Saturday, July 29, 2006

Has it really been 25 years???

I was checking email on yahoo and saw the 25 years ago story on Princess Diana and Prince takes me back.

I remember being in my parents basement, with popcorn and lemonde waiting to watch the wedding. It's amazing to think of all the good Princess Diana did..and that her life ended so young.

When I was in Paris with my sil and nephew our tour went through the tunnel that she died was so sad to see the location encased in glass...


The weekend...finally it's here

Oh Friday came and went, I headed home and met my new tenant so he and his girlfriend could move in. Glad we had decided to meet at 7:30 as the traffic was horrible. With the shooting downtown the traffice everywhere was at a standstill. Such a sad sad day...such a shame.

Afterwards...headed upstairs and just chilled out.

I made myself sleep in. It was hard. I woke up at 5:30 like normal, but went back to bed. Finally after 2 other attempts to sleep in...I finally got up at 9:30.

I had promised Momma Char that I would give a fellow TAC a call about her upcoming workshop etc. SO I did...we talked for about an was a good conversation and I hope I helped her with ideas etc.

Then it was off to the bank, the post office, walgreens, starbucks..of then to Costco. On the way home, I stopped and saw my pops at work..and then I headed home, and got my TAC orders ready to deliver. SO off I went to deliver....then "V" called...home from work...he said let's go to I met him at the Sushi place on 15th.

We had a great dinner....and alas no camera...don't have room for it in my NEW my new "special" bag is on it's that will hold my camera, magazine, planner, tac stuff and the apartment stuff.....I feel sooo lost without that stuff...but is what it

SO we are just chilling on the couch watching the Seafair parade on tv...talking and catching up for th week.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Sleep Til Brooklyn...

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from an old friend. Michael. Michael called. I knew it was him the moment he said hi. I thought I would never hear from him. It's been so long since we last spoke....2 years in fact.

Has it been 2 years since I last talked to Michael? Yes to the day. I have it written down. It's on my refridgerator. On a post it note. I cried so hard that day. The day he stopped talking to me. It was like my life didn't matter anymore.

Our conversation was brief. I don't think he expected me to answer my cell I think I took him off guard, and then when I wasn't mad...I think that also surprised him.

He just said hello, said that he had been going through a rough time, wanted to talk, but wasn't ready to yet, but wanted to call...and get back in touch.

I told him that I missed him, that I was there anytime he was ready to talk. That I wasn't mad. That I missed him, and cared very much about him.

We hung up the phone...and I just started to cry. I collected myself and called "V" and told him what happened. He was surprised that Michael called...but was very supportive. And said what will happen will happen. We just have to be open-minded and just deal with it.

Since Michael's call, I've been thinking of him...remembering how wonderful he was when I was in the hospital. How he sang to me over the phone til I fell asleep and stayed on the phone...til I woke up. All of his he always said I had a cute accent...when really he of the books he read to me, the jokes, the soothing words to calm my fears. Just thinking of all that makes my heart ache...I can hear him calling me honey or honey bunny...

I don't think Michael knows of this blog...but if you do Michael...know that I love you, I always have...I miss you..I am always here for you. IF you want me there, I'll leave for Brooklyn questions asked...and if you want to come have a key...just call me and tell me what time your plane arrives..."V" and I are together these days...but he understands our relationship...and wants you to feel comfortable calling me or visiting...he has always liked you and respects you.

For those of you who don't know of Michael, he is a very dear friend who helped me get through my month long stay in the hospital and my recovery afterwards. 2 years ago, after he went in for some testing...he got real angry with me...and just dropped off the face of the earth...shutting everyone out of his life...I was devasted...I don't talk about it much as it just pains me as I miss him soo much.

night all...

Points to ponder...

The other day "V" informed me he didn't like my big black bag that DIVA #1 gave me. One would wonder why he doesn't like it, perhaps its too big...maybe??

What I actually think it is - is that a few times I have had him hold my bag...I think he thinks it could be considered a "man bag" the other day....he came over with a "new" purse for me...its smaller and really nice...a nice light carmel leather...and he told me he has "bid" on a special bag on ebay for put my magazine in, my few TAC items and my few apartment items...he promises...that. i . will. love. it.

