the card and matching little goodie filled can. Using the polished stone technique, with Glossy cardstock, rubbing alcohol, 3 colors of palette reinkers, and a Krylon Silver pen and a cotton ball. TOO much fun. We also used the heart-itude stamp set from The Angel Company, and the jewel tone shimmer chalk set with a matching Palette ink pad. Heather had cleverly opened the bottom of a spinach can and cleaned it out, taking the label off. We attached the paper and filled the can with chocolate and then put the bottom back on sealing it with Crystal Lacquer. And Tada….the finished project. I will be doing more using this polished stone technique. Thanks Heather!

I then headed out, back to the Villa, to do a little house cleaning and laundry etc….and then I decided to sit down and take a break…I got totally hooked on Top Chef on Bravo…man can Marcel rock the hair product…now I’m hooked and will have to watch the season finale on Wednesday. SO I was a cleaning, vacuuming and the Diva HATES the vacuum, sorry Diva Kitty! And then I totally crashed on the recliner….ugh…I woke about 11:30 and decided to stay and just slept on the recliner, cuz I had just changed the sheets and made DIVA’s bed….

Up and out I went at 7AM on Sunday….out to scrap the car of ice…load my stuff in and over the 1-90 back to Ballard….herc’d my stuff upstairs and then got ready for church….

All about the Heart-itude

SO where was I??

Oh yeah…Friday at work.

*SNORT* enough said…lol…

So flippin glad it was Friday!

SO I headed home after work. Traffic blew. Blew huge. Made it home, and did a few apartment manager things…ha ha ha…who me?? Apartment manager?? Lol…why yes! That's me!

DIVA called, she was having a rough day. I felt bad I wasn’t there to give her a big ole hug. Apparently the letter from the Diva Kitty to her Human (DIVA) was a hit! Sweet! I headed out, stopping at Joann’s to grab some ribbon And then…back to the VILLA.

It always amazes me as I am heading to the Villa, how relaxed I become. It’s like all the stresses of the day, life etc, just melt away as I turn up Wildwood. I just love that. It’s like going home. I got there…and lugged my crafty stuff inside.

I met up with the Diva Kitty, went and laid down on the bed, and we talked. Okay her mostly meowing…and me petting her. And then it was time to get to business.

I started to make my cards for my card swap. I used DCVW Match Makers white core paper in Pink #1, Pink #2 and Red #2, and used White Ultra Smooth Cardstock.. I stamped the image using Black Noir Palette and the Heart-itude set from The Angel Company. I used Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol to color the images. And then a little ribbon from JoAnne’s. I really liked how this card came out and will be using it for my valentine’s day card for my special group of people. Hope you like it!

After crafting for a bit, I headed to bed and the Diva Kitty curled up next to me….awe…just love that.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gamsol Rocks!

Okay so all day yesterday my blood sugar was running low. What the??? Was busy doing things, and then it was time to stamp with Cyn at lunch.

I of course, had most of my stuff, but not all. I needed to get some paper to work on my cards for the Valentine's Day Swap with the StampNPaws TAC angel group. I just need to make 4 cards for the swap, but I always make one for a sample, and then I thought I would make one for Jessica who is a friend of Heather's that invited me to a candle party. And then...well I have a friend or two that could use a little pick me I'll make a card or two to send for them. BUT - I figured out my card would have thought?? I used cardstock from work in obnoxious colors BUT I actually did the Gamsol Prisma pencil technique. I am totally hooked! I love the softness of it, how it just flows so nicely.

So I finished up with work...and my bloodsugar was I totally drank my entire protein drink and then headed to workout with MM.

MM beat me up, he worked me hard, and I delivered. WOW...what an intense workout. I was sooo beat afterwards...I could only barely manage 10 minutes on the treadmill afterwards. I grabbed a banana and headed to the Issy.

I started to feel a bit better, so I headed to go get my paper at Mad Scrapper and then went to Michaels to see about some ribbon. I also found a little something to alter for Heather at work, for her babyshower. Sweet. I then headed to Subway and grabbed a wrap.

I called "B" and bailed on carpool...I couldn't even imagine going home at that I headed to the Villa - got there, ate my wrap and started to feel a bit better. I did a load of laundry (love the washer and dryer right out side the door) and then curled up with the Diva kitty and watched Grey's.

It has been a strange week for me, but a good one. I am so glad I can help DIVA by taking care of the Diva Kitty...and it has been a good break for me from the apt building.

I got up and got ready this morning, I decided I would go home tonight, grab a few things, and then head back out to the Villa, spend the night...and then go to Jessica's in the AM, and afterwards, stop at the Villa, do a little cleaning and then head home for good. DIVA will be back Sunday afternoon...and that way, everything will be done, clean, and I won't have to worry about rushing Sunday morning to church.

I'll post the cards as soon as they are done!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

LOVE IS - What I got!

So this week has been so out of my normal routine, BUT – I’m rocking it!

So where was I?? Oh yeah – work via Back Alley Salley! Love the short cut. Had a good day at the office….and then it was MM time! Sweet! So I headed down…and what a freakin’ workout – man oh man – you could certainly tell it had been 10 days since we did the normal routine…I was in pain – but good pain. I rocked it! I have to confess that MM gave me a pile of crap for wearing my big yellow tee shirt. He’s like – I thought you were gonna wear your NEW white one from the weekend class??? Huh? And so everytime I went to pull up the sleeves, he’s like bet you wouldn’t have to do that with the NEW one….Son of a &*()^…and I got a new book - wow - time flyies, anyways….after my workout… it was time to head back to the villa…

Got to the villa and the Diva kitty was waiting for me…we hung out, I did laundry, again, and made dinner. I packed up all my stuff and headed out about 10ish to go home. Got home and lugged everything upstairs…and back down 2 flights. (thanks GIP) and then finally inside. I pretty much left everything packed up, knowing I was just gonna pack it again. Drifted off to sleep…man was I beat – but in a good way.

Got up on Wed and was getting ready and then the phone rang….”B” was calling to tell me he couldn’t pool…son of a – so whatever….I just grabbed all my stuff and packed the car and off to work I went. Had an interesting day at work. I went to lunch with Cindy and got a call from Diamond Don. What the??? LOL…it was interesting to say the least. Towards the end of the day…I was almost freakin’ out – what am I gonna do about working out – I’ve been trying to hit the treadmill everyday – no treadmill at the VILLA…What a second…there’s a gym at the office building…So I left work and hit the gym. MAN oh MAN…I rocked it – 40 mins – did some bench presses and then I headed out. Went shopping for some fruit at Safeway – then headed to the villa. I got there and did a few crunches…and as I was just stretching my back the diva kitty jumped up on my tummy….totally freaked me….lol….too funny!

Watched a bit of tv and played with the diva kitty…and then off to bed. I so didn’t want to get up – but I did…and when I was leaving – there was tons of ice on my windshield…What the??? So out came the Kinko’s pre-paid card to scrap the windows…lol…then back alley salley…the to the office.

When I got to the office…my boss…bought donuts again…for the love of pete…but what the heck – I had a good breakfast – with grapes. And during lunch Cyn and I are gonna stamp!! Yeah!