Thursday, March 30, 2006

There's a monkey in that tree...

tee hee.

I went to Diva #1's place on Tuesday. I needed to be introduced to Ms. Dottie. The most beautifulest cat in the world. I'm just saying. She. is. BEAUTIFUL.

Diva #1 gave me the whole run down on the Dottie schedule. And then we ate dinner. Flying Pizza - YUMMY! They have the best garlic ranch dressing ever. I must admit tho, I'm a bad bad bad friend. I don't like olives. Sorry! I sucx! Anyways, back the the title of this post. I've know Diva #1 for over 13 years now. When she was the res. mgr. she had this very nice artificial tree in her apt. Next to it was a hopeless chest with tons and tons of really cute monkeys on it. (Diva #1 collects - monkeys!) I never noticed anything unusual with the tree. Until. Tuesday. Night. (Dramatic pauses).

I was eating my pizza and I turned to look at the new diva kitty who was sleeping on her pillows...and notice a monkey in the tree. I asked Diva #1 about the monkey in the tree. She's like duh. it's been there forever. Have you not seen it?? OKAY...never say the monkey in the tree. Never figured Diva #1 would do something like that. Well let me take that back. YES I think she would do it, and it just makes me want to be just like her when I grow up. SO I just thought that that was too kewl.

So I headed home....and the story continues....

On the way home on Wednesday...I asked "B" about the monkey in the tree. And he replied, of course there would have to be a monkey in the tree. Then he started making noises like a monkey...and the conversation went from there...straight to the apes. LOL. SO to prove there is a monkey in the tree, next time I am at Diva #1's there will be a photo shoot.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's not goodbye...just see ya later

A dear friend of mine at work is leaving. Sue G is leaving. I am so happy for her, but sorry that I won't be seeing her every day at work. She has been a very important part of my life the last few years and a solid rock at the office.

I know that even tho she is leaving, our friendship will grow. It's almost like Diva #1 - I think we are better friends now than we had been the last 13 years. SO I am hoping for the same with Sue.

Part of Sue's going away present, is a scrapbook, with stuff from people at work. I was asked to put together a few pages of "art" to include in the book. SO....I am sharing with you all too!


Monday, March 27, 2006

To feed a cold and starve a fever

Okay so today I stayed home from work. I had a real rough night Sunday night...coughing, fever...ugh...woke up on Monday...all hot and sweat with a fever. And coughing like no other...then trouble breathing.

SO I called in sick. I rested most of the day and then meet "V" for an early dinner at Denny's before he went to work. I'm feeling okay, but what is really weird, is that I am having trouble standing straight. I think I have a pinched nerve or something, my tailbone hurts (old injury) so who really knows. I just hope that it loosens up and is better.

Well I'm off to dream land...


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let's get crazy, let's get nutz

It's an all 80's music weekend! Gotta love that. Anyways..."V" and I never got around to watching Zoolander...tee hee. Well we were gonna watch it, then decided to just curl up and talk and listen to music. It was nice. We woke up Sunday morning...relaxed and rested. I am still dealing with this cough, but it's getting better. YEAH!!

did a few things around the apartment and then got ready to go to the "rents". Had a good drive up....Listening to yes 80's music. Flashbacks from highschool...and "V" playing football...wowza...seems like a bagillion years ago. It was good to catch up with the "rents" it had been too long, especially with me being in Portland last weekend. Showed them what I did in classes and some recently received trades with other TAC gals. Pops of course, washed my car, and then lit up the bbq. YUMMY dinner. Time to head home and just as I was pulling into the parking garage....what do you know...a little bit of lets' get crazy, let's get nutz...nothing is better than classic prince!!!

Well everyone....hope you had a great weekend, I know I sure did.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Funny Money

Have you seen the new colored us currency??? I had heard about it, but until today, I hadn't seen it. So it kinda reminded me of lame gay canadian money...sorry Wolfie and Wobs. What's next...let's take all the guess work out of it and go EURO!

Just my humble opinion!

It's always a great day when rubber stamps are involved

Oh my. Both the Zags and UW lost in basketball. There is a little black cloud hanging over my apartment. Its funny to be liking sports again. I so boycotted sports after my divorce and totally forgot about them til about a year ago. And more recently since, well I've been pooling with "B" and since "V" and I have started hanging out okay hooking!

I sleep in today, worked on my crazy customers watches and bracelet today (I repaired them) and then finally headed out to the scrapbook store to drop off their 2 orders. They are such nice ladies...and funny too. And they both ordered more stamp stuff...YEAH! Once of the gals bought one of my left-over bracelets from the salon. AND wants me to make a stamped bracelet with all the grandkids names on it. Should be fun!!! While I was there, one of the scrapbook owners asked me to make not 1 not 2 but 3 yes 3 custom bracelets for her daughter! YIPPEEE. She's supposed to call me with her little girls wrist size and she wants them on April 4...eeeks...but it should be no problem to get them done. AND she also wants to get a stamped bracelet with her kids name on it also!!! YAHOOOO!

