Thursday, February 26, 2009

SO Happy It's Thursday!!!

YEAH is all I can say!! We started this morning off with about 2 inches of snow in lovely Ballard. Seriously? Are you kidding me??? Anyways, by the time I left for work, the roads were clear and wet, slushing in some areas...but it was totally driveable to work. I did bring my snow boots (Thanks Pops) just in case. I must admit, those are the best for the money I paid on a random shopping trip with Pops!!!
I've got lots of bdays this week - well actually today. A shout out to Little Pumpkin *LP* - Happy bday buddy!!! It's Diva's bday and Siggys at work. I won't show what I made LP yet, or Diva for that matter...but here's Siggy's cards...Again I used the Just Rite Stamper for the "S" I didn't use a border. The scan's a bit short...but you get the idea. I love keeping the cards simple and different, as I am making them for a lot of people at work for their bdays...SO Happy Bday DIVA and Siggy!!!
I'm all dressed up today. I haven't worn a skirt/blouse combo to work for sometime feels good to be dressed up....must get in the habit again...
AND MY PACKAGE has SHIPPED from the Angel's slated to be here next Tuesday. BOY oh Boy. I'm getting some NEW Stamps from Heather today (we did an order earlier) and then next Tuesday..I'm on cloud 9...yeah!!!

Here's to NO MORE SNOW!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


WOW...what a day. It started out really rough....and became wonderful and now is trying to end on an uneven plane....what the???

Well...the squirrels are back. Fortunately for me...TAR is being actually nice and understanding and not yelling/bullying me. Thank You!

The remolded unit is finished. Yeah. Finally. I just have some minor details to finish. Yeah!

TAC is fulfilling orders from the 9th. YEAH. That means - hopefully - fingers crossed my order will ship this Friday. need to Rush It. Yeah.

Finally got the approval to get the trees cut. just waiting for the tree guy to call back. Then get the trees cut, then the hole more squirrels. YEAH!

Had a very crazy morning at has been strange as well....oh well....and then the floor started shaking again....they are building a new building next to ours...and I feel motion sick from it...for the love of pete.

Got to get a few things at the store tonight...and then home it is....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday - Happy Mail

Just another "Manic Monday" remember that song??? Well the weekend was busy and yet somewhat relaxing.

I think I have finally gotten rid of most of my's trying to hang on...but I say NO. Friday I basically came home and crashed...long week especially not feeling too hip all week. Saturday, got up did a few things around the apt and did a few outside errands...did a few little projects and hit the sack.
Sunday....was pretty lazy - guess I'm tired....I did manage to do a few things around the apartment...and spent a great deal of time dealing with the R-Contractor...finally the unit is done...for the love of Pete. Tony's gonna do a final clean today...basically just the bathroom...and then we will be good to go.
Still dealing with the squirrel issue...I think we've got all the little guys...BUT I'm still waiting for approval to get the trees trimmed and the hole patched up...seriously...ugh...and another tennant is moving out the end of the month....only to do this all over again....

I felt pretty good when I got to work today...and I checked my mail as I had forgotten to on Friday...and low and behold a little surprise...from MEME....Thank you for making me smile today!!!
So here's to a good week....TAC is finally filling orders from Feb there is hope my Feb 13th order will get here before my next hostess club on March 15th...fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To "Scrapling" or not...that is the question.....

What is a scrapling you ask....well it is a tiny card made of scraps. It is approximately 1 1/4" x 4 1/4". Way too cute to make.

My week last week ended well. We had a potluck on Friday at work, I passed out valentine goodie bags...MEME came and visited. I made my turkey chilli...which was the hit....I went to Diva's house for a movie and the remainder of the chilli...and then home.

Saturday was fun-filled. I worked out with RICO and then headed to Heather's were we made scraplings for a swap on a TAC forum paperwings. Here's mine. I then headed home, got ready for my "date" with my fellowship group...we headed to Gorditos...I was sooo early, and everyone was late...I totally thought for about 5 minutes that I had been stood up by 8 people and 4 kids...seriously....after dinner we headed to Michael and Lydias for a little chit chat and dessert...then it was home again.

Sunday I laid low...I woke up with a nasty cough - still have it....and man oh man does it sucx...

Monday....headed to work, and then afterwards, Heather and I met for dinner at Panera and had our favorite soup then we went to see Paul Blart - Mall many kids where there....they had the holiday off...but it was a FUN=NEY movie....

