Friday, September 21, 2007



I slept sooo up - treadmill again....and then I was back in my room to do what needed to be done....PACKING...UGH...I knew as soon as I started to pack that it was time to head back to, working out, apartment in general.

I got everything sorted and packed and then I headed downstairs to get the handy dandy cart. Went upstairs, loaded it up and then back down to the car - filled the trunk up - but it would still fit my suitcase....yeah!!!

After I got to my happened....

THE POWER WENT OUT....what the??? after checking in with Char to make sure she was okay....I took a shower yes in the dark....and got ready to go. The power came back on...I finished getting ready and then downstairs to load my suitcase...and the we walked over to Almost Home (or as I always call it All American) we had a yummy breakfast with Stacy and Bridget, Char and Heather....and I must say the best part was the 5 freakin pieces of bacon (if you don't know I have this obsession with bacon and have been having turkey bacon since December) Since my tests results came back sooo good....I was on an all you can eat meat weekend!!! LOL.....

It was time to go home.....I'll post about the road trip in the next post.


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