I asked him...So how gay is that (No offense is meant to anyone by this statement)??? Now mind you "V" is a manly, baseball, name the fact that he bought me a just wow...shocking.

It's funny I was telling DIVA #1 and she was just laughing...and we got onto the subject of what else "V" would buy me if I asked...such as well tampons. I said of course he would buy them...he actually's a necessity toothpaste or'm really lucky...he is very's amazing...we've been friends for sooo long...and to have what we have now...guess our time is finally happening after all these years.

Back to "V" so we laughed at the fact he bought me a purse. I teased him saying...just wait til I tell all your buddies....ha! And I continued with..I wonder what they will think when I tell them you took me to go see The Lakehouse...but that we had to go to a late showing in a different town so you wouldn't be "V"...not!

Calling DIVA #1...

DIVA #1 - I know you are out there....are you okay??? I called and left you a message and then sent you an email about scheduling a DIVA answer..I'm getting worried...

As I started writing this...I decided to call DIVA make sure she was fine and she's fine yeah!!!

We laughed and talked and laughed some more....Princess Diva (Dottie) did the good tail flip....yeah!!!

more too come!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My boyfriend cracks me up...


SO..."V" and I were discussing my "altering" of my hair that was to occur on Tuesday after work.

HE can't understand "WHY" I would spend $125 to get my hair cut and hi-lighted and low-lighted. Well, I usually get it done every 2 really if you divide it by 2...well okay maybe it's a bit pricey...but I normally like how Jan does my hair....uh until recently....

SO last month the end of June, I went in. I told Jan I wasn't too trilled with my hair. I told her I really liked the length it was...and that she had cut my bangs too short last time and they had finally grown out...ugh that was a nightmare trying to get those grown out...see I have a widows peak and when you cut my bangs too short....sea aneome...ugh! AND that my hair seemed too dark underneath...almost it's natural color eegawds! Not natural

So...last time the end of June...she just trimmed my hair....did the hi-lights, low-lights and only charged me $80. AND I was pretty happy with it....

Well...with the jazz fest happening in what like 10 days...I wanted to get my hair done...the week that it looked I made my appointment and then she changed it like 3 times..and in the end I felt bullied in to going on Tuesday....ummm yeah today.

SO I decided I would give her one last chance. She just trimmed my bangs and around my face...she lightened my roots and then hi-lighted and low-lighted....and she didn't even style my hair just dried it...and she charged me $105...what the???

Anyways I'm not sure I am real happy with it...I will be going elsewhere next time...but what cracked me up the most was what "V" had to say....

Last night he said "So how are you getting your hair altered?" I simply replied...I'm getting it dyed back to my natural dark brown/blackish color and I'm gonna have her put big chunks of blonde on just the top layers....

"V" said....really? I said yes....he thought I was dead needless to say, he said when I saw him tonight..."Whew...i'm glad you didn't do what you said....he continued to say....I like the color but it's darker than you've had it lately.." guess we'll have to see...

Silly boy....

Just when I thought it was safe...

to be the resident manager.....ugh!!! I just rented the last two large apartments....(mind you - one even before the tenant moved out)....and what happens.... one tenant who has been in Japan since gonna give his notice....UGH...he's back for a few days....and then gone for a week or so...then back to Japan in August.....what the???

Oh mercy....but at least I have a sorta hot call sheet of maybe just maybe I'll get lucky once again!.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Murphy hates me...

Yes I am convinced Murphy (you all know him...Murphys Law) hates me.

Saturday I was supposed to be going to Heathers for a few hours of stamping. I had really been looking forward to it. SO my day started off about 2 hours behind. I needed to do laundry...and I got up about an hour later than I had wanted to. Then I got a call from a tenant about picking her paper up on Sunday since she was gonna be out of town. IT took me forever to get her off the I was even later starting my stuff.

Finally managed to get going...took my laundry downstairs and then headed to Starbucks to get something cool to drink. Came back, clothes in the dryer...went upstairs and I had a ton of calls to return and tell them the place was rented....ugh...even later...finally got ready...and headed out...took C.C.'s deposit to the bank...and then FINALLY on the Road to was 11am..and I had wanted to be leaving at 9am. BUT hey at least I was on the road.

I had my directions, bottled water (as it was gonna be hot) and my cell all charged up. I thought I had Heather's phone number in my it said Heather in my I was good.

