Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Swap

These are my latest creations. I am sending these into an Angel Company Group (My Paws) swap as well as using one for DIVA and one for my Mom and last, but not least, this is my make-n-take for the Scrappin' Friendzy!

I wasn't sure how these would turn out, as I only had a vision/sketch of the card....so it wasn't until last night while making them that it came together. I'm really happy with them...and they are very bright and cheery, and were very easy to make and assemble.

I used Ultrasmooth White cardstock, Black cardstock and Matchmakers Yellow #3 cardstock, Calypso Kalediacolor Pad, scrappers floss in black and a H.Swap Daisy with a button in the center. The stamped (in Palette Black Noir) saying is from TAC (More one liners) All products were purchased from TAC.

Now to send these off to their respective homes, and 60 kits to make!


Barista LOVE

While I dropped off Scotts house warming present....he had one of the other guys make me a drink....and I just have to say....LOVE SCOTT....

The guy said what type of Milk is this Scott? Scott replied....make it with EXTRA LOVE...

Sweet....warm fuzzies!

Our guy...

SO when "B" and I carpool we stop at Starbucks on Elliott Ave and "Scott" is our guy. He is so much fun and we enjoy when he's there and miss him when he's not. Recently, Scott has been moving around...and a couple of weeks ago, he told us he moved to Capitol Hill.

On the way to work that day, "B" and I decided that we should bring him a station goodie house warming present. I got it all together and low and behold....we haven't had it when we've seen Scott. SO yesterday, we stopped and Scott was there. He said he would be there today...On the way to work, I was on a MISSION. I stopped to see Scott and dropped off his present (YES it's still corked)....look happy Scott!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Things I am grateful for....

The other day after receiving a couple of calls/emails about a recent post, I thought I would jot down what I was grateful for.

1 – My health, cuz quite frankly, without it – I wouldn’t be here.

2 – My friends and family – their love and support is so appreciated and needed.

3 – DIVA – without her, I don’t think I would be where I am, and besides, without her I wouldn’t get to diva kitty sit, tee hee.

4 – FT, Brian, Becks and Dave…cuz well without them, #1 would be sketchy – nuff said.

5 – Paper, Ink, Rubhar and Embellishments….these things make me who I am creatively.

6 – God. When it has gotten tough or when I think I can’t…I just remember to have faith in HIM and he gets me through it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

TGIF - Thank Freakin Goodness

SO I must confess - this week has been hard. I've had some hard workouts...this is my second week of 3 in a week. I've felt crappy....been tired...and have managed to stay somewhat on track. I do need to get my butt in gear and get caught up on my cardio for this week. I've been (with MM's okay) taking it easy after our workouts and not doing cardio...eeks and...just to get re-rested. Is that a word??? Who knows...lol...

Anyways...I so didn't want to go to work. I thought well, I called in sick yesterday, so it wouldn't be out of the realm to call in sick on Friday. BUT NO...I did go to work. I had stuff to do...and training meetings to go to...so I went in and did it all....got caught up, did the meetings, I did get my taxes filed...YEAH ME....2 things crossed of the list from Wednesday...tee hee....

I felt bad, as I replied to Heather's (hi Heather!) evite as a no go...I've got so much stuff to do at the apartments that I need to get it done before I head out of town for Portland in a couple of weeks for my classes....it would have been fun to go and hang out and stamp, but it would have used the whole day....and I need to go get supplies and inspect the building and talk with the painters and blah blah blah blah and make a laundry list for Tony to do on Tuesday as he hasn't been around for a couple of weeks....and I've got to stay focused. Fun will be had and I'll work on the happy birthday swap for TAC. So I'll at least stamp a little bit anyways.

