Thursday, February 01, 2007

The dawning of a NEW Day

SO here it is....

DAY 1 of my 2nd 90-day contract with MM. I don't have my contract yet, but I do know what is included and I even added a few things....Yeah ME!

Thank you to all of you (MeMe & Humpfree) for the kind words. Yes, I will need encouragement....but I've got faith and I trust and I have the love and support of some really great people! - so really I can't fail.

Last night I really thought about how I was feeling about my contract and about failure and changes etc etc...and I am at peace with it. I decided if I just did what I know I am to do. Make time for me to do it...and leave the rest to MM and to God...I will be fine.

Today was interesting to say the least. I was all dressed up, hair done, makeup on...and it was time to head down to FT - GIP had agreed to take a pic of me for my journal. This is NOT the picture that is in my journal for the last day of my 1st contract.

This picture will be the 1st page of my next journal. Diana at work took this picture and so I am sharing it with you all!

I was invited to attend a meeting with Ultimate Trainer next week, apparently I've the favorite client at FT....WAHOO!

lots of love

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