Made it to Maple Valley....which I had never been there before...don't know if I went the most effiecient was as I had used Yahoo maps...but hey got there and didn't get lost. I found the BofA no problem (I had originally planned to deposit C.C. deposit there IF I had left at 9am) and then headed to Heather's. I got to this one point and then totally got lost. I mean really lost. The poor mailman had no clue where Heather's place was. The people I asked had no I kept driving around the development area....still lost...with NO Heather's place in site. I went to grab my cell call Heather....and the Heather that is in my cell the Heather at WORK....and then my cell had NO SERVICE...what is up with that???? SO after about an hour of driving around lost....I finally found the main road....and headed home. I was was an hour hour lost and an hour home...and 11o miles later. UGH...I so sucked....I felt bad I didn't make it I was really mad at myself....ugh!!!!

Oh well....chalk it up to not being as prepared as I usually am....

Friday finally came and went...

SO Friday I got to work a bit tired...cuz of my late night visiting MeMe and the traffic on the way home...but I was in good spirits. The weather was to be oh so hottttt...but I would be at the office.

The day started off pretty good....lots of reports and then to finish off some Jazz Fest projects. Got most everything done now...YEAH!

Then the C.C. showed give me his paperwork.....My oh My did I get teased at work...oh well....but the best news...the apartment is rented!!! Score!!!

Talked to Diva #1...and laughed....she alwasy lifts my spirit....such a good friend....

Headed home in horrible was and it took forever to get home...once I got home it was soooo hot in the apartment...ugh!!!

Saturday can't get here soon enough...I'm going to Heather's for a bit....and I can't wait!

Dining with MeMe....

On Thursday evening I actually got to see MeMe. I had an appointment with the C.C. (Cute Canadian) to show him the apt that would be available in August. The C.C. was late. Really. late. We were to meet at 7pm. He called, thank goodness, and finally showed at 7:40pm.

Showed C.C. the apartment....we went and talked and he'll take it. He needed to fill out his paperwork and I told him I needed him to do he'll stop by work on Friday to do so.

SO back to MeMe....I left at 7:55pm and headed North to the infamous Marysville Taco Time. See MeMe loves Taco Time and they don't have Taco Time in the land of AZ where MeMe lives. SO it was a good treat for her. I ended up being about 10 minutes late, ugh...didn't want to be late...but I was.

MeMe was there...waiting in the parking lot. I pulled right up next to her and turned off the car...and freaked her out. HA!

SO we went inside...and got our food. They of course got MeMe the wrong thing....I ended up taking it home....I was gonna have it for lunch .... but "V" had stopped by and was it went to a good tummy.

Back to MeMe. We laughed, and talked and talked some more. IT was soooo good to see her. So good to hear her good to laugh with her again!!! It always amazes me how much you realize you miss a person when you finally get to see them again.

MeMe brought her scrapbook of her Europe trip....let me say WOWZA! She did an amazing job on her book. WOW...her pictures of Germany and Paris brought back so many memories for me...When I went I didn't have a camera and my sil took pictures....BUT i never got any copies of them...oh least I have memories....I'll just have to go back one day.

SO we closed down the Taco Time...really closed it down...and then we headed our seperate ways......I am sooooo glad MeMe had a few hours to visit. I miss you MeMe. Hope your flight home was much better than your flight here!!!

SO I headed home....and on the way home...the freeway went from 4 lanes down to 2 cuz of construction....are you kidding me???? Anyways I got home around 12Midnight...oh so late....but at least I got home in one piece.


Friday, July 21, 2006

In honor of the Princess...Dottie

This is a scan of a card that was made from an oil painting of a picture of Dottie...whew...hope that made sense!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

MeMe's here!!!

SO Tuesday evening MeMe was going to be arriving around 6pm and I was gonna pick her up at the airport and take her up North...where we were gonna meet her parents and then she was gonna head up to their place.

I was sooo freakin excited...I couldn't wait.....

Well....guess what??? MeMe's flight kept getting delayed....and then was even MORE delayed by the power outage in LA.....SOOOOO I headed home....and she called...around 7:30...her flight was to leave around 8pm and get in around 11pm so I told YEP...I'll come and get you......

