Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day O Saturday Day - o

So got up, at the crack of something...and meet pops to go walk around the track...I got there at a few minutes before 7 - what was I thinking...UGH....we had a good walk, and talk...and I didn't spill the beans about Brother B and the fam visiting...YEAH ME!

Instead of going home, I drove down to the water for a bit and just reflected...and then headed home..took a little then got some cards made for a card exchange at Heather's. I got ready, headed to the post office and got my hostage mail and then off I went....made it to Heather's without getting lost....ha...and we had a great time....I learned a few new things and had a great home I went.

Got home, made some dinner and just relaxed.


Friday finally was here. "B" and I were supposed to carpool...hummm that seems to be a theme for this week....and he called again at like 7:15 to say....its the night out with the boys....oh I finished getting ready and headed to work.

It was a typical Friday....reports and such and a project again for corner man...ugh....I hate those...lots of pressure...oh well. I did a project for "B" and then at the end of the day....I talked to my Brother "B" and he and the fam are coming for a visit the day after Christmas...YEAH!!! SO I headed home feeling very happy and very confident....

I got home and decided....I could bake. Yeah right. Me and my big ideas. SO I took the jar with the cookies ingredients in it from Monday and poured it out into a bowl....just the smell of it made me want to eat it ALL....SO down the disposal it went. UGH! NOW I'm all freaked out about next weekend in Portland with the potluck and cookie exchange.....I'll figure it out I am I headed off to bed feeling like a lllllooooooozzer...oh well.

Tears of Joy and Accomplishments

Thursday....what a day. Was yet another busy day...definately a good day. And then time for a little FT workout with Becky.

Dave and I talked about my's still in the then we pumped it knee/leg seems to be back to normal...however, when I am sitting for a long period of time, it still is sorta stiff when I get up and start to walk.

I told Becky how much I appreciated her...and how I wouldn't have gotten where I was without her...she started to cry...and I did has been a amazing journey these last 3 months...and then I headed over to DIVA's.

I picked up Subway for dinner for us...and got there just before Ugly Betty. We laughed, and then we got serious and had an amazing conversation. It just amazes me how incredible DIVA is, and how our friendship has blossomed.

Friday, October 27, 2006

6:45AM are you kidding me?????

The gods must be crazy. For whatever reason, I agreed to go in early with “B”…I was downstairs, bright eyed and bushy tailed…and he was LATE…are you kidding me…..what the???

He finally showed….and we headed off….then off to heaven we went…where I purchased my 1st and only tall nonfat sugar free vanilla latte of the week. New Contract…new rules…but hey no biggie…I can do this…who needs a vente anyways???? HA HA ME!

Anyways…we got to work…and it was the one day sale at the office….so the account executives were pretty busy and left me alone, which was good as I was still working on all that research crap…lol…the day flew by….and then it was time to leave…yeah early!!!

Got home around 4:45 and then headed to the post office to drop my Brother B’s package off, and purchase some stamps so I could send out my Hallo-scream cards…tee hee…and the off to see pops.

Pops had gotten into an accident earlier in the day…he’s okay…his truck…NOT SO MUCH! Oh well. So we agreed to go walk around the track down the street, so I headed home, check my blood sugar, changed and grabbed a snack…back up to Midas and waiting…FINALLY we went for our walk…it was fun…..but cold and it had started to rain…oh well, guess that’s why we live were we live…lol….and then I headed home, did a little bit on the treadmill, made a good dinner and just chilled out for the rest of the night.

Here we go again......

Tuesday…a fantastic day. It rained, it poured, it was windy and very cold. AND I was on a mission. I headed to 3 Starbucks to purchase On The Mountain Vol 12 for my Brother B for Christmas. Had a busy day did a bunch of research for work…ugh…lots of info too much info…lol….left during lunch to go get my teeth molded for my FREE teeth whitening prize from FT for being the client of the month yeah me!! Stopped by and talked to the ultimate trainer and the not so scary one…lol…made a few appointments in December to learn some at home stuff, so I can kick it up a notch after the 1st of the year. Headed back to work, did more research, then time for the workout…we talked about my “contract” and such and I had a great workout and boxed like a fool on crack…lol then it was time to head home….

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Okay so I was to “pool” with “B”. At 7:15 he called….said he needed to drive in solo because of the Smooth Jazz CD Release Party. Okay, I’ll give him that….lol…SO I totally had to scramble. I needed to get my stuff for that night, as I was gonna head to Girls Nite Out at SCC later that evening. Okay…so I headed out, got gas, and made it into work. Then the fun, eh I mean Chaos started.

