Saturday, December 30, 2006

What it's been a week already?

WOW....go figure, its been a week since I last blogged. WOW....where did the time go??

Some very cool things have happened this week, so I'll post those seperate because well, they deserve it.

Sunday Christmas eve - what a day. Got up and headed to church, and then up to make dinner an early dinner at that for the rents.

I made a seafood pesto pasta, with lobster, scallops and prawns - freaking awesome! We had a very nice relaxing early dinner and then I headed out to go to the candle light service at church. Amazing. Beautiful. Tears flowed.

I headed home and met back up with "V". We spent a very nice relaxing evening opening a few presents and discussed our future or lack there of. We finally drifted off to sleep.

Got up late Christmas morning, and opened gifts from people at the office....and then took "V" to the ferry to go see his mom an step brothers and sisters. I headed up to the "rents". Had a good time up at the "rents" opened presents, had a nice dinner then headed back, picked up "V" and headed home. We had a relaxing evening and watched a movie and fell off to sleep.

We got up on Tuesday and continued our talk about our future. "V" feels very threatened about my "new" life. How I've changed...he doesn't feel he fits into that mold of my life. I told him I am the same person, just healthier, he feels very aware of what he is doing and is wondering what I think when he does what he when he got smokin petes bbq and i had a subway wrap, little simple things like that. I told him it will all work out. He's not so convinced....we'll see. I'm sad and frustrated, I need my best friend and he's so worried about us. It rained all day, and then it was time to get ready. Ready for "V" to go to the airport and for me to get ready for my work out with MM. We headed to the car, and made a quick stop at the Jolly Rodger Bar to get a few beers for my brother. Said goodbye...and then headed to workout with MM.

Had a great workout....Ultimate trainer was was good to see and chat with him. When I got home, I really missed "V". I hope we can get thru his issues, I hope I can stay true to me and not "go" back...I've worked too hard to get here. Anyways....I headed off to sleep...the boys yes my nephews....would be at the "rents" in the morning.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

All comfy and cozy

It's Saturday night. I am curled up in my new pjs and robe. Sweet. "V" is here. Its good to be curled up with him. It's like he never left. But he did...he's back for a few days...and then will be gone. Gone for how long?? I wish I knew. Right now, he doesn't even know. He thought he would be coming home for good in April, but now, he's not talking about it. GO figure.

I was busy today. I actually slept in, got up, made breakfast, enjoyed that with "V" and then we headed out. He hooked up with the guys and I headed out to the wifely chores. "what the?" I go the car washed, got gas for the car, headed to pick up stuff for dinner with the "rents" on Sunday and then headed to go for a walk with pops. It was really cold and I was having a hard time breathing....bad air quality. I felt like I needed my inhaler. Crap! Oh well, we did a couple of laps...better than none. I then headed to FM to get the very last gift for my parents. Tee hee...I bought them each a garden knome. What is so cute about that the are a girl and boy with gords for hats....I'll take pics and post later....

I then headed to pick up "V" and we went to have dinner a very low key informal just hang out and talk dinner....then back home....

more later....

The weather outside is FRIGHTFUL

Yes I know its been over a week since I have posted. Bad Chan, Bad Chan. SO much too tell. Perhaps a short list will do.

We had a major windstorm. Lots of people lost power. I did not. Lucky me.
Did some Christmas shopping. No wrapping yet. Boo hiss.
Went to church on Sunday. Beautiful service.
Went to R&J's for a holiday party and bday party for the times.
Monday - Back at work. boo! out....rocked it hard core! Yeah me!
Wednesday busy day at work....and our rescheduled holiday party! AND...
MEME is here. Went to the airport to get her...another crazy delated flight...but she is here! YEAH!
Thursday. Blood test day. UGH. Was pretty weak afterwards. But I did it...NOW just to wait for the results next Thursday. Had my work out...gave MM his present...he LOVED IT...YEAH ME! Went to go get "V". YEAH "V"!
Friday. Day off...YEAH me...had a workout with GIP. Brian the Ultimate was there. Good workout...and then MM showed up....yeah me....I felt sooo special....they all were there....Merry Christmas to me!!! Those peeps are so means so much to me that they care! I stopped at the office....and low and behold a surprise....a bouqet of flowers for me....I'll post a pic later. Walked with Pops at the track...rocked it! Did a bit more shopping....not to crazy out there...yeah...and then dinner with "V".
Saturday...slept in....more to come....


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Its all about the BACON

Wow...Wednesday - Hump Day! YEAH!...I was excited. I woke up knowing today I would register for some classes at CK in PDX. And today...was Breakfast day at the office...part of our week long celebration! Sweet!

