Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An end of sorts...and the start of another 90 day tour

Today is the end of my 90 day contract with MM.


It went by quickly. The looming of the new contract is having a toll on me. Why? Many reasons, financially, mentally, physically, emotionally. There is always the fear of failure.

I need "V" here. But do I really? I know I needed a big hug this morning. I needed someone to say to me "Sweetheart, don't forget to take a couple of Aleve's on your way to work". There are so many things that I think I need or want. But really do I need them or have to have them?

I think I talked to MM more today than I have outside of our workout time in the last 90 days. Sad. Very sad. I told MM I need more from him. He says he's there for me. I hope so, cuz I'm gonna need it.

I just want to cry right now. Why? Not really sure. But I have been on the urge of tears all day. Maybe it is realizing that I am saying goodbye to the ole Chan and hello to the MORE New and Improved Chan. I don't know. All I know is I just want to cry and I need "V" to hold me. Maybe I realized today that the start of this new contract and what it entails will be saying goodbye not only to the ole me but to "V". I don't know. Maybe it's the fear of failure. Letting MM down, Who knows?

MM is asking a lot of me. But really - its what I should be doing what makes it different? I think it's the fact of it being on paper. Being accountable for it - 100% of the time. And just doing it.

I've chosen two new people to be accountable to in addition to MM, one is smooth, and the other becks. I haven't heard back from becks...but I am sure she's in. I know she can help, being the first trainer I ever had...if she got me started, she can keep me going. And smooth, he's been sooo supportive and encouraging - and I need that.

I know this is what I need to get over the hump. It's almost been 6 months since I have started this...I've come a LONG way - but have so much further to go.

I am going to do my picture a day for the length of my new contract again...I think it will help to really record what's happening. I think I will have more emotion on this one. And many more struggles. The end result...will be ROCKIN!

MM's excited, I'm nervous. BUT I trust him...can I trust myself?

Smooth just came over and talked to me....I feel a bit better. And he's right...I have to let go of the "SAFE" Me.

So here's to that.

Here's to taking the NEXT STEP!

And here's to what I want the most to do


peace out

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An unexpected surprise!

Today was Monday. I got ready and was ready to go - "B" called and said he was gonna be late. Okay - now what do I I made coffee and toasted an english muffin. He called as I got downstairs and said he was gonna be even later. SO, I decided to take my car to pops so he could change the oil.

Got there..."B" wasn't there yet....ugh...oh well - and then "B" showed up. We headed to work and got there late of course...but oh well, what is one to do? I was in a good mood, I had my favorite coffee and an warm english was good.

Got working and caught up with everyone - and before I knew it - it was lunch time...Sweet!

Did a little sketching on my scrapbook page I'm to teach - still don't have it all figured out yet...and then back to work.

Finished with a last minute project - of course...and then...."B" was late. Oh well...what's one to do??? We headed home =- traffic was like NON EXISTANT - YEAH - made it to Ballard in record time...and "B" dropped me off at Midas.

Pops had not only changed my oil, but adjusted my brakes, rotated my tires, and cleaned the inside of my car - YEAH!

SO I gave him a big ole kiss and headed home. I got home, made a little dinner - did a little time on the RB - and then it was time for 24. I was sitting looking at my mail during a commercial and realized I hadn't checked my mail at work. Dork. it is Tuesday - traffic was really bad on the way in, but when I got to the office, I checked my mail - and this was waiting for me.

What a nice surprise - Thank You MEME!!! I miss you too! This totally made my day!!!!


A day of rest

After herc'ing stuff upstairs, I got ready for church and headed out. Great service. I headed home did a few things and then it was time to head to the nursing home to do a little community service with my fellowship group.

We sang songs and did a little service. It was nice. And then - up to the "rents" Had a nice visit and then it was time to go home and get ready for Monday. WOW - where did the weekend go?? It was totally fun and filled.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Reinkers, Krylon, Alcohol and Cotton Balls OH MY!

So here it was Saturday morning! I awoke to the sounds of the birds. Yep those squawking birds – so much nicer than the loud siren noise of the ambulances, firetrucks, or the shrill of metro buses brakes. SO where was I? Oh yeah – totally snuggled in bed with a warm Diva kitty next to me. Nice. Now where was my man? Yeah – NO still – ugh…life can’t be perfect all the time. Anyways…So I got up, made a little breakfast and got ready to head to Jessica’s for a little candle party and stamping with Heather – yeah! I grabbed my swap cards (see previous post) and an extra one for Jessica! And off I went.

I was able to drive the back W900 highway all the way to Maple Valley – Sweet! I found Jessica’s place without any drama of counting speedbumps..etc!

What a fun time. Jessica and Heather’s friends are sooo nice. Mostly they were all from their church…and I was embraced into the fold. So nice. We went thru the Party Lite catalog and the speal and then it was time for a little light lunch. Sandwiches were laid out and everyone dove in…yummy! And then…it was time to stamp!!! Yeah!

Heather took out all her stuff and showed us what we were going to be making. Too fun and cute!

