Thursday, January 31, 2008's been a week...

I totally suck! I left you all hanging for a week...bad blogger bad! LOL...okay lets see if we can ketchup...tee hee...

I had a busy day on Friday...and then I headed out to see Sally...what a great meeting...she always brings it back together...and helps keep me in focus...

Saturday I had a very busy day. I got up early and went grocery stuff for the dinner party...then I came home, made breakfast and talked to Debbie from work...then got ready. Headed down to Renton for the party for baby Emily. TOTALLY had a blast...then I headed home, got stuff ready for the dinner party and headed out...up to Ronda and Jared' was a fantastic time. I prepared a huge spinach/mushroom/onion salad and a big loaf of garlic bread and then sweet Grandma's cheesy bread. The seating arrangement was interesting. I ended up sitting next to Dave. Now Dave's a great guy...and a good sport...and I proclaimed at the beginning of dinner that Dave would be my designated Significant Other for the he totally played the part...lots of laughs and good times. The kids were a riot..and the food, fellowship was a great time. Got home rather late...

When I was leaving for church there was a note on my car from "V" great...sweet....I read it, and promptly crumpled it up and left it on the garage floor...incase he came back. *snort* I know what a witch...oh felt good! Had a great day at church with my class afterwards, then I headed up and met a good friend for lunch did a few errands and off to the "rents" had a great visit with them...and then off again I was...I stopped and did a bit of grocery shopping...and then upstairs....whew...what a day...I figured out I was really only home for about 3 hours (not sleeping or getting ready) over the weekend...what the French toast? LOL!

Monday and Tuesday B-rad and I pooled...totally fun - we had a bit of snow...but nothing was more fun listening to the newscasters and their WINTER STORM WATCH Let's see what else fun happened? Oh yeah...Heather and I went to dinner at Applebee's and saw 27 Dresses...totally fun time!!! I made my own very strong lemonade at Applebee's so strong that I needed some was pretty funny....Let's see what else...oh I've been slammed at work, the owners came in...and what else....hummm oh yea...I get to be a meanie tonight...

Da Da Duh....I have to deliver rent increases....ugh...not looking forward to the fallout of that...oh well...Oh yeah...Friday is my last low key workout...yeah....

I go and take my 3month tests (blood/protein) on Tuesday...and then RICO and I are gonna rock the party that rocks the body! Wahoo....Wednesday the goal is 4 exercises, 15 reps, 6 sets...Thursday 8 sets and Friday 10 sets...wahoo...back to kicking butt and taking names!!!

Anyways.....Oh I forgot....I purchased a cool poster....can't wait til it get's's pretty funny and I'm gonna hang it up at soon as it gets will be taken!

peace...and GO!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My friends RAWK!

YES I am okay. I promise. Thank you to all of you who checked in with me to see IF I was okay. I am. Truly I am.

Regrets are a waste of time...they're your past cripling you in your future. AND I AM STRONGER!!!!!

And besides...I've got lots of fun things planned this weekend...but.....sssshhhhh they are a secret...I'll fill you in on Monday (after "V" leaves town).


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a trainwreck...

SO I'm not sure which I'm more freaked out about or distrubed by...

A - the fact that my ex-husband called
B - the fact that the ringtone didn't sound
C- that I answered the phone
D - the fact that he proceeded to tell me that he just started seeing this chick this week, and as they were getting up this morning he thinks that her sister is this other chick he's been seeing on and off again for over a year
E - the fact that he told me he hadn't had a real connection like that since me
F - the fact that I didn't hang up
G - the last but most important - the fact that "V" is coming to town this weekend and wants to see me

I want (a smoke, a stiff drink, chocolate...) something NOW.


What the french toast? Off to get more WATER!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Shots?

Because…YOU asked

So you all know I’m about caring and sharing right? Well, I was on the phone this morning discussing the fact that I was getting my last series of synvisc shots today and the question was posed…You are gonna take a picture right? I wanna see. I was like – Really? So I thought about it and realized if I’m gonna ever really document this journey of mine, I need the good, the bad and the shots? Eh..Ugly. So here you go…The pictures are in the next post below this...I wanted to send out a public service announcement for the weak of heart or!

The first image is of my prepped knee, the second, shot number one to numb away…and the third…the synvisc or as I refer to it WD-40 for the knees. Mind you this is only one knee...I've been having this done to both of my knees and it is a three week per knee per week for three weeks....special eh? lol...

