Thursday, September 20, 2007


YEAH on the road with Starbucks....I stopped at the UPS store to get a package that was being held hostage....and then I hit I-5 South....

Sweet....pretty uneventful trip down....stopped at Wal-Mart in Centralia to walk around the car...okay HIGH you don't know what that is....let me know, the visual is quite funny!

Got back in the car and continued down....stopping at Target in Keizer - yes I got a couple of $1 frames...yeah!!!!!!!!

And finally arrived at the hotel, checked in, put my stuff in the conference room, met up with Char and then we went to Costco for a bit of shopping....

AND if you know know I love to go in get what I need and head out....well Char just loves costco and was on a ooooh lllloooook at that??? LOL....we managed to get out without doing too much damage. Loaded everything into the TRUNK that was EMPTY - yea! Back to the hotel to put stuff away.

When we finished Lori and Ande (Hi LORI and ANDE - I miss you guys) showed up, and after a bit of chit chatting we headed to the Olive Garden for Never ending pasta!

We had lots of fun...and then to Freddy's for dessert and booze. We had a blast....Char was out of control as's see the high-lights of the shopping trip....we smelled this lady to find out what type of body spray she was wearing....we sampled desserts, lost Char and Ande, got paged by our kids...what the??? and then we finally headed back to the hotel.

We headed upstairs, laughed a bit more had a few wine coolers and then off to bed....

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