Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We have an emergency here....


I am totally out of Crystal Light.

UGH....a travesty

Celebrate and don't forget to Rescue Me

SO "V" called while I was at Kinko's and said hey let's celebrate....meet me at chili's...so off I went. He had already gotten a table and had an order of chips and salsa waiting. AND a very nice cold tropical drink that we shared.

*Swoon* gosh he is he best. We had Cajun steak and a relaxing "date", "V" had to go to work, and I headed home....just in time to watch...the Season Premiere of "Rescue Me"....


For the love of Pete....

UGH....so back at work.....the PROJECT was facing me.

Finally got the Display sign all approved. I took the disc to Kinkos....and off and running.

Siggy had helped me with the logos...so all I needed was a logo from the one client who kept changing and holding us up. Finally...finally....I got their logo...so I headed back to Kinkos and dropped off the tear cards...finally...the project is totally at the printers!!!

YEAH - doing the happy dance!!!

Oh a relaxing weekend....

Friday night we just curled up, lit a fire and watched a movie. What a nice way to end a crazy week. UGH...

Saturday was much of the same. Relaxing, rainy, we read, we talked, we laughed..."V" had to go to work....but at least we had some time together.

He got home sooo late...but I made him breakfast when he got home. Sunday, much of the same, relaxing, he worked in the afternoon...I headed to the "rents" for dinner.

On the way up to the "rents" I had to make 3 stops. I needed to stop and see my crazy customers...which is always fun. I had their last order with me...and of course, they ordered more stuff. We had a great chat it's always fun to see them. We made another date to get together when the new catalog arrives.

Then off to Paper Zone. I needed to get some easel backs for the project that I've been working on forever..ugh....they only had 6 packs...and I need 14....ugh...so I grabbed those, and headed up to the Everett. Stopped at that PZ and got 5 more packs. I have 4 in the drawer at work...so I was good to go.

Finally...I make it to the "rents" we have a good chat, a great dinner...and then off home I went.

Monday Monday Monday....did a few things around the apartment....and wowza....time to get ready for work .... ugh.

the weekend went by so quickly!!!

more later

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A comedy of errors

Friday. My day off. My vacation day. My day to sleep in. YEAH.

I woke up to "V" coming home and crawling into bed. Was that a nice way to wake up. We drifted off to sleep.....only to wake up within an hour to the very loud construction noise. UGH.

So after much debate we got up. Went to watch a little tv and then....I got a call.

CE called from work. His client had the display ready and they would be sending it within the hour. "V" and I talked. He decided to go home and get at least a nap. I got ready and headed to the office. "V" and I decided to meet after I was done with work and go see The Da Vinci Code. SO the plan would be meet in Issaquah for either the 3, 3:30 or 4pm showing. Possible. YES.

I got to work, and everything that could go wrong with the project did. Logos were fuzzy (ours) and the sent it in a pdf version which I could not alter. I started to recreate it. The client said they would send the original file over. We waited no file. Finally we asked for Siggy's help. She started to recreate it. All said and done...I left the office at 3:15. And headed to Kinkos. It had started to rain.

I get to Kinko's drop off the project and head to the theatre. It was really raining. "V" called, he had just got to Issaqauh. We both head to the theatre. WE both get there at 4pm. We look for parking....NONE....I call him...hey let's go get dinner then go to the 6:45 showing. Agreed. Round table here we come. We get to Round Table....

AND A BIG BOLT of Lighting Crashed down....too close for comfort. It was Pouring....Noah's Ark pouring...lol. We parked and ran into Round Table...both soaked from the rain. We ordered, were sitting down eating our pizza....and the lights went out. UGH....finally they came back on.

We headed over to Kinko's - project proof was ready. There was a problem with the etw tear cards....the black version of the logos were bust. AND Cin needed to approve the sign. Well at least we are to the proof part. Finally. UGH.....so it was still raining and "V" looked at me and said 'Babe, let's go home.' So home we went.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

So you think You can dance....

