Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Carpool - Anyone?

SO Tuesday am…no poolin’ today. I got everything ready, left a note for Tony for the building and headed out. I placed the precious pineapple in the backseat and attached the seatbelt. What the? Work was good, busy and then it was time for Applebee’s.

WOW…that was fun. Hadn’t been to Applebee’s for such a long time. During our lunch we were quoting lines from Taladega Nights…too funny – Made me think of MM…awe MM….then it was back to the office.

I got a call from GIP..tee hee that’s for you MM…and changed my schedule for Wednesday to earlier…yeah! Then the next thing I knew it was time to go….Got in the car, did the apartment rent bank deposit and then headed up 405N. Everytime I turned to look to see if a car was coming so I could merge, I’d catch the pineapple out of the corner of my eye…lol…SO I started random dialing on 405…much better than drunk dialing…maybe….left a message for MeMe, MM, DIVA, ‘B’ and then talked to ‘B’ and Char…she totally laughed at the pineapple in the seatbelt….got up to the ‘rents’ and then had a little dinner, watched pops chop up the pineapple, poor pineapple did a few things and look how cute is this….pops made me a thank you card….awe cute..…and then it was back to the hood….ballard.

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