Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recap of the Recrap

This is what I know...

I feel icky - still feel crappy. I am sick. I am getting better. BUT I'm still sick.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
Feel like a total loser, wondering what I have or have not done.
Want to punch "V". Want "V" to call and say he was in some horrible accident and couldn't call.
I'm not working out tonight. I coughed up a lung this morning doing my morning cardio. Thought I should take a night off.
Wednesday had better be a better day.

peace out.

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PawsNStamp said...

Hey Baby Girl.....all I can say is......if he is feeling threatened by your 'achievements'.....it's HIS LOSS!!!! I am praying it's something other than 'jealousy' or something like that. I am hoping he's had something come up that he can't call or write....because any man that can't support his 'girl'....isn't a man that "I" want for my daughter!!!

Enough said.....going to take a cold shower now and calm down!!!

V if you read this.....step up to the plate or boogie on down the road!!!! Sorry, Chan...delete this if you want....just had to get it off my chest.