Friday, September 29, 2006

UGH...more Ketchup!

Okay so now that I'm ONLY 2 full weeks behind....let's do another cliff note version update.

I was lucky enough to take Mon the 18th off to spend with my honey aka "V" - we slept in, relaxed went grocery shopping all the "normal" errand stuff couples do. I made an awesome dinner and then headed to my fellowship meeting and "V" went to say goodbye to the peeps at the hospital...when we both got home, we headed to bed.

Tuesday....we got up and he got ready to leave to NO...we headed to the airport...said our goodbye's and I promised NOT to cry. Okay I did when I got back into the car. SO he is planning on coming back to visit for Turkey Day and Christmas - YEAH!

I had two awesome workout sessions with Becky on Tues and Wed. IT was good to be back at gotcha there!...and then Thursday came...

My sweet Grandma and my Aussie Uncle showed up. I was soo nervous...why not sure..but I was - I headed to work, all dressed up, new dress, heals, hair done, make up on. Check! After 12 I headed up to the "rents" to see everyone. WE had a fabulous time! IT was a perfect day, and dinner was fabu! pops bbq salmon...yummo! It was time to head out - so we took the pictures lol and I headed home.

Friday was a crazy day..."B" and I pooled...we had was great...on the way home the main street in Ballard was "CLOSED" and there were police cars, and flashing lights everywhere...eeeks....then we saw 3 different tv station helicopters hover over downtown ballard. took us forever to get like 4 blocks....but he insisted on driving me home - I got home and was gonna have a bite to eat and then head to DIVA #1's for a visit. BUT...she called and wasn't feeling too it was a very quiet nite...the first in a long time...

Saturday, I slept in, did errands and headed over to DIVA #1's to bring her a few groceries as she was feeling better. At the store I went to there was a kid with a freaky BIG ASS SNAKE...eeeks I totally froze...til he moved out of my site....what a dork....UGH HATE SNAKES! DIVA #1 and I had a great visit and it was soooo goood to see her and the princess diva kitty!

Sunday...I headed to was a great service and good to see everyone...came home and started getting ready for my classes on Sat the 30th. I headed up to the "rents" for dinner and we had a fun time.

Monday...back at was a start to the week. I had two awesome workout sessions with Becky....and basically all week, just got stuff ready for my classes on Saturday. NOW it's Friday...and I am almost ready for my class tomorrow morning! I'll fill you all in on how it Sunday will be mostly relaxing.



Sunday was an amazing morning. I got up, felt great, headed downstairs again to hit the RB…resisted, yet AGAIN, the “Make Your Own Waffle” station and did my work out. IT was great! WAHOO – 3 days in a row, while on vacation! YEAH ME!

I headed back upstairs, and started packing and getting ready. I headed downstairs for a cart to bring all my stuff down…no cart…so I said “screw it” and loaded myself up, and then…waited at the elevator for what seemed like 4-ever…ha….finally…it came.

I “HERC’d” everything to the car…and loaded it in….then I went to check out. Paid the bill and then we all headed over to All American….lol…okay it wasn’t called that….but something similar – I had been calling the restaurant that all weekend…and it made Momma laugh so hard….

WE okay Momma and I played the salt and pepper tip game….and everyone started to order. I was good, ordered eggs & bacon, got fruit instead of hash browns and only ate ½ of slice of toast….and lots of coffee. YEAH. I was really proud for the choice I made, as it would pay off later down the road.

After breakfast…I got in the car and headed down the road to get gas…uh hello…I forgot that in Oregon…THEY PUMP YOUR GAS….the attendant was sorta cross with me when I got out of the car and proceeded to do his job…LOL…oh well!

Then off to get “V” from J’s – it was great we chatted, he slept a bit….and on the roadtrip home – I felt great – NO sleepiness….yeah…what was funny was that Momma kept calling to talk about next years WAG…lol!
Got home safe….time to “HERC” everything upstairs…..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My weekend continued...

