Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Look...No Cavities

Tuesday. My day started early. I was at the dentist's offc by 6:55am. Yes, that is right 6:55am. I know, insane. Now mind you, I am a freak. I love going to my dentist's offc. My dentist rocks. HE is the best. And the staff is awesome too! AND as usual, no cavities!!! YEAH!

I headed into work, and it's funny how you can get into a habit. I am so used to pooling with "B" that today, my drive into work was lonely. As I headed towards Starbucks - yes - I needed to get my caffeine freak on, the drive was different. I traveled the same road that "B" and I do every day, the same road I have taken to work for the last 5 years...not the same. I think the conversation, the championship, the laughs are worth a million dollars. So "B" if you are reading this, I missed you this morning.

The day was pretty low key. All the sales people were out at a meeting and then had training meetings during the day. I got some stuff done.

Talked with Momma today, it was good to catch up. It will be good to see her in the next couple of weeks when I had to PDX for a long weekend.

When I got home and parked, "V" called and said hey can you meet me for dinner?? SO I headed up to Bento to meet "V" and have a little sushi. Yummy. MMMM Sake with Ponzu sauce.

Got home and played apt mgr for a bit. Looked thru my mail and to the Bad Bad Man who sux, I am worried about you. Please call. Let me know what's going on okay.

"V" came over after work and we watched "The Weatherman" with Nicholas Cage. Interesting movie. Had some good life lessons in it. Well off to bed. Sales meeting in the am.


Monday, February 27, 2006

How Cool is this???

Okay...my boyfriend (eeks it seems so funny to call "V" that) is addicted to Ebay. Look what he won for me today!!!



Saturday, February 25, 2006

Time to Wake Up!

It's Saturday. No events to work, YEAH! For whatever reason, I woke up at 4:ooam...what the?? I thought about going to Starbucks, but it doesn't open til 5am so I watched a bit of the replay of Olympic coverage. Then off to sleep finally. I woke back up around 8:30ish...and started dealing with apt bldg stuff.

Made calls that needed to be done, and returned calls to view the apts. And then, off to do the dishes, and picking up the living room. UGH...it was a absolute mess...stamping and paper stuff all over...but much better now!

Well off to do some more cleaning and laundry...joy joy!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

GET Your Caffeine Freak On!

How could you not have a great start to the day when greeted by these two?? "B"s and my favorite 2 Starbucks people!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ingredients For Life

I've been inspired by a fellow blogger to start posting more and adding pictures. SO after I finished making dinner for "V" I plated it all up, here's a picture for you.

"V" should be here in a few...as he's working just down the street...yipppeeee!!! I can't wait to melt into his arms for that breath-taking hug and smooch!


So Happy....

What a day! "B" and I went to Starbucks...and the random gal at the drive-thru asked us about the squirrels. OMG...now everyone knows about them...lol...it was too funny!

Had a pretty good day, busy - which is always good...asked "D" for money...tee hee (My boss asks my sales staff who (clients) they are asking for money from each day so I joined the bandwagon) I got a whole shiny penny!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!

The drive home was full of laughs as always...."B" was sniping cars left and right...gosh I love pooling!!!

Headed to Safeway to pick up some Ingredients for life...tee hee...aisle 15 is where you will find em..."V" is working tonight...but is coming over after work (9ish) so I'm gonna make him his favorite home cooked meal....meatloaf, rice and broccoli YUM! Well I should be off to the kitchen to cook for that man of mine!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What the &*&%*)$*)#_*%_$

Ugh...what a mess. I came home to the apt bldg back door being "tagged" UGH! SO I took pictures, and then called 911, cleaned it up...icky and then sent the pictures to the gang unit.

Apparently one of my tenants was "targeted" what the heck.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I bought a Rat Bastard

I did it. I did it. I can't believe I did it.

I spent $730, and was very happy about my purchase.

I bought a Proform 550s treadmill. I got it on sale. And it's gonna be delivered....Saturday, March 4th. I can't wait.

I've been putting off working out since I started carpooling. I love carpooling. And trying to plan working out around it was well not working out...no pun intended.

So I thought about it....and decided that I wanted to keep carpooling and decided to get a RB at home...so I could work out when I wanted to each day. I could watch tv...or listen to music...my choice at home....no waiting for the treadmill at the gym, no getting stuck in traffic after working out and my bs dropping on the way home.

NOW just to wait for the delivery...and they are going to put it together for me too....YIPPEE!!

Catching up...

I'm finally home....whew...I made it thru..I wasn't sure it was possible.

Let's see...Sunday. Meet the "rents" for dinner at Tony Roma's it was fun..we laughed and had a good meal and celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. WOW...42 years!!! Headed home...and finished a few things for Monday.

Monday oh Manic Monday. I truggled (is that a word) all my TAC stuff down the 4 freakin flights of stairs to the car, and headed to work. Stopped at Starbucks....yum and got my coffee freak on...lol...no squirrel...darn it!!! It was pretty dead at work since most offices were closed. BUT the traffic was non existant...YIPPPEEEE. Made it thru the day...then off to my class...

