Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Boo Day....

WOW...what a week. It's been a rough one...but I have managed to make it through....barely.

I am still wearing my glasses...and hating life....I am sure I'll get over that....some day.

I did get my hair done...and it is fabulous...even Bruce loves it....those of you who know about Bruce know that is a BIG DEAL....

I finished my halloween cards and did get them mostly in the mail....I have a few left to hand deliver....but what the heck....they are done.... The Halloween cards use the set Spooktacular from The Angel Company - I also used cuttlebug pumpkin harvest folder and Martha Stewart's Drippy Goo border punch...couldn't resist....

I made a bunch of bags filled with candy....made a ton of them actually, and they were well recieved and it was fun - and yes last minute...I finished them just before handing them out treat bags use the set Sweet Goodies from the Angel Company and on the back I used a label to close them and it said...You've been BOO'd! Happy Halloween from Chan....too fun!!!

ANYWAY....drug boy and I have had our ups and downs this week....I am hoping for a nice peaceful regrouping weeekend.....I'm gonna do a bit of retail therapy tonight and pick up some yummy soup for dinner and watch a movie....

Then....Saturday....workout with RICO and Heather....and go from there....


Monday, October 27, 2008

Whirlwind of a weekend

WOW...I survived.

Friday was a normal busy day...Saturday started off - totally WEIRD...Lets just say RANDOM. Got a phone call from a tenant about a car that was blocking our driveway...What the French Toast! Seriously.

So after calling a tow company and then being told to call 911 non-emergency line then sifting through the phone tree I finally got a live person. Seriously....SO I reported the vehicle, gave the lic plate number and told them the address and that both airbags had been deployed...they said they would send someone

I then finished doing what I needed to do and got ready to see RICO...Heather was gonna meet me there....made it down to the studio and got my butt handed to me...seriously....then I followed Heather to the Gluten Free Bakery in Maple Valley. Where everything was really really expensive....however, we did purchase a pumpkin bread mini loaf....okay....really?

We headed to Heather's where we proceeded to eat said Gluten Free Pumpkin Loaf....yeah...smelled really really good....taste...okay...texture....chalky....Robert laughed sooo hard at us....oh well...had to try it!

We then headed to Jessica's for a Pampered Chef cooking show. What a totally fun time. I am going to have a catalog if you need any Pampered Chef just let me know...totally learned about my pizza stone since I bought it a year ago and have never taken it out of the I'm all fired up to use it....then we headed back to Heathers for a bit...and then I was off to my next event....

After getting home, I got ready and make a salad for our fellowship potluck dinner and pumpkin carving extravaganza. I did not get a pumpkin. I am regretting it time for sure. It was fun to watch the kids with the pumpkins. My camera is driving me battery is not staying I've got another rechargeable battery pack no pictures to share...drat drat drat!

Anyways....we had yummy steak tacos and salad and such...then it was home for a nice rest of the evening....

Sunday was a full day.....I went to church and stayed after for a bit...trying to get sign ups for our scrappin event on the 22nd of November....Need to let MEME know about it....and then I headed to the office to do a bit of cleaning - we are getting new carpet and paint and I needed to do a bit of clean up...and it was easier to do it when know one was there...seriously!

Then off home I went. I showed the unfinished apartment to a gal....and then well that pretty much was Sunday....

Monday has been pretty good. I emptied a few drawers of my desk at work, and did a bit more of cleaning and organizing...its always good to just do it....and especially with the new paint and such it will look really nice.

Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Happy It's Thursday Edition

Hello People!!
YEAH it's Thursday...and I carpooled today....yeah!!! Today has been much calmer, altho there have been meetings, and of course...Damon's show...but all in all it's been a great day!!

I decided to post the five remaining cards for you today....
This happy little daisy? is from the So Sweet set from The Angel Company...I used the flower bloom cuttlebug background and used the clear stardust which you can't see...happy card.
This next card I used the love peace hope cuttlebug background and the Trendy Holiday Tags from the Angel Company. When I got this cuttlebug background, I was afraid to use it, I didn't want to "cover up" the words...but I think this layout with the stamp works perfectly!