Pee Wee Herman mees Tiny Tim...My stage name is Sex...ha ha

"V" and I had a good laugh at this show. Afterwards....he headed to work...and I headed to bed.

Finally....it will be Friday and hopefully a day of rest.

BUT...I might get a phone call to work on that project....



I've been working on this HUGE project at work. Yesterday was the deadline to get it to the printers so that a color proof could be returned and if there were additional color changes they could be made today.

WELL...one of the clients has been slow to say the least on getting back with approval. TODAY at the last deadline to get a proof today I went into my boss and said hey we need to do this. SO he told me to go ahead....so I did. I got all my documents printed on my printer, my notes, the files on cd and had called the printer to pick up the job.

I was so happy...I knew that I was gonna have Friday off...no work....totally relaxing...I went to heat up my Smokin' Pete's BBQ Sandwich and got a dt dr pepper as a treat and headed back to my desk....


they called and now have changes.....this puts us back 3 full business days from our original deadline.

I just want to cry....I am actually pretty calm about it. And just want to make sure it's done, and done correctly....cuz bottom line...its my responsibility.

Reasons my BF RAWKS yes RAWKS

The last two weeks at work have been rough...brutal...ugh!!! AND my wonderful boyfriend knew that yesterday I had almost reached my breaking point. SO when I got home from work what did I find....

can you guess what the boy did???

can you??

He went to Smokin' Pete's BBQ and got me dinner and lunch. He was so cute...he put the two lunch bags in the fridge. One marked Dinner, one lunch.

He made me a fresh new pitcher of Crystal light - Rasberry lemonade

He turned on the fan in the window to cool the living room down

and the best of them all....

he wrote me a note. And included in the note was a reminder to tell Tony to change 2 lightbulbs in the garage when he came by to clean the building today.

What a guy....

*still swooning* and very very happy after eating my Smokin' Pete's BBQ Sandwich!!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An ode to Dottie

I made this card in honor of Dottie for DIVA #1...thought you might enjoy. The saying on the inside says "Everyone's entitled to a hiss-fit now and then.

tee hee


Recap of Season Finale's

MY heart is still beating from watching 24 on Monday. The first 21 minutes without commercial were amazing. AND WOWZA....what a great ending to the season. I was very disappointed when Jack went without question to take a call from KIM. HELLO....she told you she never wanted to see you again. AND what 10 hours later, you think she'd call. UGH. BUT I was even surprised. I originally thought it was Logan's goons who kept calling Logan...but NO...the Chinese...I guess revenge is best when served cold. January 07 is bound to be awesome!!!

And let's not forget CSI Miami. Good episode. Glad the MOLE was revealed. And I always love "H's" last words.....Eric we're going to Brazil.

Hope I didn't give too much away...and hope you watched it MeMe!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday sunday sunday

A nice day of rest. Did a few things around the building and just basically took it easy.

Much needed rest was had. I needed to prepare for the week ahead. IT will be busy. I've got "B"s survival party aka baby celebration. AND then the rest of the week....I've got lots of projects that are due and have to be sent to the printers and mailed out. I am hoping...hoping that all will go well and I can actually have FRIDAY off. I've got the day requested...I just hope it happens...wish me luck...please.


Alittle Mexican food...a drive thru the vineyards and a beer???

So Friday came and went. IT was pretty much uneventful. JUST the same ole stuff and lots of it. IT was GREAT that my boss was nowhere to be found. I got home and "V" just wanted us to chill. HE knew I was beat and would need every bit to function on Saturday.

Oh Saturday. WE got up....headed for breakfast and then back home to get ready for a day of festivities while "V" was at work. I got ready to head to Heather's bridal shower. I was running a few minutes late...but none the less I did get there a few minutes after 1pm. I was not the last one to arrive....whew....there were some people that I knew from work...and then the rest were either friends of Heathers or family.

