Friday, April 28, 2006

It's a blue sky green treat kinda day...


Pay day! YEAH!

Needed a little get up and go...

"B" picked me up...he definately needed a little joe...

Headed to Starbucks..our normal guy isn't we try and throw off the new person. Doesn't work - but they get a chuckle.

SO I give "B" my order....a vente shaken iced tazo black tea lemonade....he thinks i'm crazy. He relays it to the speaker in the drive thru...then does his order...tall drip two splenda non-fat milk in a grande cup for driving room. He asks which order is more difficult...he is so sure it is mine...

NOPE....they say the tall drip!


I win.....

SO it's a blue sky, green treat kinda day!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh to be an Assistant

Wednesday was Administrative Assistants Day. AND lookie what I got! They love me..they really love me!!! AND I love them right back. I've got such a great team of sales people to work with! Later in the day...the office celebrated with a Baskin Robbins Sundae Party!!!

Shopping for baby

Tuesday left me in a very puzzled state of mind. A person at work who recently had a baby, was having a baby shower on Wednesday. NOW mind you, I really like 97% of the people I work with...there are about a total of 3 that I can't stand. Okay maybe only 2 no it's 3. AND it takes a LOT to make me not like you. Let me tell you...A LOT. SO this person who there was going to be a shower for is the 1st one of these people. BUT I love babies....and so I struggled with going to the party, making a hand made book (like I normally do) and even buying a present for the baby. WHO by default I love all babies. SO I decided to head to Fred Meyer after work to see if anything could get me in the mood to embrace the party on Wednesday.

SO I head into Fred Meyer...and I love our Fred Meyer...I peek around at a few things...get a few things that I need...then head to the baby section. THE very first thing I see is a football rattle. A must purchase for "B" and baby bubba. Okay I was now in the mood to buy an outfit for baby Abby. SO I got this very cute onesie that was green and pink with dfly's on it...of course!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Recap of the weekend...

Okay so Saturday I got up and headed to go see Diva #1 for breakfast at the usual hangout. Sweet Additions. I had the most wonderful breakfast...ugh I forgot the time, next time. I had a 3-egg omelet and it had fresh lightly sauteed veggies in it....yummm!

Diva #1 and I had a great catch up chat. Lots of was so good just to relax and spend time with her. Oh Hod....and his unusual son...Odd

Then off to Pac Supply for stuff for the apt bldg. Oh I'm gonna be the non-smoking everything and then headed to Smokin Pete's to pick up a HOT link for my Pops. Surprised him at the shop, gave him the hot link and hung out for a bit. Then back home I went. "V" had to go to work...and then Sunday Sunday Sunday...

Had a relaxing sleepy morning with "V" after he got off work....then headed up to the "rents" had a good visit...then home again....

Monday Monday to work I went....nothing too exciting til I got home, and then I passed out all the notices, and placed all the no smoking signs...and then off to watch 24.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stop the presses.....

HOW could I forget the coolest email I got all week???

Mimi emailed me from Paris!!! I can't wait to hear all of her stories from Europe. I totally love the fact that she did have Black Forrest Cake in the Black Forrest...especially since she added...before the German police stopped that is a story I must hear about!!!!

Miss you MiMi...can't wait to hear all about your adventures!!!!

hugs and kisses

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rock band, Race horse or Adult film???'s time for the horse races....a group of us from the office went to the horse races at Emerald Downs. I wanted to bring my camera and take pictures...but pictures I was told. I had to go along because "B" was my ride and well...I didn't want to get stuck down south.

On the way down to the track, "B" and I played Rock Band, Race Horse or Adult Film. Here's a few for you to try and figure out....Mineweaver; Just Chub; Manhattan Lad; So What's Your Point?; My Heartson Cowboy; Hope Wish & Luck; Just Outrageous...we had many a laughs on the way down.