I had a great fantastic visit with Dr. Mike…like duh? And I just love how Dr. Mike gets me ready…he always says…You’re are gonna feel a poke, a burn, and then fullness…and then he says…poke….burn….filling up…he’s sooo funny! Anyways…I told him about going up the stairs like a normal person yesterday 2xs boy was I excited…and he says…hey now…take it easy…no marathon’s yet…lol…

SO here’s to frozen peas…and no pain!


Because YOU asked....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Beware - it's a full moon....

Monday – freakin early. I headed to Rico’s studio. It was dark very dark. Full moon. Very very cold. Freakin early.

He was just about to walk inside when I pulled up…he waited for me. We get inside…it’s actually warmer inside than outside. Still freakin cold. Freakin early. He starts messing with the computer/stereo. We chit chat. And then we hear. The. Car. Alarm. Sound. Off. What the? Rico says…it only goes off if someone opens the door. Son of a Freakin scared now. We head towards the main door. WE. Hear. Another. Alarm. Going. Off. What the? As we open the door (stupid move) his car is going off. He kills the alarm. No one in sight…we notice the alarm for the building across the street is going off. Weird. Freaky. The good ole Seattle PD pull up and drive towards the other building. The gate is locked so they just turn around? Huh? The Alarm is still BLARING….as we head inside I as Rico if he could lock us inside. And he does. Whew…still not feeling too safe right then.

We decide to work out with NO music so we can hear any noises. We hear someone trying to open the door (maybe the police?) Don’t know – they didn’t bang on the door…so we didn’t check it out. Too scared. So we continued to work out. Everytime we heard a noise, we stopped and debated about it…lol. RICO when to get a metal rod (his weapon of choice?) and the tennis ball?? Okay….guess that!!! Anyways…we ended up talking about Dexter of all things….lol…the Showtime show that is about a serial killer who kills serial killers? It’s gonna be on CBS in February…see what happens when all the writers go on strike? Why can’t they bring back the oldie but goodies…the Love Boat, Chips, Magnum PI? Lol….oh well. Anyways…we finished up, he walked me out and down to the car…and off I headed home.

The best thing of the morning…I was actually able to go up the stairs like a normal person today. My left knee didn’t buckle, and I made it up all the way without stopping, or it giving out…YEAH!!!!!!!

Anyways…let’s chalk it up to the full moon…a workout studio in a previously old abandoned building and a holiday that I have to work…lol.


The weekend in a nutshell...

Here it is Monday…a holiday and where am I? At work…as always…no holidays til the end of May…man do I miss working for lawyers on days like today.

The weekend was very good. After leaving work on Friday, I headed and got the fruit for the salad I was gonna make for the candle/stamping party and headed home. Had a nice relaxing evening…unwinding and watching a little bit of tv.

Saturday arrived way too early. I got up and started to make the fruit salad….man oh man did it smell wonderful. I finished getting ready and headed out to meet DIVA #1 (That would be Miss Helen) for breakfast at our favorite place Sweet Additions. Got there a few minutes late, but the breakfast and the company were fantastic. We chatted, caught up on all the good gossip of the day…and then it was time to head out to Jessica’s…down the 169 to…

As usual, I passed Jessica’s house, I always do…it’s too funny…as I drive past it, I always say…”Isn’t that Jessica’s?” I turned around and proceeded to go inside. Jessica got a new puppy named Jack…way to cute…white and black mini austrailian Shepard…I might actually get attached to this puppy. I was bummed out as Brandon her son, wasn’t there…he’s such a sweetie…oh well….everyone started to show up and then it was time for the candle party. I ended up purchasing some candles…as I have made a promise to light them more…to relax…attaining peace….so this was my GO to do it. Everyone finished with the candles, and then it was time for a little bit of stamping. While Heather was setting up, everyone went to get a bit of lunch…the fruit salad was a HIT! Sweet! Gotta love that!