We made the card and matching little goodie filled can. Using the polished stone technique, with Glossy cardstock, rubbing alcohol, 3 colors of palette reinkers, and a Krylon Silver pen and a cotton ball. TOO much fun. We also used the heart-itude stamp set from The Angel Company, and the jewel tone shimmer chalk set with a matching Palette ink pad. Heather had cleverly opened the bottom of a spinach can and cleaned it out, taking the label off. We attached the paper and filled the can with chocolate and then put the bottom back on sealing it with Crystal Lacquer. And Tada….the finished project. I will be doing more using this polished stone technique. Thanks Heather!

I then headed out, back to the Villa, to do a little house cleaning and laundry etc….and then I decided to sit down and take a break…I got totally hooked on Top Chef on Bravo…man can Marcel rock the hair product…now I’m hooked and will have to watch the season finale on Wednesday. SO I was a cleaning, vacuuming and the Diva HATES the vacuum, sorry Diva Kitty! And then I totally crashed on the recliner….ugh…I woke about 11:30 and decided to stay and just slept on the recliner, cuz I had just changed the sheets and made DIVA’s bed….

Up and out I went at 7AM on Sunday….out to scrap the car of ice…load my stuff in and over the 1-90 back to Ballard….herc’d my stuff upstairs and then got ready for church….

All about the Heart-itude

SO where was I??

Oh yeah…Friday at work.

*SNORT* enough said…lol…

So flippin glad it was Friday!

SO I headed home after work. Traffic blew. Blew huge. Made it home, and did a few apartment manager things…ha ha ha…who me?? Apartment manager?? Lol…why yes! That's me!

DIVA called, she was having a rough day. I felt bad I wasn’t there to give her a big ole hug. Apparently the letter from the Diva Kitty to her Human (DIVA) was a hit! Sweet! I headed out, stopping at Joann’s to grab some ribbon And then…back to the VILLA.

It always amazes me as I am heading to the Villa, how relaxed I become. It’s like all the stresses of the day, life etc, just melt away as I turn up Wildwood. I just love that. It’s like going home. I got there…and lugged my crafty stuff inside.

I met up with the Diva Kitty, went and laid down on the bed, and we talked. Okay her mostly meowing…and me petting her. And then it was time to get to business.

I started to make my cards for my card swap. I used DCVW Match Makers white core paper in Pink #1, Pink #2 and Red #2, and used White Ultra Smooth Cardstock.. I stamped the image using Black Noir Palette and the Heart-itude set from The Angel Company. I used Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol to color the images. And then a little ribbon from JoAnne’s. I really liked how this card came out and will be using it for my valentine’s day card for my special group of people. Hope you like it!

After crafting for a bit, I headed to bed and the Diva Kitty curled up next to me….awe…just love that.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gamsol Rocks!

Okay so all day yesterday my blood sugar was running low. What the??? Was busy doing things, and then it was time to stamp with Cyn at lunch.

I of course, had most of my stuff, but not all. I needed to get some paper to work on my cards for the Valentine's Day Swap with the StampNPaws TAC angel group. I just need to make 4 cards for the swap, but I always make one for a sample, and then I thought I would make one for Jessica who is a friend of Heather's that invited me to a candle party. And then...well I have a friend or two that could use a little pick me I'll make a card or two to send for them. BUT - I figured out my card would have thought?? I used cardstock from work in obnoxious colors BUT I actually did the Gamsol Prisma pencil technique. I am totally hooked! I love the softness of it, how it just flows so nicely.

So I finished up with work...and my bloodsugar was I totally drank my entire protein drink and then headed to workout with MM.

MM beat me up, he worked me hard, and I delivered. WOW...what an intense workout. I was sooo beat afterwards...I could only barely manage 10 minutes on the treadmill afterwards. I grabbed a banana and headed to the Issy.

I started to feel a bit better, so I headed to go get my paper at Mad Scrapper and then went to Michaels to see about some ribbon. I also found a little something to alter for Heather at work, for her babyshower. Sweet. I then headed to Subway and grabbed a wrap.

I called "B" and bailed on carpool...I couldn't even imagine going home at that I headed to the Villa - got there, ate my wrap and started to feel a bit better. I did a load of laundry (love the washer and dryer right out side the door) and then curled up with the Diva kitty and watched Grey's.

It has been a strange week for me, but a good one. I am so glad I can help DIVA by taking care of the Diva Kitty...and it has been a good break for me from the apt building.

I got up and got ready this morning, I decided I would go home tonight, grab a few things, and then head back out to the Villa, spend the night...and then go to Jessica's in the AM, and afterwards, stop at the Villa, do a little cleaning and then head home for good. DIVA will be back Sunday afternoon...and that way, everything will be done, clean, and I won't have to worry about rushing Sunday morning to church.

I'll post the cards as soon as they are done!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

LOVE IS - What I got!

So this week has been so out of my normal routine, BUT – I’m rocking it!