SO I headed to see MM...and boy - man oh man did he work me - ugh...My arms were burning - so bad in fact on one of the reps I didn't use weights....eeeks...but I still felt it....and then we did a bit o boxing...and well a few other things....busy busy busy...but good. MM totally rocks!!! He is soooo funny.....and then it was time to do a bit of cardio...I hit the treadmill and then I started to shake...oh no...so I went and grabbed my purse and checked my bloodsugar...eeks 75 right after working out....uh can you say too low...so I grabbed a banana and got into the car...headed to the office to get something to eat and let it get normal....so here I am - its normal again..yeah...I feel so much better....now time to head home.

peace and love

A hard and very painful lesson learned

SO where were we? Yes...it was Wednesday. "B" dropped me off after work and I headed in. I happened to run into the CUTE Canadian...okay I must confess....he's HOT! Smokin HOT....okay so we chit chatted and he gave me a big hug!!!! Okay, so one crossed off the list...SWEET!

Anyways...I decided I wanted to take it easy. SO I made a very unusual dinner for me...hence the hard and very painful lesson learned.

See I didn't have my normal amount of water for the day. Then I hit the treadmill, I don't think I had more that a 1/4 of a bottle - then I made dinner. Oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Uh, yeah...okay I didn't know the deal about FIBER.

So needless to say, I woke up Thursday with very painful stomach cramps, and was dry yakking. Nice. UGH...so I called in sick, took some Aleve, curled up on the couch and belched...and drank water...and slept. Finally I started too feel better.

I went and worked out with MM and told him the story....he so busted up laughing - cuz that has happened to him too. Whew...I thought I was the ONLY DORK in the world that didn't know the fiber/water deal. Whatever...lol....anyways.....so I headed to see DIVA and then headed home...to watch Grey's.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things I know for sure....

Random thoughts from today....

I am tired
I feel good
I am lonely
I miss “V”
I feel at peace
I want to create
I feel sorry for “V”
My feet are sore
I want to get caught up
Need more time in a given day
I want a nap
I wish my taxes were filed
I need a hug from a NICE HUNKY Man
I wish I could craft all day long

Monday, February 19, 2007


It's finished. I wove the crystals and seed beads onto the larger of the two wire woven bezels. YEAH ME!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A little Spring


SO Friday....School day!!! YEAH! I was sooo freakin excited. I slept in til 7 - wow...and then I got ready to head into Seattle to take the Wire Woven Bezel class at Fusion Beads from Lisa Niven Kelly!!! I couldn't wait!

It was soo great to see Lisa, as soon as I saw her, she said hi Chan!!! YEAH! Class was awesome, and I am sooo in LOVE with these bezels....watch out!!! More to come. SO here's what I made...enjoy!

So Happy Its Thursday!

WOW....what a freakin' fast week.
I had a great day on Thursday and put together this huge project that needed to be mailed out I am soooo glad that it is DONE.

Had a workout with MM...took the cardio challenge poster down and MM LOVED IT....sweet!...

Then I headed to the Villa at Wildwood...and look what was waiting for me...the DIVA kitty!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My funny Valentine (The Talented Mr. Ripley)

MY most favorite version of this song....Enjoy!

peace, love and happiness

Happy Valentine's Day

SO here's to all those that we love, have loved and hope to love!

hugs, kisses and lots of love heading your way!

CARDIO Challenge

SO here it is...the altered Rocky Balboa Movie poster...we only got like a freakin' case of them in December at the office...so there was a huge pile of them in the lunch room the other day. SO I thought I would "alter" it...I'm taking it down to FT to put on the board.

I am sooo excited about this challenge. Basically between Feb 5- March 17 for every 30mins of cardio you do at FT you get 1 yard (1 pt) for every 30mins Outside of FT you get 3 yards (3 pts). SO since Thursday when I got the challenge...I have logged 15 yes 15 yards (15 pts) YEAH ME! I am gonna win this thing. I'm gonna annihilate my competition. I'm in it to WIN it!

SO wish me luck....and the prize??? Well the obvious...but also FREE sessions at FT. NOW that's what I'm talking bout!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Scrappin Friendzy Update

Here is my final approved 12x12 page for Scrappin Friendzy. I am really excited about teaching this class. I will remock it with The Angel Company Supplies when then get in. BUT here it is...enjoy!

Catching up.....Again...

Okay so Wednesday was awesome. Went and meet Ultimate Trainer for a BNI meeting. Lots of fun. It was awesome. Finally was starting to feel better. YEAH!

