Saturday, September 22, 2007

The rest of the week in a nutshell...

Tuesday, Jean gave her notice. It was a typical day, lots of work....nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, I drove and it was RICO time. He called me at o dark fifteen, and I hit the road, he was waiting for me, we walked in, got a tour, and then we started ROCKIN! WOW, if I ever had any doubts about his new studio (which I never did) Wednesday when I walked in they would have been gone. What a fantastic workout. My abs are killing me worked out for 50 minutes...Friday will be longer...we'll ease into 60 minutes. I headed home and got ready for work.

I started to get a bit tired around 6-7pm. I went to Issaquah to pick up my meds at my favorite Target...yeah target...and then headed home.

Thursday....Sushi day. Brad picked me up and I showed him the "M" for Miho...and we had a good ride into work...we laughed it was busy at work and then it was time for SUSHI. Cindy, Taylor and I jumped into the Freestyle and headed out. We got there and NO ONE WAS there for almost 30 minutes...then they all started to wonder in...Miho was late to her own party...oh well. We had lots of yummy sushi and lots of laughs! Then it was time to head back. I finished the day and I made a couple of workout cds from my ipod for me and

Brad and I headed home I got a few things done...and was time for bed...

Friday came a bit abs still hurt - Rico called and I met him...we put in my cd and started the was abs still worked out 60 minutes it rocked....I headed home and got ready for work it was well sad, Jean was leaving, I gave her the "J" and helped her carry her stuff out to the car. I was a pretty sad sad day....and passed way to slowly...and then I got a page....from Jessica...>HI JESSICA!

I talked to Sally my nutritionist and we finally set an appointment...ugh it is so hard sometimes to get our schedules to match. It was good to catch up with her....

After 5 I headed down to FT to see was good ot catch up...and seemed so weird to be there....but like ocming home. She said the coolest thing, and I have to tell RICO...she said out of all the people she knew, that Rico and I are the two she wants to (and who deserves to) succeed the most...and she's glad we have each other. II am too. I am glad I have RICO...I am very very lucky.

I headed home and stopped at Safeway and picked up a few things for dinner/breakfast...then I watched Preminition with Sandra Bullock....interesting movie....and then off to sleep I went.

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