Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What is your happiness today?

Since I have last blogged, a lot has happened. Some good, some bad, some just some.

I ended my stay at DIVA #1 and then headed home for a full 5 days off from work.

And then I got sick. I don't know if it was all the stress catching up with me, if I was truly sick with the flu or what. All I know is that...while one is sick, it doesn't help when the freakin construction guys are jack-hammering. All. day. long. UGH!

On a bright note, the NEW TAC (The Angel Company) stamping catalog came out....wahoo! Lots of cool new things...that has me somewhat inspired to start really creating again.

"V" and I went to see The Lakehouse. It was good...a little sappy not too believable but it was enjoyable to sit in the movie theatre with my man holding hands and just relaxing.

"V" and I went to Ocean Shores late Friday night. We had a great day and a half at the beach...then back home on Sunday...in time to go to the "rents".

Pops of course was not too happy with me about being sick...but well we all do what we have to do.

SO I am fasting tonight. Why is it when you fast for a blood test...you are hungry...even when you shouldn't be?? Is it because "you aren't allowed to eat?" I think so. But I'm glad to be going to get the test to see how my diabetes is doing. I am sure I am in for a change of medicine, which will be good. I think part of the reason why I got sick and sick for so long is because my medicine isn't up to par.

I am currently putting together a scrapbook for a gal at work who is retiring. 13 years with the station. I am really gonna miss her. It seems since MeMe left....it has been a mass exitous...it certainly is not the same.

Speaking of MeMe...she's coming to town and I get to pick her up at the airport, have a quick bite to eat and then meet her parents up North to drop her off! WAHOOO!!! It will be sooo good to see her....short as it may be....but so good. I've got it on my calendar already!!!

So back to the blood test...I keep putting off what I am thinking....hoping it will go away...far far away. Monday I go to a different doctor to get the results...a new doctor to me. SO I am trying to not be so nervous about it as you never know what they will say....but hey I've got to do this...it's a step in the right direction!

Oh and I'm heading to Portland on Saturday, Heather and I are gonna carpool...it's a meeting for TAC for our WAG seminar in September. It should be lots of fun.

So...back to Monday. I have decided to treat myself after my doctor appointment. I'm gonna go to Sweet Additions to have a late lunch and read some of my book. To relax - oh and I have Monday off....vacation day. Yeah!

SO to the title of this post. What is your happiness today?

Mine is
Making Marti a scrapbook
I'm going to Portland!
The weather is starting to cool down a bit

What is your happiness today???

peace and love

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One more day to go...

Til I'm on vacation.


I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying at home...getting caught up with life. Re-organizing and getting things finished around the apartment. Hopefully there will be a photoshoot.

"V"'s got the honey-dew list of sorts. But he's excited to help, cuz he knows me. He knows....how much this stuff that has been pushed aside needs to get done for me so I can "live" the way I need to. And being organized means having more time for "us".


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An update of sorts

So it appears I have been neglecting my blog.

So sorry little blog.

IF any of you are interested in why the neglect (please don't turn me into the BPS (Blog protective services) *snort* here's the 4-1-1.

As of last week Friday night I've been staying at DIVA #1's hideaway in the woods. Much needed I will say.

I just love it there!!! SO peaceful. BUT...I've been doing the run to home and back again. AND at the hideaway...there is no computer...ha! which I think is good and bad...not sure which one wins more...lol!

SO let's recap.

FRIDAY - I finally got my hair altered. Yes it finally got cut and colored...or as I say "altered" it's a more artsy term...and well...in denial of any gray hairs...i use "alter" so there. So after discussing with Jan the one who does the altering...my dislikes of the last alter....she adjusts, fixes, gripes, gives me a hard time...BUT finally does what I want done...and actually gave me a break in price. YEAH! Afterwards, I headed to DIVA #1's....relaxed with Dottie the ultimate diva kitty!

Got up Sat morning...did a few errands and headed to the apartment - yes the apartment. I stopped at Pac Supply and picked up a few things and off I went. Did what I had to do and then....ta da...back to the hideaway. YES!

After a relaxing evening and a sleep over with "V" tee hee....shhhh don't tell DIVA #1...NOT...lol! Sunday was a lazy morning. Did a few things...read, relaxed...went to Sweet Additions for breakfast...and then to the office for a bit of work....that needed to be done. Just to get it done. Then off to the "rents" for dinner. After dinner stopped at good ole Walgreen's and got a few things that I needed....and low and behold they have M&M's now for the Pirates of the Carrabina movie....Sweet....can't wait to see that. Then back to the hideaway for a good nite's sleep.

Oh Monday...monday monday....got to work....forgot about the shortcut from the hideaway to the office....must ask Sugar Momma or Smooth about it again....but had a productive day...SO SO SO glad I came in to do the "stuff" on Sunday. Made the day much easier. UGH still haven't gotten reimbursed for "B"'s Survival Baby shower....ugh......money money money....ME ME...come back!!!!!! Moneyman needs you!!!!! Okay so do I!!! After work I headed back to the apartment - as I needed to pick up something from a tenant and distribute notices about the upcoming water metering. PLUS I wanted to make sure TAR knew I had been around so he won't be a turd...and say something....better to be safe than sorry!!! SO then I headed back...poor diva kitty dottie....it had stormed while I was gone....so I made sure to give her an extra bunch of lovin. OH report on two new season shows....TNT - The Closer...very good...I got addicted to it last season...and a brand new show....SAVED also on TNT....Awesome....let's hope the stay on!!!