So where was I?? Oh yeah – work via Back Alley Salley! Love the short cut. Had a good day at the office….and then it was MM time! Sweet! So I headed down…and what a freakin’ workout – man oh man – you could certainly tell it had been 10 days since we did the normal routine…I was in pain – but good pain. I rocked it! I have to confess that MM gave me a pile of crap for wearing my big yellow tee shirt. He’s like – I thought you were gonna wear your NEW white one from the weekend class??? Huh? And so everytime I went to pull up the sleeves, he’s like bet you wouldn’t have to do that with the NEW one….Son of a &*()^…and I got a new book - wow - time flyies, anyways….after my workout… it was time to head back to the villa…

Got to the villa and the Diva kitty was waiting for me…we hung out, I did laundry, again, and made dinner. I packed up all my stuff and headed out about 10ish to go home. Got home and lugged everything upstairs…and back down 2 flights. (thanks GIP) and then finally inside. I pretty much left everything packed up, knowing I was just gonna pack it again. Drifted off to sleep…man was I beat – but in a good way.

Got up on Wed and was getting ready and then the phone rang….”B” was calling to tell me he couldn’t pool…son of a – so whatever….I just grabbed all my stuff and packed the car and off to work I went. Had an interesting day at work. I went to lunch with Cindy and got a call from Diamond Don. What the??? LOL…it was interesting to say the least. Towards the end of the day…I was almost freakin’ out – what am I gonna do about working out – I’ve been trying to hit the treadmill everyday – no treadmill at the VILLA…What a second…there’s a gym at the office building…So I left work and hit the gym. MAN oh MAN…I rocked it – 40 mins – did some bench presses and then I headed out. Went shopping for some fruit at Safeway – then headed to the villa. I got there and did a few crunches…and as I was just stretching my back the diva kitty jumped up on my tummy….totally freaked me….lol….too funny!

Watched a bit of tv and played with the diva kitty…and then off to bed. I so didn’t want to get up – but I did…and when I was leaving – there was tons of ice on my windshield…What the??? So out came the Kinko’s pre-paid card to scrap the windows…lol…then back alley salley…the to the office.

When I got to the office…my boss…bought donuts again…for the love of pete…but what the heck – I had a good breakfast – with grapes. And during lunch Cyn and I are gonna stamp!! Yeah!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Villa at Wildwoods

Well Monday was an interesting day. To say the least. Had a fairly productive and busy day. I pooled with "B" we stopped at heaven....and then well he had to bail and I needed to find a ride home. So Schwartzie took me. We decided to play a prank on "B". When we got to my place, I called "B" on his cellie...and said hey...I'm concerned....Schwartzie isn't at the office and the gals at the front desk said he left a while ago...are you sure he knew he was to take me home tonight??? "B" was silent...then in his best tommy boy impersonation...Son of a we told him....very fun-ney!

I got a few things together and then headed to take care of the DIVA kitty. Poor DIVA...her mom passed away this weekend and I told her I would take care of the kitty. I'm glad that I am able to help out in I packed stuff down and then into the car and off I went to Issy. Got there...lugged everything in...then went to look for the DIVA kitty. Finally found her hiding spot....and then she just started Meowing.....and Meowing....finally after about 10 minutes of it...she came down, I sat down and she climbed into my lap and just purred while I petted her....then it was time for 24....and then bed time....she came and slept next to was very very nice....and then this was like we were old I had been there a whole week.....usually it takes a day or two for her to warm up to me....but not this time...she was in it for full then off to work I went....

Back Alley Salley...gotta love traffic...15 minutes to work....Sweet....more later...but here's a pic of the Diva Kitty for ya!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Me and Donna Downey

Taking a class from the rockstar of paper crafting!

WOW….yep that’s me and donna downey. YEAH donna! So here’s how the day played out…

I got up, did what needed to be done…and was ready to leave about 7am. I headed up to the Midas and stopped to see pops. He wanted to make sure my car was okay for the trip. Thanks pops! So there I was on the road at 7:35am…stopped to fuel up and then 1-5 BABY!!!

Made it to Portland in great time. Talked to a couple of people on the way down, including momma char! And I finally arrived. I drove around a bit…and it was sorta weird…I had been there before….and I knew where stuff was….then it hit me….Diamond Don….eeks…that is all that I needed…so as I was driving back up to Scrapbook Attack…I was him…his place is right on the road…and he was there. It was almost like a Sleepless in Seattle moment…but I was driving…wow…he has changed. But his smile is the same. He saw me. I know he did. He got into his truck and started to follow me.

I saw him pull out behind me, but I continued to head back to the store. I got there, parked talked to momma char and then grabbed my stuff and headed to the store. As I was crossing the road to the store…there he was. He stopped…and opened his window to talk to me. I told him I was there to take a couple of classes but I would be done around 4:30 – closer to 5 if he wanted to come back and talk. He said sure…he’d meet me at the coffee shoppe next door.
Whew…now to class….

I got there and there was Doralisa…Hiya DL! It was soo good to see a familiar face. I got my packets and headed downstairs. And there she was…the ROCKSTAR herself of papercrafting, donna downey!!!

