Sunday, July 29, 2007

That's Just The Way It Is.....

WOW....where did May, June and July go? It has been crazy. Life is crazy. My days have been filled with work, managing the apartment building, working out, helping with mom and well

Good news first....

My mom just got the okay to start to work with the physical therapist to start weight bearing/walking. YEAH!

All the contest stuff for the jazz fest is done...yeah...that was a HUGE undertaking...but it was soooo cool to see my stuff in all the QFC stores...yeah me!

I kept working out. It was hard the last month (June) while Rico was gone...but I hung in there.

Brian and Megan got married, and I went to the wedding and had fun!!! And looked HOT!!!

I got the apartment rented and the new tenant moved in before JAZZ fest! Yeah!

I had my 3 month diabetic testing....and I did pretty well. My overall blood sugar only went up a .1 which considering all the stress in my life was AWESOME.

Meme is coming home. For good. Yeah!

I saw hairspray with DIVA!

I bought new clothes and they fit....yeah!

I am sure there are lots of other good things...but that's all I got.

The bad......letting all that's a new 3 months and instead of beating myself up for all the things I haven't done I'm letting it go...and focusing on the good.

I need to send out a few prayers for my fellowship buddies....Ken had surgery for cancer...I wish him the best possible...I know it's gonna be a journey so keep the faith....and for Janice...wowza...her faith really amazes me and I am sure she will be up and walking as soon as she is able. God does amazing things.

SO it's Sunday...the Sunday before Jazz Fest...I have a lot of things to do this week, I'll try and update more frequently and with some pictures.

peace out!

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pinknest said...

i've been in your lovely city of seattle! it was my first time there and i LOVED it.