We played a few games...I won one of the games...yeah!!! There were appetizers and lots of presents. IT was a good time...but unfortunately....I was sorta by myself. I thought for sure Cyn and I would hang out...but she was catching up with Michelle who drove up for the shower. SO there I sat....with no one to talk to....Chris was talking to Michelle and Cyn...and Susan was talking to her friend...so I felt like a big dork...sitting by myself....just stirring my ice tea as the others were deep in conversation..UGH...oh well. I'm glad I went.

THEN off to wine country. I was meeting the fellowship group at the Redhook brewery. Why we were going there...not really sure...but oh well. I had a little over an hour before I was to meet everyone...so I headed up...drove around and just had a relaxing drive around the vineyards...I got to the brewery and was soooo lucky...I found a parking spot right in front. I got out of the car and was sitting on a bench waiting to everyone. Detroit Joe and his family showed up from work...shock....they had just been out on a walk and decided to stop for bite to eat. SO a little hello and chit chat and they were off to the restaurant. Finally the others showed up. We had 9 adults and two little tots and they wouldn't hold a table for us after the tour....SO I stayed behind as the wait was like 30 minutes or more.

Everyone went on the tour and I just waited and relaxed, which was nice. The tour was over and we all got together and had a nice dinner. IT was a lot of fun...it was good to catch up with everyone and the food was fairly good, a bit pricey but good. We said goodbye and headed home. I got home just as "V" was parking...yeah!!! We headed upstairs and just relaxed and talked "V" was beat...work was just crazy. And he was just so sooore. SO I drew him a bath added some nice bubbles...got him a beer and told him to relax....I gave him a nice rub down...and I made him a late dinner....and we curled up on the couch and watch a couple of episodes of Rescue Me and off to sleep we went.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baaaadddd Kitty aka Dottie

So I get an email from DIVA #1 about Dottie her cat...and we trade emails back and forth here's the conversation...

DIVA #1 - So, looking for my cat to say goodbye this morning - no where to be found. Did the "rattle the food dish" trick. You will NEVER guess where she came from... go ahead guess...

DFLY - behind/underneath the couch

DIVA #1 - nope - any other ideas????? One that is BRAND NEW!

DFLY - She was visiting Reobie (Monkey) in the tree?

DIVA #1 - good guess - think higher...

DFLY - On top of the your desk????? the very very top????

DIVA #1 - On top of the kitchen cabinets, She came down from top, onto the fridge, onto the counter and down... baaaaaaaaaaaaad kitty.

DFLY - baddd kitty. SO I guess that means more tin foil (Kitty hates tin foil). Hummm now on second thought tin foil could be a new hot trend in kitchen decor. ha ha ha

I had too chuckle, because when I took care of Dottie, when I came back to the villa on Saturday afternoon...I had to search for Dottie. I kept calling her...by her name, or kitty, and I finally found her sound asleep on the chair. IT was only after I poked her that she woke up....gezz I thought as I poked her...omg...what if she'd dead....it's not like a goldfish....I just can't go to the store and get another one. AND then of course...Dottie woke up streching...

Gosh I just love that kitty!!! DIVA #1 is soooo lucky!!! AND Dottie is a good mouser too!

So Happy It's Thursday!!!


Okay today started off much better. I got to work knowing my boss was leaving at 12Noon and would be gone all day on Friday too!!!


I did a few changes on Sugarmommas project. Printed it. Printed "D"'s project to and then tried to pull the inventory reports...ugh...what drama. lol. Got an email from DIVA #1...and that deserves it owns post... Forgot to save my spreadsheet when I got an email from DIVA #2 about a utilities fee on a renter...ugh I had to open up the rent report...and when I closed it...it closed my avails spreadsheet. drat. drat. drat. Oh well. My boss was leaving at noon. WHO CARES how long it takes to pull those darn reports...and re-fill in the spreadsheet!

NOON arrived and bye bye boss see ya Monday!!!


Worked on a couple more projects and then I called Momma....now that conversation deserves a post all it's own tooo, BUT to protect Momma...I'll just say this. From now on whenever I refer to my parents as the "Rents" I will get a BIG SMILE and a LITTLE CHUCKLE..tee hee.

