Tuesday, January 31, 2006

R is for RANT

UGH...I JUST HATE people don't do what they are supposed to do. Really...I know that no one is perfect...but heck if you make a mistake...just fess up to it, or say hey I'm sorry I didn't do that or get that done....but I'll take care of it now. I am definately NOT perfect and do screw up on occasion....but come on really!

Okay now that is out whew...i can move on!

Let's see...it seems like forever since I have blogged. Since Friday....went home after work...met "V" had a great Friday night...just relaxing and snugglin' "V" made a fire and we watched Lord of War with Nick Cage, had a warm comfort food dinner...warm yummy soup and some nice warm crunchy bread...reminded me of when I was in Paris....*smiles*

Saturday...pretty normal...rested up, did a few apt mgr duties...LOL.."V" had to work and he wont tickets on Ebay...so he's going to the Superbowl with his bro. I am soo happy for him, for as long as I have known him....this is something he always dreamed of...but never thought it could happen.

Sunday...slept in...got up and met "V" for coffee at Starbucks...we laughed we talked had a relaxing time. Met the new tenant and got the lease all taken care of...the to relax and get ready for work...man does time fly!

Monday...ohhhh a case of the Mondays...I watched and waited and watched some more for my ebay goodies...no sign of anything!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!! Oh well...I'm also waiting on a TAC order from the big stampfest a couple of weeks ago...I am sure it will all show up at once, and of course when I'm not driving...LOL....murphys law!

I'm gonna post about Tuesday separately, cuz Im still dealing with it....ugh!

hugs and kisses

Friday, January 27, 2006

Latest creation - finally finished

Well if you have been anxiously waiting or not for me to post my latest creation...here it is...

Tornado Beaded bracelet

Would love to hear any comments - good or bad.

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let the SUN SHINE!!!

It's Tuesday - and the week is off to a great start. Everyone is still on a high from the Hawks winning and heading to the Superbowl. I've got Ebay stuff heading this way....yahooo....it's all "V's" fault...lol!

Well "V" asked me a - as he put it a VERY important question. He asked me if we were totally committed/engaged/married if i would let him go to the Superbowl. Well, I didn't hesitate, and answered from the heart. I told him...yes of course, if it was financial possible to do...that I would want him to go to enjoy the opportunity. NOW some of you may say yeah right....but it is truly how I feel. I feel that within reason each person should have something their own. I know without a doubt that "V" totally supports my hobby/craft okay okay obsession of crafting...heck he went looking for items on ebay for my upcoming classes in Portland.

So "V" asked me if I was ready to be exclusive and actually date. I'm not really sure - Yes I want to, I am just afraid that if it doesn't last....our friendship will die. UGH!!!!!!! But on the brighter side of the question...i got a fortune in my cookie at lunch....love has been hidden in your heart...it will blossom now. Hummm....so it's taped up on the computer screen. I guess if I have to decide which way to go....i will go...as I am a true believer...if is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. SO BRING IT ON "V"...I'm ready, and if I fall, I know you'll catch me.

It was a beautiful day today...and i took a deposit on the apt....YEAH!!!

night all!

hugs and kisses

Sunday, January 22, 2006

To the SUPERBOWL we go!!!

WOWZA is all I can say! The Seahawks are on their way to the Superbowl!!!! WAHOO!!!

What a week this has been....Had a great class on Thursday evening...Friday...normal..."B" and I stopped for a little Starbucks on the way to work...won some items on ebay...wahoo crafting stuff!!!

Saturday...i realized i was so *beat* that i totally took it easy..."V" was worried and kept checking on me while he was at work. He came over and did a total exam on me...lol....is there a dr in the house...he really wants me to see a diabetic specialist this next time...and i agree with him and will go in the next month.

Sunday...off to work an event...which was okay...I wasn't totally up to par and really felt it...but overwards the game.....YEAH Seahawks! My voice is gone...and my ears are ringing...the 12th man showed up in full force! LOL...watch out Steelers!

