Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Now that I'm 40....seriously???

WOW....what a's been busy. I had a very full weekend. I had lots of "dates" as you might say lol....okay viewings of the apartments over the weekend. I did manage to rent one of the units. YEAH ME!!

I went and saw RICO on Saturday morning....totally killed me....and I didn't help myself either...he was gone for a bit so I continued with the diagonal crunches...what the????

I met up with DIVA for breakfast at Julia's which was a nice break....a very needed break...then back to the apartment I "date" for 7 hours straight...for the love of Pete....

I did manage to treat myself the other day to Showtime....$7.99 a month I watched all of Season 3 of that show....

Was hoping to catch up with an old friend over the weekend...but that didn't happen, maybe this weekend.

I've got my Scrappin Friendzy this weekend on Saturday....and then I'm heading to Spokane for a day or visit my sweet granny. She's back in the hospital and not doing so well...

all for now.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 40th Birthday - Twilight Style

So Saturday the 11th was my 40th bday. Really? Seriously? 40th? WOWZA....anyways I decided I wanted to do something very different....I mean really for my 30th bday party, I had all my buddies at the Eagle Eye Cherry concert at the showbox and my party backstage....oh the days of record reps and 40 had to be memorable. Really.

So I was surfing the internet and found The View Point Inn and saw that they were having a dvd release party but it was sold out.....and that they had added another one on my bday. It was immediately what I wanted to do. SO I called Heather and mentioned it to her....she was immediately on the Twilight bandwagon. So that was what we were gonna do.

SO if you haven't read must go read it now. If you haven't seen the movie...stop reading and go rent it now. Oh Edward....although pastey - is definately a lotta hot!!!

Heather and I invited Anissa to come with us....and so the 3 of us called and made our reservations. We decided to dress up for the occassion....why not??? AND so the plans were made.

A Twilight 4 course menu awaited us....and a viewing of the movie...what could be more perfect.

Our road trip was fun and very was nice to escape...from the apartments and the fact that I couldn't close anything...ugh...

The Inn was amazing. The view breath-taking. The food AMAZING...I had a chamborg komie and was in heaven. The dessert...I can still taste it....the movie of

While we were there I ran into a couple of DL's friends Kathy and Suzi...who I have run into from time and time again at CKC Portland and at other stamping/scrapbooking Donna Downeys class.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Anonymous

Yes I am still here...I have a bunch of stuff to update...BUT wanted to send you a message....





It's been too long....and I've been a bit "wobbly" without you.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April Showers....

Lots has been going on since I last checked in.

Still trying to rent a couple of apartments....I've decided it's like internet or speed put out a little ad, you talk on the phone for a bit...and then you meet...and hope well that you get called back. As my brother reminded ask for a deposit instead of a blood test. Great. Leave it to the big bro to keep it real. Seriously.

I had a rough week, covering the phones and such....such drama hate when people call in sick all the time....especially when they know we are shorthanded. Seriously. Oh well....

I had a workout with RICO...which was fun...of course...and then a bit of shopping, and then back home to show the apartments some more.

Let's see....I had my hostess club get together...which went fabulous....MEME showed up!!! yeah MeMe. We made the same cards as the gals from work, which are posted below....The cupcake is the total hit!!! Love love love that card!

And then...the 40th bday was fast who knew??? The week started out great....Heather and I went and saw Knowing...Nick Cage...Yumo! The week really flew by....we had a pot luck on Friday at work, which was a total blast....I made my now famous turkey chili...thanks DIVA for the great dish....I carpooled with B-Rad...we got coffee....and then to work. I got a dozen long stem red roses from Bill (previous boss) and the pot luck...and then on the way home...B-Rad got me the Twilight soundtrack and we listened to it on the way home...and then.....It was Saturday.