Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo Day!!!

WOW...where has the time gone? I've been soooo busy and things just keep happening...but that's good right??? LOL. I'm helping plan a card making / scrapbooking FUNdraiser at my church to help the high school kids (Epic program) go on a mission trip to Honduras this upcoming summer. And the event is Nov 17th...eeeks....if you are interested in attending, please email me. It's a great deal....$30 gets you breakfast, lunch, table space and 2 creative classes! What a bargain....and Yep, I'll be teaching....I'm really looking forward to will be soooo much fun!!!

Anywho....let's see what else has been happening? Mom's gonna have surgery on Friday, my workouts with Rico are going awesome....I made boo day cards a bit late but still made and now a couple of meetings, including an after church class....yep got homework...what the???? LOL! Need to send a couple of prizes out...sorry guys!!! AND I just got a HUGE TAC (The Angel Company) order in....and need to get that delivered...and all of my stamps indexed and cut....perhaps at the hospital on Friday - surgery could be as long as 5 hours...sounds like a good!!!

Anyways we had the traditional costume party at work here today...and my boss dressed well...okay I sit outside the portal to hell....

Be safe, have fun and most importantly have a spookTACular day!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

The best day EVER!

WOWZA....Thursday - a day that will definately be remembered and talked about for a long long time.

It all started with the first BIG wind storm....and then the rain...and being stuck in traffic. I arrived at work and started working on reports. I called Wes to check in and see what he had planned. SO the plan was for him to do a bit of sightseeing, come to the office, get a tour, chit chat and then go to lunch at Applebee's then back to the airport.

I hooked him up with a few places to go to in Fremont...but because the weather was well hello I live in Seattle...and when storms are a brew - traffic suckz!!!! he skipped them and came straight to the office.

WHAT AN AMAZING GUY WES IS!!! I had such a great time just hanging out...and just talking about all sorts of things!!!

Later I headed to the airport to drop off my co-worker Reider (yes he's a dj) it was good to spend some out of the office time with Eric and thank goodness I took him to the airport, cuz if he would have driven he would have missed his flight....yeah carpool lane. On the way back, I got totally stuck in traffic jam so I decided to bail and head over to FT to see Jessica (HI JESSICA!!!!) and give her a drive by was soo good to see her, I miss working out with her around....I miss FT...but I Puffy Heart Rico and his studio...

Anyways back to the office I went and hung out for a bit and then it was time to see MeMe...yeah!!! We went to Applebee's....hummm this seems to be a trend today...we laughed and caught up and just had a great visit....then it was head home.

So I offered up some goodies to the first person who identified the "Celebrity" who was going to visit me....and CINDY you shoot me an email with you snail mail addy and I'll drop some goodies into the mail to you.
I am posting a picture that I took of Wes at the studio on his camera (Wes I stole it from your blog) my camera is acting up and I can't get the photo I took off of it...ugh!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Stay tuned for some exciting news.....Pictures are sure to follow.....

I got a VERY RANDOM phone call from a "Celebrity" you just got to LOVE RANDOM...and the irony of it know when you say/comment to someone..."when you come to town, give me a call"...and 9 times out of 10 - no call....well, I must say that Scrapbookers RULE...because...a call was made.

In true radio fashion...I will be meeting this person for lunch using TRADE...cuz well heck it's free...and hook him (hint hint) up with some station SWAG!!!

The first person who can guess who's in the Seattle area and that I'm meeting for lunch tomorrow will win some goodies!

I must confess that when I heard "Is this dflygirl?"....for a fleeting moment I thought it was he always does that when he flys into town unexpectedly...but THIS just one of those people you want to get to know and JUST hang out with!!!

I'm excited for tomorrow!!!

peace out

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shout out to the DMB FAN in Issy!

