Thursday, March 01, 2007

First or!

WOW…has it been a couple of days. I had a great day on Tuesday, how could I NOT after crafting on Monday night, seeing Scott and getting Barista love on Tuesday morning???

I had a great work out with MM….quoted a lot from Talladega Nights. MM was sooooo happy that I FINALLY watched the movie…we worked hard. I had a few issues, come on now, who doesn’t have issues, right? LOL….anyways….I after working out, I headed to get a couple of things and FINALLY made it home. I’m in 2nd place now for the Cardio challenge…..but as long as I hit my “GOAL” then I’m a winner. MM says I’m a winner no matter what…and yeah…he’s right! SNORT tee hee.

Anyways, Wednesday was well hump day. “B” and I pooled, stopped at Heaven, and Scott was there!! YEAH. It was sooo funny….he said thanks for the wine…and didn’t mention the other stuff….it was too cute…we laughed all the way to work. Work was well work. Got a lot done….and then it started to snow? What the??

“B” and I left early…and off to home we went. We were laughing soooo hard about a few new nicknames…..and well the word “weathered” eeeks…too fun. Just love poolin’ with “B”.

After I got home and settled, I started to make a couple of cards using the polished stone technique. Here they are in their glory…or not…tee hee. I used Glossy White cardstock, Match Makers Cardstock, Purple #1 and Flora #1, krylon pen, and re-inkers from the Calypso Kaliedacolor pad. And the ribbon I dyed using the inks as well. All the products were purchased from The Angel Company…Enjoy!

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