Monday, March 01, 2010


Well my mommy has had a few requests to update her blog, but she's been really really busy. SO I decided I would "help".

I've been having lots of fun while mommy is at work. I have a new game. I jump from the headboard to the middle of the bed and then I jump up onto the footboard and jump to the middle of the bed and keep doing it over and over and over again. I really like to do this when mommy is still sleeping, it wakes her up....meow....

Mommy has been leaving not only the living room shade up but the dining room shade as well, so I can look out onto the street and see all the people walking by. I also see racoons...eeewwww and then there is this white and black cat that sits on sidewalk and looks up at me in the window.

Lately Tony who cleans the apartment building for mommy has been bringing his son Ben who is five. Ben likes to play with me....and boy does he wear me out. Last time he came and played with me he gave me soooo many treats that I think I went into carb overload and was extra tired. Mommy was so nice to me when she got home and saw how tired I was. She carried me everywhere...boy is she a good mommy.

Today Emil the handyman came to fix mommy's bathroom fan. Emil is really nice. I helped Emil. He was using one of mommy's chairs to stand on to fix the fan. When he got down, I jumped onto the chair to keep it warm while he was gone...then when it was time for Emil to get back on the chair I would just meow...and Emil would pick me up and put me on the floor...and we played this game for a couple of times.

Anyways.....oh and exciting news....grandma and grandpa are gonna come down for dinner again...boy will I be spoiled again. Grandma gives mommy a can of tuna fish for me everytime she goes to visit and grandpa gave mommy a can of cat food last time...boy am I a spoiled girl.

Well mommy needs to make lunch for work tomorrow, so I guess I should go help her...and then its time for bed. I love sleeping on mommy's new comforter it is sooo pretty and soft and warm.


Friday, January 29, 2010

OH Happy Happy Friday

WOW...were did the week go???

I rocked it at work this week. I did so much on Wed, Thurs and felt great. Awesome!!!

I'm getting into the groove of the new gig, and the new far 5 days in and ready and raring for more.

I left a note for the UPS driver butter up job....I'll upload the picture from my phone later....and not only did both boxes of my TAC order get inside the building - BUT they were in front of my door...UPS ROCKS....

I can't believe how much stuff I ended up getting....I am in 7th heaven!!!

I'm heading to Heather's on Saturday and hopefully will have an apartment showing. I've got some stuff to get done before next week....and shopping for my party...and shopping for lunch next week and laundry!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Express what???

Awe...Tuesday. A much better day on the bus....I took the express in the am and also on the way home. There was a traffic incident on the way home and the bus was running 15 mins late...but I still got home and was upstairs by 6:15 mo better.

I got my phone hooked up at work today...found the post office inside the building...and went to the bank inside the handy.

Wednesday will be a busy day. My office mate will be in and I will be learning all the stuff that I can help her with....and hopefully my new computer will be here by the end of the week. I know that my boss is waiting for me to start taking over his reports....and well so am I.

Anyways....gotta get stuff ready for tomorrow....hopefully more entries and maybe a few pictures as well....

OMG...i almost forgot my huge TAC order will be here on Friday yeah!!! I'm heading to Heather's on Saturday and will bring the new stuff to show and tell....and I've got to get ready for my stamp workshop on Sunday...and party a week from Saturday....eeeeks!

time to rock it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Which bus do I take where???

WOWZA....Monday morning...up and at em. Time to take the bus. What the??? I managed to get onto the correct bus number but I took the local when I should have taken the express....lesson learned...ugh it was so crowded and hot really in January...I thought I was gonna melt.

I got off at the correct stop downtown, make it to the building, changed and made it to my office in one piece. Seriously. My first day was good sort of uneventful work wise...I don't have all my stuff yet, computer, phone, email, but I do have a key and an office that locks with a window. SWEET!

Had lunch at my desk, and did a few personal things, I will be bringing a book and my ipod for sure.