I decided to head out for lunch....yes it was 1:30 and I was craving a granita. Yes a grown up coffee slurpee. BUT only one place makes them sugar-free so I headed over to Crossroads to Jitters...YES I AM CHEATING ON MY BARISTA!!!! I get a Sugar-Free Granita with Sugar-Free Almond....Mondo....I am in heaven. Then the really cute barista boy called me "MISS" so he got a $3.00 tip. I got a huge smile on my face. I HATE being called Ma'am. The only time I like it is if it is a military dude and he's in uniform....there is something sorta dreamy about that...BUT that is the only time I like being called Ma'am. USUALLY, I correct whomever says it...BUT LET ME TELL YOU...being called "MISS" just made my day!!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Wednesday and the piss off factor is 8.3

WOW...it's only Wednesday and I've had a week.



Deep breath. Breathe in hold it....breathe out.

Things are crazy at work. The festival is sold out for both days. YEAH. AND. NOW. THE. WORK. FOR. ME. BEGINS.

(ducks and runs...far far away...to the villa in the woods aka Diva #1's place. ) tee hee.

UGH. SO. I have tons of recaps...recrap. And P.O.P.'s to do. Deadlines. Things to send to the printer. Things that need approval before sending to the printer. People taking vacation...then a 3 day weekend coming up, me trying to take an extra day off. This is causing pure havoc.


And then...Sugarmomma throws me a project at 5pm. Due at 11:00 in the am. Normally not a big deal. But Alan is on vacation and I am having to pull all the reports before entering them into the spreadsheet. UGH...so that takes til about 10am each morning to do. SO I was a little ticked to say the least. I think I yelled "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" I ended staying late to get it done. Took about an hour. It's done. I haven't printed it yet. Just saved saved and saved. I'll put it into her box to review in the AM before final printing...but knowing "M" I'll need to final print it as she will get into work just before her appointment and won't have time to look at it. Drat. Piss off factor in effect. Ha ha ha.

I guess I should explain the piss off factor. At work we have access to a program called traffic.com. They show how bad the traffic is. They rate it on a jam factor. SO good ole "B" always throws me stuff at the last second too...but at least he realizes it...and so he teases me and says hey now...what's the piss off factor...it's usually no higher than a 6.5...eeks...but today...8.3. I got over it as soon as I said "Are You Kidding Me???" That usually works.

But the best news is......

Can you guess???

Come on...it's easy...really....

My boss is gonna be gone for a day and a half.


Ta Da!


I did it...
I did it...
I rented an apartment before it's empty!!! YEAH!

SO after the next two are moved in....I should have a little break. (fingers crossed fingers crossed knock knock on wood)


Season Finales


Grey's Anatomy. I am still in shock of the season finale. So heart wrenching. So tender. So shocking. So Amazing. I can't believe it's over. I didn't start watching the show til Feb, and I still haven't seen Season 1, I do have it on dvd. But I haven't watched it yet and am looking forward to watching it this summer. I will be getting Season 2 on dvd as soon as it is available. This is such a great show.

CSI Miami - I can't wait to see what happens next. I am sad that H's wife/Delco's sis died but it gives "H" the edge for revenge.

And 24...my heart is still racing. Kieffer never disappoints. I am sad that next week will be the end and it will take forever til the next season starts. OH well, summer time is here.

AND with Summer time....it's time for RESCUE ME....I caught the last few episodes of Season 2 last summer.....and got hooked. I watched all of Season 1 on dvd...and Season 2 just came out..I've watched the first 4 episodes...12 more to go before the 30th....eeeeks! LOL....oh well, I've got a long weekend coming up and a few days off!

Monday, May 15, 2006

24 Greys or CSI Miami

OMG....what to watch - Is it 24 and CSI or Greys. What to do. Okay...I think I am gonna watch Grey's and then watch 24 and CSI later....