The next card uses the textile cuttlebug folder (awe cuttle love) and the Just Because set along with Treasure It both from the Angel Company - I have used this combo a couple of different times, but each time, I change it up a this card so much!!!
The next card is a card that dear Heather came up with for WAG...I had to just crack up....after she put it together she came over one day for lunch and was debating how to do the ornament...I love the final outcome!!! It uses the Joy of Christmas from the Angel Company and I lightly sprayed glacier glimmer mist on the dark green the effect!
And last but certainly not least....the Owl returns...from the Fall Fun set from The Angel Company minus the santa hat. I made this card first, but then added the hat to make the other card.
Hope everyone has enjoyed the last edition of cards.....I'll have to get better pictures...I've just been using my scanner as my camera is having issues....well really downloading has been an issue...hopefully I'll get it fixed soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What the?? Wednesday

WOWZERS....another crazy day in radio land...but fun. The sales people had their one-day fire sale...and that ended up being a lot of fun and a lot of extra work for me. Lucy had me keep track of all the orders for all the stations.....mega work....but good.

There was pizza a plenty around during lunch time....and then more dialing for dollars. At 3pm I headed into the studio to screen calls for Damon's calls...oh well, there's always tomorrow...please call people.... are 3 more cards from this weekend....

The first card Ornamental Joy from The Angel Company uses a technique from's an embossed resist with Walnut Inks - Cornflower....I also lightly sprayed some Glacier Glimmer Mist on the dark navy cardstock....I am loving that stuff....I know I were right!!! The card is actually all blue...but apparently the scanner thought it looked purply.

The next card is a card inspired from Heather Scott using Sweet Goodies from the Angel Company....I changed it up a bit...and used a punched flower instead of a felt flower....and I stamped the circles on the back as it a different kind of was a hit on Saturday for sure!

And last but not least, is the Train Collage by the Angel Company. I borrowed the layout from a dear friend Jessica...hi Jessica! BUT I changed the papers....she had done the card in a trade last year sometime....the technique is spotlight brayering....and I just love how it looks....

Have a great rest of the day, I'm off to do a bit of shopping!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crazy Days

Tuesday...what a day...and it's not even over promised I will show you 3 more cards from this weekend.

Here's an oldie but a goodie..."Let It Snow" by the Angel Company....I think I have made over 250 cards using this image. I used it last year for a couple of classes, some christmas cards, and this year for my hostess club as well as I made 100 cards for Cards for the troops....I just love how you can just stamp it, nothing else is really needed, a little snowflake cuttlebug background and a touch of ribbon. It is a favorite....

The next is the Gerber Daisy another by the Angel Company - I used it for my WAG trade and yet by changing a few totally changes the look. I believe this is one of the first stamps I ever purchased from the Angel Company from my now upline Char. Hi Char!!

And finally, the caterpillar from SO Sweet by the Angel's funny, my dear buddie Heather hates this set, and I got it not really sure when or why...but I I challenged myself to make a card using it for WAG for our ATC (Artist Trading Card) and it turned out pretty cute....for this version, I used the Leafy branch cuttlebug embossing folder....and you probably can't see it, but I used the gelly roll clear stardust on the antena and eyelashes...
Anyways, today was day two of answering the phones as a call screener for one of our live radio's pretty fun we'll see how that goes...and there was a trip to Bellevue Art and Frame to purchase the gelly roll clear stardust pens....I got all the gals from worked hooked on them on Saturday so off I went to purchase 6 - was crazy the guy thought I was


Monday, October 20, 2008

Let the craftiness begin

WOW...what a weekend!! I had 2 seperate outings if you will....card making wise. On Saturday the gals from work all got together at Miss G's condo in the clubhouse. I prepared 7 different cards and they did a stamp a stack...4 cards for $5.oo. What a fun day that was. While Laura, Miss G and Chris made cards, I helped Cindy make 32 of a holiday card and 8 sets of 8 notecards, in addition, she also put together an additional 8 cards from the was lots of fun.....

here is one of the cards from Saturday - right now it is my "new" favorite...I am sure it will be back again in some other project!!