When we got there....we had awesome seats to the glass...we placed our bets...had a few bevvies, and ordered some grub..not to be confused with the horse Just chub. We had many a laughs about that name. I had to bite my tongue a few times...the ex husband cracks just wanted to fly out of my mouth....Mr Detriot said...Revenge is best served had a blast. We renamed the horse My Heartson Cowboy to brokeback Mountain...and we say a horse of a different colour...all in all...we didn't win...much...we had a blast, food was good, bevvies were awesome and the time spent together - priceless. WE will definately go back!!!

tee hee

OMG the week is over all ready??

Well it's been a pretty uneventful week, went by too quickly. Did the normal things, including Smokin Pete's BBQ Thursday Survivor with "V" he is just crackin' me up lately.

Then...Friday...we (the gang at work) are heading to Emerald Downs to go to the horse races...I'll blog about that later....but I didn't bring my camera....because what happens at Emerald Downs stays at Emerald Downs or something to that effect. Actually "B" said no there you have it...he's driving so gotta go with that!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Latest creation

Here is a scan (now that I have figured out my new scanner) of a card I did for a swap with the TAC gals. It was for the glaze pen technique. All the bright colors on the stamped flip flops and the beach bag have been colored in with the pens. I kinda went overboard as the embellishments were whatever you wanted to use. SO I braided some twine for the handle of the bag, I used these flowered brads I have had forever and included a drink umbrella and a pair of sunglasses. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Here there everywhere

OOOh Monday. Well the day started off after leaving Diva #1's place. I headed to work. Stopped at Panera breads and got a muffin and some yummy hazelnut flavored coffee. Off to work I went.

Was a pretty busy a lot done. AND was time to do all the errands. I needed to run to Pacific Supply and get lightbulbs for the apartment building. They were closed on Saturday for Easter and so I was like drat drat drat - so on Monday...I left work at 5:30 and made it there with just 5 minutes to spare before they closed. I got all the light bulbs I needed and TADA..they had graffiti a can of that too! Now I am totally prepared. Okay now that I have it, it will never happen again - Murphy's Law!

Up North I headed...need to drop off a few things for one of my customers.....whew....made it home...lugged everything upstairs....time to relax and take it easy for the night!


Monday, April 17, 2006

So long, farewell....

Oh Monday morning. Time for me to leave. UGH. I so didn't want to leave this morning. BUT Diva #1 is coming home and time for me to go to work work work work work...ugh! As I was leaving I took one last picture....of Ms. Dottie.

By my sweet friend...til next time!!


I thought i saw a putty cat...

I woke up on Sunday morning to find Ms. Dottie...looking out the window at the was too cute, I tired to get a picture of her with her paw on the window...but she was too quick for me.

Ahhhh the life of a cat....

After playing with Dottie and her toys, Dottie retreated to taking a nap. I on the other hand, headed up to the 'rents' for Easter dinner and a late celebration of my birthday. I don't think I mentioned it...but "V" was still sick...ack!

A little nap is all you need

So the rest of my Saturday went pretty good. My two crazy customers just crack me up. We went over their orders, and they ordered some more. Can't beat that! I had an appointment back in Bellevue, so off I went. It started to rain. then. pour. then. pour. some more.

I finished my appointment and off I was to see ms. dottie again. When I arrived she was no where to be found...then I found her....apparently I woke her

Oh what a beautiful morning!

SO it is Saturday, I slept in, played with Dottie and then got ready to start the day. I had decided that I was gonna treat myself to breakfast. SO I headed to Sweet Additions where the Diva's usually meet. When I arrived all the tables were filled with daffodils. So springy!!! So I ordered my favorite. Herbed scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and a sugar free marionberry muffin and of course some coffee. Now I'm not to sure if the muffin actually was sugar free...but what the heck. I had a full day planned so I figured the little extra wouldn't hurt.

Breakfast of Champions

My breakfast arrived! Yippee! So I enjoyed it, relaxing, reading, enjoying the morning and then I headed to Seattle to meet up with my two crazy TAC customers.