Gotta go....McDreamy time!

Happy Mum's Day

OH Sunday....what a lazy day. "V" and I hung out and just relaxed. I headed to Costco and picked up a few things for work. While I was there I picked up a fun pasta salad and headed to the "rents".

I had a pink flamingo wind sock for Mum...I think she liked it. It didn't seem as she was having a very good day. She was very distracted but seemed happy.

Dad bbq'd salmon and we had a really nice dinner and strawberry blackberry shortcake...it was really tasty.

I headed home...oh my watch to watch....Survivor of course...and then Grey's. I thought I was gonna loose it....Survivor was still going when Grey's started...Thank goodness for the DVR. I watched Aras win Survivor...then flipped to Grey's - started watching from the beginning, fast forwarding thru the commercials then live...lol....whoever created the dvr...thank you!!!!

UGH...the weekend flew by so quickly....ttfn...

A Sunny Saturday

OH yeah! Saturday! My whole schedule is changed on Saturday's now. Tony comes to clean the building at 10am-ish. SO I must be up and at em and out before he shows up. I realized when he stopped by this last weekend...and we chatted for a bit....that he didn't stay and do all the stuff. NOTE to self...he's got a scheduled time and need to not be around so he can get stuff done.

So I got up early on Saturday, did a few things I needed to went and got Starbucks and picked up breakfast and headed to "V"'s.

We had a great late breakfast and a nice little snuggle and a little nap. I got up, leaving him to sleep..he's been working sooo much lately, poor guy! I had a few appointments to show the apartment, took care of that and off to go see my crazy customers!

Had a blast with my customers...they crack me up. This time they brought their granddaughters....what chaos. BUT much fun.

I headed back home, and started watching Rescue Me Season Two.

To Exit or Not

I have been having issues with the exit signs at the building, they keep going out. Tony keeps changing them and out again they go. SO I had one of the handy dudes stop by and check em out, thinking there might be a short. Well it turns out that we had the wrong bulbs. HOW is that possible??? SO Tony being the great guy he is pulled one out of the sign and left it for me to go get new bulbs.

So off to PS again....and as usual I get there like 5 minutes before they close. IT happens every time. The counter guys just start laughing when I show up. I don't know where stuff is in the store...so I just head to the counter with what it is I have and say I need a case of these...they just laugh grab whatever it is I need...and ring me up.

Love the mom and pop businesses....hopefully they will stay around.

Me and My BIG Ideas

I've had an interesting week being an apt manager. WOWZA....if I could tell you all the details...you would think I was making it up...lol...I'll just say this...are you kidding me??? LOL..I think when I am done with this part of my life I will not only write a book about my adventures in Alaska, but I will write a book about being an apartment manager.

SO it's almost been a full year since I started doing this. I can't believe it has almost been a year...time has flown by so quickly. Knowing what I know now, would I do it again??? Yes, differently, but yes...not too differently - just in a few situations.

How long will I continue to do this??? I don't know...a couple years perhaps???

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Friday!!!!

My latest creation....ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Are You Kidding Me???

UGH...so Monday I had a horrible day. It started with having lots of deadlines. Which is normal.

I worked on reports...and then a project for "D" and then this huge crazy project for Sugarmomma. UGH....what the???

I started working on this project...and well..I needed MeMe's help. I emailed her and WOWZA..in like less than 5 minutes...she emailed me back with part of it....Whew...then I called my business manager and asked about some other stuff....he's like...call Norm...ugh...I am SO not calling the owner. UGH....then MeMe...to the rescue..she got me a partial list....so I started working on it some more. I was yahooing, googling and searching and checking the info from MeMe to see if the missing info was contained in those...UGH...NO.....so I'm about 2/3rds of the way done...and then....tada! I hit paydirt. I decided to call the headquarter office....and tada...someone actually helped me.

