Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CARDIO Challenge

SO here it is...the altered Rocky Balboa Movie poster...we only got like a freakin' case of them in December at the there was a huge pile of them in the lunch room the other day. SO I thought I would "alter" it...I'm taking it down to FT to put on the board.

I am sooo excited about this challenge. Basically between Feb 5- March 17 for every 30mins of cardio you do at FT you get 1 yard (1 pt) for every 30mins Outside of FT you get 3 yards (3 pts). SO since Thursday when I got the challenge...I have logged 15 yes 15 yards (15 pts) YEAH ME! I am gonna win this thing. I'm gonna annihilate my competition. I'm in it to WIN it!

SO wish me luck....and the prize??? Well the obvious...but also FREE sessions at FT. NOW that's what I'm talking bout!


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