Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

Well I didn't post on Thursday....but well there really wasn't much time...after work "V" and I went to dinner and ran into the "user" people .... mentioned in Monday's post. They are sooo UNREAL!! I can't believe..they just act like nothing happened. Poor "V"...they were like so how's it going...etc etc...saying how wonderful everything is going for them...and if it wasn't for "V" they would never be where they are today, go figure.

BUT we did manage to have a good time...laughing, remember things from oh so long ago. We even pulled out a deck of cards and started playing at the was fun and much needed. We were supposed to go see Narnia...but neither of us had the hopefully this weekend.

Today was a good day at a few things done and then finished gutting my area....i got most of it done...i have a few things to do..but well that will have to wait til next week. I was supposed to leave at noon i had taken a 1/2 day vacation, but i really wanted to finish my area and well "V" had to work til 4. SO i ended up staying til around 3 then headed to Tony Romas to meet "V" for an early dinner. IT was raining soooo hard...ugh...i got totally soaked getting out of the car just going into the restaurant. I'm so lucky "V" is around...he's such a good friend and we have fun together.

So after dinner we went our separate ways...i headed home...and logged onto the computer and had gotten a message for chat with the people on the bulletin I decided to go. It's been along time since we had chatted. It was good to ketcup..ha ha...sorry lame movie reference. Anyways...i gave them my blog link so who knows now a few more people know about this. BUT I'm not gonna change what i say...cuz if i did...what would be the purpose of this? is time to hit the sack. I've got a busy day tomorrow...I'm going to breakfast with the diva then "V" and I are going to the basketball game...and well then the countdown begins to 2006!

Night all!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sure looks like fun....Pooh....

Its Wednesday...traffic was in holiday mode...22 minutes to work....wahoo!!! The trip is usually approx 45 mins plus. Got to work...needed coffee...ah if that cabana boy would ever show up...i'd be in 7th heaven!

Did my reports, checked email...worked on a project which included some research...finally got it all done...and time for off to the kitchen i went to microwave leftovers. Then i decided to start gutting my come when you sort thru a pile..."9" more appear??? That has been my question all week....BUT I did get 3 big draws cleaned out and emptied a bunch of boxes....i need to do a little organzing of some office supplies....tackle my desk and then to set up files for 2006. BUT it already is much better.

I made a promise to a friend *smiles* last night on "i-m" that i would try and post more on a bulletin board we both belong today i did. And true to his form he teased me and posted back...I think that is my favorite aspect of our relationship...and well he is that is a double bonus!

I think i have given up on ever having a "real" relationship with a guy well at least for the time being. I'm not gonna go looking....i've got too many other things to deal with than trying that rollercoaster again anytime soon! I was teasing "D" at work that i'm only gonna date Italian guys...or the Grizzle Adams at least for the time being I'm not looking. IT will happen when it is supposed to happen!

I did remember to stop and get "C" size batteries for the Winnie The Pooh phone from Momma Char...and well - I am happy to report...the phone works....when the phone rings...Pooh who is riding a wooden horse...starts to move, Piglet is hanging onto the tail of the horse...and well Eyeore moves his head back and forth...the sayings are really cute....there are 5 different ones...I'll see if i can record it on my cell phone and upload it here...just to drive you all call away everyone!!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week...i am pretty happy with myself for not only starting this blog...but i've posted each's nice to get stuff out of my head!

Nightie night everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh to be a panda...

LOL...well that's my current mood today...Just know if you ever have a bad day, go to the san diego zoo website and check out the panda cam, usually it is focused on the baby panda...and no matter how bad the day...that little panda can make you smile. When I checked on baby panda was nap time....oh to be a panda. I could sure use a nap...not because I'm tired, but just cuz.

Went back to work today after a long 4 day weekend...did the normal things...found my desk...did reports...worked on a few projects...helped answer the phones. It is pretty dead around the office with the holidays.

My dear friend/co-worked MeMe left today...I am very happy for her, yet sad that she will be leaving. She starts her new job after the first of the year out of town far far away. The good thing for me is that she will be here a couple of weekends in January - so I'm gonna meet her at the office and have lunch.

A couple of co-workers and I were discussing the "what the???" Christmas presents...and one of the gals said one year she and her husband got a vhs copy of Harry and the Hendersons, a Swifter, and $"Some people just shouldn't give gifts" was the answer when I told the story of the gift from my sil with the tin filled with Valentines candy.