YEAH….it was Saturday…

Got up early again, and hit the treadmill. Made it past the “Make Your Own Waffle Station” again…lol…and then upstairs to get ready for day two of WAG.

WHAT A FUN DAY….more projects, lots of good time together and then…

We took a break for lunch. I needed to get out of the hotel and do a little relaxing for ME…so what did I do??? I went and got my nails manicured! And painted PURPLE with sparkles…and with a painted flower and dfly on two nails…YEAH…how fun!

Back to WAG and projects….and more fun and prizes galore!!!

And then it was dinner time. We ordered pizza and I had a slice taking some of the crust off, and a salad…it was sooo yummy!!! And then back to finish up all the projects.

WHEN all of a sudden…Momma’s husband showed up…with her son Jim…for a little surprise…for her b-day! YEAH! She was shocked…and it was perfect!!! Okay I knew about it…but man oh man was I glad that it finally happened…it was hard keeping a secret!

Then there was the award ceremony…and I got a shooting star pin with a charm for selling $1,000 worth of product last year…YEAH ME!

Then it was over. We stayed to clean up…and then we headed to Momma’s room for a meeting to discuss all that had happened, what we could do to make it better etc…
And then…dream land….

Monday, September 25, 2006

My weekend adventure - or as my boyfriend says..."MY cult time"

*snort* the boy is just

Friday I woke up and felt great…I got up, started to get ready…headed downstairs for a little “RB” time….and yes I did have to walk by the “Make Your Own Waffle” machine in the hotel lobby.

I did my time on RB and then grabbed a hard boiled egg, and some coffee and headed up to my room. I decided to go to Freddy’s to get some stuff for my fridge – so off I went…and came back with a pile load…then it was time to get ready for the day.

Everyone headed up to my room to help me put my display board together…thank goodness!!! AND then it began….

We headed downstairs and started setting up for our event….what fun…it came together so well….and then the doors opened…

Everyone rushed in…there were the welcomes, the Survivor game…the trades and then we started….it was time for dinner….we went to this really cute 50’s diner…and had fantastic food. I was good…and had a grilled chicken salad.

At the restaurant we had fun. Momma, Anissa and Heather ordered lots of good greasy food…and old fashioned milk shakes….ha ha ha…with whip cream on top.

I had worn my flashing billboard sign and had programmed it to say “I’m not cheap, I’m on special” and boy did I get some looks….I proceeded to go up to the counter and asked for the can of whip cream…and promptly came back and re-filled their milkshakes with whip cream. WE had a good time…lots of laughs….and then back to start the shoebox projects.

We had lots of fun…and ended up getting back to our room around 11:30ish…eeks

Off to dream land I went…

Friday, September 22, 2006

First things First...

Okay, lets go back a whole week, I'll try and give you all the awesome cliff notes and not bore you all. LOL....fat chance!

Tuesday and Wednesday....both awesome days....busy with work stuff and stuff for WAG....had two awesome workouts with DAVE....and was Thursday....

Thursday...I had to get stuff things around the apartment....and pack...I got everything ready and finally had the last few things to do before officially hitting the road.

I stopped at the fabric store for some ginham ribbon for Momma's gift, to the bank for a little deposit and some cash money, the post office and then to stop and say bye to Pops...then I hit the road, stopped to get "V" and we stopped and filled the tank.

What a great fantastic roadtrip. We had excellent weather...and was time to drop "V" off at "J"'s and then to Salem....I got stuck in some knarly traffic between Portland and Woodburn...and finally...I hit Salem! YEAH ME!

Momma was waiting for me....I got checked in, parked the car and took everything upstairs. My room was huge and fantastic...glad I got my own room. We (Momma and I) put all the stuff into the notebooks...and then off she went to go watch Survivor. I wasn't feeling too I stayed in my room and watched it....I think all the stress and long hours finally caught up with I went to bed....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm BACK.............

