Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slowly but surely - getting back in the saddle again!


What an amazing weekend! Scrappin Friendzy was a riot! SO MUCH FUN! 90 women attended this event and scrapped their hearts out.

I saw some friends, made some new ones....and met a ton of really nice ladies! I didn't get a ton of orders....but that wasn't the goal. The goal was to teach, have fun, make new friends and get my name out there - and all that was accomplished!!!

My classes went well, and everyone like the page as well as all the goodies in their class kits. I was sooo very fortunate to get some Mary Kay samples from a new friend Margie (if you need any Mary Kay go her way and tell her Chan sent you!!!) to put in my class kits and I stamped nail files and bookmarks with my contact info and also placed a couple of pcs of chocolate in each one.

I'll update more later

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Has it really be 20 days since my last post?

YIKES…it has….

I am still alive….I’ve been busy as all get out.

I’ve got tons of pictures and stories to post….

BUT til then….here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to:

Went to Portland a couple of weekends ago March 9-11th. Took tons of classes. Had a blast. Lots of stories and pictures of projects to post.

Then it was catch up again – and get ready for Scrappin’ Friendzy on the 24th.

I also had a party at Andrea’s on the 17th – Hi Andrea! So I needed to get ready for that…

And this week….wow….lots of prep for my two classes on Saturday (basically Class Kit Mass production line) at Scrappin’ Friendzy.

SO I’m still alive, kicking and totally almost ready for Saturday’s all day event with my 2 classes.

Scrap on!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lunch with DIVA and such

After my workout with Ryan, I headed to see DIVA at our favorite place to celebrate her birthday. YEAH DIVA! We had a wonderful lunch (and healthy too I might add) and great conversation. I just love looking at their display case....I used to be sooo tempted...but now...they are just pretty pretty baked goods to look at. ENJOY!

Afterwards, I headed to the bead store and bought a couple of sparklies to make some pendants and then I was off to see Pops. Had a good quick visit and then headed home. Exhausted. What a week and what a couple of workouts.

In need of a NICK NAME

Saturday came WAY TOO EARLY. I didn't really sleep in, and then I realized that I had to go to the bank for the apartment building, eat and eat again, and make it to my workout with Ryan in time to warm up. Wowza...time just flew by.

I need to give Ryan a nickname. Any suggestions? The poster who provides the BEST nickname will receive a little surprise from me.

Here's a picture of Ryan....so please be nice and remember - this is a family blog!

SO post away!

Spring is in the air?

So in attempts to get ready for my workout with MM on Friday, I made a little card for an upcoming workshop. I had a great day at work, got lots done, and well was really glad that it was FRIDAY! YEAH!
The only thing bad was...
1 - had a late workout
2 - was gonna have a workout on Saturday morning
3 - was gonna be kicked hard a back to back workout

The good things were:
1 - it's Friday
2 - Kinda get to sleep in
3 - gonna see DIVA for lunch
4 - gonna go to the bead store
5 - gonna get to work out with Ryan

Anyways....so MM and I had a great - awesome workout...however, my thighs were like tree trunks...eeks...and I could barely make it upstairs. YIKES.

The Easter card holds a gift card (for demonstration purposes my Subway points card)....pretty fun, simple and useful! All products used are from The Angel Company except the ribbon.


Son of a....what the?

SO it was Thursday. No workout with MM. BUT a little get together with the gang at Beck's grand opening. The day couldn't go by fast enough.

After work, I hit the road to meet up with everyone. Got there...and had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed the time with everyone, especially MM. He is such a great person. AND he CARES. Yep he cares! Gosh it is a great feeling to have someone care about you in a non romantic way. It's like what "V" and I had sooo long ago...what I miss the most. Sigh.

Anyways...lots of funny things happened. But they are things that you would have had to be there to get the jist of it all. *snort* I finally left and headed home...got home about 10pm...eeks. BUT what a great time!!!

I realized...what a dork I was - as I had my camera, and there were other people around that I could have gotten a bomb diddy pic with all my PEEPS.



Thursday, March 01, 2007

First or Last...baby!

WOW…has it been a couple of days. I had a great day on Tuesday, how could I NOT after crafting on Monday night, seeing Scott and getting Barista love on Tuesday morning???

I had a great work out with MM….quoted a lot from Talladega Nights. MM was sooooo happy that I FINALLY watched the movie…we worked hard. I had a few issues, come on now, who doesn’t have issues, right? LOL….anyways….I after working out, I headed to get a couple of things and FINALLY made it home. I’m in 2nd place now for the Cardio challenge…..but as long as I hit my “GOAL” then I’m a winner. MM says I’m a winner no matter what…and yeah…he’s right! SNORT tee hee.

Anyways, Wednesday was well hump day. “B” and I pooled, stopped at Heaven, and Scott was there!! YEAH. It was sooo funny….he said thanks for the wine…and didn’t mention the other stuff….it was too cute…we laughed all the way to work. Work was well work. Got a lot done….and then it started to snow? What the??

“B” and I left early…and off to home we went. We were laughing soooo hard about a few new nicknames…..and well the word “weathered” eeeks…too fun. Just love poolin’ with “B”.

After I got home and settled, I started to make a couple of cards using the polished stone technique. Here they are in their glory…or not…tee hee. I used Glossy White cardstock, Match Makers Cardstock, Purple #1 and Flora #1, krylon pen, and re-inkers from the Calypso Kaliedacolor pad. And the ribbon I dyed using the inks as well. All the products were purchased from The Angel Company…Enjoy!