Monday, February 05, 2007

he might be better off dead...or at least mamed.

Hi a'll ya'all

I feel crappy. yep crappy. Think I'm fighting all this crap that everyone else has brought to the office. I just wanna sleep and curl up. Right NOW.

Had a pretty good weekend. DID lots of errands on Saturday - it felt good to get out and do em...but the end result...the day vanished. Sunday...was church then to the "rents" was there way too long. DAY GONE.

SO you ask about the title?

Why YES, I do mean that title.

Sooo "V" hasn't called or even texted since Friday night. We had a great conversation...and he ended with he'd call me on Saturday. I called on Saturday and said I was out and about. I called on Sunday...and today too.

SO very frustrated. Trying not to be mad. Not working so much. It better be good. or at least the very least believable.

That's all I'm saying.

nuff said.


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