Oh Dottie....

Such a sweet cat. What a treat to watch. I feel so lucky that Diva #1 lets me watch her precious Dottie....

Monkey see Monkey do...

Here's Reobie's little to come up with a name for this!

To finish off the week

Okay Thursday came and went. Nothing to exciting. Busy at work as usual. "B" and I pooled as he had be in training all week. IT was nice. We hit up the good ole starbucks...yummy! Then off to work.

After work, "V" came over so we could watch Survivor before he headed to work. He brought oh no he didn' Pete's BBQ. Watch link! Dinner was great and we had fun watching Survivor. The off to work he went.

I watched CSI and Without a Trace and went to sleep....oooh my.

Friday...YEAH! I get to head to the retreat. Yippee!!! SO I got everything ready and "B" picked me up for work. We got some joe at Starbucks...and off to the office we went. Had a good day...nothing to out of the ordinary. "D" bought Kung Hu for lunch...yummy!!! And I got a new scanner ..... YEAH!!!

We headed home....and I met the new tenant to fill out his paperwork. He was out the door with his key...and I ran upstairs grabbed my stuff and off I was too see Dottie!!! Oh it was sooo nice heading out of soon as I hit 1-90 I felt this big relief.

I got to the little retreat in the woods (aka Diva #1's place) and settled in. I took a picture of Reobie...and he has a little buddy in the tree too. The picture of Reobie isn't the greatest because as soon as I turned on the light under the tree, it went out. UGH! Oh will get the point.

Catching up....yet again

It seems like forever since I last blogged. I had to go look to see what was blogged last. How sad is that???

SO I promised a little bit about my fellowship meeting. So here it goes...I got there a bit early on Wednesday, with purple bunny cake and ice cream in hand. Our meeting went pretty good I thought....everyone like the snacks - yeah!!! I don't think they realized how important it was for me to have a bunny cake for my birthday....but it was and I'm glad I had so many people to share it with.

The chapter we were discussing was "Divorce" and it was a very touchy subject. I don't think Carla or Janice wanted to discuss it. BUT thanks goodness for Michael. He made sure we did. IT was interesting in some points. I told them what I thought about the chapter, some things I had personally done since reading the chapter. My thoughts, fears and such. In all, at the end of it all, I think they felt bad about giving me such a hard time about wanting to read the chapter.

The one sad thing was...I made pumpkin cry (M&L's daughter) I didn't mean to. I didn't do anything to her...but put my purse out of her reach. She really wanted to take it and empty it. Plus she was tired. SO not only did she start to cry she started to wail. UGH...I felt so bad.

Anyways....just one more meeting. I am not sure I am going to continue with this group next year, as without RJ and J-Rod it is kinda not together or organized in any sort of way.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The day after...

SO my birthday continues.

Cyn took me to lunch...back to Tokyo's we went. Had a Mt Rainier and an order of sake w/ponzu sauce. YUMMY.

After work headed to M&L's for fellowship. We were reading a chapter on Divorce. Was very interesting. I will post more later.

BUT it was my turn for treats...I bought a purple bunny cake and yummy ice cream.



My birthday update

My birthday was on Tuesday, April 11. Yeah me. My birthday...yeah it was my birthday!

The day started out with phone calls and messages left on voicemail...singing Happy Birthday in a number of renditions. It was too much fun!

I headed to work as "B" has been in training all week, so I've been driving solo. I stopped and got a special latte...a chocolate almond moo.....sugarfree....yummy! Off to work I headed.

When I got there presents were on my desk!!! YEAH!!! I got some kewl stuff. AND cards galore. Then off to Tokyo for sushi lunch.

The whole sales staff was there.....we ordered a bunch of many good things. YUMMMM. Back to the office.

