Friday, September 21, 2007

WAG -Saturday

Boy did that alarm clock go off was up down to the treadmill and back to the room to get ready and meet everyone at 8am.

Got down there and finished my swatch book. I need to attach the hardware to the new paper collection sheets and my crop-a-dile was down in the room so finished that up....people were having fun putting together the projects and then it was time for me to demo my card sample books. That went pretty well...and then....more demos....

We had lunch in the room (all the yummy's we bought at Costco) and then I started making elephant cards for Janice's carepackage. Janice is in my fellowship group and she was involved in an accident and we (our group) were putting together a carepackage for her and that was my contribution....I made her 20 elephant cards (she loves elephants) and put envelopes and postage stamps with it. Heather helped me with the ribbons. I need red paper and ribbons so Daphne and I walked over the to Scrapbook store and purchased them....then back to the room to finish.

We finished handing out prizes, and did a few drawings for larger prizes and then it was time for the RAFFLE....and I WON YEAH ME!!!! It is a Rasberry Vituri Urban Scrapbook bag...I'll post a real picture soon...I am sooo looking forward to showing it off at Scrappin Friendzy!!! WAHOOO!

Everyone pretty much finished all their projects and the a group of 8 of us went to Olive Garden for dinner....we called ahead so we didn't have to wait.

Heather, Char and I headed to Wal-mart before heading to Olive Garden....I waited in the car to hurry up the process...yeah Char in Wal-mart...that spells!!

We headed down to Olive Garden and had such a blast....we laughed, joked, noted that all the waiters were ALOTTA HOT!!! And the food was sooo good. While everyone was having dessert, I opted for a cappacino...which was yummy! We headed back to the hotel and the conference room and started packing up stuff as we had to be out by Midnight.

I got all my stuff upstairs and hit the sack....what a fun weekend....and one more day to goo!!!!!

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PawsN2Stamp said...

Hey, you forgot to mention that I was accompanied by a City Girl power shopper......remember? So, I pretty much was in and out before I knew what happened to me.

Don't go shopping with a city down the aisle she goes in a big fat whirl.....sheesh....remind me NOT to go shopping with you are Heather at the helm!