Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An unexpected surprise!

Today was Monday. I got ready and was ready to go - "B" called and said he was gonna be late. Okay - now what do I do...so I made coffee and toasted an english muffin. He called as I got downstairs and said he was gonna be even later. SO, I decided to take my car to pops so he could change the oil.

Got there..."B" wasn't there yet....ugh...oh well - and then "B" showed up. We headed to work and got there late of course...but oh well, what is one to do? I was in a good mood, I had my favorite coffee and an warm english muffin...life was good.

Got working and caught up with everyone - and before I knew it - it was lunch time...Sweet!

Did a little sketching on my scrapbook page I'm to teach - still don't have it all figured out yet...and then back to work.

Finished with a last minute project - of course...and then...."B" was late. Oh well...what's one to do??? We headed home =- traffic was like NON EXISTANT - YEAH - made it to Ballard in record time...and "B" dropped me off at Midas.

Pops had not only changed my oil, but adjusted my brakes, rotated my tires, and cleaned the inside of my car - YEAH!

SO I gave him a big ole kiss and headed home. I got home, made a little dinner - did a little time on the RB - and then it was time for 24. I was sitting looking at my mail during a commercial and realized I hadn't checked my mail at work. Dork.

Anyways...here it is Tuesday - traffic was really bad on the way in, but when I got to the office, I checked my mail - and this was waiting for me.

What a nice surprise - Thank You MEME!!! I miss you too! This totally made my day!!!!


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