SO I chill a bit of 9:30 I check the flight status...yep on time...yeah...

then at 10pm I decided....let me check just right before I leave....i pull up the web site...check out the flight status...still on time....I am moving the cursor towards the red x box to close the window when.....

ARE you kidding me????

It says her plane is stopping in ....

R E N O....what the????

SO I grabbed the phone and called the airlines to make sure what I was seeing was correct...I am on hold for what 9 minutes before a live person is supposed to help me....i have 3 minutes left...and then my cell's MeMe...

SHE says.....Guess where I am....I I ended up not picking her up as she got in around 4am so....we will have to get together later...

more on the MeMe visit to come....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm late I'm late...for a very important date...

DIVA #1 displaying her breakfast! Yummy!!!

My oh time flies...It just was Saturday wasn't it???

Well my "Sweet" Saturday was wonderful. I got to spend some good quality time with DIVA #1 and yes pictures did take place...We both ended up having the omelete which was soooo yummy! Ugh my camera died...I need to make sure I charge my batteries...ugh!!! They are charging MeMe is arriving today...

DIVA #1 gave me the most wonderful present for watching the ultimate diva kitty a cool dfly plate that hangs in the window...yeah!!

AND a special card...I need to scan it and will post it...then it's off to be's that special.

more updates soon!

Friday, July 14, 2006

I hear Sweetness (ha) calling my name....

Oh Saturday is gonna be sooo much fun.

I hear sweetness calling my name.....

For those of you who knew me back in the day of Debby's Drift on Inn Roadhouse Casino (whew say that 5 times fas) and all my club nights with the radio station....know the story of Sweetness....

For those of you who don't......let's just say...HOT male stripper who I used to hang out with alot...and leave it to the imagination...

BUT this is a different sweetness calling my name......

On Saturday DIVA #1 and I are having breakfast at Sweet favorite Izzy will most likely ensue.

Til Saturday, I will be dreaming of all the sweetness (*snort*) and of good coffee, good conversation, good laughs and well of course...awesome company (DIVA #1)


MeMe's coming to town


MeMe is coming to town on Tuesday!!! I am sooo excited!!! I get to pick her up at the airport, go and grab a bite to eat and then drive her to meet her parents!!!

I am sooooo glad that I get to see her - even for a little bit!!!


Dt. coke with lime will be waiting in the car!!!


Update on my car

MY car is fixed!!! YEAH!'s amazing what a new alternator will do for a car...

Here's to NO new problems...


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If You Could Only See....

SO Rockstar Supernova contest Phil Richie performed Tonic's "If You Could Only See" not bad...BUT nobody on this earth could ever replace EMERSON!!!

Miss you guys!!! You need to tour again.....and head back to Seattle...


Monday, July 10, 2006

A Not SO Manic Monday

So today started off with a phone call from "B" saying he was gonna be late picking me up for work. At least he was picking me up, especially with the car dead.

I called pops and told him what was going on with the car. He's checking into parts and such.

I got to work and got the best email message. DIVA #1 sent me a totally made my day. And even Dottie sent one too....The day had to be better.

It was busy. Lots of Jazz Fest stuff....made good progress.....felt a "little off" most of the day...not so cheery (as "D" said) but okay.

DIVA #1 called me and we had a good chat....I think we are gonna head to breakfast on will be good to see her and catch up!

I'm not depressed I guess just a little defeated...but this too will pass. I know part of it is my new medicine and such and it will just take a bit longer than I would hope to even out...but that's okay, I'm moving that is all I can do my best.


time for bed...

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Okay last Thursday my car battery died. I didn't panic...tried not to get too excited about...was able to start my car (at work of course) and got it to the Midas down the hill. My battery was totally shot, got a new battery...down the road for $110. my dad tells me my battery is under on Friday, I take my car back with my original receipt, and the new one...and got my money refunded...(it hasn't hit my account yet..but should)...well ugh...

Today...I got home after going to the "rents" and guess what??? As I was backing into my parking check engine light started flashing....ugh NOW my car is totally dead....I need an alternator now....for the love of pete...can't I catch a break???

thank you...that is all

Big Picture Scrapbooking

In an effort to scrapbook better, I am gonna take an on-line class from Donna Downey...A Big Picture Scrapbook class. With all the new stuff in the Angel Company catalog that is geared toward scrapbooking, I need to.

