Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where did May go???

WOW...it's hard to believe that May has just flown right on by...so much has happened...I'll try and catch you all up - if that is possible....lol...I never know where to start at the beginning or the end...so I'll just go with what I remember...

Let's see since I last checked in...I took my blood test/kidney test and I just had a week to wait for the results....I met up with RICO for a bit of clam chowder and a little live jazz music...okay it was pouring...but it was fun AND HE LOST A BET...he hasn't paid up yet, but there will be pictures for sure!

Prior to seeing RICO I headed to Heather's house and had a fun time with her and Chloe...yeah!!!

I got my test results....and they stayed the same...yeah!!! Moving in the right track...now just to start going lower.

After my dr's apt, I went to my fav art supply store and found this...now mind you - I love paper...so I had to buy this...

I then headed to T-town where I took a jewelry class...we made soldered pendants. I have wanted to do this for such a long time....so glad I was able to take the class...and it was such a relief to finally do it...I've had the kit for a couple of years....flash back...mad scientist was supposed to show me...go figure...lol...anyways it was a lot of fun!!

Although one of the glass sides cracked...it was a success. I can't wait to make more of these.

Later that week - I took a couple of more classes...this time coloring with prismacolor pencils. Heather and I took these two classes by Terry Medaris...amazing...he's got some mad skillz. We had a lot of fun...here's what we did....the first one...blending, the second blending and shading...I want to take more classes...

Since I last checked in I have seen a couple of movies....Made of Honor...Iron Man...and What Happens In Vegas.

I've had a bunch of drama at the apartment building...but all is settled down now...and I had a relaxing long weekend with drugboy...we had fun on Friday and Monday...I hung out with Heather and the gals and did a bit of stamping on Saturday and well...the normal on Sunday...

Wednesday - I'll be getting my butt kicked by RICO finally...the nonsense of Mono and my sinus cold are gone....and it's gonna be extra early at 5 freakin AM...what the???


Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So RICO has Mono...and because of my weakened immune system and diabetic state, I can't workout with him until May 19th. WHAT THE?

UGH....so no sweating, kissing, sharing of water....ugh...with RICO...drat, I hate when that happens!!!

It is sooo strange to be without him. I have however, been doing my thing at home...but it's been a slow haul with my blood test approaching....as soon as that is done, then I'm hitting it Hardkore...Imperial Pride!!!

Can't stop...
Won't stop!

Opening Day of Boating Season

WOW...what a fun day/event. Even tho the weather was icky...it was a blast. Heather came with me and helped me bag and hand out champagne flutes.

We had amazing BBQ from Bill's Bodacious BBQ in Renton, yummy. Here's some pictures.

Another card

Here is a baby thank you card I made for a gal at work who is having a baby boy. I will be making more of these for another gal who is having a baby girl later this month...enjoy!

A little "golden nugget"

So I was working late as I had been on the phones for most of the week....and I was listening to our sister station movin 92.5 and the afternoon gal Mason was talking about a website you should check out when you start dating a new guy. It's call dontdatehimgirl.com. SO I was waiting for something to print...and decided what the heck....


and hit search...


it came up...with a picture even....

I laughed all the way from work to home....never stopping...

The only draw back, I wished this website had been around so many years ago....

Forgotten Secretaries Day

SO....usually my co-workers totally spoil me for Secretaries week...flowers, gifts, lunch - etc.

NOT SO MUCH THIS YEAR.....what the???

Anyways...they totally forgot until the Monday after. What?

Yes, I did however, find this most humorous - why you ask? Well we had a banner ad on our company website advertising for secretaries day/week for 3 weeks prior...and one of my sales guys SOLD the banner to his client....a florist....

Anyways.....the following Monday, they realized they forgot - so we all went out for Sushi lunch...

Scrappin Friendzy

WOW...I can't believe I've actually been to 4 of them and still haven't taken any pictures...what??? Anyways...it was a fun filled day...lots of people, lots of classes, lots of make-n-takes.

Here is the make-n-take I had at my table....

Live Jazz and Golfing...

Druids Glen, Saturday, the day after my bday we (radio station) were kicking off a live music series...Jazz on the Green...so I rounded up the peeps and headed out there with Taylor.

It was such an amazing day....so pretty....

RICO and Mai, Heather and Robert showed up around 7ish and hung out while the music was playing (Michael Powers was performing) and it was such a nice relaxing time....hanging out with my peeps...listening to music and looking out at Mt. Rainier...It will definately be something that we do again...

Brunch with Diva and a massage

On Saturday, I met up with DIVA in Issy and we went to Fin's Cafe (I think) it was amazing...brunch was sooo yummy....we then went to go do a little shopping at Linens and Things - DIVA needed a new comforter cover...as the purple one shows DIVA KITTY white hairs...bad kitty! LOL....

Anyways....while we were there, we happened upon the massager attachment that you place onto your chair.....life will never be the same....lol

We had such a great time!!!

My official bday

I ended up taking the day off and just celebrating my birthday....I did however, get up and work out with RICO at what 5:30...no rest for me...lol....however, I did come home and take a nap. Drugboy was gonna take me to lunch...so I slept for a while and then got all ready. We went to the Library Cafe for a late breakfast....it was soooo yummy....then he told me he had the rest of the day off....so we just drove around...and hung out....no worries of work...it was really really nice.

Babies - Baptism - Babies

April saw the baptism of two very near and dear to me baby boys...Asher and Willem. I was given the task of sitting up front and taking pictures at both events.

After each baptism...we headed to their respective homes for a nice family/friend get together luncheon.

MEME attended the baptism and luncheon for young Asher.

As time goes by, it is so refreshing to realize what amazing friends and people I have in my life...and how precious life is. I can't wait to see how these two turn out....fabulous of course!

Dinner and a Movie Bday Style

I met up with Heather to go out for my bday a few days early. BOY was a movie and dinner needed. We went and say Nimi's Island...very cute and lighthearted - definiately needed that. We split a small popcorn and just relaxed....afterwards, we headed to Applebee's for a little dinner off the weight watchers menu...YUMM-O!

Heather totally spoiled me with crafting supplies - a GIGA Oval Scalloped Punch and a script cuttlebug folder....YEAH!!!


Ya Sure Ya Betcha

I attended my first Norwegian Heritage Day Festival at the Leif Erickson Hall. It was totally not what I expected, but I was definitely glad I went. The Hall is just across the street, about a block away. I took a picture of the Men's Norwegian Choir and of course the namesake of the hall, Leif Erickson. While I was there, I ran into a former co-worker - Tim Hunter...who knew he would be there mc'ing the event. Lots of fun in the neighborhood.

I Know...it's been forever and a day or two

Since my last post. So many things have happened since April 1st....

Let's see if I can recap...

My birthday
tons of work
Dinner and a movie bday style
trying to rent an available apartment
Babies - Baptism - Babies
Several trips out to lunch to celebrate said birthday
Live Jazz Music outing
Brunch celebrating said birthday with DIVA including massage
Scrappin' Friendzy
Missed Secretaries Day/Week
Free cool bag
Sushi lunch to make up for forgotten Secretaries Day/Week
Getting ready for Music Fest Contesting
Lots of work
covering the phones during said Lots of Work
Babies - Baptism - Babies
Baby shower...
Answering the phones way too much
Opening Day of Boating Argosy Cruise
Delivering orders from said Scrappin Friendzy
Oh and did I mention RICO has MONO??? WHAT??

SO I will try to tell JUST THE GOOD STORIES....and upload some pictures...and some cards...