Friday, September 21, 2007

Roadtrip Home

Heading home.....

After having a yummy bacon filled breakfast, Char and I headed to the Dollar Tree. At Stampin Cat Studio the owner had these cute vinyl bins that she put supplies in...and I thought to myself...HELLO...scrappin friendzy! So I knew I needed to stop and see if I could find 5 of the same color. Well, low and behold I did. I ended up purchasing 5 in a light yellow color and two in a darker green for me. I checked out and then headed out of town.

I had purposly planned on letting Heather get ahead of me on the road so that if she got tired, I would catch up with her and check on her. As I hit Vancouver, I stopped for gas. I saw my favorite tattoo shop...Dragonfly Tattoo. I'll post a picture later, it's on my work computer...ugh, I forgot to put it into the draft folder, oh well.

I chatted with Heather a couple of times....on the way home, I stopped at Chehalis at the Michael's and purchased some pearl white lumiere for the faux mother of pearl technique that Lori (Hi Lori!) showed me. I plan on using that as my next technique at the March Scrappin Friendzy, if I am asked back...(hopefully!). I ended up with two bottles, and then I purchased 2 12x12 scrapbook frames that were on sale for $4 ea. I thought it would be a great way to display my page at Scrappin Friendzy, and then I purchased this cool wrought iron holder to hold the frame...sweet...then I headed out towards Seattle.


Heather called from Olympia where she had found her luggage tags and ball chain for her Women's Retreat...the rest of the trip home was uneventful...I got home and hurked everything (okay almost everything) up the 4 flights of stairs....and got ready for Monday as it would be RICO time!

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