Bus ride home was tragic. A stalled car on the ballard bridge made it painful - left at 7am this morning and got home upstairs at 7pm...12 freakin hours - really??? I know it will get much better I just need to have faith and remember to breath!

SO I'm only gonna bring my wallet, my lunch bag and my big bag...with my change of cloths...we will see if it is much more "lighter" in the am....and my orca card should be I called and got it "fixed" so hopefully the bus driver won't give me the evil eye like he did this am when I paid with cash.

Night all....gotta get a good nights sleep!

peace out....and pray for a quick ride to work!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a whirlwind... it is Sunday evening and what a freakin awesome busy weekend!

First off....I start my new job on Monday morning...yes tomorrow...yikes....and I'll be taking the Metro bus - which I haven't done in stay tuned for lots of stories on that adventure.

I signed all my paperwork for my new job on Friday....I think I signed Tanzy away...sorry kitty...I got my dfly lamp that I had seen right before I got laid off...and I got it ... last one...yeah me and it was even $30 bucks cheaper...wahoo! My new tenant signed his paperwork.

I did a bit of shopping...and such.......make a turkey meatball soup with rice...yummo! And let's all my invites out for my party...wahooo!!! Finally!

AND I placed 2 TAC orders for the new Serendipity that it goes live 12Mid Central time as I was able to order after 10pm here! YIPPEEE!!! I have a ton of stuff that will be for me...I can't wait, new stamps, new nestibilities, new free stamps....and lots of other goodies!!!

Anyways....gotta pack my lunch and get ready for I am sure 5:30 will come early and since I really have to get get to it!

all for now....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who knew...

So today I made a decision to open up another bank account. Here's a little history, back in August I was doing a bit of shopping for my outfit to wear to my sweet grandma's funeral. I was at store purchasing a pair of shoes when my visa debit card was denied. Really? SO I wrote a check and headed to the car to call the bank.

When I got in the car, the bank was actually calling me....telling me that there had been a suspicious charge attempted on my card so they shut it down so I won't get jacked. I was happy that they caught it, but grumpy that I would be without my faithful trusty visa debit card for up to 10 days...what the??? Anyways, I went to the bank grabbed a bunch of cash and they headed to Spokane. After coming home a couple days later new card showed up. I had decided on the trip to Spokane, that I would open up a separate bank account at another bank in case that happened again, and use if for all my purchases to the Angel Company with my customer orders. Well you know how it busy forgot about it.....

Until....last Thursday. It happened I have been operating on cash and checks the last week and after doing a bit of research, I opened another account at a different bank for all my Angel Company customer purchases...and of course, when I got home, my new replacement visa debit card was in the mail. BUT now it's no worries about being "cardless" again.

I also went to the new QFC across the street to pick up a few groceries and bought a kitty toy for the princess....its a purple fish, with long pink feather tails and a bell on it....i gave it to Tanzy when I got home, and she has been playing with it ever since...and that was 30 minutes ago...well with the $2.99. to do something....

Cards, Cards and more cards

This last Sunday, I had my customer workshop at the infamous Roundtable. Here are the cards that we made. All stamps, paper and ink are from The Angel Company. On the tree, I used a product called flower soft, I need to put more on, as the gals kept looking and feeling the texture and most of it fell off...oh well.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now that it's 2010

Hello out there! I know it's been about 6 months since I last blogged. Lots has happened.
My sweet grandma passed away this summer, and then I was laid off from work. After the shock and awe wore off...well....I made some changes to my life.
I started to re-do, de-clutter and re-organize my life and apartment. I had my apartment repainted, and got rid of lots of stuff...and my apartment is almost put back together the way I want it.

I still have a few things left to do and I really need to get them done by I start my new job on MONDAY...Finally!!!

I also got a kitty. She is 8 months old and soooo sooo cute. Anyways, I have got my desk/computer set up just the way I want it and it seems that I should be able to post more here now. Or that is my goal.'s the kitty....isn't she cute?