I'm gonna take one month of her classes in I can get thru the Jazz Fest and WAG - Western Angel Gathering and just concentrate on those classes.

Yesterday on her blog, she posted these cute little scrapbooks/photo holders she got at Michaels ($1 each), so I called and when I was feeling better, I went to go get a few, to encourage myself to take her classes.

SO here's to more new creativeness!

Update on the new medication...

Well, I've made it thru feeling icky for the most part and my blood sugar seems to be stabilizing during the day. On Friday, I took my evening pill, was sorta sleepy on Saturday and felt the afternoon I felt better. Sad blood sugar hasn't changed in the am yet, BUT it does take time for the medicine to absorb into the system and start working...SO I'm not getting discouraged....I will keep marching forward!!!

More updates to come.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Can you say ROCKSTAR

Its on again.....Rockstar - amazing performers....the last dude who sang Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" one to watch...he reminded me of (his attitude) Prince. What fun!!!

Update on day 2 of my New far so good. I wasn't sleepy at work and I had a bit of an upset tummy....and a bit dizzy...but not the "other" side effect...YEAH!

I must confess, as it got around lunchtime....I was feeling really good.'s to day two!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A little relaxation...

So after my doc's appt I headed to Sweet Additions. I did get a call from DIVA #1 and she offered me to go to the hideaway in the woods for a break and to read out on the deck. I ended up not going as I had to get back to town, get my meds and do a bank deposit for the appt bldg.

Okay back to a little relaxation....

I headed to S.A. and got a nice lunch. I sat down and truly enjoyed relaxing and reading. My lunch was good and I left there feeling good in general and ready to go forward with the new course of action.

I got back into town, and dropped off my prescriptions, then headed to Starbucks to get a vente iced black tea lemonade, unsweetened....then to the bank and back to get my scripts. Then back home.

So I have my new medicine and I have to wait til Tuesday to take it. So it begins....

My dr's appt

Finally. My dr's appointment was here. I got up on Monday and did a few things around the apartment...but basically just took it easy. Around 10:15, I headed to the dr's. When I got there...I started to get nervous. Why??? well not sure what to expect from the new doc.

So I checked in, sat down....and waited.

Then my name was called. SO....i got up and headed in. The nurse was very nice but somewhat nervous....ugh....but then the doctor came in and we really talked. We talked about diabetes, we talked about being a team and doing what needed to be done. How we were gonna accomplish it and set down a plan of attack. I have to say that this was the best diabetic meeting I have had.

We changed my medication, and are going to monitor me a little closer. I go back in 6 weeks, okay actually 7 as she is on vacation. At that time, we will add some other medications.

I am a little worried about my new diabetic medication, cuz it does have some side effects...and I actually am showing 2 of them. I am hoping as I get used to the medication, that they will subside. I take 1 of the new tablets every morning....for one week. Then I take one tablet in the morning and one at night. The other medicine is what I am taking now...but I just take one in the morning now. So, I've been a little sleepy, a little queszy and well a little...ugh....hopefully it won't be sooo bad tomorrow as I have to go to work. BUT at least it is Wednesday...and only 3 days for the week.

Anyways.....I am excited about the changes....just got to hang in there!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's 80's music trivia time....

Okay....those of you that know me...know that I LOVE 80's music. SO, on the way home from the "rents" I heard a very fun...80's song. SO it's trivia time...

Here are the rules.....

NO cheating! No searching. YOU can of course ask a real person, call a dj at a radio station, and you can ask me for clues.

The more you get right...the bigger the prize.....


The Song
The Artist
The Year

Easy enough????

Are you ready???

Here you go...
Open the door, get on the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom

Ready set - go!!

My boyfrriend is on the cover of Rolling Stone...

OMG.....I usually don't read my Rolling Stone is something I got for free from the Dave Matthews Band website *swoon* DMB...oh my oh my...oh hello...reality...where was I???

Yes...Rolling Stone Mag.....the cover.....Johnny Depp....yummmy.....the Pirates are coming....only a few days yeah!!!!

When "V" saw the mag....he just laughed, shook his head....and said "yes sweetie, I will take you..."

Gotta love that!!!


$925 cash money?

OMG....okay so a unit is available for rental....the new price......$925 cash money.....hummmm since the ad was phone calls....go figure?