Monday, March 05, 2007

Son of a....what the?

SO it was Thursday. No workout with MM. BUT a little get together with the gang at Beck's grand opening. The day couldn't go by fast enough.

After work, I hit the road to meet up with everyone. Got there...and had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed the time with everyone, especially MM. He is such a great person. AND he CARES. Yep he cares! Gosh it is a great feeling to have someone care about you in a non romantic way. It's like what "V" and I had sooo long ago...what I miss the most. Sigh.

Anyways...lots of funny things happened. But they are things that you would have had to be there to get the jist of it all. *snort* I finally left and headed home about 10pm...eeks. BUT what a great time!!!

I realized...what a dork I was - as I had my camera, and there were other people around that I could have gotten a bomb diddy pic with all my PEEPS.



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