Thursday...ugh was a hectic day - but I survived. Had a crazy day at work....and then I had a workout with MM. Which was rocking. Also heard from "V"... and then I took a quick trip out to see DIVA...and then home.

Friday....still in shock sorta but dealing. Had a busy day at work and then MM time. Had a great workout and then well...headed home.

This weekend....was a busy one. Lots of cardio...walked the track on Sat and Sun...did treadmill on Sat and then walked up and down the stairs a bagillion times doing "stuff"....all I know is that I feel freakin fantastic!!!


Cliff Note Version Update

"V" is alive. However, WE are finished. I will spare you all the Jerry Springer antics. But - it is over. Our relationship, our long life friendship. DONE. Finished. Enough said.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recap of the Recrap

This is what I know...

I feel icky - still feel crappy. I am sick. I am getting better. BUT I'm still sick.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
"V" hasn't called or texted.
Feel like a total loser, wondering what I have or have not done.
Want to punch "V". Want "V" to call and say he was in some horrible accident and couldn't call.
I'm not working out tonight. I coughed up a lung this morning doing my morning cardio. Thought I should take a night off.
Wednesday had better be a better day.

peace out.

Monday, February 05, 2007

he might be better off dead...or at least mamed.

Hi a'll ya'all

I feel crappy. yep crappy. Think I'm fighting all this crap that everyone else has brought to the office. I just wanna sleep and curl up. Right NOW.

Had a pretty good weekend. DID lots of errands on Saturday - it felt good to get out and do em...but the end result...the day vanished. Sunday...was church then to the "rents" was there way too long. DAY GONE.

SO you ask about the title?

Why YES, I do mean that title.

Sooo "V" hasn't called or even texted since Friday night. We had a great conversation...and he ended with he'd call me on Saturday. I called on Saturday and said I was out and about. I called on Sunday...and today too.

SO very frustrated. Trying not to be mad. Not working so much. It better be good. or at least the very least believable.

That's all I'm saying.

nuff said.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Smokin H-O-T!!!


It's Friday - hot clip day!

Last night - so rockin! I had my workout with MM...and met the new trainer - can you all say it with me?


Got my contract and we talked about it...I signed my life away...lol...not really - but it felt like it...and then it was time to BRING IT!

Had a freakin fantastic workout. AND then it was time to hit the RB. Did my new cardio amount and then it was time...

DIVA time...headed to Issy and stopped at Subway grabbed the normal dinner and then off to the villa.

Had a great chat with DIVA and it was sooo good to see the Diva kitty. Watched a bit of tv then headed home.

Today has just been rockin....

Got up, hit the RB and then got ready for "B" to pick me up and then we headed to heaven and saw our favorite barista! And then off to the ofc.

Busy morning and oh no....


No problem....hiked down....and rocked it...

the only problem??? No cute firemen coming to check on me in the fire stairwell...


but the feeling of rockin it?? Priceless!

SO here's to a rockin rest of the day....

and HOT CLIPS on the way home


Thursday, February 01, 2007

The dawning of a NEW Day

SO here it is....

DAY 1 of my 2nd 90-day contract with MM. I don't have my contract yet, but I do know what is included and I even added a few things....Yeah ME!

Thank you to all of you (MeMe & Humpfree) for the kind words. Yes, I will need encouragement....but I've got faith and I trust and I have the love and support of some really great people! - so really I can't fail.

Last night I really thought about how I was feeling about my contract and about failure and changes etc etc...and I am at peace with it. I decided if I just did what I know I am to do. Make time for me to do it...and leave the rest to MM and to God...I will be fine.

Today was interesting to say the least. I was all dressed up, hair done, makeup on...and it was time to head down to FT - GIP had agreed to take a pic of me for my journal. This is NOT the picture that is in my journal for the last day of my 1st contract.

This picture will be the 1st page of my next journal. Diana at work took this picture and so I am sharing it with you all!

I was invited to attend a meeting with Ultimate Trainer next week, apparently I've the favorite client at FT....WAHOO!

lots of love