I didn't finish my bracelet...but I will....as I really want to wear it...well..."V" is calling me to sleep...tee hee...night all!

hugs and kisses

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What was I thinking?

Wednesday....hump day....S.H.I.T. day is fast approaching (So Happy It's Thursday) tee hee.

Meet the Diva's for lunch today....it was soooo much fun! "V"'s got me addicted to ebay now...i've bid on a few items...okay 8...he wants me to try and sell some of my jewelry there...i probably will....sooner or later.

SO...i am doing something so out of my normal tv watching....i watched American Idol...never have i really gotten into watching it....but it was fun and light hearted...and then....eeks....Skating with celebrities....lol...too funny...the reality shows they do these days.

Caught up with an old friend on IM...amazing how a little time of no contact changes things.

Well all...i've got a class tomorrow night...so i'll post what i created on Friday.


hugs and kisses

Monday, January 16, 2006

A new week....the start of a new rain record

Hey everyone!

I made it thru the weekend...Saturday was good, crazy fun...i was exhausted. "V" didn't fail with the awesome Swedish Meatballs....yummy! And YES it was day 27 of the rain. "V' had a blast at the game on Saturday and the Seahawks won yeah!!!!!!!!!

Sunday...i awoke to what no rain???? As i got ready to head out for breakfast with the Diva's...the clouds parted...and what to my wondering eyes did appear....but sun??? What the heck is that? Got to the Diva meeting place aka Sweet Additions...and yummy...had the fritta..ham, apples and gorgonzola cheese...s/f nanna muffin, and fruit salad...and a little joe...we had fun, laughed, exchanged movie reviews..and all in all had a wonderful morning.

I headed to RTP and placed the order...I had about 20 mins to wait so where do you think i headed??? The scrapbook store and picked up some bazzill...went and got the za...and headed to the office to see MeMe and oh miss england...had the za...headed upstairs...and no miss england...so MeMe and i started catching up...we had a good laugh, a good cry and everything inbetween. "B" showed up with the girls...and grabbed some za...finally....miss england showed...a good time was had....and then off we went...MeMe back to the airport, miss england to go get her girls...and me...where else...to the local bead store....got a few things i needed...and home I went...to get a few things done and prepare to watch the 24 premiere.

24 was awesome....then it was to sleep i must go....Monday would be here too soon....ugh up and off to work..."B" and i stopped for coffee then to work...day was pretty much normal..24 again tonight...wahoo..and ugh it is pouring did i say pouring?? Well its pouring and the wind is whipping....and it's pouring....

hugs and kisses

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

26 days of rain, it's Friday the 13th, but so far its been good.

I drove today...yes it was raining...so of course, I had to stop at Starbucks for a little joe...a Friday treat, and today was "Free Bagel" day at work..when the freaking bagel lady showed up...so it was a double bonus!

I settled into my desk and starting pulling reports and such...checking email...sssshh don't tell...lol...and i got and email alert from my nephew's bands group to check their blog...eeeks...what now...lol...it was a blog about their upcoming birthday concert...lol...my nephew rockstar is gonna be 15 and two of his other band members are turning 18...all I can say is TROUBLE....lol....I hope they have tons of fun...I only wish I could be there to help celebrate.

Okay...now on to the rest of the day. We had our Seahawks halftime lunch...what a spread! And as a surprise, they brought someone in to do football images with airbrush on your face or hand or arm. I got the Seahawks logo on my hand, unfortunately it washed off...eeeks! The pair of tickets was given away...and we all chipped in cash for the winner to buy beer and pay for parking...$120 wahoo! The gal that won, really deserved to win, and I am glad she is going!

Finished getting stuff ready for my big day tomorrow...I just have a few things here to get ready...but boy...will it be a big day.

Traffic sucked, took forever to get home...meet a friend of carpool buddy's to show the apt...hopefully they will rent it.