Momma Char had me crackin up today, she got a dvd/vhs combo for Christmas and since she lives soooooooo far out in the boonies....okay Bedrock to be exact...she is thinking of getting netflix, so today was an email day back and forth with questions....I love that she gets sooo excited about some of the "little things" cuz I also do and people often look at me funny, so it's nice to know there is another person out there with the same habits if you want to call it that!

Momma Char is anxiously awaiting the report of the Winnie The Pooh phone....I am so evil, I told her she would have to read my blog to find out...but alas...i need "C" size batteries....4 of off to the store i must go!!!! SO .... you will have to wait til either later tonight or tomorrow.....ugh I should have read the box....I saw that it said 4 "C" size batteries...BUT I didn't see that it said NOT INCLUDED...UGH!!!!!!!!!

OH I love the mailman! Today he brought me a Shipwreck beads is almost bigger than the office supply book...ooooh so many pretty beads!

All in all today was a pretty good day, Brother B surpised me with a call - even if it was just for a few is so good to hear his voice.

All for now....unless I go to the store for batteries...which I might....need to make dinner first...but there is still time for a trip to Walgreens.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ugh the weekend is officially over

Well another day has passed and I didn't do as much as I wanted to accomplish, but I did get a few things done.

Why does it always seem that when we start going thru a pile of "stuff" 9 more piles appear as we sort thru it all???

I did venture outside for a bit today. I headed to the infamous bead shop and got a few things. I am going to finish Rick's necklace tonight so I can take it to work and give it to him. I am anxious to see how it will turn out. It is a Geo and I've got a large sterling silver jumpring to hold it onto a nice black leather cord with a silver closure. Man jewelry...I am thinking I will make my nephew one so he can wear since he is in a rock band. Who knows....maybe he will like it.

I have been watching reruns of 24 on and off today. I found out that the season premiere is on Jan 15 & 16 - 4 hours!!!!! I can't wait!

The New Year is just around the corner and man what a difference a year makes. For those of you who know know the story of what I walked into last year on New Year's Eve. I am just hoping that I can have the courage and strength to keep going this next year. I was so upset and depressed after everything, that it really thru me for a loop and I just managed to survive. There were times I was happy, but mostly I was just getting by. So here's to 2006...may it be a smoother ride!

It always amazes me how people just "use" other people. I know this person who helped this other person so much that they put themselves into quite a pickle...and now...that person doesn't have the time of day..what is sad is that I tried to be friends with this person also, and found out the hard way...friendship to them was "what can you do for me"...oh well, I guess it is better to live and learn than to never live at we will just chalk that up to another lesson learned!

I am hoping to use this blog to "just get stuff out in the open" who knows...maybe if I write it down, things will get easier.

Another year is fast approaching

Well today is the day after Christmas and I have decided that I should start a blog for the New it goes...

I don't know about the rest of you...but do any of you get gifts at Christmas that make you say "what the ???" I tell you my sil totally leaves me with a big what the??? Here I am a diabetic and what does she send??? BUT a very cute holiday tin...with CANDY...and not just any candy but candy with valentines day wrapping.....and not only that but she sent the same candy to my parents....what the???? SO one has to wonder....was it new candy or candy left over from last year....anyways...if you are wondering...I emptied out the candy left it with Mom and Dad and took the tin, now only to write the thank you note!

Now mind you, I am not really complaining but come on....have a clue! Well in case you are wondering I did have a good Christmas! I got lots of goodies from people at work, gift cards are always the bomb especially when they are to the craft store or to the bead store!

From Momma Char I got a Winnie The Pooh telephone....can't wait to put that together, it is supposed to do all sorts of silly things when it rings! From Brother B, I got a cool pair of chopsticks, a cool korean tea set, and an MP3 only to figure that out!!! From Mom and Dad, I got a gift card, a cute ornament, believe it or not....Winnie The Pooh papertowels.

My two nephew's sent a dvd and cd with their musical performances. Now...I must tell you, Mom and Dad were good sports...listening/watching both all the way thru! The music ranged from speed metal to some covers including smells like teen spirit - nirvania to well...a silly song that started with "The Superbowl is gay....and from there you will have to wait til it is I am very proud of those two for their musical abilities!

All in all it was a great day...spent with Mom and Dad, complete with bbq'd ham!!!