I finished the project and off it went to Sugarmomma....and it was perfect! YEAH!!! I still need to fax MeMe a copy of it so she has it for her files...cuz YOU never know when you need that crazy info.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lumberjack, Landshark the new breed of lions tigers and bears oh my

Last week I was sitting at the dinner table with Mom and we were listening to my radio station. We were talking and laughing and all of a sudden. We. Heard. The. Trojan. Condom. Commercial.


So we hear "Hey everybody I'm having sex" then it goes onto Attilla, Big Man, Lumberjack, Landshark.

My mom looked at me and said "is this your radio station???"

We. started. laughing. so. hard.

So if you want to hear the commercial, leave me a comment with your email if I don't already have it and , I mp3 it to you!

tee hee

Ode to a Princess (aka MeMe)

Ode to a Princess (aka MeMe)

Oh dear Princess (You definitely earned that title after all the help)
I miss you each morning when I come into work
I miss your laugh, your smile
I miss you always having the answer when I need it the most
I missed you when I went to Red Robin the other day
I miss you each time I drive by Taco Time
I miss you when I have to do notarized invoices
I miss you when I want to go to a movie
I miss hearing “D” call you Master tee hee
I miss you reminding me to go get cake on cake day
I miss you giving Rob a bad time (its in the black cabinet)
I miss you when I see dt coke with lime
There are at least 29 more reasons why I miss you....but those will have to wait for another day
Basically…I miss you MeMe!!!

I want Steak!

This is a picture from about 3 years ago on a trip down to see Momma. We went to the Cowboy Dinner Tree. This picture represents what was left when we finished eating our steaks.

I don't think I will ever forget Momma's little "SHORT CUT"



Saturday, May 06, 2006

Trying to cure my addition to Blockbuster Video

hi, my name is dfly and I'm addicted to blockbuster video. So here's my story. Since I started working in radio, I have been using blockbuster for various reasons.

I even get blockbuster online...love the delivery to the mailbox and the free in-store rental per week.

WELL...I actually had to get a Hollywood Video rental card. Now mind you I wasn't forced, but usually what I do is order videos for me and my mom and I get 'em, watch 'em and send 'em to the rents. So my mom is hooked on six feet under, I have never seen it...why not so sure..but I haven't. So I order her season 5 on Blockbuster and disk one says long wait, disc two and the remaining are either short wait or available. WELL....last Saturday, disc two showed up in the mailbox. Now what to do, what to do.

I call Blockbuster stores no Season Five, I call Hollywood...yep they've got it. So on my way up to the "rents" on Sunday, I stop at the local Hollywood Video store. I walk up to the counter and say to the clerk....I need to sign up for a membership, but only if you have Six Feet Under Season Five Disc One. He looks at me...checks his computer, yep we've got it. He asks me to fill out the application and goes to get the disc for me.

He brings me the disc. Another clerk has come up front. They start giving me a bad time about "Oh you must be a Blockbuster customer" and "They don't carry this in their stores" blah blah blah. I just reply...

"A girl's gotta have options"

So the two clerks just start randomly quoting lines from a movie. The other customers are looking at them very strangely. I try not to bust out laughing. I am just crackin up...the are quoting lines from "Clerks" they are doing Dante and Russell lines....so out of nowhere as I am paying for my disc I say...

"I'm not even supposed to be here today"
they just stopped, stared at me....said "kewl" she does get it...

Ha ha...

SO I must say my first experience at Hollywood Video was very funny and well worth the $1.99 rental for my mom.

tee hee

Breakfast in lack of Tulipville

Last Sunday, I meet Momma and her sis for Sunday Breakfast or brunch at Calico Cupboard in Mt. Vernon.

It was such a fun, cute place...we could have stayed there all day. I ordered the smoked salmon, cream cheese omelette...yummy!

We laughed, and talked, and laughed some more. All in all it was a great visit!

I had been wishful thinking that the tulips would still be out in full bloom. BUT NO....just a small patch on the side of the road. Next year, I will definately have to go back while they are in bloom A friend had told me that I should go and check out the apple blossoms as they were just a pretty, in a different way than the tulips. WHO knows....road trip "V"??