Tuesday was crazy - our stamps are being held hostage in a overflow of ponied up the $25 rush fee so Heather's order could get here before her workshop....yes I had some stampes in there as well...but she's been having a real hard time lately at work and I decided to surprise her....with a tuesday pick me they will be here on Monday....plenty of time before her open house on the 28th....I can't wait to get my first 3 sets...yeah!!! I have 4 more coming with my which is a hostess set....whenever it ships...I might have to rush it if it won't ship a week before my hostess club in March...don't want them to have to wait any longer than that...anyways....

Still have this's voice has been going in an out....and I'm planning on heading home tonight and going to bed....maybe doing a load of laundry....hoping I can kick this crude...ugh...

Have a great nite!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Rite Meets ATC

Again with the JustRite Stampers. I have been making mailboxes like crazy for the last month. First with my hostess club in January, then a couple for my two single friends...which they don't have yet...tee hee...and then for some people at work. I haven't taken any pictures...what?? But I will on the last two after they are not to spoil the surprise.

So how does JustRite meet ATC??? Well, my boss asked me to make a mailbox for his wife, and then fill it with little cards so she could give to people who have been helping take care of her while she has been dealing with cancer. SO I was up to the challenge. I found some really nice pink, red, brown, beige patterend paper at paperzone, where I got the paper for the mailboxes...and then I paired it with some ivory cardstock. I used a small scallop punch and a small round one, and used the Curlz Alpha set from Just Rite to make the initital. I had to put some bling on it with a bit of ribbon. The card size is a finished ATC size at 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and I even found some envelopes for them. Off they went into the mailbox...and to the boss hopefully they are a hit. I've attached a scan - sorry its a bit wonky...that bling made it shift.

An update on the Squirrels.....caught a possum in the trap this morning...yikes....but no movement in TAR's ceiling...yeah.....hopefully this will be finished sooner than later..ugh the drama....

Heading to see NEW IN TOWN tonight....hopefully that will be a good movie....and tomorrow...busy busy day....I've got to make my(actually Diva's recipe) Turkey Chili for Friday's potluck and dinner with's gonna be a busy next couple of days.....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Monday!

WOW...the rest of last week just flew by. Many crazy stories....all I have to say is SQUIRREL...yikes...can't wait til that story is resolved.

On Saturday, I had an awesome workout with MEME for brunch...did a bit of shopping/errand running and ended up getting home around 4pm just in time to meet the squirrel guy. WOW...where did the day go.
I got all the cards prepared for my workshop on Sunday....Here is one of them. Sunday was alot of fun....good times....and then off to the rents for dinner.

When I got home I made another just two left. I finally found some envies to put inside of them, as one of the guys wants 30 envies and 30 inserts so he can write something for each day...awe cute....and then for my boss I need to make 6 cards with envies to put inside for his wife to use.'s to Monday!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Here it is...the middle of the week. Where has it gone?? Monday was a normal typical sleepy but busy day at work. Lots happening...lots to do....Tuesday showed up, and Heather and I went to go see Inkheart - thank goodness for the free pass. It wasn't a horrible was nice to escape for a couple of hours with no interruptions.

Today...I will be heading out during lunch to go to craft shopping, I have a couple of coupons and a gift card wahoo....I am looking for a border punch for my valentine's day cards...I need to finish the mailboxes that have been ordered, and I need find some small envies that will fit inside them for my one custom order...but there is time.

I need to get my cards together for my workshop on Sunday. I got all the orders sorted with their new stamps....and I have a ton to cut out not only for me, but for Cindy. So that's what I will be doing the next week or so during lunch. I need to get some more empty cd cases to store them in....and Cyn wants some hopefully I'll get enough interest to order a case of 200.

So here's to getting everything done!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Just a Note....

So the weekend....

Friday was well Friday...the day couldn't have gone by any faster or last day on the phones for the week. Finally!

Saturday....was work out with RICO...we started earlier as the Cobras were training that day...had a great workout...then went to meet the DIVA for breakfast at Julia's. Was yummy! Had a great visit....headed home, Talked to MEME set a time for next Saturday to get together for bday/christmas/valentines etc, then did a few errands...then just chilled.

Sunday up with a migraine...didn't go to church...just laid low, took a couple of naps, did a few things, went grocery shopping...watched a bit of TAPS/GHI - all RICO's fault...and then went to bed.

On Sunday it was my nephew's 18th knew...anyways...I made him a set of cards with a music theme...its pretty hard to tell in the scan, but the black paper is debossed with a music sheet (gotta luv the cuttlebug folders)...I used a just rite stamper individual that said Just a Note and had music notes on the other end to make the hopefully, he will like them, along with the cash money and movie ticket!