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE DMB FANS (Dave Matthews Band). I was in Issaquah on Sunday at Safeway doing some shopping for DIVA and low and behold....what did I see??? This hummer - license plate DMB FAN....I tried to take a half way decent photo with my cell phone...but here's the a beautiful day. I got up and got ready for church...and then headed out. It was soooo was awesome. Our assistant pastor Markus gave the sermon. I hadn't heard him preach yet....and I was totally moved. Amazing. I saw Ronda and Jared. Gave Jared his teachers guide....and then saw Carla and Dave. Dave and I chatted about our lunch next that will be fun. I headed out to the car and it was beautiful. One the way to Issaquah, I got a call from a good friend 0kay Alex and he asked if I was free for a little lunch. Sure...why not??? I met him at Roundtable for salad - then over to DIVA's to check in on her and to help out a bit. IT was a fun day and a great visit with not only Alex but DIVA and her friends Cady and Hailey....and of course the DIVA kitty!

Headed home and got ready for Monday.....

Post Scrappin Friendzy


The week just flew by! I got everything prepared that need to be done before the big event. I got all my make-n-take card kits done. My page kits all finished. AND all the little details like decorating my table and such.

I had such an awesome week of first week of 3 times a week - Mon, Wed and Fri! WOWZA - RICO YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe that Saturday was FINALLY here. I had set a reasonable goal for sales but my overall goal was to have fun, meet new people and rock it when I taught my class. It was so hot as usual in the upstairs portion of the church. BUT I got there early and totally set up an hour before the first class.

Lots of people stopped by and did the make=n-take...and entered to win prizes..yeah prizes!!! The day just flew by. Pops called around 2pm and decided to come down and check it out...yeah....when he got there it was time for me to set up for class...I had Pops had out my class was too cute!!! I gave lots of stuff away with Scrappin trivia...lots of fun....and then the day came to an end.

I sent RICO a text and got one back, I headed to Lifeway to get the teachers guide for HFG and then finally home I went...WHAT A FREAKING FANTASTIC DAY!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy as a Bee...

As promised here are a few pictures of the goodies I have been preparing for Scrappin Friendzy. Stamped nail files and stamped and decorated bone folders....lots of work but they turned out great in my humble option! Anyways.....

WOW...where did the weekend go??? I had a freakin- fantastic appointment with Sally...and then meet a friend for a little dinner fun fun. AND then it was time....

Back home I went and just kicked it to get ready for the busy busy weekend. I got up on Saturday, did a little grocery shopping, got gas, did laundry and then made a cake and got ready to head up to the "rents". Sweet Granny and my Auntie and Uncle were coming for a visit. We had such a great time. Lots of laughs and Pops and I made dinner. Okay well mostly au gratin, salad, brocolli and sauteed tomatos and garlic...and Pops BBQ SALMON...and we had a wee bit of wine...but no managed...Uncle McGiver...I mean Everyone enjoyed the meal and the CAKE!!! Yeah! I headed home rather late and was tired.

Sunday I slept in...ugh I suck I should have gone to church...but didn' up and made a list of things I still needed for Scrappin Friendzy...I headed out to purchase paper and man o man was it raining!!! Headed over to DIVA'S and helped her out. Did some laundry, dishes, trash out and took care of the Diva Kitty...and made a wonderful fruit salad. Hung out and just chit chatted for a bit...and then it was time to hit the road.
peace out

Friday, October 05, 2007

What NO STAMPS?????

Tee hee. Lots been going on, can't really discuss it here but EVERYTHING is OKAY. I've been busy helping out the "rents" and "DIVA". I was asked to make some cards for Jeanies mom's 70th bday. Here's what I came up with. No stamps involved....what? Her party is going to be at a chinese I found some beautiful asian themed papers. I can't show you the inside as it has all the details of the party and well quite frankly, I don't want to scrub em out in photo there! But the beige symbol paper continues on the inside and then printed on a very very cool textured red paper is the invite. AND YES, for those of you....who know me entirely too well. I did charge her, not only for the cost of the papers but a $1 a that's said.

I have been working on my giveaway goodies for scrappin friendzy, I'll finish them and take a picture of the freakin 100 pile stacks of nail files and bone folders....what was I thinking? They are coming out good I there.

Anyways....back to the grind. I've had a slight cold this week, so I have NOT been working out, and I've missed RICO...dude....but I'm seeing Dr Sally today love our appointments and then my sweet sweet grandma is coming over yeah - there will be pictures for sure.

OMG - I can't believe I almost forgot it again...UGH I suck! MEME is back in town, and working...YEAH....we are gonna try and get together for a movie is soo good to have her back...I missed my movie buddy!!!

til later