Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yet again...another creation

I took my pocket card and incorporated it into a 12x12 scrapbook layout for a class I am teaching at Scrappin Friendzy the end of September.... Enjoy! Its much cuter in real life....but this will have to do! *EDIT* made a change on the's the new one!

You've got to be kidding me....

Okay...I think I had an out of body experience.

Today during lunch, I drove to GI Joe's Sporting Goods store.

Don't fall over.

Yes I did.

I spent $25.oo in sporting accessories....

Are ya kidding me???

I did..yes I did....and they didn't have purple.....

bummer dude.

What did I buy???

New shoelaces for the sneakers - one broke...eeks
a pair of new socks...forgot mine at home and need some for working out tonight
a pair of sweat wrist bands
and a sweat headband
they all were pink since no purple was to be found....damit dammit dammit! lol!

$25 bucks later....I'll be styling and profiling at FT on the RB!


Stickers??? What Stickers???

In answer to Pinknest post about the stickers. At each session Becky reviews my accountability journal. I am to record what I eat, with calories and carbs. I am going by what my nutrienist had set for me when back when I had gotten out of the hospital. No more than 1,800 calories a day...and NO more than 180 carbs a day. Being diabetic...that should be my guideline. Well. I have been good. If you look at my log for will see the stickers. WOW for actually filling out my journal with execellent detail for 2 weeks....and AWESOME - for doing just that during my awesome job! If you are wondering some of the notes....BS stands for bloodsugar. Meds stands for medicine (making sure that I take it) and VIT for my vitamin pack. At the bottom is two numbers usually circled with a high-lighter...that is calories/carbs for the day.

I made a promise to them that I would walk up my four flights of stairs without matter what I was carrying (how much) or how tired I was...and that is also noted at the bottom with whatever else I feel like mentioning.

SO here it is..I am sharing with you all my journal page for Monday - August 28th.

Joy Sunshine and Rain

It's Wednesday...

I decided on the way to work to stop and see pops at the store. and. have. some. coffee. What. was. I. thinking.???? Shop Coffee...gut bomb! But you should have seen the smile on his face when I drove up. IT was so worth the tummy ache from the bad coffee later.

Headed to work...felt freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a very busy day...had lots of fun! "D" and I were flippin each other crap all day...gotta love days like that!

Headed home to the good ole apartment. Grabbed stuff to take the Villa at Wildwoods...I had so much stuff to carry downstairs...but got it all in one trip. I even took groceries knowing that DIVA #1 didn't have anything in her fridge...and I had stuff at I headed out....and as soon as I left the city....the sress just left....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Made it to the villa in time to watch Rockstar and I fixed dinner....played with the princess DIVA a relaxing evening and got ready for work. It cracks me up that I always have a tough time falling to sleep the first it's soooo just hear the trees rustling.

Sweet dreams....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey Now..You're A ROCKSTAR Get Your Game On!


What a rest of the day....

I called my brother b...okay my only a good but quick chat with him...told him about my sessions...made him promise NOT to tell the "rents" not ready to tell them yet....give it a few months...then I'll confess all.

My bloodsugar has been rocking good all day!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!!!!!

Had an AWESOME BUTT KICKIN' SESSION....Becky worked me a couple of stickers in my journal....a WOW and an AWESOME! Gotta love it!!! Who would have thought that a couple of stickers would make a!

Got home...felt pretty good...made a lite dinner and started to watch Celebrity Duets....what the...Little Richard is kinda scary...but thankfully my fav show..ROCKSTAR came on ......what an awesome show this week...

And it's raining outstide....the air smells so good....and we desperately needed the rain....

well ....


Its 5am and what the heck am I doing up

UGH...its 5am. I have a dentist appointment at 7am. Are you freakin kidding me???? Now i love going to the dentist....I am really not kidding.....i do. I know .... FREAK FLAG....but hey I don't have any cavities...and well my dentist is HOT!!! AND NICE and well HOT!!! *hubba hubba*

SO okay back to 5am....I got up....did a load of laundry...which meant down the stairs and back up again...ugh! Did a few things around the apartment...and then go ready to head to the ole hotties

After a way too long appointment - NO CAVITIES MOM! LOL....and then I headed to the apartment building to check out a "vacant" apartment...okay - not! UGH! SO off to work I headed....I've got a session tonight...not sure with who...but heck I'm excited!


***#@(@) It's Monday already???

Where did the weekend go?? Someone please tell me. Please please pruddy!

The day started off freakin fantastic..."B" picked me up and headed to work....and stopped at heaven...I was good tho...only had a vente ice water...are you kidding me???? lol!