Class started (the portfolio album see below), and wow…too much fun. She told the story of the nametags…and proceeded to give everyone a “new” name. Mine – Chaka as in Chaka Khan – love that…must tell Schwartzie at work since he always calls me Rama Chan…..I need this new name…lol….It was so funny to actually “sit” on my project to make the glue work….it was a funny sight to see everyone get up and sit on their album covers…

Donna total the story of the green drill….priceless – totally worth the drive down…and then…it was time to make the purse album. The company that makes the actually kit to this class has all the kits back ordered - so it was WING IT time…which actually was soo cool. I totally loved both projects and can’t wait to make them TAC friendly and possibly even teach a class or two!

Anyways….it was time to go…and donna graciously signed my drill (see below) and I got my picture taken….and that will be going into my picture a day journal that Stacy challenged me on…so then it was time to head out before running into Diamond Don…

I said goodbye to DoraLisa and her friends, we are gonna hook up at CK in Portland in March…and then I headed out to the car….

When I got to the car…I called momma char and then I was time to take off…..but nope…couldn’t Diamond Don was right there…knocking on my window….I’m not ready to blog about that yet….I will say that it went fine, and that I made it home after 9pm on Saturday evening….

But to sum up the donna downey experience – PRICELESS!

Portland Crafting "LOOT"

Here is a snapshot of all my goodies I brought back with me from Portland. And of course, a huge smile, and a lot of memories and yes INSPIRTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

See below for descriptions and closer pictures! Enjoy!!!

6x6 Portfolio Album

Here it is....from the front....I have to think about the plaque on the front and the way it was held together....gotta mess with the cording...but I totally love it!!! I can't wait to make my 4x4 mini one for Scrappin' Friendzy in March...I'll post the TAC version when it's completed!

Inside of Portfolio Album

This is a 6x6 portfolio album. Just love this....I have now be asked by Tammy (hi Tammy) if I am going to teach this class. The answer is YES...I will. I am gonna totally make it TAC of course and I will make it a 4x4 - I think it will be priceless at that mini-albums!!! The green drill was used on this project...and I think the green drill will have to make another I just love how the pages pull out and that there are tags to "add just one more thing" to each pocket!

The Green &%^#@ Drill

Yes it is a drill....It's made by Fiskars and it's one of Donna's favorite tools. I had never used one of these before, but I did purchase it at Michael's with a 40% coupon and a gift card...gotta love that. Donna was such a sport to sign my drill....

The story of the drill was definately worth the drive to Portland...yes the story is definately worth 195 miles one way to hear it!!! I will be sealing this signature using the Krylon spray...and I will have to make little shelf in my craft closet for display....but don't fear - I will use this drill again!

Purse Journal

Okay I have to admit....this is too stinkin cute! We were supposed to use this "kit" to make this project - but they didn't arrive....I actually am glad as it was more fun to WING IT...I totally love this idea, I have a ton of ideas of how to make it my own!

Inside of the Purse Journal

This is the inside of the purse journal. The theme was a 1001 things you want to do....I don't know if I will ever figure out a 1,001 things to do...but I sure have lots of ideas for this little gem of a project!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Its Time to GO.....Portland or BUST here we go oh oh oh

Friday after work I headed off to first meet my customer Tammy....hi Tammy!!! Well traffic just plain suxed. I called her and explained the situation and she said that I could stop by later so I'm heading there on Sunday...and will show her what I made with Donna!!

I made it to church at 6:50....yes traffic really suxed....and after finding a spot to park, I headed inside to meet up with Barb. So we started to chat about the group and what we wanted to do...etc etc etc....





UGH...but I got to know Barb and we are gonna meet the 3rd Friday of each month so now it is set!!!

SO it's time to go...

So long, farwell...


I'm sooooo excited!!!!

peace out

Friday, January 19, 2007

Okay I am FINALLY getting EXCITED...


Lets get a little bit rowdy....


It is almost is almost 3:30 and soon it will be 5pm then off to drop off some paper to a customer and then to church to do a bit of scrappin...then home...and then...


I am gonna meet Donna Downey and I can't wait!!!

more later!

Finally to this week....

Let's make it a quickie shall we???

Monday....Part 2 of 24 - heart racing. I actually didn't watch it. What the?? I had fellowship meeting...and got home late....and then....the real threat of snow.

Tuesday - snow....yeah...ugh...moved my workout with MM to Wednesday...and carpooled with "B" and another gal from work - crazy scary driving day. What the??? Whew...the day was finally over....headed home....snow was gone...yeah!!!

Wednesday - crazy day at work....everything due 3 days ago. Had a late work out with was awesome...walked an entire mile at a 2.0 incline afterwards...woot...and then back to the office til around 12Midnight...ugh.....

Thursday - didn't want to go to work....did was just as crazy as Wednesday...then I had a workout with MM....which was challenging...I was tired from Wednesday...and it showed....must keep to the day off inbetween....then home to watch a bit of tv and get ready for Friday nights activities and Saturdays as well. I think I'm ready...but who really knows???? LOL...

So here's to Friday....may it be full of fun and adventure!

A week just melted away with the rain...


