Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slowly but surely - getting back in the saddle again!


What an amazing weekend! Scrappin Friendzy was a riot! SO MUCH FUN! 90 women attended this event and scrapped their hearts out.

I saw some friends, made some new ones....and met a ton of really nice ladies! I didn't get a ton of orders....but that wasn't the goal. The goal was to teach, have fun, make new friends and get my name out there - and all that was accomplished!!!

My classes went well, and everyone like the page as well as all the goodies in their class kits. I was sooo very fortunate to get some Mary Kay samples from a new friend Margie (if you need any Mary Kay go her way and tell her Chan sent you!!!) to put in my class kits and I stamped nail files and bookmarks with my contact info and also placed a couple of pcs of chocolate in each one.

I'll update more later

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