Okay…so I started with a normal amount of work…then well it go interesting. I started making badges for the VIP clients for the party…got them all printed, cut and laminated…just needed to punch and attach lanyards. Okay…whew…no table tents…uh yeah right. SO at 1:30pm they decided that we needed them again…okay can you say scramble??? UGH…at least I had it all mocked up, and figured out…and had the right type of paper to print on. SO I started printing…OKAY HOUSTON WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM….the ink was all freaky deaky….so I made an adjustment on the printer and got it all figured out.

SO I got them printed, cut and then the scoring of the tent. I was using a ruler and a large paperclip. Are you kidding me???? I thought wait a second…don’t I have a Making Memories Tool Kit/Tool Kit Addition in my trunk??? SO I raced down to the car…and YEP it was there. Why did I have this in my car??? Well I got it on Ebay from Heather and had decided to just leave it in the car. Cuz really, you never know when you are gonna break down and need to papercraft. SNORT. SO back upstairs I went. AND man oh man did that ever do the trick. See I had 150 of these bad boys to do and score on each end…yep 300 scores…so the assembly line was rocking…then it was attaching tape…then folding and taking the cover off tape, attaching a penny and putting it together. WAHOO. Deb helped with the penny part…and we got them all done by 4:30, just in time for Jean to take off. WHEW….what a whirlwind day!
I headed up to SCC stopping at subway getting my 6” sub on…lol…and got there in plenty of time. WOW…what a great Girls Nite Out. There was plenty of talking, laughing, sharing, a great guest speaker, a fantastic reality based lesson, a useful project…we made cookies in a jar…and then the evening came to an end. I felt sooo good being there. Every one was so nice and friendly, I almost felt guilty about having such a good time at SCC (which is a different church from where I normally go). And then, I headed home….and got ready for a rocking Tuesday!

This is NOT your typical Gilligan's Island Tour

Sunday. Yeah…it was finally here. I woke up, and went for a walk by myself at Golden Gardens. WOW it was freakin cold. But beautiful!

I got home and got ready to meet Diva #1 and California Joni downstairs. We had called a cab to take us downtown to the Argosy Brunch Cruise. WOW…it was finally here. I have been waiting for such a long time.

We got there. Got the tickets…they were comp’d sweet. Got in line…got onto the ship, got some bubbly and were seated. WOW. It was amazing. The ship filled up, the music by Michael Powers started, and then the food. We had such a good time. Headed home and then up to the “rents’. Had a great visit. Good dinner. Then headed home. WOW…I felt sooo good. What a fabulous weekend! The pictures below are 1- Beautiful Seattle Skyline, 2 - Yummy food, 3 - DIVA #! and yep 4 - ME!

Proof positive of a good time

Part Two - The Update

Part Two…see I didn’t leave you hanging….ha ha snort

Saturday. What a great beautiful fall Seattle day. Humm what was I thinking. I actually agreed to go for a walk with my pops after he got off of work. At Golden Gardens. Insert creepy horror film movie music here. HA. I went into a panic attack. Why? Why would I go into a full blown panic attack? Are you kidding me??? But yes I did. I called Momma…she talked me through it. I drove to Midas to meet Pops. I got there….couldn’t breathe….eeks…here we go again. I talked myself thru it. And we went and had a great walk. I walked about ¾ a mile. YEAH….we had a blast.

I went grocery shopping afterwards and went home and made a great dinner. Watch some tv and had a relaxing evening. I couldn’t wait for Sunday.

Part One - The Update

Awe yes the update….Part One

Had a fantastic workout on Thursday. My knee/leg was still giving me troubles…eeeks…still wasn’t feeling good. Started to get into a funk. Ick. Yes a funk. Not a funky cold medina…drat.

Friday the 13th was not too eventful – thank goodness…lol….and as the weekend started I started feeling not so good. I took it easy. I slept. I stretched my leg. I ate good. I slept some more. I made my Halloween cards. YEAH. I slept some more. By Sunday…My cold was in full force. I didn’t go to church…boo….I didn’t go to the “rents’ boo hiss…..I was in a major funk. BOOOOO.

I stayed home from work on Monday. My knee/leg was starting to feel better. I was still in my funk. I needed to get out of it in a hurry.

I did something I have not done in about 1 ½ years since Mad Scientist – I went to Golden Gardens. I sat in my car…looking out at the water. Realizing how much I missed going there, how long it had been since I last walked there. How far I have come since then. It felt right to be there. I started to feel not so much in a funk. I went home. Made it up the stairs…ugh….and settled back in.

