Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go….

LOL….that seems fitting considering all the things I had done before I left for Heathers. I got up, did 2 loads of laundry, vacuumed, made breakfast, worked out, went grocery shopping, stopped at Walgreen’s went to blockbuster, prepped all the stuff for turkey tacos including cooking the turkey. AND I even took a shower, and got ready ha ha snort…I left around 11:45…and Blockbuster didn’t have any of the movies I wanted….so off I went to fill the car with gas. I was on the road by Noon.

Had a totally awesome time/blast at Heather’s – it was sooooo good to see everyone. We all exchanged cards, I’ve posted them below with titles of who did what… and we made a cool card keeper tin, with tabs inside to sort cards by. I haven’t finished mine, but you will get the idea..

After Heather’s I headed up to Mom and Dad’s. Made good time, got up to Everett and stopped at TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) got a few things and then stopped at good ole Blockbuster. Got the Queen, and then headed to the ‘rents’.

We had a great time, dinner was well received, did the dishes and watched part of the movie. Headed home. Traded voicemails with MM…lol… too funny!

Got home and totally crashed….I know - I know…I lead the life of an exciting singleton…snort!

Card Keeper Tin made at Heather's

It's not quite finished yet, I need to add some ribbon to the handle and such...but you get the idea. I have wanted to make one of these for quite sometime...they are sooo fun and easy. I can see Christmas presents

Becca's card

This is one of my most favorite stamps. I own this...but NEVER use it...cuz it not TAC....I should use it just cuz~

Michelle's Card

Heather's Card

Jessica's card

YEAH it's Friday....

A little bit of green, a little bit of yummy food, good conversation and look what you get…

A FREE LUNCH. YEAH. SO the big boss and Lucy took me, Cyn, Lester, Sig, and Di out to lunch. We went to the Calcutta Grill at Newcastle Golf Course. SOOO nice. We had a great time, great food, great conversation and time away. I was soo good, had lots of good food, and even a bite or two of desserts…and then it was back to the office.

“B” and I had pooled, so on the way home, we had a nice little chit chat. I got home, talked to Brother “B” (you know the other “B” lol) and then I made some dinner. What a relaxing time. I then decided while I was catching up on my shows…gosh just love my DVR…I needed to start working on my bday swap for Heathers. I could not wait to see Heather, Jessica and Becca. Just love those gals…and boy oh boy did I need a creative break. SO I gathered all the stuff I needed and here’s what I put together.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Latest Creation

This is a card I made for the PawsN2Stamp Angel Sympathy swap. All products are from The Angel Company. I used Rose Sentiments, Palette inks - Noir, Toile Pink, Landscape, White, Black cardstock and MM Blush, embellishments, nickel loop brad and assorted ribbons. Enjoy! I can't wait to get together with Heather, I'm sure we'll make some fun things this Saturday.

Routine...what's that?

So it’s Thursday. I have managed to make it through this week without too much turmoil or disruption. I still have the cough. Ugh the cough. BUT it’s much better. Pool’d with “B” on Monday and Tuesday. That was good to do that – it had been too long since we’d last pooled….about 2 weeks….yikes. Tuesday went to the ‘rents’ to hang out and visit and give pops a break. Got home, to bed, and then it was Wednesday. WOW…the week is already half over. Where did it go?

Wednesday was great. Had a good day at work, had an awesome time working out with Rico. Ultimate Trainer was there. GOT a HUGE HUG!!! Much needed to. Even Alison was there. Gosh it was soooo good to see her. AND the new trainer. Humm, first reaction for a nickname. Not so good. Pee Wee Herman. SO I must work on that. I am sure he’s really nice. He worked Alison hard so he deserves a different/better name. It was sooo weird going into FT and NOT seeing MM. It really hit me on Friday HOW MUCH MM is a part of my life. He is such a great person, good friend, awesome trainer and just all around freakin’ terrific dude! I know that our friendship will grow…and I can’t wait to see him again, and for him to see that I’ve been working hard…he is such a part of my success current and future. And well he’s gonna rock whatever comes his way cuz that’s what he does. I’m so proud of him for making the move and I know its gonna be freakin fantastic!!!! He’ll always have a cheerleader in me – total support forevher!

Anyways….where was I? LOL…oh yeah. Let’s see Mom’s doing fantastic with all of her stuff. Baby Steps…but she’s doing it. And Pop’s he’s doing it too…he even ran the dishwasher – yeah Pops!

I went and saw DIVA and the DIVA kitty last night after my workout. It was good to chat and catch up with her. Really it was good. Much needed.

So today the gang from work is taking me out to lunch. Sushi….eeks – I’ll be good, and eat what I should and how I should. And then, I’m heading up to the ‘rents’ but I’ll stop at Lydia’s to drop off some stampin stuff. Yeah stampin stuff!!! I’ve got 7 bday cards to make before Saturday for a swap with Heather and the gang. I’m deciding if I should make 6 of the ones I have mostly done, and make a different one for Heather. I might – cuz then I can make the one for Heather as a test run, and then make some for Mom, DIVA, Sweet Grandma and a few others.

So enough of this boring post. I need to get jiggy with it…so peace out!

Hummm....a celebrity sighting...

Yes it's true. Yes this is donny osmond. Yes I did get my picture taken but for whatever reason, don't have that picture. But here's the proof positive. A signed picture. Yep. Cyn made me do it. And when I told MM....he replied who's Donny Osmond. SO MM, this is for you. My question is why can't we have McDreamy or McSteamy or someone like that come visit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things can change overnight.

Wow…it has been sooo long since I last posted. So much has happened, some good, some bad, some indifferent, some tragic, and some definitely life changing.

Let’s start with the good shall we?

I got my Easter cards out early. Yeah me.

I stuck to my food plan whew….

I got my Symphony swap done early.

Went to Heather’s to stamp…yeah!

Started spring cleaning the apartment and have actually made some headway!

Rented the empty apartment in 2 days

I had my birthday and got some great presents – wahooo!

Stayed at DIVA’s villa and played with the DIVA KITTY

Kept sane, sorta of…lol

Went to Good Friday service and Easter Sunday service…very nice

I curled 50lbs using the bench press bar – yo, pump you up

Some bad now….

MM got a better job offer….booo hiss!

I injured my Achilles tendon…eeeks

I got a nasty cold and still have it…what the heck

I didn’t go to the zoo with pops for my bday – I was sick

I really missed “V” on my bday…he always spoiled me so – even when were we just pals

I missed 5 workouts because of my cold

I broke a fluorescent light ugh

Some indifferent news…..

My brother was in town for a week

My dad retired

We threw a party for my dad

My oil in my car needs to be changed

I’m still sick…what the???

I miss my fellowship peeps

I get to see Heather and Jessica on Saturday

I stamped a few thank you cards the other day

I’ve been to my parents so much lately

I’m a bit tired

My schedule is in complete disarray

Some tragic news

My mom was hit and pinned against a wall

She was in the trauma unit for 7 days

She’s in a wheelchair now

Some life changing news

My dad retired

Mom’s in a wheel chair

AND I’m helping as much as I can

It’s really amazing to me, just when you think you’ve got everything down, it just gets tossed again. I’m glad I can help my dad and mom…I know it’s gonna take time, and patience but all will work out. I have excellent support peeps…you know who you all are…DIVA, MeMe, Char and I’m lucky in that aspect.

What I don’t know is how this is all gonna turn out. And really, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that mom is alive…
So peace out…here’s to the first official day of going up to the “rents” after work to help out pops!