Then on Sunday - my Everett Hostess Club got together....and we did 7 holiday cards. I showed them a couple of new techniques that were used on 3 of the after the techniques were done....they started making cards....I actually put together a set as my dad didn't stay to stamp...he washed my car and changed the oil I gave him the set...fair trade right???? of my new the marvy snowflake punches...I got the yellow and blue one.....In the card below, I punched the snowflake out of Kraft paper and then using the essential glue pad, attached glitter to it. All stamps, papers and inks are from the Angel Company. Contact me if you see something you like.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Library Pocket Obsession

About a month ago, Heather and I saw a really cut "dates to remember" book made out of library pockets. We really thought it was cute and wanted to make one. SO we emailed the gal and got really no we hit up the good ole google and found library pockets in a package of 12 for like $4 each...then we found a quickutz revolution die on ebay and then a coluzzle template.

I ended up getting the ebay die (which I need to re-list) which when it arrived was way way too small....and then the coluzzle. I decided to make it and teach it to the gals from work at our September gathering....I did all the prep work and only charged $10 each. Really I should have charged $15 for all the prep I did....but none the less - it was fun....The sample I did, I used several different shades of I had planned on making myself a new one. Well....I didn't start it til the other which a co-worker (What up "L"man) asked if he could purchase it to give to his boss for boss' day....yeah Lucy!! here is the finished product. I still have to assemble mine....

All paper and stamps are from The Angel Company. The final picture is a snap shot of the acrylic box that I dressed up with a paper band, ribbon and buttons....I can't wait to make more of these bands.....Heather...we might have to order more boxes!!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As you all are aware, it's October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month....

This card I am posting today, I made a month ago, for my trade card at WAG (Western Angel Gathering) it was inspired by a wonderful lady who found out that she has breast cancer. My father asked me to make her a card, and so I came up with this a take on a card by Heather Scott....and made not only her card, but a card for each of the attendees of WAG.

All images and supplies are from The Angel Company.

Enjoy! And remember...wear PINK proudly!

Monday, October 13, 2008


What a great weekend! I had a very crazy week dealing with some stuff at the apartment building and work...but heck what's I got ready for a fabulous day of crafting on Saturday.
I got up - and ready and left the apt by 7:10 - headed to Rico's got there about 8 - worked my butt handed to me on a platter....and then some....had a fun time tho as think I told him I hated him and that he sucked to which he just laughed at me...go I was off....
I headed to the office where I went to the building next door and took a shower and got ready...then off in the car again up to Mill Creek to meet my gals from my Everett Hostess Club. I got there by 11 and set up by 11:30...we had such a blast. MEME came to join the fun...yeah MEME!!!

We made two projects (a) a Holiday Planner and (b) a stationary set... and then just crafted..and laughed and had a great time.

I then headed up to the "rents" and showed Mom how to use her George Foreman grill...we had a great dinner....and then it was time to head home...

On Sunday off I was to church, then I did a bit of grocery shopping - then home...a little craft organizing and a little tv watching and just relaxing....

I've got lots of stuff - craft wise to work on this get ready for this will be fun for sure....

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So today has been a typical day....reports, phones, invoices, recaps, counter displays etc...

I have been craving gluten tho...I want real fluffy th worst way....but let's carry on.

SO I called DIVA...and in the midst of our conversation....I say to her:

ME - Why won't TAR (The Annoying Renter) either die or move out.

DIVA - You must have been very bad...with don to deserve it

ME - Why yes I was very very very bad....and hummm I really don't regret it...


SO my happy, crazy, sad memories....

Keeping Calm and Carrying On...

more later

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Is it October already????

WOW...where did the summer go? It was fast, furious, frustrating but definately FUN!

Major events that happened in no particular order....

survived Music Fest
survived WAG
survived RICO moving and only working out 1 time per week
surviving the fact that drug boy moved to freakin Chicago
saw my sweet grandma
my brother and his family visited from Miami
my uncle from Australia also stopped by
my stamping business has taken off and now I have monthly stamp club meetings yeah!
I cut my hair short
I've hung out with all my best buds, DIVA, MEME, Heather, Cynthia & Em and the DIVA Kitty!
Got a new property manager
the Canadian moved oh
I made a really cool Elvis wedding card....
got commissioned to make some cool 70th bday cards
got a new cool phone Instinct
and I'm going to Phantom tonight!!! Which is a long long story...ugh cliff notes...I was supposed to go opening night (I had free media tickets) BUT it was on Sept 11 - and I was to be in Salem...go figure...but by a wing and a prayer and lots of cash money...I'm going tonight!

AND for the record...I think I've only broke down into tears less than 6 times! Yeah me!!!