Headed back upstairs...and "V' had been by, the heat was turned on, all the shows were programmed on the dvr, a fresh batch of Crystal Light was waiting in the fridge with a bunch of purple tulips and a very sweet note of "good luck, you'll do great, I'm proud of you" from "V". NOW how wonderful is that???

"V" is heading to the game tomorrow...I'll be busy "scrappin" and then we'll hook up afterwards..he's gonna make his famous swedish meatballs...yummy!

Well night all...i've got a few more things to fishing getting ready for tomorrow.

hugs and kisses

Thursday, January 12, 2006

25 days of raining...When are the locust coming?

Yes...25 days of rain....i doubt the locust are coming....but if the plague shows up...i'm outta here...okay...kidding aside....

WOW this week sure has flown by...

Lets see...recap of the week....

Sunday...showed the apt. a couple of times headed to the ofc to see MeMe...then headed to the 'Rents'

Monday thru today....day 25 of straight rain...the record i think is 33 days...i don't see an end in site. Things have been normal, work, apt, stuff...carpooling has been fun.

Brother B called the other day...had a good chat with him. Watched 'The Constant Gardener' not really sure how to describe the movie....good, but different...it really makes you think. "V" has been working extra shifts lately, so I haven't really seen him much, but have talked to him each night.

OH FRIDAY..is gonna be a great day!!! We are having a Seahawks Party at work....and during the halftime lunch...someone's gonna get a pair of tickets to the game on Saturday!!! YEAH!!!

This weekend I'm gonna be at a stamping/scrapping thing all day on Saturday...and then Sunday...breakfast with the Diva's and then lunch with MeMe at the ofc....then home....whew...I hope I survive it all. I'll try and update as the weekend happens.

hugs and kisses everyone!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Aaah at last the weekend....

Its Saturday and after a wonderful Friday evening with "V" I ended up sleeping in and got up, did a load of laundry headed to Starbucks got a vente Cinnamon Latte....yummmy...came back off to the dryer the clothes went. Did a few things around the apt and then headed off in the downpour to the office I headed.

My friend MeMe flew into town last night to help out for the next couple of weekends at the ofc. I picked up lunch and headed into work. I worked on my new project got a couple of pages done and then headed into talk to MeMe and my new friend (the gal who now has MeMe's job at work) Deb. We talked and laughed for a bit...then off to the next errand.

Made it to Costco before it closed, got a few things I needed...why oh why did I wait to go to Costco on a Saturday late afternoon....it was so packed....ugh!!!!!

Then off to head home...stopped by the po box to see if there was any mail....ugh why do i wait sooo long before going there???? Well, had some happy mail, mail from England to be exact...thank you humpfree...you made me smile! And a little okay beautiful card from a good friend...all i have to say is WOW...when you bought that stamp I never imagined it could look that beautiful! Now home to relax and catch up on some tv programs....gosh i love my DVR!!!

hugs and kisses everyone!

What a week

Its been a few days since I have posted, it's been a busy week. Normal stuff at work, at home, been dealing with apt building stuff...showing, calling back etc, bank stuff...but it made the week go by very very fast.

Watched a couple of movies..."Must Love Dogs" an excellent, funny, feel good movie, I highly recommend it.

Friday night (eeks tonight) "V" came over after work, we watched "Four Brothers" then he ran out to get dinner...he came back...with zzzzzaaae (pizza) in tow, we then watched "Wedding Crashers" then snuggled up even more and caught the last end of "Remember The Titans" one of "V's" favorite flicks...that feel good football sorta type..lol!

It's been raining alot this week....its either clear and cloudy or just pouring...ugh!!! I am dreaming of days on the deck under the brella with the dfly lights!

The weekend looks to be a full one!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to the grind of things...

Tuesday...that really felt like a Monday. Day started off okay...until I got downstairs, I headed to the car to get my fav breakfast bars out of the trunk...and low and behold...guess who I ran into...*Sigh* I need to come up with a name to refer to him with...oooh I'll think of one....sooner or later...so after a little conversation I was able to head to the front of the building to wait for my carpool....so off we went to head back to work after a little long vaca...on the way we stopped at Starbucks....oooooohhhhh how i needed coffee! TY "B"!!!!!