Okay...I have a TON of stuff to update you all on....

SO stay tuned...I'll try and get some of it uploaded tonight after my session!!!

hugs and kisses

PS I'm so excited I could scream!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Manic Monday


All I have to say is UGH. My day started off fantastic..."B" picked me up for work...and we headed to "Heaven" got a little iced tea (unsweeted) and then headed to work. It was great to catch up!

Things at the office were going okay...I felt pretty good, altho a bit tired from all the work over the weekend....

and then it happened.....

I was called into a meeting....about the golf tourney. I was told and promised that I wouldn't have to do a "thing" for this tourney....I should never have believed it. Now I've got stuff "dumped" on me to do...before I go on freakin' vacation. UGH! OH well, it is what it is....

Had a great ride home...and then I started getting things I would need for the weekend. Found everything I needed. I made a great dinner....and then I started preparing my shoebox project I needed to make 33 of them....31 for the for the sample board and one for the top of the box. I got everything cut, scored, corner rounded and put into the clear envy bag. I just need to go get ribbon today and cut the ribbon and seal each bag! YEAH!!!

Its all starting to come together!

Another busy weekend...

WOW. Will it ever slow down???

The weekend came and went….it was very busy, but a good busy. Got lots of “things” done that needed to be done.

Saturday I got up, took care of the lease agreement for the new tenant, met with her, signed all the papers, went to the bank, then to the supply store, then I went to start working on stuff for the upcoming Angel Gathering. Spend the rest of the day/evening on that.

Sunday, was much the same, got up, got a few things done, then out the door to continue working on stuff for WAG (Western Angel Gathering) or as “B” calls it the Angel Network…worked hard all day….til the wee hours…but got so much done! Yeah me!

Still have a lot to do…but it almost seems manageable now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My support buddies ROCK

SO I heard from the other 2....and everyone is sooo ready to help in anyway! GOTTA LOVE THAT!!!

Wahoo.....I am feeling really good....had a tough work out last night...Becky made me told her I liked Dave there was some "jabbing" back and forth...

The apartment is finally yeah finally coming together.....the new tenant is gonna move in tomorrow...whew....this was a close one....ugh!!!

Got homework to do this weekend....of course it's on the I've got some good tunes to work out it should be just fine and dandy...BRING IT ON.....

And - well let's see...what else....oh yeah gonna do the lease for the new tenant and then I'm gonna work on my stuff for WAG...ugh I've got a ton to do...but I talked to mom the other day and told her I probably wasn't gonna head up this that should buy me a few hours....

more to come....

Thursday, September 07, 2006


My sweet grandma is coming to visit soon.....and so is my uncle who lives in Australia!!!



I HATE MY FREAKIN BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay let me clarify....

I HATE him because today he brought donuts....AND I CAN SEE THEM, SMELL THEM...AND I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BUT alais....I have resisted....

Thank goodness there were no apple fritters...I might have had to be hand-cuffed to my desk to resist those!

Enough said...

thank you that is all

Ah...another Wednesday

Wednesday....I was a hurting unit. I felt everything I did over the weekend and stuff from Tuesday - my work out and then the shopping, then the cleaning at DIVA #1's and then the "herc'ing" crap upstairs to my place. I took it easy. I stayed at my desk most of the stuff done....

Lots of crap at the building is happening...I'm trying to get this one apt ready for a new tenant to move in this weekend......EVERYTHING that could go wrong has and it's only Wednesday...I think it will all work out....*FINGERS CROSSED*

I did something WAY OUT of my comfort zone....I emailed a few people that I admire and respect oh heck and love too in my own way...for help and encouragment....the ONE PERSON...I KNEW WOULD BE THERE....replied right away...the other...I am sure they will reply in due time....this journey is going to be a long hard one....but the end result is gonna be fabulous!!! I am excited and nervous all rolled into one.