Got in, started doing all that fun "work" stuff...and then it was time. I logged on and registered for classes....and the best part - I got the 3 I really wanted!!!! YEAH!

Then it was time for a little breakfast celebration!!! YEAH!!! There was BACON...really it's all about the BACON. There were lots of yummy quiches and fritattas and lots of other yummy things I'm not to have or even look at...snort...and there was fresh fruit! YEAH!

SO I grabbed a piece of quiche, some fruit and some BACON..duh...and headed back to my desk....I of course didn't eat the crust...yeah me...but everything was yummy!

Anyways....I did a little chat with the famous ms. donna downey...which was way coool...and then I headed home.

Had a pretty funky evening...but I'll get over...thru it...anyways...I've got a workout scheduled with GIP on Thurs as MM is out for the Hawks game...he sux...but not really.

I got lots of goodies today in the mail....MeMe's gift finally arrived and I had Santa's helpers wrap it for me at the office...and Cyn's also came....and my tees arrived...yeah! Too big but oh well, when they are washed, they will shrink. One is for working out in anyways...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I was sooo excited this morning. I was gonna be able to register for my advanced jewelry class today.

On the way to work, I called and talked to a friend whom I haven't talked to in like foreverh...a mad scientist related was good to hear their voice and catch up a bit.

I got into work and realized the "JOKE" that I left on a stocking - the stocking was gone. Okay this is not good. NOTE: When playing reindeer games...becareful. I upset this person. I did not mean to. This is what I did. I took a stocking that had a name of a person who is NO longer here...and took the gold glitter and put an "X" thru it. Then I proceeded to write in the gold glitter the person's name that didn't have a stocking...pretty fun...considering the guy is always laughing joking etc. AND last year he put up a sweatsock with his name on it....I thought he would laugh.


SO I put up the funny stocking on Monday was gone on Tuesday...BUT I really had made him a regular new one on Monday night and was gonna replace it. Anyways....I was forgiven. UGH....come on people have a bit of holiday humor.



I actually got thru and was able to register for my advanced jewelry class with LNK...YEAH..The picture above shows what the class is...I will be making the pendant part of the necklace...I am sooo excited...and it is sooo out of the box for me and I'm ready for it! of the day...was busy crazy...I was totally beat by the time I got to see MM...we had a good workout even tho I was tired...and then I headed home....

Mondane Monday

Monday...what the heck happened??? Oh let's see.

I carpooled to work with "B"
Traffic sucked
Got to work
Long day couldn't wait til it ended
Gave my person their Secret Santa Gift
Hung the stockings at work (made a funny on one of them as a joke - people it was a joke)
Got a Secret Santa Gift
Left work
Beat "B" on the carpool game "What time do you think we'll get home" I was only off 1 minute...I rock...ugh I wish I would have lost!
Made dinner
Did a few things round the apartment
Hit the RB for my work out....
Went to bed

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pretty boring weekend....

So Saturday wasn't too eventful....I seemed to be fighting a cold that everyone at work seems to have. Felt pretty crappy....but took it easy...seem to have passed on the that's good.


Got up, headed to church....was a beautiful service....we sang some Christmas who would have thought that there were extended versions of

I headed to Sam's club to pick up a few things...and it just dumped when I got out of there...eeks...headed to Office depot to pick up some envelopes for the office for our Christmas cards that I'm gonna print...eeks....and then headed home.

Got home, realized I was a bit I curled up to take a asleep and then had to rush to get up to get to the "rents"...traffic was I didn't call I needed to give full attention to the road...sorry MeMe....ugh I suck!!! I'll give you a call tonight after "B" drops me off...

Got to the "rents" had a good visit...dinner was good...but the best thing was...pops gave me a cartoon....basically it had two guys playing basketball in the background...and two guys sitting on the guy said to the other "I think my energy drink is disagreeing with my power bar" SNORT. Ha ha too funny.

And for a side note....the flamingo is still dawning its rain slicker....hopefully the santa outfit will make an appearance now that pops has all the lights up.

SO here's to a good Monday....

Saturday, December 09, 2006


You Are Diet Coke
You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness.And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil.
Your best soda match: 7 Up
Stay away from: Coke
What Kind of Soda Are You?

My happiness for Friday...

Okay I have 2 actually....maybe

The buddy (you know who you are) is emailing me each day with a happiness. I am soo's a tough thing to do....but when the cards and chips are down....sometimes a little reminder can make the difference....

Let's see..."B" and I carpooled....and went to Starbucks....I didn't have a latte...I had unsweetened ice tea...yeah me....and I didn't miss the latte!!!

I got paper and stamping goodies from The Angel fun fun....

