Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring is in the air?

So in attempts to get ready for my workout with MM on Friday, I made a little card for an upcoming workshop. I had a great day at work, got lots done, and well was really glad that it was FRIDAY! YEAH!
The only thing bad was...
1 - had a late workout
2 - was gonna have a workout on Saturday morning
3 - was gonna be kicked hard a back to back workout

The good things were:
1 - it's Friday
2 - Kinda get to sleep in
3 - gonna see DIVA for lunch
4 - gonna go to the bead store
5 - gonna get to work out with Ryan MM and I had a great - awesome workout...however, my thighs were like tree trunks...eeks...and I could barely make it upstairs. YIKES.

The Easter card holds a gift card (for demonstration purposes my Subway points card)....pretty fun, simple and useful! All products used are from The Angel Company except the ribbon.


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PawsNStamp said...

That is ADORABLE!!!!!!