"V" and I were gonna go to Chinooks for dinner but it was packed. We went to Medin's on leary. It's a Ravioli Station dine in or take out. It normally is just packed. BUT for some unknown reason...there was only one other couple there.

WE had the most amazing dinner ever. I had the special seafood ravioli. It had prawns, scallops, crab and lobster with a saffron sauce. OMG. It was served with flat bread and dipping sauce and I had a side salad with yummy dressing. I can't wait to go back.....We then headed home and relaxed watching a couple of shows.

OH "V" got me a weekend getaway to Ocean Shores for the two of us....we'll go later this year...and I can't wait!!!

What an amazing day!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April showers....

SO the weekend. So "V" came over on Friday after his shift bringing....Smokin' Pete's BBQ. freakin good was that??? He got a pulled bbq pork sandwich for us to share, a hot link...and man was it hot, some mac cheesy, a sweet pot. cornbread muffin and a slice of pie. YUMMY!

We watched a couple shows on tv and started to snooze...we slept in and it was nice. Had a few things to do...we went for a late lunch/early dinner before he went to work. I headed over to a gal's house from work to help her work on a scrapbook. Found my way to her place, which was actually pretty amazing considering I had never been there, the directions were kinda sketchy..and the complex community was wrapped up a way. Got the book done, and headed back home. It started to pour...ugh. More rain!!! Watched Top Gun...had to...and went to sleep early.

Sunday...ugh...Mom's sick so there would be no visit to the rents. Oh well. Turkey dinner next week. We post-poned my birthday dinner....til Easter. Oh well. Did a few things around the building and took it easy for the rest of the evening. Got ready for Monday...ugh the weekends always go so fast.


Sunday, April 09, 2006


On Friday I took on the enourmous task of cleaning the pit of the office. UGH....knowing that the step stool at work sucks, I brought in my own from home. I also went and bought 4 18gallon plastic tubs to store the left over stuff from Jazz Fest 2005 that we can use for Jazz Fest paper plates, plastic silverware and cups.

I had a very busy day and had planned on starting the cleaning around 2pm...BUT circumstances always change and I ended up getting thrown into a last minute group proposal and managed to get that done without too much difficulty...hence I never started cleaning til 4pm.

I started with the bins....took inventory and closed those bad boys up, stacked them against the wall two high...and disposed of the empty boxes. Next was the supplies on the counter....unpacked those boxes and put the goodies in two drawers. Next...ugh all this old letterhead taking up room. So I got the two funnies to dispose of most of it. Out with the rest....lots more room. I took all the boxes of envies and put an envy on the outside and numbered them....then onto the shelves they went.

I got rid of the boxes and a few other things off the counter....and threw some more stuff away...and tada! Clean. The only thing I didn't get to do was gut one of the cabinets and label label label. SO I'll at least label on Monday....and perhaps throw stuff out of the one cabinet. OH and put away the christmas stockings...was just too tired to do anything more...I'll do those Monday.

UGH...I was sooo tired.....BUT I remembered to mark everything "trash" and "Basura" and so so very glad it's done.


ps...I forgot to mention, while I was target, I bought Diva #1 a little surprise for the next time I stay and take care of Dottie. tee hee....

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I cheated on my barista

Last week during my not much sleep/scrapbooking frenzy/not feeling at the top of my game, I cheated on my barista.

Normally "B" and I stop at Starbucks on the way to work. Well, last week, when I was driving to work solo, I really needed was Thursday...I had been at the office til after 1:30am working on Suzy Q's scrapbook with Laura. SO as I approached my normal drive thru Starbucks....the line was around the building and 6 cars were waiting to pull in .... I kept driving. I thought wel I'll get some when I get to work.

Finally made it to the exit ramp and UGH I needed coffee right then. I drove down the fac mall blvd and did the special u turn into Jitters. No. cars. were. waiting. It was FATE. YIPPEEE. I pulled up to the window and ordered my normal ventie size non fat sugar free vanilla latte. The very cute boy toy at the window said...that's boring. Let me make you a lucious latte. So feeling a little adventurous...I said sure why not.

