Monday, September 24, 2007

This is what 5:30am looks like...

WOW...I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm at 4:50 - what the??? I got up and got ready for RICO to call...hey now you're an ALLSTAR get your game on go play....hey now you're a ROCKSTAR get the show get's his ring tone...and soooo fitting....

RICO called and I bolted down the stairs to go meet him at his studio....

and this is what 5:30 looks a freakin' fantastic workout....and then back home, to get ready....and then "B" called .... no carpool today...oh well, headed to work.....and that's where I'll end it for now....


Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday....oh how I loved to sleep in. No deadlines loomin, no training appoinetments, just relaxation. However, I did get up at 8am. I did a few things around the apartment and then I decided to make breakfast. Yummy. Coffee. I love my coffee maker. I really love my coffee maker.

After having a wonderful breakfast and getting ready, I took the package for Janice to the post office. Just going to the post office can be dicey. There was of course a line....come on's Saturday there is always a line. And there are kids running a muck. I of course found it cute and amusing, however, their parents did not....

The crazy man kept trying to get me to use the Automated Postage Machine...and I was having NO part of it. He wouldn't leave me alone....he ended up grabbing my package and heading to the machine after I had told him, not once, not twice BUT THREE times I wanted to see the clerk. What the??? Anyways, I got my package back and finally made it to the counter. HA!

After the postal incident I decided to pay a visit to Fred Meyer...I love Fred Meyer...YOU can get almost anything there and it's a big store. When I got out of the hospital, I would drive down to Freddy's get a chart and walk the store...if I got tired, I could always stop in the Furniture section and sit. And when I go now, I always walk the store while shopping....I know that Char would find it hard that I actually "walk" a store and not just buzz in and I do...when I have's more of an exercise thing than a shopping I got good stuff for the week...and managed to getout for less than $35...wahoooo! Gotta love that!

I headed home, and hurked everything up the freakin' 4 flights and then started putting everything away. I made a yummy pork boneless loin steak...a bit of brown rice and a nice big salad and some brocolli....I watched all the shows that I had dvr'd and then drifted off....

Sunday came way too early. I got up, and started to wander around the apartment. I realized I had a bunch of laundry to off I went to do that. Got things ready to go to the "rents" and then headed out. Had a good trip up to Everett....caught up with Mom and we just talked. I showed her all the goodies from my swap and from WAG...and we chatted about her surgery on Tuesday. I got things ready for dinner...and the pops changed my oil...YEAH! He bbq'd and then we had a really nice dinner.

After dinner, pops and I made a couple of cards - one for Paula the physical therapist that helped mom and on for sweet grandma's birthday. After all was said and done, eeks it was rather later....I headed home....

Finally made it home, and then hurked everything up the freakin' 4 flights of stairs...ugh....and then I started to get ready for Monday with RICO...Got my lunch all made, work out clothes set out, sneakers out...and what I was gonna wear to work...ready....then finally I drifted off...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The rest of the week in a nutshell...

Tuesday, Jean gave her notice. It was a typical day, lots of work....nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, I drove and it was RICO time. He called me at o dark fifteen, and I hit the road, he was waiting for me, we walked in, got a tour, and then we started ROCKIN! WOW, if I ever had any doubts about his new studio (which I never did) Wednesday when I walked in they would have been gone. What a fantastic workout. My abs are killing me worked out for 50 minutes...Friday will be longer...we'll ease into 60 minutes. I headed home and got ready for work.

I started to get a bit tired around 6-7pm. I went to Issaquah to pick up my meds at my favorite Target...yeah target...and then headed home.

Thursday....Sushi day. Brad picked me up and I showed him the "M" for Miho...and we had a good ride into work...we laughed it was busy at work and then it was time for SUSHI. Cindy, Taylor and I jumped into the Freestyle and headed out. We got there and NO ONE WAS there for almost 30 minutes...then they all started to wonder in...Miho was late to her own party...oh well. We had lots of yummy sushi and lots of laughs! Then it was time to head back. I finished the day and I made a couple of workout cds from my ipod for me and

Brad and I headed home I got a few things done...and was time for bed...