So I just realized that I haven't blogged about anything that has happened, exciting or not since Saturday's creative block statement.


Okay so let's get everyone caught up.

Good things are to come. Promise.

Sunday...went to church, and then headed out to Sam's club. Got my good stuff and then headed to Issaquah. Where I was on a quest.

So here's the missing link, see Saturday night I had gotten an email from a blog friend that I should go to Target and pick up their $1 tin container shaped like a mailbox. It even has a flag. They are with the valentines day white and red...she says. Me....what the??? How could I have missed these? I was just at Target the other day. Mercy me.

SO after I get over my complete shock of how did I miss these gems....I go into search mode. ala MUST acquire mode...... I log back onto the puter...and start searching to find all the local Targets and get their numbers. I call North, South, East and West....FINALLY....I found a few in Issaqauh and they would be MOST happy to hold them for me. I felt that I was on some sort of quest - for the holy part one of the quest was complete.

Now to part two....after Sam's club I had to make a decision. Do I go home, and unload the stuff or do I go to Target get the grail and then head home unload and then go to the "rents" Well it was really cold, so I thought....let's go...get the off I went to Issaquah. As I approached Issaquah...the roads were getting worse. No mind you....we had snow the other day...and then a BIG FREEZE...and this is Jesse if you are from here you got that one...if sad too bad....anyways...back to the I made it...whew...and then I had them...YEAH!!!!!!!!

Now back to the car...back home and to lugg everything upstairs and put it away....ugh...nap time for like 15 minutes then off to the "rents" and then the best thing EVER.....



Rock on!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Funky Cold Medina

It’s Saturday, and UGH so I realized that I’m in a creative FUNK. Yeah. Great. I’ve got some projects that I WANT to do. Some that I NEED to do, Some that I SHOULD do…ugh….so where does one begin to get out of the FUNKY COLD MEDINA???

I’m excited about my projects – but I just need to just do them I think. I am hoping that my Friday Nite Scrappin Meeting at church will help spur me on….okay one can only hope.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fa la la it's Friday

So it was still I waited a bit....and headed in - most everyone was there...but I'm glad I waited....better to be safe than sorry.

A very typical day - boring....ugh....and Chrissy's last day. So there you have it in a nut shell...nothing to exciting.....sorry to bore you alll.....but too bad so sad for you....ha!! Anyways, I headed home....and then to Costco for a few things...including a box of lil cuties!!! And then...nothing too exciting when I got home.

But I do know one thing, I've got to get pumped up for next week that is for sure!

So here's to getting pumped up....booyah!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

To oblique or not that is the painful question

So after a leisurely morning...and waiting for the ice to melt...I headed into the office. The drive wasn't so terrible and then I attempted to make it up the hillllll...alll icey and icky. I made it up part way and decided to sneak into a lower parking garage that I knew I would be able to make it out of .....sweet!

I headed up to the office and got what needed to be done. Hardly anyone was there. I was glad I made it in even though a snow day would have been nice...but hey it's all about doing what's right. They closed the office at 3:30 and I had called to see if I could move my MM time up to I went in and we worked my Obliques like no other. Those side to side then regular crunches just kick my butt...eeeks....anyways we had a nice chat after and I hit the RB before heading home. Yes home....I know its normally a diva tv night...but the hill to the villa is all snowed off to home I went.

Well its almost Grey's time....

peace out!

Slip Sliding Away....

SO...thank you for those of you who were concerned as to weather or I made it home. Yep I sure did. Barely.

So here's the story of HOW I made it out of the garage. Basically, the awesome building management engineer guys put de-icer on the hill out of the drive....and it had melted some, so there was a bit of pavement showing....

SO I got a running start and as I was cresting the hill I gave it one last punch of gas...and up and over the hump I went....then it was omg....low gear low gear....tap tap on the brake thank goodness for those huge speedbumps...I made it down to the light and took a right up to Eastgage as from where I was to I-90 it was bumper to I took the other route...and was lucky to follow a sand truck - yeah sand truck. SO I stopped at the Shell station to fill up and then to the freeway we go oh oh I made it home...yeah home. Then it started to snow again.

I was sooo happy to be home. I was home by I did a few calls, a few emails...and then off to sleep i went.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Murphy SUX...

SO it was a typical Wednesday...they said real drat headed to work. Had a fairly normal - semi boring evening...and got really really dark. And there was hail. And snow....we tried to leave....

but no go...

we couldn't get out of the parking garage.


And the worst of it...the chains that I got from cyn cyn....don't fit my car. double drat!

Anyways....working in radio we have trade...yeah some brave souls hiked down to applebee's and brought food....yeah food...and salads! So there you have's 8pm, I am at the office....I-90 westbound is gridlocked...and be it....I'm here - stuck...

1 - I'm safe
2 - I'm warm
3 - I have food
4 - I'm okay
5 - I have most of the comforts of home....

So, really - that is all that matters...

So here's to hopefully getting home soon - perhaps tomorrow...

peace out

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

9575 and counting...

What is that you say??? 9575? What is that? That is how many steps I have walked today. Yep today. Yeah me....*snort*.