We got to work...and so the day started. It was a pretty typical morning....but what was nice was my desk area was all nice and clean!!! YEAH!!!! Did reports, and the normal stuff...and wow the day was just flying by! "D" took me to lunch...yummy new Chinese Restaurant...even had leftovers!!!! The day finished pretty much as it started...NO real emergencies...headed home...traffic was just &*&E&*&E*W*&(EW&E(E&E(E!!!!

Evening was pretty normal...did a few things around the building...and then home...fixed my leftovers and settled down to watch "Must Love Dogs". I must confess I am NOT a huge John Kusack fan...but this film, I think has changed my mind. I laughed alot during this movie and really enjoyed it. IT is very light hearted....so if you haven't watched it....go out and rent it. I must confess I did relate to some of the dating issues....and I just love the interaction with the guy at the deli/meat counter. I have had that conversation more than I care to admit. LOL!

Anyways...I figured out how to add an audioblog...very easy, wish i would have tried to figure it out last week...but well it is done now. IF you want to hear the Winnie the Pooh phone...the mp3 is in the post below.

Well I am off to bed....sweet dreams....

Winnie The Pooh Telephone

this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, January 02, 2006

TO King Kong or not?

Oh manic Monday! LOL...had the day off from work...which was very very nice! I woke up normal time, but just watched tv for a bit...and then had a relaxing morning. Took a mid morning nap...oooohhh to sleep in the middle of the day....so nice....thoughts of Oh to be a panda arose! LOL!

"V" and I decided to go see King Kong...i had a couple of free passes from work...so we decided to brave it. After circling the parking lot for about a half hour, we finally found a space....just in time, by the time we got parked and inside....we opened the door to the previews....whew...just in time.

So the movie started...now mind you it is 3 hours long....SO here is my two cents worth review....King Kong meets Titantic, meets Jurassic Park, meets Chicago, back to King Kong. NOW I must confess, my brother originally came up with the review...but after seeing it...I had to totally agree. The only part I didn't like was the bugs/spiders. IF you get the ebbey jebbeys...cover your eyes. Thank goodness "V" was there....he knows how squeamish i get.

All in all it was a good flick, especially for free. We still have to go see Narnia..as we still have free passes for that.

Hope you all had a great day!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dinner with the 'Rents'

It was Sunday...and if you know me...you know i head up to the 'rents' every Sunday for dinner. Well it was a new year and we had "tails" for dinner...i was worried dad would bbq them...but no he didn't...they turned out wonderful!!!

Brother B called and we chatted for a few...it was good to hear from him and it really lifted mom and dads spirits.

On the way home i stopped at Central Market for some yummy turkey cranberry salad for Monday. I know now why i don't get it very often...at $6.99 a lb...go figure!

Anyways...i have Monday off and am looking forward to a relaxing day...maybe i'll get a few things done around here. I am hoping to go see King Kong...for a treat! I'll give you my "review" after seeing it.

Night all...may 2006 be a wonderful year!

Hello 2006

Breakfast with the DIVA's was fun, had too much coffee tho....was just hyped all afternoon. Got home and got ready to meet "V" for the evening festivities.

Had a nice New Years Eve with "V", we went to the Sonics game...close game...and a lot of fun, it had been ages since I had been to a basketball game, grabbed a bite to eat after the game and then home to watch the fireworks from the needle. A very nice, relaxing time was had by all!

Was reflecting on the last 2 New Year's eve's ... 2 years ago, out of the hospital after 21 days...and last year...sitting in a hotel room at Dulles airport...so this year was a much needed change.

Some random happy things to remember from 2005, in no particular order

vente sugar free vanilla/hazelnut lattes
rubber stamps

SO welcome 2006...i look forward to the new adventures you will bring me...hopefully they will be good memorable adventures.