I even am very comfortable talking to my big bro about what I am doing for me these days...but I have made him swear NOT to tell the "rents" I don't know why I am afraid of them knowing...mostly I think it is because I am "paying" a trainer to help me....but heck...if it works...who cares??? I will tell them at Thanksgiving and show them my book....maybe it will be easier then. *hopes*

Anyways....I headed home and took it pretty easy...I made scrambled eggs a fruit salad and had an english muffin for dinner....yummy it was sooo good. Watched Rockstar - I just love that show...and LUKAS and TOBY ROCK!!!!!!!!! I think my dad wants to go to Supernova's concert in February...maybe I'll use my hook up and get some

I watched Vanished that I dvr'd the other night...and low and ex co-worker Matt Reidy was in the show!!! I started screaming.....I was soo happy to see him on tv again! I had been thinking that I needed to email him....I know he would be so proud of me...especially with the weight lifting...tee hee.....and the fact that I got a trainer...he and I had talked about it before he left...a year ago....but as a dear friend once told order to make have to be ready to...and I guess I am now!



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dave's not here.....ha!


Tuesday - back at work...and wouldn't you know it the airconditioning was broken. IT. WAS. HOT. AND. HOTTER. AND. VERY. VERY. SWEATY. til about 4pm. eeks! Had a pretty good day back to a lot done. AND. Then. it. was. time.

Headed to my work out. Becky was by default I got Dave. YEAH! I haven't worked out with Dave yet. So. I. was. excited.

Dave worked me hard. Intensifying my work out. My muscles are sore. But. a. good. sore.

Then I did something crazy. freaky. what where you thinking.

After my workout I did the following

Went grocery shopping at Albertsons
Drove to Villa at Wildwoods
Swept, mopped, dusted, cleaned the litterbox, vaccummed, made DIVA #1's bed with fresh sheets, did a load of laundry, and hauled all my stuff out to the car.
I then headed home...
Stopped at QFC got a few more things
Got home. It was midnight.
I hauled all 5 bags of groceries upstairs...unpacked em and put em away....
then headed back down to the car and hauled up all my crap...ugh...
and collapsed...

I fell asleep on the couch...."V" woke me up....took me to bed....

I have muscles I didn't know I had....

Dave...Dave's not here...thank goodness....I don't think I could even flex right now...


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things Accomplished (Or NOT) Over the Weekend


4 days off in a row....Friday - Monday - Instead of boring you with all the details...I'll just do a random list (in no particular order) of what or whatnot was accomplished over the holiday.

Things Accomplished
Ran errands (lots of them)
Had coffee at Pandera Bread - Yeah!
Got all of my prescriptions filled (all five of them)!
Got gas - ha!
Cleaned my kitchen
Helped "V" pack up his apartment
Slept in past 9am
Picked up Rent checks x 3
Went to Costco
Went to the Gorge to see Dave Matthews Band - yeah!
checked out the emptied apartment
called JJ to schedule painting
called Martin to schedule rug cleaning
called Ruth to schedule cleaning
called Rolando to mow the lawn and clean up the yard
Called new incoming tenant
called outgoing tenant
cleaned my bathroom
saw my parents
went grocery shopping
helped "V" move his stuff into a storage unit
took a nap
read a book - yes trashy novel
cleaned "V"'s apartment
made a good dinner
did 3 loads of laundry
emptied the princess diva kitty's box
cleaned my hallway
made cucumber tomato onion salad (2 batches)
stopped and saw pops at the shop
Called property manager about repairs
called laundry company about broken washer
packed my lunch again
watched season finales of The Closer and Saved
Worked out on RB per Becky's instructions
Drove to Ballard/Issaqauh 10x - eeks
Bought Mike a HOT LINK

Things NOT accomplished
Didn't go to Cyn's BBQ (didn't have time)
Didn't work on stuff for WAG (UGH)


This weekend was awesome.....I got so much done....and feel somewhat re-organzied - and that I can accomplish anything.....I've got my workout today...and am excited...I am a little tired...but feel really good!