We made two really cute projects, this love card and a matching bag to put goodies in…LOVE THEM! I never use this paper and I have a ton of it…okay a couple of packs left…I gave away my retired ones for prizes at Scrappin Friendzy last time. Must did out this paper…make card…lol…

Anyways, I headed home…and just kicked it. Really didn’t do much. Made dinner and just enjoyed “being at home”, before bed, I placed a bag of lentils in a pot with lots of water to soak overnight…my Sunday project…lol. Sunday I woke up and wasn’t feeling to snazzy, so I didn’t go to church – I was torn about going…but I thought I was coming down with a cold or something…so I decided with my last shot on Tuesday, that I better lay low…I made a lentil, leek, mushroom, ground turkey soup. Not too bad for the first time – not sure if I’m a lentil fan or not, but Sally (my nutritionist) wants me to incorporate more beans into my diet – okay so I’ve done it…this week anyways…lol.

So the rest of the day/evening was relaxing, I did go out for a bit and got a couple of things at the store…but boy was it getting cold outside…and it’s supposed to be cold this whole week….glad I got my new jean jacket!

Anyways….here’s the projects we did at Jessica’s….enjoy!


Friday, January 18, 2008


Here's to having and enjoying a great weekend! I've got lots on my list of things to do...and enjoy. I'll update on Monday for sure....with pictures.....

And in case anyone is wondering....the video is in process. RICO has it and is working on it...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos

Today at work we celebrated the birthdays of Alan and Steve...we headed down to Teroros - everyone had lots of fun....and of course...the bday boys had to wear somberos! Ole!


So Happy It's Thursday!

WOW…where did the week go?

Yesterday was workout day with RICO – but we videotaped. Man do I talk a lot…lol…I think it went okay? Who knows? I sure don’t.

Last night was a typical boring night – didn’t do anything too exciting…shame on me. I watched stupid stuff on tv – it’s like a train wreck…you just can’t turn away…and I don’t really remember what I watched. UGH…

This morning BeeRad and I pooled. YEAH! We left early so we could hit the gym at the office. Had a pretty good workout. Boy am I spoiled by RICO. I had to get my own stuff…lol…I did a pretty good job by myself I think. Got ready for work and here we are. I tried the exercise bike…it was okay…it hurt my knees tho…BUT I’ll try it again. Anyways we have a lunch today…so I’m looking forward to that…

More later…


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OH....we're off to see the Dr. the wonderful doc of knees....

LOL.....Lookie it's Dr. Mike!!!

Today was my second series of Simvisk injections in both of my knees. And after last week's hideous display of ignorance by the surgeon, I was definately looking forward to seeing Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike RAWKZ! Totally he does. He is such a great doc!!!
Anyways, the appointment went great...we chatted, and discussed what happened last week. And we talked about future stuff with my knees and what to do and how to do it...and to keep on moving forward.

I brought my camera to take a picture of my knee(s) getting injected, but thought that might be too much for you all...or for me to try and take a picture while I'm trying to relax and breathe and stay did convince Dr. Mike to let me take a picture of him....but he said he had to approve it I definately took advantage of it!!!

Next week is the last series of this to just hang in there and get through the next couple of weeks....and here's to hoping it lasts a year!!!!

Tomorrow is video day...wonder if I'm ready for it. Time will tell...

till then......


Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Let it snow let it snow…
It rained/snowed last night and then this morning everything was either icy or snowy or both. It definitely was COLD. It took 1 1/2 hours to get to work. Everyone drove slowly no one was in a hurry no accidents on the way thank goodness. Here’s not only a picture but a card….a double shot of sorts...more later after I see Dr. Mike and get my second series of Simvisk shots in my knees.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop…

This weekend was good. Went by too fast. I did do a bit of relaxing, a bit of clean up and I did do some stamping. I went to church on Sunday, and up to the “rents”. I fell asleep sorta early, and then woke up way too early….ugh 4am. Sorta feeling that now.

Today was a challenge with working out and my knees. Rico and I started a semi-hardkore workout and after 4 rounds….I was done. My knees hurt like they were being hit with a hammer. I know it will be better in time. But right now it’s hard. It was disappointing, I felt like I not only let myself down, but I let him down as well. Rico is so amazing at times. He just fixed it. Got me on a bench and grabbed the monster resistance tube and some dumbbells. And we rocked it…then we headed over to the over side to do some diagonal crunches with the yellow sun (10lb medicine ball). I got a good workout…I know I will be back and even better…but it’s frustrating right now and tomorrow is shot day. I think I’m gonna take my camera and take a picture of doctor Mike. Should make for some interesting viewpoint to say the least.

