Monday, June 16, 2008

Life after overtime

I ended up putting in 31 hours of overtime in the last two weeks...25 of it was from two weeks alone...but last Sunday...I was able to relax and get back into the swing of things.

This last week it was a breeze at work, I was covering the phones, had a bit of overtime, I did even manage to make a few cards...

This week was nice, relaxing, got a lot done, did a bit of shopping, bought a few items (craft of course) and well Friday I met up with MeMe for dinner at Applebee's...we had a fabulous chat and enjoyed dinner....

Saturday, I did a few errands and headed down to MV to see Heather and Chloe...we went and saw Kung Fu Panda, had a bit of dinner, crafted a bit and had a fabulous day...then it was Sunday, Father's Day...

I headed up to Alderwood, met the "rents" and we went to see Indy, went to Azteca for lunch, did a bit of shopping and had a nice relaxing day.

So here we are - it's Monday, and I'm all caught up on the bloggage... now that things seems to be slowing down a bit, hopefully, I'll update a little more often.


Music Fest Part II here's the biggie...the Festival Feast Contest. TONS of prep for this one. It was a huge undertaking, but it is finally done, and will be displayed in 75 QFC (Quality Food Center) stores in July.

I will take pictures of the displays and post at that time...however, here's just a small glimpse of what the project looked like once it was completed and in the delivery envelopes....This picture shows 3 bins...when all was said and done 9 bins were the end results...Oy vieh! NOW that's a lotta contesting materials!

When all was said and done, I used 17 1/2 rolls of double-sided paperbacked tape...36yrds per roll...tons of tape....I got me some tape!!

Music Festival

The Music Fest is fast approaching, and I have been getting all the contesting materials to our clients. The first contest, was for Sterling Savings Bank, it is the most easiest to prepare and send out. The contest is over now, but here is a picture that I took at the Issaquah location for my recap.

In the thick of it all...'s already June much to say so much to do and so much that has to be done.
Since I last checked in, lots has been going on....let's see where shall we begin, eh?

Hummm...that's a tough on...

The last weekend of May, my dad and I went to the opening of the Everett Farmer's Market. What a fun time we had....I have included some pictures of what we saw...

Some wonderful onions....

Yummy asaparagus

Random guy with his dogs, enjoying the market

Beautiful pretty and bright - full of color!!!

We had a "fun" roadtrip, Dad decided to show me Everett, he said, it's just your gas so why pops!! I am sure we will be returning to the market soon.