So I had a freakin busy day at the was all about event recaps (or as I like to call em...recraps!). Managed to get 3 done for just to finalize them. Whew...the day just flew by.

I have been sooo proud of myself...I have packed my breakfast, lunch and snack to take to work now for 2 whole weeks....wahooo!!!!!!!!!

So headed home...did a few errands...then get ready for Tuesday...ugh...I have to get up sooo early and it's gonna be a long long day....


One more creation

I am using this for my trades for WAG...I'm gonna place a business card on the inside...and then I'll make a bunch of extras for my new customers!


My latest creations

I am making this cute halloween card for my shoebox project at WAG and for my scrapbook class I am teaching...i'm adding it as a journal pocket to a 12x12...and well of course...I am gonna use it as my halloween cards for the fam!


Weekend wrap up!

Okay so here's a little recap of my weekend....

Saturday got up and made a simple yet yummy breakfast...scrambled eggs and fruit!!! "V" and I went grocery shopping. Safeway...Did you know you can find the ingredients to life there??? They are all on isle 26. Go figure...and why didn't I look there before...*snort*

Saved tons of money...gotta love the $10/10...and everything on my 'healthy' list was on sale!!!!

Gotta Love that!

Only downside to the weekend was...Saturday....just chillin on the couch with my honey...and my blood sugar tanked down to 62...what the???? Anyways all was good....nothing a little juice and a hug couldn't fix.

We watched "Weeds" Season 1 from Showtime...okay the first 6 episodes....we were cracking was almost like watching..."Dude Where's My Car" just when you were gonna turn it off...something funny would happen.....anyways....

Sunday was pretty uneventful...went to the "rents" had a good time and then back home get ready for work....

I did however craft on Sunday.....I'll post what I made.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Let's Get A Little Bit Rowdy...ROW- DEE Y!

WOW...what a week. I had two sessions....both with Becky one on Tues. and one on Thurs. Let me just say this....I got my butt kicked on Thursday. BUT it was fantastic!!!!

By the time I got home I was made it up the 4 freakin flights of stairs....carrying way too I made it. I got inside and literally DROPPED everything....managed to fix a lite dinner and watched Gray's Anatomy. I took a couple of 222's and just relaxed.

Woke up on Friday and felt good....actually awesome and ready to take on the day. "B" and I were gonna I got ready for work and headed downstairs to wait.

We headed to work and stopped at Starbucks for a bit of then to the office we went. Had a busy but good day and then off to home we headed.

"V" came over for a little dinner and then off to work he went. He told me he's going to come to Portland in September and see the guys while I'm at The Angel Gathering....and we'll spend Sunday night in Portland go to Housan and Larry's....who knows maybe I'll get engaged there so have a relaxing day and head home on Monday...and he will head to NO on Tuesday the's hard to believe that he will be leaving for 6 months. Guess we will just have to make the best of what we've got til then.

Anyways....that's it for now...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time for another flamingo picture

There's a long story to this...but I'll give you the cliff note version. I bought the flamingo new clothes...tee hee...

BROTHER B - I've got you beat!

Monday, August 21, 2006

6 week check up doctor appointment went great. A few minor tweeks on my medication. I'm due to go back in 6 more weeks. I can't wait to see the change from now to then. With the meds fixed, the sessions happening and the healthier eating. It will be glorious! numbers droped - EVERYWHERE!!! YEAH ME!!!

I give myself a gold star. My goal this week is to eat good, keep doing my sessions, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water...and be happy!


A day for rest and relaxation

Awe Sunday....

What a nice day to sleep in, rest and relax. Headed up to the "rents" for dinner. Had a great visit and boy did we give my pops a hard time. See my pops is sorta a gardener...and he grew patty pans this year....well he had 5 Huge ones on the counter....Mom asked if I wanted to take one home...I replied " What am I to do with it??" "It's HUGE" Mom replied..."I know - I don't know why he let them get so big...." - ME being me simply said "Maybe, he's entering them in the state fair" Which of course....caused us both to bust up laughing...and then pops came in...said to quit talking about him...but he couldn't help but laugh at us laughing....and then I confessed my comment....which we all started laughing again....

Too funny!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Where did the day go???'s already 7pm...exactly 12 hours from when I woke up. I slept really good on Friday night, woke up...and had a relaxing morning. I got ready and headed to Chinook's to meet DIVA #1 for breakfast.

How is it, that when you haven't been to a particular restaurant for a wonder why? I love Chinooks, and it is so close and so wonderful...not too pricey...and I haven't been there for live Everh....ugh!! We got a table by the window and enjoyed the docks, boats and blue water.