On Tuesday…I probably could have gone to work, but decided to stay home again. I felt better, my knee/leg felt better. I was getting out of the funk. I started to do so cleaning etc. and I went to my work out. I had a good work out, we started to do a few things we had stopped when I injured my knee/leg. Awesome. On the way home, I stopped again at Golden was dark, but the effect was still the same. I am ready. I can do this. I am unstopable.


Wednesday, I went into work, my boss was still on vacation, sweet! I felt great. No longer in a funk – YEAH ME!!! I was on fire…that’s right F I R E! Had a great day…and then it was time for Thursday. WOW….great day….fantastic work out – I went down another notch on the pushup bar….wahooo….and my knee/leg is getting better…YEAH! Friday….wow…great day….felt good…was looking forward to the weekend….got lots brewing….that'll be in Part Two - The Update. he heee

Hello? Hello??? Are you still there???

Why YES I am.

Hello. I know it has been forever!

So sorry!

I have 2 weeks to catch you all up on....

Stay tuned - I'll try and make it interesting....ha


Thursday, October 12, 2006

WHo freakin' jack hammers at 7am??? I woke up - not feeling any right leg is mega sore and stiff....ugh....I'm not gonna put anything on it - want to make sure I don't injure it anymore. And guess what...I heard this freakin' loud noise at 7am - it was jack hammering at the new condo building kitty corner okay at the other end of the block...UGH...not again! I swear if this continues on Saturday and Sunday I am gonna loose it!!!!

SO I went to work...and it's been okay. I don't feel very good...I'm getting a sinus cold and I am really worried about my right leg/knee. I am gonna plead for easy upper body work out tonight as I am hoping I just need to rest it for a few days.

UGH....well here's to it being Thursday, a work out day, a Grey's anatomy day! YEAH!


Wednesday - the infamous "hump" day

What??? LOL....sure it was a Wednesday. Boy was I feeling my work

Had a good lots done. Got a few "treats" from a couple of ae's...yeah me!!

Headed was a beautiful day...had a relaxing evening made my lunch for Thurs and Fri so I wouldn't have to do it when I got home after my session on Thursday...ugh...hopefully that will work from now on.

Woke up with a freakin' charlie my right leg behind my knee....and with a start of a sinus cold. UGH.....

Headed back to bed hoping for a better "wake up" in a few hours before heading to work...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006's time to Pump You

Ah tuesday. A terrible tuesday...okay NOT so much....Actually, even tho it was a frantic busy can I just do one more thing type of day. IT was great. I assembled a ton of gift bags for a big client meeting (MEME- LSTC). AND then I put together about 65 packages for our cd sampler to go into the local Tully's locations. Whew...I felt like an elf getting Santa ready for christmas...HA!

So the next thing I knew it was time to head down to FT for my session with Becky...BUT I wasn't sure if she was gonna be there or it was her b-day. SO I get there and low and behold she got the day it was ALL ABOUT DAVE! SWEET!

Had a fantastic work-out...he pushed me ever so and he became the "Muscle Magician" thats a new superhero just in case you were wondering. HA HA *snort* Anyways...we had a fun hard working laughing fun filled session. AND boy did I feel the burn...yeah!

SO I headed stuck in traffic....on i-90 like at 7pm...what??? Finally made it home after 8pm... barely made it up the freakin' yes I said freakin' 4 flights of stairs...then I did the old pop the lean cuisine in the micro and settled in to watch a little tv before falling asleep.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Manic Monday - what?

Okay so Monday got here way too quickly. I realized how much I miss "V" - UGH!

Heard a couple of good quotes the last couple of days....

"Love me some dirty bald tattoo'd man"

"You have two mommies dotti...but we're NOT Lebenese"

"No Calories...Yep, one day they all just got up and left"


Thank YOU that is all...carry on now....

The rest of the weekend...

So Saturday I just hung out with my new "do" and made cards...see post had a relaxing rest of the day.

Sunday got up - got ready and headed to 3 weeks in a row....nice.

Had a blood sugar really low after had to go and get some juice...note to self eat right before going into church just in case Pastor Harry is long home and kicked back then up the the "rents".

Had a great dinner...and some good laughs.....

Barely Breathing....

WOW....I really stepped out of my comfort zone. My hair really needed to be re-cut and styled as it had been since before the Jazz Fest that I had it last altered.

BUT the gal I normal go to to do this...costs like $150 plus tip. UGH, can't afford it these play along with me...