SO he made me a sugar free white chocolate sugar free raspberry non fat latte.....

OH MY GOD. Pure Heaven. Just smelling the aroma was enough. The taste. Fabu!

I might have to cheat on my barista more often.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looks like hump day to me!

WOW what a nice spring day! Was totally busy at work. "B" and I stopped at Starbucks on the way in. Got my joe freak on!!! YEAHWZA. Had a busy day...and got lots done.

it was an interesting day as I was a person that I hadn't seen forever. In the office of all places. Things are strained and a little weird at the office since Suzy Q left. I'm sure it will all settle down soon.

OH and on another note....

ITS 6 days til my birthday!!

Yeah me!!!

Frick Frack Don't Talk Back

Tuesday....lovely tuesday.

I should update you all about something I haven't blogged about lately. My car. On Monday I called my insurance company as I hadn't heard anything from TAR. Yes I called my insurance company. They assigned me a claims adjuster. On Tuesday I spoke with the adjuster and filled him in. He seems really nice and understands the situation with TAR. He's gonna handle everything. Oh thank you!!!!

SO I got an email from TAR...which was just ridiculous....So...I didn't respond to it. I gave the adjuster all of the correspondence that I had from and to TAR. AND. I'm. NOT. going. to. respond. to. TAR. Just let the adjuster do his job. SO I'm not gonna blog about it...til it is it's out of my hands now. IF TAR wants to talk about it. He must talk to the adjuster. Final answer.

The remainder of the day was wonderful...a small weight had been lifted off my shoulder. YEAH!

A little retreat in the woods....

Monday....i headed off to work...with just a few things in tow to head to Diva #1's to take care of Dottie. Work was great...busy how they fly.

Took Sugar Momma to the ZIP and Go and dropped her off. Then headed up to the retreat in the woods. I went in and took care of Dottie...and then headed to ISushi for a little dinner with Cin...and then back to the retreat. I loved spending time at the retreat...I almost had trouble sleeping (so silent ... no street noise) lol...Then off to work on Tuesday...I hated leaving but I do know I'll be back soon!

I totally suck...i forgot my picture of the monkey in the tree (reobie) and no dottie pictures....guess I'll have to go back soon with camera in tow!


Fa la la fa la la la tee dah!

Let's see - it's been forever since I've blogged. UGH...i suck...bad blogger bad blogger. Let's recap...last week...I was sick and I worked on a scrapbook for a gal at the forward to Friday night after work. "V" came over and we watched Zoolander. Finally. We laughed, it was funny, it was ridiculous and a great way to wind down after the long week.

Got up early Saturday, and had a very very very did I say very busy day. I had my two page check list on my clipboard, with address, mapquest directions and phone numbers. SO off I went. I headed to the post office...checked off the list...the Pac Supply - ugh they weren't open til 9am - have to figure that our later. Off to get coffee check. check. To see Jan the hair alter specialist. check. check. check. To Calif Closets for a drop off for work. check. check. check. To the bank for rent checks. check. check. check. Then to see Suzy Q. At the Olive Garden the gals and I met up. We had a great time. Sue loved her book. We were there for a long time...and it was a blast. Then home again. check. check. check. Then to Fred Meyer...check check.

Saturday night..."V" came over again and we watched Flight Plan and had zza for dinner...yummy! And then off to sleep my pretties.

Sunday - the day of more ingredients for life. HA! I got up, did a load of laundry...filled the car up with gas, got breakfast and headed home. Got ready and then hit the road Jack....of to "O" town for a station event. Got there at good ole safeway...found ingredients for life again...Isle 15 of then off to....Ta Da...Shipwreck beads. I only spent $16. Wowza...then off to see a few frieds before heading home. Home home home....whew...what a whirlwind weekend.

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