Tuesday.....took the "Back Alley Sally" (as smooth calls it) way to work.....wahooo...no freeway at all!!!! Had a good day....starting to get stuff ready for me to go on vacation!!! YEAH ME!!! I talked to Me Me....it was good to chat with her....she took some amazing pics during her trip to Europe....made me long again to go back.....its amazing how a picture, a word, a song or a thought can transport you back....I was remembering the time in Belguim....hummm funny stories and such a fun time!!! Hello...back to reality....okay so after work I headed to the hideaway to check on diva kitty dottie...and then off to do a few errands. DIVA #1 called and so I chatted with her a bit....(Sending you big hugs) and then off for a little exploring - OMG...I so want to move over by DIVA #1 - in due time....I loved just the feel of the area...the people, shops, etc etc etc....I stopped at this one market and got a few goodies for lunch and dinner and then back to the hideaway.

SO I started doing some "house stuff" like laundry, taking out trash, the daily litter box...and playing with diva kitty....we had some fun....and then my two most favorite shows....Deadliest Catch on Discovery and Rescue Me on FX....Deadliest Catch has been interesting for me to watch since I used to work in the Fishing Industry and have been to all those places they go...and Rescue Me....what an awesome show...in between diva kitty and I were playing with her fishing pool birds...too funny....then off to dream land.


Monday, June 12, 2006

No it couldn't be....

Has it really been almost a week since I last posted???

Bad blogger
Bad blogger

More to come


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A fond memory of sorts for DIVA #1 and MeMe

So the project that would never die...re-appeared today. UGH got a call from the client asking for 4 more sets. Are YOU kidding me??? Luckily, I had 4 samples left...so out they went into the mail.

BUT on the way home...I made a stop and instantly thought of MeMe and DIVA #1.

Can you guess what these two have in common or not???

Okay...I'll tell you all...it's kind of a weird combo - but...here it goes...

I went to Taco Time and ordered the NEW Chicken Chimayo Salad in the drive thru...and while I was ordering.....the PANDA man pulled up behind me.

Get it???

Okay so if you are going HUH????

I'll explain....MeMe loves Taco Time and there is NO TACO TIME in the land of OZ...and DIVA #1 loves the PANDA man (which is a resturant that has a delivery service).

So at the end of my day...after sitting in traffic for over an hour and being a bit irked...my day ended with a big smile thinking of my friends.

Love you guys!!!!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Just shoot me now and get it over with...

UGH....I was finally starting to relax....I knew that something was abrew. I knew it, I knew it. Yesterday, while "V" and I were at the movies....I got a call on my cell phone. Of course, I didn't know til later....that my boss who was delivering the project had called. He didn't leave a message so I didn't call back. Okay "V" told me if I called back...he would never speak to me...lol, tough decision right??? Hmmm calling my boss....or "V"....easy. "V".

SO this evening I was just getting ready to watch Last Holiday with ll cool j and Queen l....and the phone ran. It was Jeanie from work. Asking me about tape for the display boards. Oh shit. what now??? She told me what had gone down. I said well Chrissy told me not to put any tape on there so I didn't. Although, I had thought about doing it .... but after Chrissy kept saying no...decided not to. UGH...I hate when I know that I should do something...and am told not to and then do what I am told. I should just go with what I know and my gut reaction.

SO while Jeanie is at her event tomorrow, I'm gonna go pick up the tape and drop it off at her house on the way up to the "rents"

UGH....wtf? Am I ever gonna catch a break with this project???

Will this project ever be finished?

So the project...that I have been working on forevah...is finally ready to be assembled. All the pcs get delivered before noon. I start working on putting tape on the backs of each pad of entry blanks, once finished placing tape on all 140 pads I start adhering 70 of the pads onto the display boards. Finished.....SO I get ready to start putting all the items into the envelopes....when...(insert dramatic music here) Chrissy tells me....I think we should order another 70 pads. UGH...so I called Kinkos...and asked when they could be delivered. Friday...by 11am. Whew...so I could get everything ready before 1pm. Done deal...yeah!

SO I put togeher 35 of the packets and load them into boxes.....everything looks like it's gonna work. I'll be able to leave for my 1pm hair appointment on Friday...taking the remaining half of my vacation day that I lost last Friday.

Murphy hates me. I swear. I wonder what I ever did to him.

SO I bop into work...happy ready for a half day...I'm doing my reports...singing, laughing, having fun....and then....I get a call. Kinkos called...it wouldn't be ready til 1pm. I about loose it. I say okay....my boss wanted to leave by 2:30 to deliver the project so as long as they were there by 1pm it would happen....if not...well I didn't want to think of that.

SO I call and cancel my hair appt. I have to wait til next Friday...drat drat drat...my hair really needs to be cut and colored.....but I'll have to wait to have it altered....oh well.

SO Kinkos calls back and they can deliver half of the project now, the rest by 1pm. Do I want them to???? HELL YEAH I say laughing....so they get there and I put together 15 more packets...just 20 more to do.

Kinkos shows up at 1pm....by 2:30 all the packets are done....boxed and loaded onto a hand cart to take downstairs to my boss' car. I was so tired. UGH.

I left the office by 2:50 and called "V"....we decided to go see The DaVinci Code at 4pm by the office...so I had a bit of time to kill. I went and got a salad at Cucina Cucina...and had an ice tea. Then I went to meet "V"....ah finally...the project is gone....gone, gone...yeah!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What the heck????

It's 2:35am on Wed night/Thurs morning. I am wide awake. I so need to go to sleep. Sleep is no where to be found.

I have two options. Try and sleep. Or wait til Starbucks opens in 2 hours and get coffee and come home and make breakfast. OMG...I can't believe I am thinking about going to Starbucks in two hours when it opens. This is sick. This is sooo wrong.

I need help.