Great clips haircut $13
Tip $3
Trip to Walgreens to purchase haircolor (on sale) $2.79 (great bargin tee hee)


A Perfect Day

Give Thanks

Latest creations

Here is what I made over the favorite is the perfect day card....enjoy

So Happy It WAS Thursday

Ah Thursday.....

Another good day....and a fantastic session....afterwards I headed to DIVA #1's to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's. We had a blast....we laughed a ton! The only bad thing was I was at the Villa in Issaquah and didn't get home til after was a rough Friday morning wake up.

I did manage to pack my lunch...but my hair was still wet when "B" picked me up...oh

It was one of those crazy days at work....everyone was a little and the day just flew by...yeah....and then "B" dropped the bomb on called like at 4:10 and said we're leaving in 10 minutes.....eeeks....I had tons to do...but I got what I needed done....and out the door I went.

Had a crazy ride home - but made it home then I just relaxed and made a few cards...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What was I thinking???

UGH....5:30am came way too early this morning. BUT I powered thru it. I didn't do the RB this morning....ugh so punishment extra 5 minutes.....eeeks.

I did manage to get up, get ready and even make my lunch (which I forgot to do last night as becky kicked my butt lol) and be downstairs before "B" showed up at 6:45am to go to work.

Thank goodness we stopped at heaven...I mean Starbucks and got a little "pick me up" I almost went for a hot drink....but not yet...give it a week or

Had a great trip into work.....then we got to work....

UGH what was I thinking. I got to my desk and started in...BUT unfortunately, Alan hadn't done my avail reports...ugh...oh well.....I'll do em later...when he gets in around 10...

more later...


Okay she really is....guess what she and diva princess kitty got me??

Give up??

A "AAA" membership. no matter how far away I am...I can be "rescued" when pops is not around.

WOW....feel the love!


tee hee


Some of you know that I have been really struggling with my diabetes since the end of June. SO now I've made it thru 2 - 6 week check ups....yep 3 months...and with 7 weeks of a trainer and good eating habits under my belt...and Tuesday was THE DAY.

I got up, rather nervous and got ready to head to my doctor's appointment. When I got there...I started to settle down. Emily came and got me and we went to do the normal stuff before the doc came in. SO far everything was improving. check.

The Doc came in and we went over ALL of my results. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement, still needs work...yeah. Overall....I rocked the house. I left with new scripts and an appoinment in 3 months...YEAH ME!!! I headed to the car to call Momma.....and then the call waiting clicked...

WAHOOOO....Brian....the ultimate trainer called to see how things were going...I couldn't believe that he remembered about the tests....YEAH...We had a great conversation and then he told me that I was "Client of the Month" YEAH ME....and I won some fabulous prizes. WOW!

I headed back to work on an HUGE emotional high.....and worked like no

I then headed to my session with Becky...I warmed up....and had a fantastic session...I even got to box and I beat up on Becky...tee hee.....and then....I totally freaked her out...and made her laugh SOOOO hard. While I was marching in place...I started to do the Macaraenia... It was soooo funny!!! HA! The rest of the session went awesome but man oh man...I was beat at the end....Dave and I headed over to the Teriyaki place and I ordered my first FT oriental salad...not to shabby.

I headed home and just relaxed and fell asleep around 10pm as "B" and I are starting our early wed morning carpool...eeeks.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Scrappin' Friendzy Recap

WOW. What an event. 70 gals attended. I got there around 8:30am and started to set up my table. It was a narrow table, and not too awfully long. BUT I'd make due. I didn't set up my display board as there wasn't room, and glad I didn't either. Note for next time...make the baggie books...and put in a basket...that would fit.

I got everything set up and tada! People started to stop by. YEAH! Then it was time for my 2 classes. WOW...everyone was in lets' get this project done. Only a few needed help. I gave away lots of prizes!!! Everyone really enjoyed the project..YEAH ME! Whew.....that was fast and furious...I've never taught two classes back to back in 1 hour....eeeks...I am so glad that I really prepared the kits as much as I made it sooo much easier!

The rest of the day just flew by...I talked to some people that I hadn't seen for a while, met some new a few sales...YEAH!!! and overall had a fantastic time!!!

At the end of the day, I went downstairs where everyone was scrappin' to have dinner and be there when the prizes were awarded....that was sooo cool. Everyone loved all the prizes I had donated...yeah me again!

One new stamper won my enter to win that I had at my table, and she was sooo excited.

AND the bestest news...I was already asked to come back for the next one in March. AND they want me to teach cards!!! YEAH!!! HOW cool is that????

I headed home on a huge emotional high...and after HERC'ing all my stuff up 4 freakin' flights of stairs...I crashed!


IF so, please comment....

tee hee