Friday came a bit abs still hurt - Rico called and I met him...we put in my cd and started the was abs still worked out 60 minutes it rocked....I headed home and got ready for work it was well sad, Jean was leaving, I gave her the "J" and helped her carry her stuff out to the car. I was a pretty sad sad day....and passed way to slowly...and then I got a page....from Jessica...>HI JESSICA!

I talked to Sally my nutritionist and we finally set an appointment...ugh it is so hard sometimes to get our schedules to match. It was good to catch up with her....

After 5 I headed down to FT to see was good ot catch up...and seemed so weird to be there....but like ocming home. She said the coolest thing, and I have to tell RICO...she said out of all the people she knew, that Rico and I are the two she wants to (and who deserves to) succeed the most...and she's glad we have each other. II am too. I am glad I have RICO...I am very very lucky.

I headed home and stopped at Safeway and picked up a few things for dinner/breakfast...then I watched Preminition with Sandra Bullock....interesting movie....and then off to sleep I went.


WOW...I can't believe it's Monday already. Rico was on schedule and called me when he arrived into the city. I got dressed and was just getting ready to leave when he called again.

He could NOT get into his studio...the freakin code for the 6ft fence wasn't working....ugh. So we decided not to work out as there would be NO WAY POSSIBLE for me to climb that fence.

We chatted and I told him that Char has passed his picture okay she actually walked it around the room, showing each of the ladies his picture. I was telling him that they all thought he was HOT....alotta HOT!! LOL...It made him smile and not be so MAD about not being able to train me. I told him, at least it's me...and not one of your new clients...we got off the phone and I got ready for work, which I didn't want to do....vacation syndrome.

When I got to work, it was back into the grind...getting caught up after being gone for a couple of was good to see everyone and I did a bit of show and tell...the day FINALLY ended...and then it was time to head home and then to fellowship.

It was good to see the gang, and the kids...we chatted and decided on a new book to study for this next year...we did a bit of scheduling and then I grabbed all the stuff to send to Janice and off we went.

Friday, September 21, 2007

J is for Jean

Oh my Jeanie...I am sad, she is leaving and taking a job at KCMS. I am happy for her...and sad for me. I will definately miss her. She and I have worked together for 10 years. When I started at KMPS/KZOK so long ago...before moving to KISS and then when I went to KLSY...she was at KWJZ...where I am now.
I made this altered J for her it has a little bling...well Jeanie loves hopfully she will put it in her new office, and think of me often.

M is for MIHO

I did a little crafting when I got home - This is what I made for Miho, her birthday is on Thursday and we are going out to I Sushi with the gang for lunch. She loves Hello Kitty or I like to think she does. These altered letters are so easy to do...and addictive. When I made T for Taylor, I came up with a list where everything started with "T". SO of course, I did the same for Miho.
SO here's the list: M is for Miho, Mushi Mushi, Mmmm Sushi, More Saki, and can't wait til Thursday!!!

Roadtrip Home

Heading home.....

After having a yummy bacon filled breakfast, Char and I headed to the Dollar Tree. At Stampin Cat Studio the owner had these cute vinyl bins that she put supplies in...and I thought to myself...HELLO...scrappin friendzy! So I knew I needed to stop and see if I could find 5 of the same color. Well, low and behold I did. I ended up purchasing 5 in a light yellow color and two in a darker green for me. I checked out and then headed out of town.

I had purposly planned on letting Heather get ahead of me on the road so that if she got tired, I would catch up with her and check on her. As I hit Vancouver, I stopped for gas. I saw my favorite tattoo shop...Dragonfly Tattoo. I'll post a picture later, it's on my work computer...ugh, I forgot to put it into the draft folder, oh well.

I chatted with Heather a couple of times....on the way home, I stopped at Chehalis at the Michael's and purchased some pearl white lumiere for the faux mother of pearl technique that Lori (Hi Lori!) showed me. I plan on using that as my next technique at the March Scrappin Friendzy, if I am asked back...(hopefully!). I ended up with two bottles, and then I purchased 2 12x12 scrapbook frames that were on sale for $4 ea. I thought it would be a great way to display my page at Scrappin Friendzy, and then I purchased this cool wrought iron holder to hold the frame...sweet...then I headed out towards Seattle.


