Thursday, March 22, 2007


Has it really be 20 days since my last post?

YIKES…it has….

I am still alive….I’ve been busy as all get out.

I’ve got tons of pictures and stories to post….

BUT til then….here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to:

Went to Portland a couple of weekends ago March 9-11th. Took tons of classes. Had a blast. Lots of stories and pictures of projects to post.

Then it was catch up again – and get ready for Scrappin’ Friendzy on the 24th.

I also had a party at Andrea’s on the 17th – Hi Andrea! So I needed to get ready for that…

And this week….wow….lots of prep for my two classes on Saturday (basically Class Kit Mass production line) at Scrappin’ Friendzy.

SO I’m still alive, kicking and totally almost ready for Saturday’s all day event with my 2 classes.

Scrap on!

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