Thursday, April 26, 2007

Routine...what's that?

So it’s Thursday. I have managed to make it through this week without too much turmoil or disruption. I still have the cough. Ugh the cough. BUT it’s much better. Pool’d with “B” on Monday and Tuesday. That was good to do that – it had been too long since we’d last pooled….about 2 weeks….yikes. Tuesday went to the ‘rents’ to hang out and visit and give pops a break. Got home, to bed, and then it was Wednesday. WOW…the week is already half over. Where did it go?

Wednesday was great. Had a good day at work, had an awesome time working out with Rico. Ultimate Trainer was there. GOT a HUGE HUG!!! Much needed to. Even Alison was there. Gosh it was soooo good to see her. AND the new trainer. Humm, first reaction for a nickname. Not so good. Pee Wee Herman. SO I must work on that. I am sure he’s really nice. He worked Alison hard so he deserves a different/better name. It was sooo weird going into FT and NOT seeing MM. It really hit me on Friday HOW MUCH MM is a part of my life. He is such a great person, good friend, awesome trainer and just all around freakin’ terrific dude! I know that our friendship will grow…and I can’t wait to see him again, and for him to see that I’ve been working hard…he is such a part of my success current and future. And well he’s gonna rock whatever comes his way cuz that’s what he does. I’m so proud of him for making the move and I know its gonna be freakin fantastic!!!! He’ll always have a cheerleader in me – total support forevher!

Anyways….where was I? LOL…oh yeah. Let’s see Mom’s doing fantastic with all of her stuff. Baby Steps…but she’s doing it. And Pop’s he’s doing it too…he even ran the dishwasher – yeah Pops!

I went and saw DIVA and the DIVA kitty last night after my workout. It was good to chat and catch up with her. Really it was good. Much needed.

So today the gang from work is taking me out to lunch. Sushi….eeks – I’ll be good, and eat what I should and how I should. And then, I’m heading up to the ‘rents’ but I’ll stop at Lydia’s to drop off some stampin stuff. Yeah stampin stuff!!! I’ve got 7 bday cards to make before Saturday for a swap with Heather and the gang. I’m deciding if I should make 6 of the ones I have mostly done, and make a different one for Heather. I might – cuz then I can make the one for Heather as a test run, and then make some for Mom, DIVA, Sweet Grandma and a few others.

So enough of this boring post. I need to get jiggy with it…so peace out!

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