So I finished the day...pretty typical. Normal bs and such. I left at 5pm to get ready for my time with MM. I headed down to good ole ft...hit the rb and then it was MM time - not to be confused with Hammer Time. Did our thang....MM threw in a few "new things" and I must ask...Why does he have to been sooo mean to me??? know its good for me but come we finished up and I headed back out to the Rb, did a bit more...and then into the car...for more adventure and

SO I headed to Albertsons by the office I needed some yogurt or smooties or something for breakfast...and then some apples....why yes...apples....then I headed towards home, only to realize that my entire backseat was filled with freakin telephone books....ugh I totally forgot...I had put them in there this morning so I would dump them after work...and so Tony wouldn't dump them into the already full recycle bins especially since we're to get more winds...and quite frankly I don't want to pick up trash I headed up to Central Market and then dumps all 25 sets of phone books...and decided to head inside and walk around a bit...a few extra steps...why anyways....I headed home and headed upstairs...and then back down one flight (that's just for you GIP) and I am...blogging before heading to bed....and I'm all caught up all caught up....neener neener neener...

peace out peeps

I Am Officially Caught Up!!!

Just a quick post to say

I'm officially caught up....its tuesday and I'm posting on Tuesday. Been a strange day...but a day none the less. I've got a workout with MM...and we're supposed to get another huge storm. SO hopefully, I'll post more about today when I get home...


Are You Kidding Me????

Okay it’s Monday. Back to the grind. “B” is in da house in the poolin category – we stopped at heaven, still a no go for me…I’m being good, or trying to be. Harrumph…So we get to work, tons of stuff, projects and all the sort of stuff that happens on a Monday. So here we go again…..glad I packed my lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I started to sort thru my a picture a day for 90 days project. I still am compiling pictures…I have what like 22 days to go….and then…tada! I’ll be done. I’m really glad I have been journaling while I’ve been going….as it’s a big project. The good thing is that my camera program takes all the pictures and sizes them for you…sweet…so that should be easy to do…so the major part after all the paper is cut will be writing the “word” and then what I felt that day…but it will be a kewl project when I am done. I am actually thinking of doing it again, we will see. IF MM gives me another contract – then I must take the challenge and not only do that – but the picture a day. Then I can work on my All about me journal for my 38th bday.

WOWZA…I’m gonna be 38 in April. What the??? LOL….My purpose on purchasing the All About Me kit was to chronicle where I was at when I turned 38th. I think it will be a good time. I might even take the day off of work to just work on it or – I also had thought about attending an all day Crop at the Bee’s Knee’s on the 14th…sounds like fun – we’ll see…BUT I want to do it and get it done.

I have lots of fun things classes etc coming up and I can’t wait. I’m really excited about my upcoming classes the weekend of the 20th. My tee shirt came today…and I’m wearing it already…okay under my sherpa sweater – but I’m wearing it!!!

Finally the day came to an end….thank you…what a freakin day…the traffic was not so bad on the way home….had to run when I got home and okay smarty go to a party, lol anyways….so I didn’t take care of the phone books that are in the lobby again…for the love of pete – stop delivering like 40 sets…every month…UGH!!!! Anyways, I got a few things done (not much) then talked to “V” and headed to sleep….


The saga of catching up…continues….but I’m bound and determined to do it.

New Year’s Day was a day with the nephews, bro and sil at the “rents” and then it was so long farewell…and off they went. I was sooo happy to see them.

Now – back to normal life…whatever that is….lol!

SO it was Tuesday….the 2nd day of the New Year. A workout day. Back to Work Day. Stuck in Traffic Day. Nuff said. I do have to admit it is nice to be back on some sort of schedule….sorta…but I was kinda getting used to coming in late, no carpooling, no boss around….no account executives around…oh well…

Wednesday – it was poolin time with “B” and what fun we had. I avoided having a “treat” at heaven (starbucks), “B” was concerned said are you feeling okay??? LOL. But Oh well. LOL….anyways…work was good, got lots done, traffic sucked and then it was back home. I had been deciding on a word for me to concentrate on for the year. It was a challenge from Ali Edwards…after much debate, and thought, I chose the word ACHIEVE. SO that’s my word. Now let’s see if I can live up to it.

Thursday – back in the car again, driving, wasn’t feeling too hot hot hot….but I powered thru it. I made it okay…..I managed to finish the day…and then it was off to see MM. I thought I was okay…but as I got closer – not so much….oh well. He noticed right off the bat that I wasn’t in my “A” game mode….I did try. And then it was time to go see DIVA. I went to Michaels before heading to her place to get white letters to alter to spell achieve. Used a gift card – sweet…still not feeling too hot, but a bit better…stopped at Subway and got our dinner…and then off to DIVA’s. We had a great chat, she could tell I wasn’t on my game…we played with Dottie and then it was time to go. I had received a call from a tenant about being locked out. I called them told them I was on my way back…so they would wait at the bar down the street. Nice. Got home, let them in…and off to crash.