I got lots of packages at work today. I had ordered a couple of items of clothing last week and they arrived. I can’t wait to try them all on. I am wearing the jean jacket right now, I probably could have gone a size smaller…but it’s gonna get cold…might need to layer and then wash and dry it will shrink…anyways…it’s comfortable and a medium weight so it’s perfect in my eyes.

Here’s to getting through all the rough spots of the day. All the pain on/in my knees…and to the fact that no matter what…Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And the walls come crumbling down…

This morning started out much like a normal Friday morning, a butt kicking by Rico…go home and get ready for work….but today was different. It did start at Rico’s studio, but not so much of a butt kickin’ just maintenance stuff. My knees still are hurting, but getting better each day. I’m sure by the time Monday rolls on by, they will be fine, just in time to get injected once again. (Breathe, remember to Breathe – I’ve had to tell myself quite a bit this week).

Rico and I talked about “the video” today. It looks like Wednesday is the day to record. I have been reflecting a lot lately and have been trying to put “stuff” down on paper so I at least know what I’m talking about. I switched a couple of appointments around, but I rescheduled them….no missed workouts here! I’m actually quite proud of that…the only time I actually cancelled was when I was really sick and when I had to work out with “Skippy over there” at FT.

As I was on my way to work, I was stopped as usual at the light at the end of the street. As I looked across I realized that the QFC is gone and construction has really begun. I thought about the first time I went into that QFC, 20 years ago and how my life has really changed. I remember really walking back then. To the store, to work, to the park, to the locks, through downtown Ballard, downtown Seattle, the Aquarium, the Zoo…and so on. I can’t remember the last time I did any of that in the last 5 years.

So the walls are crumbling down. The unhealthy me is crumbling and being replaced by the healthier, thinner, more active me. It’s almost like I am starting over again, but instead of a clean slate, it’s one that has to be worked at, maintained, formed, loved. It is often said that if you don’t love yourself, you aren’t ready to really love anyone truly, madly or deeply. And I believe that. I had discovered the last year that I really like me, for who I am, not what I think everyone wants me to be and there is a big difference in that. I actually am now loving myself. I am nurturing my mind, body and soul. It has been an interesting, challenging and a hard path to stay on…but as Rico says…”Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop.

Here’s to breaking through the crumbling walls.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet Emmy....

My dear friend Cyn and her husband Rich had their first baby Emily the end of December. Here's a picture of the baby announcement card that Cyn and I made last November. The inside also has the "info" about Emmy printed on vellum and attached with gold photo corners...We made about 40 of these I think...I don't remember it was so long ago...

The card is made of DCWV MatchMaker's paper Pink #1, #3 and the hearts cuttlebug embossing folder, stamped with Palette Noir ink, gold ink, using the Giga Scallop circle punch, and the Mega circle punch and pink with white polka dot ribbon. The little girl character stamp, not sure where that is from, but the Chinese character was custom made by Digital Princess Designs - hi Alana! in Canada...(side bar - ooh Canada...sorry....saw the cute canadian this morning...while I was waiting for "B" to pick me up....what a great way to start the morning...*snort*)

So it's been a rough couple of days. My knees are still sore and bruised. I've been one with the bag of frozen peas at home. UGH. I did have a good workout with Rico...and video taping should happen next week, I'll let you all know when...and I went to a seminar at Swedish Hospital in Issaquah last night about joint replacement. Talked to a wonderful surgeon and am feeling much better about my future outcome with my knees and much more informed that I was the other here's to a great day! We got our list of holidays this year...only 8 days off...but hey, it's 8 days off....they are in the calendar, and I've requested my first 2 days off for CKC in PDX....wahoo!!!

peace...and I'm so grateful for frozen peas!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Today was a day I have been waiting for - finally the injections in my knees - or the first one at least.

When I woke up they were talking about snow...but I looked outside and just rain in ballard...whew...I got ready and was out the door and heading to Issaquah to Dr. Mike's office I was driving, I wondered if there was snow at times there is...
It was still dark when I arrived and no snow...whew...and then it was time. I met my new dr (dr. mike's boss) okay don't like him....totally offended me....and if you know me you know how hard that is to do...hello - Dutch Harbor - AK - it, heard it, or done my shots and it is not a pleasant thing, feels weird, feels tingly, feels like pressure...I got into the card and headed to work, and as I was getting ready to hit the freeway, I saw a scattering of snow in the I took a picture....enjoy....more to come


Monday monday monday....what a day....

