Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Boo Day!!!

WOW...where has the time gone? I've been soooo busy and things just keep happening...but that's good right??? LOL. I'm helping plan a card making / scrapbooking FUNdraiser at my church to help the high school kids (Epic program) go on a mission trip to Honduras this upcoming summer. And the event is Nov 17th...eeeks....if you are interested in attending, please email me. It's a great deal....$30 gets you breakfast, lunch, table space and 2 creative classes! What a bargain....and Yep, I'll be teaching....I'm really looking forward to will be soooo much fun!!!

Anywho....let's see what else has been happening? Mom's gonna have surgery on Friday, my workouts with Rico are going awesome....I made boo day cards a bit late but still made and now a couple of meetings, including an after church class....yep got homework...what the???? LOL! Need to send a couple of prizes out...sorry guys!!! AND I just got a HUGE TAC (The Angel Company) order in....and need to get that delivered...and all of my stamps indexed and cut....perhaps at the hospital on Friday - surgery could be as long as 5 hours...sounds like a good!!!

Anyways we had the traditional costume party at work here today...and my boss dressed well...okay I sit outside the portal to hell....

Be safe, have fun and most importantly have a spookTACular day!!

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wes said...

Allright girl, you've been tagged for the seven questions of self revealing!

Visit my blog for the questions...