Saturday, September 22, 2007


WOW...I can't believe it's Monday already. Rico was on schedule and called me when he arrived into the city. I got dressed and was just getting ready to leave when he called again.

He could NOT get into his studio...the freakin code for the 6ft fence wasn't working....ugh. So we decided not to work out as there would be NO WAY POSSIBLE for me to climb that fence.

We chatted and I told him that Char has passed his picture okay she actually walked it around the room, showing each of the ladies his picture. I was telling him that they all thought he was HOT....alotta HOT!! LOL...It made him smile and not be so MAD about not being able to train me. I told him, at least it's me...and not one of your new clients...we got off the phone and I got ready for work, which I didn't want to do....vacation syndrome.

When I got to work, it was back into the grind...getting caught up after being gone for a couple of was good to see everyone and I did a bit of show and tell...the day FINALLY ended...and then it was time to head home and then to fellowship.

It was good to see the gang, and the kids...we chatted and decided on a new book to study for this next year...we did a bit of scheduling and then I grabbed all the stuff to send to Janice and off we went.

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