Friday, October 05, 2007

What NO STAMPS?????

Tee hee. Lots been going on, can't really discuss it here but EVERYTHING is OKAY. I've been busy helping out the "rents" and "DIVA". I was asked to make some cards for Jeanies mom's 70th bday. Here's what I came up with. No stamps involved....what? Her party is going to be at a chinese I found some beautiful asian themed papers. I can't show you the inside as it has all the details of the party and well quite frankly, I don't want to scrub em out in photo there! But the beige symbol paper continues on the inside and then printed on a very very cool textured red paper is the invite. AND YES, for those of you....who know me entirely too well. I did charge her, not only for the cost of the papers but a $1 a that's said.

I have been working on my giveaway goodies for scrappin friendzy, I'll finish them and take a picture of the freakin 100 pile stacks of nail files and bone folders....what was I thinking? They are coming out good I there.

Anyways....back to the grind. I've had a slight cold this week, so I have NOT been working out, and I've missed RICO...dude....but I'm seeing Dr Sally today love our appointments and then my sweet sweet grandma is coming over yeah - there will be pictures for sure.

OMG - I can't believe I almost forgot it again...UGH I suck! MEME is back in town, and working...YEAH....we are gonna try and get together for a movie is soo good to have her back...I missed my movie buddy!!!

til later

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