I got up and headed to RICO's and I gave him all my homework...and we talked about it a bit...and then...the butt kicking commenced. LOL....we did the 4/15/10 (4 exercises, 15 reps, 10 sets) and he put a twist in my crunches/situps...diagonal...with a 12 lbs medicine ball..son of made it through and then it got interesting....I got in the car and then I started to feel...well not so good....

I pulled the car over...and then I hurled...son of a gun....and then the nice military guy that walks down to the armory stopped "You okay ma'am?" I said yeah, my trainer kicked my butt, then I hurled again (and fyi - luna bars and water not a good combo) then he said "are you sure you are okay?" I told him, yes, I was and that my bro who's a lt col would tell me it was good for me...he just chuckled, and replied "Those Lt. Col's they are all talk and no action" too funny!

I took it easy the rest of the day got to work a bit late..but heck why not...and then the day went pretty quick...and then it was time....

to meet MEME....for the movie premiere...THE BUCKET LIST....what a great movie! I highly recommend it....lots of good laughs and a very touching story!

I headed home...and hit the sack.....


The other day RICO asked me if I was visualizing my goal picture of what I wanted to look like when all is said and done. I told him NOPE...can't see that far ahead....he asked me where I saw myself when we are done...I said when I was a Senior in high school....he told me to bring in a few homework assigned.

When I was getting ready to leave the "Rents" on Sunday I mentioned my homework to Pops, he comes out with a big box of here's a flashback for in high school, getting ready for senior tea...homework completed....and in case any of you are wondering...yes I am still journaling, and I gave RICO my journal for last week on Monday....yeah me!!!

Weekend Update's already Tuesday so I'll try my best and "RECAP" the weekend. Friday continued to be a great day. I went home and totally relaxed. I ended up watching "CARS" too cute of a movie.

Saturday I slept in, and did a few things around the apartment and then I hit the road Jack...I went to the bank, made the rent deposit and then I headed to Factoria. I stopped at the office to do a quick task, then I headed to Target, found a really cute and really cheap playground ball with TIGGER on it for my PT exercises...yeah! And I found these really cool Military Ribbon Christmas Ornaments that were on clearance for a $1.49 so I bought the last for the "Rents" and one for me....gotta support our troops! I then headed to Joanns to do a little me shopping with a gift card....I purchased another embossing folder "Congrats" and a 4 pc heart diecut set...I'll post samples soon! Then I headed to Sports Authority to look for a pair of cool weight training gloves no luck....and the SEAHAWKS WON!!!!

I headed home, and stopped at Freddy's to get a few things and found yet another ornament "PEACE" on clearance for $1.49 gotta love 90% off...I finally got home, headed upstairs and settled in and relaxed. I made an awesome chicken ceasar salad and settled in and watched two movies, "Working Girl" and "Jurassic Park" it seems like a lifetime ago that I begged the EX to take me to that movie....we had such a great day - wish it could have lasted....anyways....I made 2 baby congrats cards for Ronda and Lydia...I need to make one for I'll post that one...

Sunday got up and got ready for was a great service, all the kids were there and the cute so litte so precious. I was lucky and not only got a hug from Aaron but also a that little boy - such a great smile!!! And then I headed down to Adult Education...great book, great conversation, great group...then back to the building...did a few manager duties and then up to the "Rents" fun as always and boy did mom look great. She was dressed, hair done, and lipstick on...that's the best I've seen her look since Halloween....made me feel so happy!!!! Anyways...I headed home...and got ready for Monday...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Triple Arm Pump Day


I tell ya, it's the shortest longest week ever. I had Monday and Tuesday off, back to work on Wednesday and today being Friday...I struggled to go to work. I've been lucky enough to have had each FRIDAY off in was like pulling teeth this morning. But I did it...GO...

Today has been a freakin' fantastic day. It all started off with a under 120 blood sugar reading when I woke up. It was 111 - it hasn't been that low in the AM for the last 3 fact it has been pretty high averaging between 160-195 today was a good day....and then it got better....