Friday came and went without too much stress. “B” and I pooled…work was okay…I was swamped. People are leaving….I ended up doing a ton of stuff that needed to be notarized…glad that’s done…and then it was time. Time to head home. Time to be stuck in the rain. UGH. Finally made it home around 7pm. Nice. Fixed some dinner, and settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t talk to “Frank” anymore since he sent me flowers. Obviously, he thinks there more there…and quite frankly – no pun intended…he’s married. I’m with “V” so that’s that. So I’ve been avoiding his calls. His emails, his text messages.

Got up Saturday and went to go a few errands. The Seahawks had a game and I wanted to be sure to watch it. I drove around, got my mandatory errands done, while I passed the stadium, I was shocked, okay not really to see that some of the parking was $Fity yes $50 dollars…what the??? Anyways….got it all done, and got home and was making a very late brunch…with scrambled eggs when the phone rang. A couple of friends called and said they were gonna be in town, at golden gardens and asked if I wanted to hook up. Hummm, a dog, a couple of kids, good friends, at my favorite place….SWEET….so off I went and we had lots of fun, did a bit of walking, talking, playing etc…and then the kids wanted to go to Ivars. Nice. SO we all headed over there…we talked while the kids were eating….and then it was time to say our goodbyes…and time for the football game.

The game…..all I can say is that I hope MM had a great time, I enjoyed the game, had a few laughs and glad that the Seahawks won, even if it was only by a wing and a prayer.

Sunday – the normal…church, errands, and the “rents” BUT I did talk to MeMe….yeah!!! It had been too long….and then I stopped at the store for a few things that I needed for lunch. I got home, brought everything upstairs, did the stupid GIP thing…ugh….and then I unpacked all the stuff, made a good lunch for Monday…and then it was time to drift off….

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm late I'm late...well more like still bee-hind

It occured to me that I am still one week behind in my blogging stories. I am bound and determined to get caught up and stay caught up.

I am sitting here typing away and listening to the wind howl. A week ago I was getting ready to go see my nephews on NYE in Bremerton. I had planned on going after church and spending some time with them. I knew they would be with my sil parents and all the cousins..BUT it didn't matter. It was all about the nephews.

I had a pretty typical day, nothing too special and then I headed out with a few friends to go see The Holiday. We had a good time, and then I headed home. I had been trying to convince my father to go with me to go see the boys. He kept hymming and was driving me crazy he couldn't or wouldn't make up his mind and kept telling me to call him later - I drifted off to sleep...

I got up early on Sunday, got ready for church, packed a day bag and headed out the door. I called pops from the car and he was well I don't me after church. What the??? So I continued to church. The service was very lovely and then...back out to the car. I had a message from pops....don't go yet, hang on, I'm taking your mom shopping...I'll call you when I get home. Okay that was an hour or so earlier....what the?

So I haded out and went to fill up the car with gas and started to head to Starbucks and then he called. He was sooo grumpy and said where do you want to meet??? And so forth and so on and back and forth and grumpy ness insuded. Anyways....I basically said I'll come get you...and he hung up on me. Whatever. Anyways, I got him and he didn't talk to me til about seattle...what the??? Anyways....we had a good trip over to Bremerton.

We got to our destination and then we hoped back in the car to go pick up the kids. After a little bit, we all decided to head back. So Bee-rom said can I have your I handed them to him and the next thing I knew...he was in the front seat and driving

We had a fantastic time. It was so good to see the boys again...and to see them be themselves...they are a little held back when they are at my parents house.

The highlight....was Bee-rom not only playing but singing to me "what would you say" by DMB. My heart just floated far far away....

So it was time to leave and pops and I headed out...back to everett...dropped him off and then I headed back home. It was a pretty silent evening....watched the fireworks....prayed about the upcoming year....reflected back to what was...3 years ago and am bound and determined to continue forward.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to the GRIND

WOW…Thursday appeared like out of no-where I tell you. NO Freakin Where. What the? Okay so I managed to get to work, still feeling warm and fuzzy from all the nephew hugs and kisses. AND on top of cloud 9 after my doctors appointment - But oh no back to reality. I thought for sure I would be able to get some organizational stuff done around the office…with most of my account execs out. BUT OH NO…NOT ME…come on Chan…be realistic….don’t they always leave you with a pile of stuff when you are just about to go somewhere or are gone??

So pile of stuff. Ugh. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Drat. And not only that but the other 2 sales coordinators were out – so it was me covering! Drat. Double Drat!
Okay party…so after pulling reports and compiling them, and printing them. I was onto the stuff. I had this huge repeat after me H U G E project for Doug that needed to be created, approved and then made, 150 table tents…printed, cut, folded, scored, assembled with a penny to balance it – time…effort….work….so I got the mock up done by about 5pm..and the person was gone. SO I couldn’t get it approved. UGH….so I waited, and on Friday….that person didn’t show up in the office til after 12…What the??? I showed it to her…she approved it….and then I started working on it. And then…(insert dramatic music here)


And I was STILL WORKING – it was only 12:30 people.