We had a great breakfast, laughing and talking...and our waitress...Reba...was awesome!!! Oh so was Mike with the! While I was talking with DIVA #1, totally realized that I had made the right decision for my upcoming sessions. We said our goodbyes and headed our seperate ways.....

I headed to New Castle/Renton and meet up with Becky. Had a great session...not too hard - not too easy. I headed back home and ran upstairs to grab a customer's order and headed towards the scrapbook store. She didn't show, but I talked to the gals at the store and then headed to see good ole' pops. I hung out for a bit...and read a magazine while he was busy. Then off to Staples to return a few items....then I decided to go Grocery Shopping. UGH I realized I haven't gone "real" grocery shopping for a 4 bags later...I headed towards the Post Office to see if anymore shoebox project samples showed up...yep 1 only 22 more to home I went.

I realized as I was lugging my purse, my dmb bag, my customers order and 4 bags of groceries...that I was beat. Whew...I made it upstairs...put away the groceries and decided to take a break and blog....

Now off to go make dinner...."V's" coming over....yipppeeee!!!


Friday, August 18, 2006


I haven't blogged in over a week. I don't feel guilty about it. I just wasn't ready to. A lot of things have happened recently. Some good, some bad, some indifferent, some challenging.

I realized this morning on my drive into work, that I am okay. I am actually happy. I am hopeful. I don't really remember the last time that I felt that. I also feel excited, and a bit scared. It was very refreshing.

SO I leave you with this...I am hopeful. I am happy. I have a smile on my face that comes from within without thinking about it.

I'll update more this weekend.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's finally here....

The Jazz Fest.

It's here.

8am Saturday morning out at the Chateau. 2 full days...of entertaining...


I'll try and update each day.

Wish me luck...and pray for weather UNDER 80!!!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Its only've got to be kidding

SO what a day I have had so started out getting up a bit get ready for work, make sure to leave a note for Tony the cleaning no show lately and actually get ready for work, with a few minutes to spare to check the downstairs apartment.

OMG...words can't describe what I felt this morning....deep breath...okay downstairs with my list and I waited for "B" to show up and take me to work....yeah carpooling....

Got to work...and had a huge busy crazy day. It is only 3 days left to jazz fest...eeeks...
and everything that could be going wrong was and then the apartment stuff on top of it all...

BUT I managed to do all this...
call tenant to get remaining "crap" out of the apartment
sweet talk the C.C. into moving in on Tuesday instead of Friday (Must buy molson as thank you)
double check the paint schedule
have DIVA #2 stop by the building to check the carpet
arrange to have new carpet put in
cancel the carpet cleaning
arrange to have a cleaning lady come in
make the rent deposit (thank you "B")

At work - yes I did work today
recap - last minute for Smooth
order water for jazz fest
call about the screwed up gift bags
call the printer
copy invoices
do notarized script
oh yeah eat lunch
and a few other things...I can't

FINALLY home to relax and just vegg out.

AH....finally now just to make it til Friday


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Favorite quotes heard on tv so far this week....

"I really wish I was wearing a different outfit when we got eliminated" Team Miss USA on Treasure Hunters (they were all wearing nylon sweatsuits)

"Man, you know that performance is totally gonna get you laid right?" Tommy Lee to Ryan Star on Rockstar Supernova after performing Losing My Religion on a baby grand piano

and I can't leave out Rescue Me.....

"Is it too early to call you dad?" Sean to Mr Gavin (Tommy's dad) "Is it too early to call you ***hole?" Mr. Gavin back to Sean.

AND it is only Tuesday night!


In Honor of DIVA #1

Today I got an email message from DIVA #1...the title of the email was "Ah, it's a pirates life for me..." and when I opened it, this is what I read:

I have now been blocked off of your blog..... one of my few joys daily"

Are you kidding me??? Please someone tell me that my blog is not that controversial...please. My blog is just my ramblings and way to keep in touch with people I care about and random people who happen to honor me by reading about "ME" and my tiny little dfly world.

But apparently corporate america thinks I should be blocked. What the?

I feel sooo bad that DIVA #1 has been blocked from reading my blog at work. It makes me happy to know that she enjoys reading I enjoy writing my feelings and thoughts down. It has been good for me to do that...

BUT never fear DIVA #1 - I shall be copying and pasting the blog into yahoo for you to read on your yahoo email, which escapes the watchful eye of the internet blocker.

HA - we'll outsmart them!!!!!!

lymi DIVA #1