Heather called from Olympia where she had found her luggage tags and ball chain for her Women's Retreat...the rest of the trip home was uneventful...I got home and hurked everything (okay almost everything) up the 4 flights of stairs....and got ready for Monday as it would be RICO time!



I slept sooo up - treadmill again....and then I was back in my room to do what needed to be done....PACKING...UGH...I knew as soon as I started to pack that it was time to head back to, working out, apartment in general.

I got everything sorted and packed and then I headed downstairs to get the handy dandy cart. Went upstairs, loaded it up and then back down to the car - filled the trunk up - but it would still fit my suitcase....yeah!!!

After I got to my happened....

THE POWER WENT OUT....what the??? after checking in with Char to make sure she was okay....I took a shower yes in the dark....and got ready to go. The power came back on...I finished getting ready and then downstairs to load my suitcase...and the we walked over to Almost Home (or as I always call it All American) we had a yummy breakfast with Stacy and Bridget, Char and Heather....and I must say the best part was the 5 freakin pieces of bacon (if you don't know I have this obsession with bacon and have been having turkey bacon since December) Since my tests results came back sooo good....I was on an all you can eat meat weekend!!! LOL.....

It was time to go home.....I'll post about the road trip in the next post.


WAG -Saturday

Boy did that alarm clock go off was up down to the treadmill and back to the room to get ready and meet everyone at 8am.

Got down there and finished my swatch book. I need to attach the hardware to the new paper collection sheets and my crop-a-dile was down in the room so finished that up....people were having fun putting together the projects and then it was time for me to demo my card sample books. That went pretty well...and then....more demos....

We had lunch in the room (all the yummy's we bought at Costco) and then I started making elephant cards for Janice's carepackage. Janice is in my fellowship group and she was involved in an accident and we (our group) were putting together a carepackage for her and that was my contribution....I made her 20 elephant cards (she loves elephants) and put envelopes and postage stamps with it. Heather helped me with the ribbons. I need red paper and ribbons so Daphne and I walked over the to Scrapbook store and purchased them....then back to the room to finish.

We finished handing out prizes, and did a few drawings for larger prizes and then it was time for the RAFFLE....and I WON YEAH ME!!!! It is a Rasberry Vituri Urban Scrapbook bag...I'll post a real picture soon...I am sooo looking forward to showing it off at Scrappin Friendzy!!! WAHOOO!

Everyone pretty much finished all their projects and the a group of 8 of us went to Olive Garden for dinner....we called ahead so we didn't have to wait.

Heather, Char and I headed to Wal-mart before heading to Olive Garden....I waited in the car to hurry up the process...yeah Char in Wal-mart...that spells!!

We headed down to Olive Garden and had such a blast....we laughed, joked, noted that all the waiters were ALOTTA HOT!!! And the food was sooo good. While everyone was having dessert, I opted for a cappacino...which was yummy! We headed back to the hotel and the conference room and started packing up stuff as we had to be out by Midnight.

I got all my stuff upstairs and hit the sack....what a fun weekend....and one more day to goo!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wow...where did the night go? Got up, hit the treadmill....and got ready to meet Char to set up the room at 8am. What the??? LOL!

Got everything set up and then it was SHOP. A bunch of us got ready and headed to Izzy's for lunch....and then we went to Stampin Cat Studio's for a bit of shopping and a make-n-take. Lots of fun...cute store. I got some stuff for my Scrappin Friendzy class (inks and spray bottles) and I treated myself to a cool white pen to put dots on the scallops and a dove blender pen and solution.

Then we went to CRAFT WAREHOUSE....I want a CRAFT WAREHOUSE...bought tooo much stuff...but what the heck? IF you ever want to see a funny 10 ladies go shopping in a craft about picked up some black webbing spray, a couple of giant clothespins to alter and a case for my crop-a-dile and a few other tidbits...then we headed officially open WAG.

Let the excitement begin....we ordered pizza for dinner. We played some games, had a few challenges and then stamped...heading to bed really late.

I stayed up WAY TOO LATE putting together my paper swatch book. BUT it is done and looks awesome. I finally headed to bed....thinking of all the fun had during the day and a little bit nervous for Saturday....would they like all the projects???? Too late to worry about that


YEAH on the road with Starbucks....I stopped at the UPS store to get a package that was being held hostage....and then I hit I-5 South....