I had a good day at work....

oh I almost really....I walked around the track 4 times....yep 4 times....yeah 4 times tee hee...with pops. I walked 4 times around the track...nenner neenner

I am sooooo happy about it...after, I called momma to tell her.....and I can't wait to email MM...wahooo.....hopefully the rain will stop...cuz we are gonna walk tonight (Sat).

Anyways...time to get the day rocking!


Diva Night...

Finished the day at work and got ready for MM. I drank 1/2 of a protein shake...check...and drove down. Got there, hit the RB...and then...

MM time! We worked hard...we talked about what happened on Tuesday...and everything...perfect. I nailed everything. WAHOO! YEAH ME!!!

At the end - I drank the other half of the shake then headed to the RB...what the?? The NEW girl was hogging it. UGH....the one thing I just love about everyone else...they know that I'm an RB girl...they know that I'm not ready for the other stuff...if they are on the RB...they move. They all ROCK...NEW GIRL...NOT SO MUCH....but I have to give her the benefit one one ticket. SO I tried to do the Elipa-freak machine...ugh....didn't quite get it. MM was proud of me for trying it....we'll work on it on Tuesday...he told me to go home and work on the RB there.

I could totally tell the protein helped...I felt good I felt like I had worked out....but good.

I headed to the office to check on my ebay item for MM for christmas.....I won YEAH....I'll have to post a picture when I get it. Then off to see DIVA!!!

I stopped at Subway and got our normal and then headed over....Both Ugly Betty and Grey's were reruns...but we chatted and caught times....then it was...

time to head home. I got home...around 11 and hit the RB for a bit....and then off to dream land...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"V" rocks! Yes He DOES!

MY dear sweet BF sent me this wonderful present today. It is a pair of pewter dragonfly napkin holders made by the Tin Woodsman, to go along with my Bordallo Pinheiro Majolica Dragonfly dishes!

When he came home, he brought me a dragonfly large spoon from the Tin Woodsman with a hook for the kitchen wall. Last week, he sent me a coffe canister with a pewter dragonfly lid and dragonfly spoon.

BOY DOES HE ROCK....can't wait to see what's next!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

THWAK....That's gonna leave a mark for sure!

Tuesday....MM day...YEAH!

Got to work...and had a great day. I worked on Yamadasan's bracelet that I have had for way too long and finally fixed it...YEAH ME...and besides beading during work...sweet!

Anyways....back to the good stuff....

I am gonna take a few classes this next year...but the sign ups are NEXT WEEK...what the??? is an ADVANCED wire working class in Feb. with my FAV instructor Lisa Niven Kelly! YEAH!!! and I'm gonna go to Portland for the CK Convention....and take a few okay 4 altered art classes....yeah....SO WISH ME LUCK that I get in and get all the classes I there are only soooo many seats!

So I headed down to good ole FT and hit the RB for a little warm up....and then it was time...MM and I rocked it....what a great workout....I've really stepped it up the last two weeks...and he was almost beeming at my I was so trying to catch my happened.

I hit the wall after my work out....pretty scary. NO fuel left to operate my depeleted body. The banana only helped my blood sugar...glad I thought of that...cuz that would have been Thwak, passout and that really did leave a mark time...ugh....I just realized that I need to change my emergency contact info on my Medic Alert - ugh...Michael and Brian are still on there....gosh I miss them. I hate that Michael is made at me and that Brian...well Brian is Brian...a badd badd badd man...I miss him so much....I was thinking of him the other day and started to cry. I wonder if he'll show up like he promised on the 21st. He did last year...gosh I hope...BUT I know that I am sooo much stronger this year than the last 2 - especially the last year...sorry sidetracked.d...okay back to the dealio...

SO after emailing GIP and MM, I heard back from GIP (Girl In Pants formally known as Not So Scary Josh) and he suggested a protein drink prior and after working that's what will happen for just to hear back from MM....I am sure he will think the same...but heck, one never to Super Supplements for a little protein!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A challenge of sorts....card style

So I joined a quickie swap on my Angel Stamp group...and we are to send one card per week for the next 3 weeks to the person who signed up "below" us. OH great...I got Momma...SO that means I have to come up with 3 new cards that she doesn't have...ARGH!!!...SO...
this is what I came up with...I'm gonna try and use black and white ginham ribbon on each one to prove a point to her...that it goes with everything. Enjoy! More to come!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Things done and heard on a day off...

UGH...Saturday got here too up, got ready and then grabbed the rent checks and headed out to see MM.

