Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shout out to the DMB FAN in Issy!

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DMB FANS (Dave Matthews Band). I was in Issaquah on Sunday at Safeway doing some shopping for DIVA and low and behold....what did I see??? This hummer - license plate DMB FAN....I tried to take a half way decent photo with my cell phone...but here's the proof....lol.

SUNDAY...wow...what a beautiful day. I got up and got ready for church...and then headed out. It was soooo foggy...church was awesome. Our assistant pastor Markus gave the sermon. I hadn't heard him preach yet....and I was totally moved. Amazing. I saw Ronda and Jared. Gave Jared his teachers guide....and then saw Carla and Dave. Dave and I chatted about our lunch next week...so that will be fun. I headed out to the car and it was beautiful. One the way to Issaquah, I got a call from a good friend 0kay Alex and he asked if I was free for a little lunch. Sure...why not??? LOL...so I met him at Roundtable for salad - then over to DIVA's to check in on her and to help out a bit. IT was a fun day and a great visit with not only Alex but DIVA and her friends Cady and Hailey....and of course the DIVA kitty!

Headed home and got ready for Monday.....

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