Sweet....pretty uneventful trip down....stopped at Wal-Mart in Centralia to walk around the car...okay HIGH you don't know what that is....let me know, the visual is quite funny!

Got back in the car and continued down....stopping at Target in Keizer - yes I got a couple of $1 frames...yeah!!!!!!!!

And finally arrived at the hotel, checked in, put my stuff in the conference room, met up with Char and then we went to Costco for a bit of shopping....

AND if you know know I love to go in get what I need and head out....well Char just loves costco and was on a ooooh lllloooook at that??? LOL....we managed to get out without doing too much damage. Loaded everything into the TRUNK that was EMPTY - yea! Back to the hotel to put stuff away.

When we finished Lori and Ande (Hi LORI and ANDE - I miss you guys) showed up, and after a bit of chit chatting we headed to the Olive Garden for Never ending pasta!

We had lots of fun...and then to Freddy's for dessert and booze. We had a blast....Char was out of control as's see the high-lights of the shopping trip....we smelled this lady to find out what type of body spray she was wearing....we sampled desserts, lost Char and Ande, got paged by our kids...what the??? and then we finally headed back to the hotel.

We headed upstairs, laughed a bit more had a few wine coolers and then off to bed....

Getting ready.....


After cleaning out the trunk there were lots of activities to be had.

Let's see....when I leave work even for a day or two....there is always tons of work that gets dumped on me...which is okay...job security right??? Yeah...what the??? LOL!!!

I had a spa appointment after work on Wednesday....paid for by my Account guys ROCK! Let's see so off to InSpa I went.....a signature mani/pedi...nothing but the best....

2 1/2 hours later....I headed home....sweet!

All I had to do was pack my stamping stuff, and my suitcase and haul everything down...2 flights of stairs...eeeks!

Thursday am came way to fast....but finally after a stop at Starbucks I was on the road....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First time for everything

So those of you who really know me....know that my trunk is NEVER EMPTY....well lookie here....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How cool is that?

SO today I learned I had a new blog reader! And was told that I never mention her in my blog...okay maybe I have once or twice. So hi Cyn!!!! Tee hee.

Okay so here's the story. Cyn is major prego...and she looks sooooo cute. And I of course, am the auntie with the mostest...I got to feel baby em kick. Now that had to be the coolest thing Ever!!!

Things have been crazy...doing the final touches for WAG. Almost have everything done.....I can't wait to get the heck out of dodge. I've got the building taken care of - just have to post a note...YEHAW....

And then...load the car, hit the road...oh stop and see RICO....yeah Rico...get a big hug...and then hit the road....stop at the UPS holding center, get my package that is being held hostage and then I-5 South Baby!

I've got a gift certificate I need to spend...yep it's burning a whole in my purse. Tomorrow is doctor day...gotta get test a bit of work...and then....Mani/ InSpa...I love my sales peeps...

Anyways.....peace out....more later!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy B-day Taylor!

My dear friend at work Taylor had her b-day today. We all went out to lunch to celebrate. I made her this altered "T" - my first attempt. Not too shabby eh? I used The Angel Company paper Whimsy Blossoms, and assorted organza ribbon, a little MM flower and bling and wooden letter from Mike's. She loved it! Now that I have done one, and realized how simply easy and fun they are....I've got a sack of them to alter!


Scrappin Friendzy Class

This is the page I will be teaching at Scrappin Friendzy in October. If you are interested in attending, email me and I'll send you all the information.

Football Field made for FT challenge

This is a football field I made for a challenge at FT, although I'm not there anymore, I still made it....

Crazy Buzy's been so long since my last post. Lots has happened. In a nut shell, the best is that Mom is starting to walk with her cane. She's been out and about with Pops in the car. I am so proud of's still gonna be a while but at least there's progress.

I made it through Jazz Fest...Yeah!

I'm not working out at FT anymore....but I'll be starting up again with Rico in a week.

I've been working like crazy getting stuff ready for WAG the Western Angel Gathering. I have been making I'll post those.

Anyways.....peace out...I'll update more later.