Friday, May 05, 2006

A little bit about dflygirl

I got this email from a good friend that I was required to fill out...and post on my blog...so here it goes...

10 years ago I was:
* 27 years old
* Living with Fisherman Don
* Going thru a divorce
* Working as a Personnell Manager
* Traveling to Alaska

5 years ago I was:
* Working in Radio
* Dating Jim
* Adjusting to a new company/station
* Sleeping on average 4 hours/night
* Learning how to be a mom

1 year ago I was:
* Not an apartment manager
* Dating Mad Scientist
*Struggling with my future
* Hating my new boss
* Helping Cynthia plan her wedding

Yesterday I:
* Woke up late – sketchy getting ready for work
* Stopped at Starbucks
* Had a busy recap filled day at work and Hating my boss
* Had to deal with apartment manager tasks
* Had dinner with “V” at Best Wok

5 snacks I enjoy:
* Popcorn
* chips and salsa
* Ice Cream - ugh
* Fresh fruit
* All the stuff I’m not supposed to eat

5 songs I know all the words to:
* “My Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”
* "1999"
* "Crush"
* “Love Shack”
* "Jungle Love"

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
* Buy a new car (make TAR jealous)
* Travel (Germany, Belguim, Paris, and wherever else I wanted to)
* Open my own stamp/scrap store
* Buy a house
* Get a kitty and a crinkle doggie

5 places I would run away to:
* I think I would pass out and fall over before getting too far…lol
* Ocean Shores
* Germany
* Belguim
* “V”’s

5 Things I will NEVER wear:
* Leg Warmers
* hummm….I’ll leave that thought alone
* nipple ring…maybe I should have left that one alone too…lol
*Half shirt
* neon spandex

5 favorite TV shows:
* 24
* Grey's Anatomy
* Survivor
* Rescue Me

5 bad habits:
* TV watching - I’m a DVR Whore
* Interupting people
* Purchasing things with Dragonflys
* SNOOZE Button on cell phone eeks
* Being committed to RB faithfully

5 biggest joys:
* Being in Love and being Loved
* Being highly thought of by other people
* Friendship
* My nephews
* crafting


You Dropped Da Bomb On Me Bab-ey

It's Friday. It's been a tough week. People I care about got fired. Lots of crap happened this week. BUT. It's Friday. It's sunny out. It's Hot-Clip time. You Dropped Da Bomb On Me is currently playing. Life is looking up. Finally.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Rain, Mud and 4x4in

So we reach the secret location for the illegal 4x4'in...tee hee....okay it was private property BUT we were with the owner....we had a blast....there was sooo much mud and so many laughs.When we finished we pulled into the circle lot and the hosing of the vehicles began.

We all went inside and curled up to the fire. It was pork and beans and all sorts of comfort food to be had by all.

Back to the city we headed. We saw a house and stopped and looked at it. We talked about what it would be like to move back to where we grew up....eeks...nice to visit but not to stay.

Can You Hear Me Now?

OMG...so "V" got to my place after working all night around 7:30ish and he was tired, but glad to see me. HE was sooo funny and almost kid like. He said I'm sleepy, but I wanna play, I'm hungry and was something yummy to drink. LOL...I was trying so hard not to crack up. I said Okay, what do you want, I'll go get it. He crawls into the warm bed and snuggles...and says...I want bacon (movie line-if you can guess the movie....a special prize will be yours) So he says, no really I want a mickey d's bacon egg cheese biscuit, and a starbucks carmel apple cider. SO off I went to get the treats for my man.

I get back and he's sooo sleepy. He gets up and says lets go play in the mud today. Well okay, why not???? We eat breakfast and get into the shower to get ready to play in the mud.

We hop into the truck and head off to peninsula...it is pouring, raining, cold and pouring. We laugh and talk about our favorite things gowing up. Some how, I loose my phone in his truck...ugh can you hear me now??? IT ended up being lost for a very long time....ugh!!!