I finished the project at 5:15….packed up all the table tents labeled them and placed them in the mailroom to be picked up on Sunday for the promotion on NYE. Then I headed home.

Traffic sucked, and I met Pops to go for a walk. Did only a couple laps around the track was feeling pretty icky…and was pissed…not the best time for me to walk. UGH. I suck!


Today is test result day. I am soooo very nervous. So nervous. I don’t want to disappoint myself or even more so MM. I know I can’t control my blood sugar. But man oh man….I want it to be the same or lower. Oh please oh please…sweet baby jesus…let it be a pinch lower.

I walked into the doctors office, checked in, my nervous were gonna crazy I tell ya. What the??? Okay….time to weigh in. Big breath….remember to breathe. WOWZA…down a total of 35 lbs. 30 of it since the Jazz Fest….yippee….Everything else was good too…and then….the Blood Sugar Results…..down from a 6.1 (normal person) to a 5.9!!! A 5 point freakin 9! Wahoo!

When I was done, I called MM…he was soooo sleepy. But happy. I talked to Becks and Ultimate and then headed to get a treat for me….my weekly latte! Yeah me! – I also bought MM a 6-pack of his favorite Winterale brew…I then headed to work.
After work I headed to do my workout with MM…and low and behold….he had me hold a 35lbs weight. What the??? Anyways….I feel like I’ve accomplished something…and I need to keep going….but today – Thursday – Dec 28th – A freakin Fantastic day!


I just love being an auntie! So I’d indicated in one of my previous posts that I had some cool things happen that deserved their own posts…yes that was where we had left off…so oooh so long ago.

Let’s see…Nephew Day. Wednesday…exactly one week ago – today. WOW, has it really been a week already??? NO comments!!! Lol…okay I dare you to crack about my age…just go ahead…

Okay now to seriousness. My nephews…I got up early on Wednesday morning and proceeded to make lasagna. Yep, early in the am, I was up cooking….wahoo! I rock. I think the last time I made lasagna was when they were here last….almost 3 years ago…I made a few lower calorie choices, I used turkey meat instead of hamburger, and cottage cheese instead of ricotta….and wheat noodles….I made a HUGE pan…and got it all layered up and ready to go into the oven.

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then headed to clean up and take a shower and get ready to head up to the “rents” where my bro, sil and nephews were. It seemed to take 3 years to get there….and when I got there….I barely made it inside…when I was totally hugged by my LP. He just hugged and hugged and kissed and hugged me….it was soo good to see them. MAN oh Man how they have grown up!!!

We all got inside and had a great ketchup (lol) conversation….and then it was time to head to Chang’s Mongolian Grill. The boys just love that place and everytime they come to town…that is where we go.

So we all piled into 2 cars, I got the boys and br my sil went with the “rents” – we got to Chang’s and headed inside. We grabbed a place to sit and then headed to load our bowls up with all the goodies. The boys were crackin’ me up…they put a ton of Sherry in their bowls for flammage…those boys…lol….we had such a great time…lots of laughs…fun fun fun. After to boys finished 2 full plates, and ice cream, we headed back to the rents. We talked some more, LP and I played swipe…and had lots of laughs…then my pops brought out the olde rubix cube. Remember that??? LOL!

On a side note, I gave my brother b a Mountain tee shirt, and a few bottles of Jolly Rodger Christmas Ale….bonus points as the kewlst sister were scored…lol…hush now, I know I’m the only sister…but still!!!
Anyways, WE had a fantastic visit. I just love those boys! They ROCK. They are so creative. They are happy. They are life.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Somethings are better left unsaid...

I recieved this very beautiful arrangement of flowers from someone (lets call him frank) in my past. Now this person and I used to be involved way back when I worked at KISS. We had our good times and bad times....and finally it was over...and then I moved over here to Sandusky land.

When I started at Sandusky, I met Jim. And that was that til 3 years ago - and that is a whole nother blog waiting to's focus 3 years ago when I was in the hospital and near death, I called a few people to say goodbye too...and I called frank to say what apparently I needed to set the peace in my heart..and we talked and were most friendly. SO on and off and on...we have talked - I can honestly say we have remained friends. Well, since then I have been involved or he was...and when I finally had the guts to say hey lets try this again, he had gotten married. SO I never told him. Well most recently, the last several months we have started talking again.

Bad Chan, bad chan - just for good measure. So we've been talking - "V" has been out of town. NO I haven't seen him. Not that I haven't wanted to. And he has wanted to also. But he's married, and I told him I wouldn't even think about it until he was divorced. He's not really happy...etc etc etc. Well our conversations have got a little sauzy lately. Nothing bad, just harmless flirting....but I have to admit that if "V" wasn't in the picture and Frank was single, I am sure we would have gotten together for at least coffee by this see if the sparks are still there or has been very down, and our conversations have really cheered him up....apparently I am good for sumething!!! Anyways, he sent me this lovely flower arrangement for Christmas...and I feel bad, bad that I enjoy talking to him, bad that it might be hurting his wife, I've told "V" - and "V" actually knows him....and thinks its good that we have become friends again....what the??? lol...but what is a girl to do???