RICO kicked my butt this morning. WOW did he ever...just gotta love it - I felt like an athlete this morning. Broken down, muscles on fire, sweat pouring down...and elated. WOW....I did ask if he would cut my left arm off tho...but no luck...he said he didn't have the RICO.

I left the studio and headed home, got ready for work, remembered my keys and grabbed my lunch and then it was time to GO...

Got to work...and it just kept getting better. Monti said to me...that I've been looking like a DIVA all week, all dressed up, make done, hair done and sass-ay! Gotta love that. I told her thank you and that I'd been working hard at it.

Got lots done, and then Heather came to visit for lunch...YEAH! Hi Heather!!! She showed me a few cards, and it was good to catch up....and then I took my blood sugar 2 hours after we ate, normally it's about 150 - well lookie here....114! SWEET!

Anyways - that's it for today. Here's to a great week, a even better weekend...

Just GO...

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thursday, day 3 of the new year and my 3rd post of the year. Not too shabby, eh? I am attempting to refocus my blog as I refocus this year. Hopefully, the two will be accomplished.

I decided the other day that I should really try and do my picture a day again…and ACTUALLY finish it…so that is yet another goal I am going to try and do. I don’t know if I’ll post the pictures here….but I will at least take them, and down load them. My camera does a cool thing when printing so perhaps, I will be printing each week, and actually “scrap it” we will see, I don’t want to overwhelm myself with “stuff” but I do want to do more crafting and that will help with my words of the year…Achieve, peace and GO.

Last night I attempted NOT to be overwhelmed. I went shopping for a few things I needed and then I went home. I relaxed a bit, did my PT exercises, made dinner, cleaned up dinner and did my PT exercises again. Whew….then I did some crunches before bedtime. But I did do ONE thing…I found my new calendar that I bought a couple of weeks ago and did take it to work.

I have been having issues with my food journal and calendar and I hope that this new system will work. I really need to journal, I haven’t for a while and really needed to start again. And yes I have as of the 31st…and have been keeping it up each day….As it is important not only for me but for RICO. Part of my issue was I needed to have it handy, and to give it to RICO to review….the way I was doing it wasn’t working….so this new method, a 3 ring binder with my calendar and a spare 3 ring to put the completed and reviewed journal weeks in will hopefully work. I have placed the current weeks journal inside my calendar and at the start of the new week, I will give it to RICO to review and when he’s done, I’ll put it in the spare binder. That week is done, and over with…hopefully this will work, I really need it to.

I really need to get my schedule laid out a bit better…with my workouts with RICO 3x a week, my PT exercises 2x a day and with my 20-30min workout before bed 7x a week Its’ been a struggle to do it all…but I keep pushing forward as I don’t want to be pushing daisies. I know it will get easier and the routine will set in…but it’s day 3 and it sucks.

So today has been great day so far….I carpooled, work has been good, MEME and I are going to see the Bucket List next week, and I spoke with DIVA and will be staying at the Villa 2 times yes count it two times in the next 3 months. YEAH ME!

So here’s to making sure I do “just one thing” and not overwhelm myself, get my new evening routine in check and do what I have to do…and relax, be at peace and GO during my workout tomorrow am with RICO!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What can you do with 400+ buttons?

SO this is what you can do....a little bit of time, okay a fair amount of time, 4 packages of assorted buttons, a stryofoam cone and 5 boxes of pearl head pins...and a few gold for a little bit of glitz! Who knew??? LOL...the most funniest thing about this project was the fact that my dad kept wanting to rearrange the buttons.....many times I had to tell him to put down the tree and step away.....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A relaunch - a fresh beginning

It's 2008 and wow has 2007 been quite a year. There has been good, bad, sadness, joy, rediscovery, and so many more things.

I do know that I am grateful. For so many things. I have come a long way on this journey of mine, and have a long way yet to go. I've got a great team of people now it's really up to me to continue to make it all count.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. For all of the new babies, for those that have comitted themselves to each other I am grateful for you and so hopeful.

It's been a struggle the last 45 days, but I thinkI've got it under control, or at least managable. I know that I can't control any of it....I can just hold it at bay and continue to do what I do.

I have to keep on track with my workouts, with my food intake, my emotions, my medications, and my stress level. I have to remember to turn it over to God, and to be at peace. Those seem like such easy things to do, but at times, almost impossible.

So here's to 2008, where I plan to achieve and be at peace and to just rock it!!!