Got into the car and headed out....the sun was out and I was in a sassy mood and ready to bring down and called Momma to see how she was doing...and just a bit of general chit chat...called my pops to see if we were on for tonight and then I got at FT....headed inside and someone was already on the I decided to walk back and forth til MM was ready for me...

He saw what I was doing and was glad that I was warming I told him it was the poor man's version of an RB...laughing ensued.

We got down to business and man oh man...did MM work me...but I love it!!! He totally challenges me...and I know that I am getting stronger and better each session. I am really trying to kick it up an notch all the way around. We were talking and I mentioned to MM that Josh told me that Becks got into a wreck...he said Josh told me that too....I basically Josh is a gossip. MM smiled. Then he told me that Josh watches soap operas...I said No way...MM said yep....I basically Josh is really a girl in pants....MM lost that's Josh's new nick name...girl in is soooo gonna kick me when I train with him in a couple of weeks....but man o man girl in pants...FUN - NEY!

After my workout...i hit the RB again....and did another 20 minutes...on an incline....did a half mile again...yeah me!!! And then....time to hit the road.

I called DIVA to see how she was doing....and then off to Michael's and Joanne' do a little bit of shopping. Got some cool stuff...and then headed to get something to eat.

I then headed towards home....and decided to get my hair cut....Great we go again...the FT hairstyle...good but cheap...then I headed to Walgreen's to get a few things...then up to see pops. He was busy as usual, so I left and then headed home....snuggled in made some a call from "V" and chatted for a while...watched a movie....then time for bed...hopefully Sunday will bring more fun and adventure....


"Poolin time....don't forget the latte"

Friday. Oh my favorite day. Latte day. Yummo! I woke up feeling pretty good after my intense workout on Thursday night. Got ready and then realized that I was poolin with "B"...eeks...needed about 5 more minutes....I ran downstairs and he was waiting....well he can wait for me once in a while...I think he owes me about 29 more wait!

It was raining...and I hopped into the car...and we headed down the road....we stopped at Starbucks for the Friday treat....LATTE...yeah....I tasted soooo good. I kept the receipt to put into my book...finally made it to work....and let the games begin!

Had a pretty normal day...a few rush projects...done. Talked to MeMe...yeah MeMe....(hope the party was fun - and YOU could NEVER be one of those girls lol).

I ordered a few things from the Angel Company...a few things for me...and a few things for presents for a couple of gals at work. Tee bring on the paper.

I had signed up for a couple of classes on Big Picture Scrapbooking and they both started I went to the site and downloaded the info...and printed it. I was really impressed with the materials so far...and the price....smokin!

The day finally ended....and off to the car with "B" was Friday Night HOT a crazy ride home and hit RB for a bit of then made some dinner and "chatted" on line with some friends from the past. It was good to catch up...and then "V" called.

It was good to talk with him...gosh I miss him...but it is what it is...and time will tell where is relationship will go...all I know is that I have to focus on what's best for me. I can't let myself fall into the trap I did with the mad scientist. Its scary when I realize how I let him effect me...and the results of that...I didnt care anymore and I really didn't want to go on....what a mistake that was....BUT I am better to have gone through it...and I'm stronger now...then I ever was or thought I was then. YEAH ME! LOL....there's nothing wrong with a little self back patting...anyways....back to reality was about the extent of my exciting Friday

Friday, December 01, 2006



So here's a picture of MM with his A GAME Face on!

SO I have a work out scheduled - and it's been since Saturday since MM and I did our thang. UGH...its gonna be a tough one...but I'm in it to win it or own

Had a pretty good day at a few things done...and then headed down to see MM.

We had a little chit a few things well settled...and he wants me to step it up a bit on the RB not only at home but at FT after my workouts... SO challenge excepted.

MY workout was intense...I worked hard and did awesome...and then....time to hit RB before heading home. I so totally rocked it....did a 1/2 mile AFTER my workout and then I headed to Costco to get some SBD Cereal bars. I ended up walking all of Costco before checking out...and then I headed home.....managed to get all my stuff upstairs in one trip...and then settled down for a bit of Grey's Anatomy!

Had an interesting phone call and settled into a deep sleep.

Its all about the 3 T's

That would be


and I got all 3 - lol

It's nice to be able to share for a good cause. Today, I donated a huge basket full of stamps, a pack of paper and a new catalog for the women's auction at SCC - and I even donated a 3 pc jewelry set! YEAH ME!

I just love the gals at SCC and am so glad I am able to help out. I am really looking forward to my next Scrappin' Friendz in March....and I will be teaching card making!!! YEAH ME!!!

Anyways....made it thru all the snow and ice this week...very glad about it. On Wed night it snowed about 3 - 4 inches in the banana belt...but nicely melted by the AM.