*freaking out now* lol

Everything went fine....got there early, had plenty of time to set up...and then waited. It was good to see a few familar faces...and Andrea...gosh she is the best!!! There were about 40 gals...ranging from 21 to 72....I was pretty nervous...but all went well. Everyone like the project I think *wish* and had lots of fun! I didn't get any orders...but that was okay...it was a very good experience.

I managed to get home about 10pm....eeeks...gosh i love my dvr...so I watched 24 and headed to bed.

OH Tuesday....ugh....was tired when I got up...but was excited....I am hoping for a phone call....stopped at Starbucks again....and got to work. It was a normal day...got stuff done...had a huge project got it done on time...and then i met one of my customers for lunch at the Chinese place yumm and she placed an order...wahoo...headed back to work and finished the day.

Stamping after work...was fun...the gals and I got together in the conference room and stamped. I made 5 birthday cards...and put together some of my left over kits for a swap next month, and then I headed to Sears for my next adventure. I think it deserves it's own post.

ta ta for now....

Catching up...

Here's the card from last night's class...i've got more good stories...so I'll update later.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

bazzill, basic grey and stamps oh my...

60 cards kits done. All the cardstock is cut and scored. Each kit is complete with an etw card and my business card....never thought i would get them done. Have a few more things to finish and then i will be ready for Monday nights class.

It's late, I had a busy, but good day, worked an event at Safeway...and headed to IM to meet a couple of my customers to drop off orders and yeah they each placed an order...WAHOOO!

Headed home, met "V" had a little nap, some dinner, watched the rest of Rescue Me first season...and yes "V" helped me with my card kits for class.

Now to sleep I must go....

Saturday, February 18, 2006



I slept in til 8am...yikes....did a little apt mgr duty.

Took laundry down to the wash......

Off to Starbucks for coffee.....

Back to the building, clothes in the dryer...

NOW just to get ready to work "the event" today....

then a few errands....

more later


Friday, February 17, 2006


On the way to work yesterday we had an interesting encounter at the Starbucks drive thru with the squirrels...

It was SHIT day (So Happy Its Thursday) and I said to "B" I'm buying! So we headed to Starbucks...the drive thur line was HUGE...but we were in...as we pulled up to the drive thru speaker we noticed 4 squirrels going at it in the trees...a couple of them looked like they had crackers in their mouths...they were running this way and that way and duking it out with eachother...and there was a crow egging em on...IT was too funny. SO we were laughing and totally thru the Starbucks gal off with our antics. It was one of those...you had to be there...but for the rest of the day...."B" and I randomly hollered "SQUIRREL"

Latest Billboard in Seattle

On the way home last night we saw this billboard....so this morning on the way to work "B" and I stopped to take a picture....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm Sick.....UGH

Okay I'm sick, I'm grumpy and it's all my bosses fault. I think I got my crappy cold from him.


I've got lots to update from the last week....but I'm sick and grumpy right now.....hopefully i'll feel a little bit better and I'll update you all on the last week.

Friday, February 03, 2006

OH Happy Happy Friday

I'll fill you in all on the juicy tidbits later....

But for now...here's a little peek

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


YEAH!!! The TAC order came today!!! So I opened the box, took out all the popcorn packing thingy's....and I'll take it home, and go thru it, sorting it then I can deliver it!!! AND of course, I have stuff in there too!!! YEAH!!! Nothing makes the day better than rubber stamps, ink, embellishments and paper

Nothing that "V" or I bought on ebay has come in yet..........*sign* Well there is always S.H.I.T. day.. aka So Happy It's Thursday.

hugs and kisses

the EX...and Memories

It seems just like yesterday but a life time ago when I was married. The EX used to coach little league baseball, and yesterday by forces of nature I was swept back right into a memory.

My whole day had been off. "B" called in the morning telling me of an appointment he had in the afternoon, so I ended up driving. It was raining sort of...I know what's new with that?? Got to work, went to the local scrapbook store during lunch, ran into a gal from the scrappin frenzy, went back to work, and then before heading home, got my KISS swap ready to mail (That's keep it simple stamper). SO I left late...after 6pm, called Dad on the way home and he told me that the Ballard bridge was closed...ugh traffic traffic traffic. It was raining, and traffic sucked...BUT for whatever reason, I was able to move about the city without getting stuck in any of the traffic messes....strange....a force of nature....which brings me back to my memory.

I was craving a Minute Maid Lemonade Light...so I headed to Mickey D's....the parking lot was full and the drive thru was at least 6 deep....I was tired...said screw it and decided to head home. BUT for whatever reason.....I headed towards the ball field. I haven't driven past there since well the EX...I get there...it's raining and the lights were on the field. The car stopped...and there I was...looking onto the field...remembering all the fun times we had...and the games the kids played...won and lost...remembered how happy we were. Remembered the day I ran to the field to tell the EX I was pregnant...all those emotions caming running back. The feeling of the miscarriage, the marriage ending, everything came back.....I started sobbing, really sobbing...I had to pull out of the intersection as a car was coming....I didn't know what to do...it was like I was frozen in time.

I managed to collect myself on the way home, when I got to the building and parked, I called "V" still sobbing from the car...he asked what happened...I told him, he just kept talking to me, and before I knew it...he was in the parking garage of my building. He said he had a strange feeling that I needed him and he was heading to the apt, and then I called when he was at the end of the street...a force of nature.