I was heading home, and "V" called....I had to laugh...he's like...I'm hungry, come to dinner with me...Tony loves Tony's. So we had a nice early dinner. I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was...and couldn't eat my whole the rest is in the refridge. "V" is happy about that as we are gonna watch Zoolander, and he's sure he'll be hungry half way!

SO guess what sports fans. I. ran. into. T.A.R. He said...sorry I haven't answered your email yet, but I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do. Yeah right...whatever. UGH!!! But I must confess, I did have to giggle a bit. As I was getting out of my car, the light hit his car just right...and it really did do some damage to his car. I couldn't tell before cuz his car was all shiny, clean and that's its a bit dirty....damage!!! HA HA HA HA HA!

Well I'm off to watch Zoolander....I'll give you all a review.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Time to dawn the black...Its mourning time team lost last night....the Zags lost. In the last minute. But I must confess, I was almost embarrassed by Morrison...their best player. After the final buzzer sounded, he threw himself on the court and started crying...and just stayed there on National TV.

What the??? That is no way to act. That is how a 3 year old acts or my ex *snort* sorry all, had to...anyways, I was very disappointed in the sportsmanship showed by Morrison.

Well the UofW is playing and actually are ahead, but it's early in the game.

"V" is happy LSU really that is all that matters!

More later...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Since it's been a week.....

Here's a little ketchup (okay what movie is that jokes punch line from???) Okay...Wednesday night of last week, I finally got home around 11ish...and was so tired...I totally crashed. I don't know if I mentioned that I took my car to get it's 90k tune-up and to get the brakes checked, with the family discount and some pre-purchased parts, I walked out of there for $378 and some change. UGH. Not. what. I. wanted. before. vacation. *sigh*

Okay, Thursday, slept in, and "V" called. He had to work and wouldn't be able to go with me. Now I was a bit disappointed, but he was devastated. Which made me feel good, that he really wanted to go. We met for a yummy breakfast and he headed to work, and I headed to do a few things that I needed to get done, including another quote from this place that TAR had wanted me to go. *sigh* SO after waiting for an hour, I finally got the quote...and surprise was actually $50 more than the one I had originally got (I tried so hard to laugh as I left the shop). I finally got out of town around 5pm...and off to PDX I headed. FINALLY.

The trip down was not too bad, the traffic til Tacoma sucked, but after was a pretty quick trip, and I didn't even stop once. I got down to the hotel, and checked in. Finally, a break from work, from the apartment, from TAR, from Seattle. YES!!!!

Friday, I got up, was rested and ready for my classes...YIPPPEEEE!!!! My classes were fun, I really enjoyed them. When I have gone in the past, I usually go with a pal of mine Sue, and unfortunately during classes, she never wanted to do the project and would just talk, making it impossible to do the projects. This time NO Sue...and I got sooo much out of each class. I did run into Sue and told a big fat lie. I told her I was heading home Friday, as I really need alone time and she wouldn't really get it. After classes, I headed back to the hotel room and just relaxed...and relaxed and watched TV and relaxed.

Saturday, I slept in. No. construction. workers. yeah. I called a few friends of mine and meet the girls for coffee. I hate to say it, but even though it's been a while since i've seen these gals, they are not nearly as fun as Diva #1 or Diva #2 or even "MeMe" ugh I how I miss MeMe. MeMe if you are reading this...I miss you this much (arms outstretched) and back again. After coffee and a light bite to eat. I returned a bunch of calls about the apartment and set up 7 viewings on Sunday...I was bound a determined to get those two apts rented. Then, one of the guys I showed it to before I left called, and he wanted the "left" One down one to go! I then headed over to Shari's to meet Momma before all the other TAC gals got there. What a great time, our meeting was great, everyone was so much fun, I can't wait til our big get together in September. After the meeting, I headed home. No stopping. Made it home in a little over 2.5 hours. Whew...quick return trip.

Sunday, I got ready to start showing the apartments, one the third showing, I had another deposit YEAH!!!! I called and cancelled the other viewings and went and relaxed.

Back at work....ugh, I should have taken more time off. Oh well. I got a bunch of stuff done...and well off to Tuesday.

Update on TAR...he emailed me and said he wanted my insurance info as he was gonna turn it in. I called my insurance co and they told me to go ahead and give him my info...and ask for's Thursday and no call from his insurance co or his insurance info. *tisk* I called my insurance co and they said to get his lic. plate number and they deal with him...YIPPEEE...but ugh he wasn't home tonight when I got home. OH I'll get it. Don't worry. I had to laugh at Diva #1 she sent me a funny title for TAR and it was P.R.I.C.K. (People. Really. Irritating. Chan. Kreep. Okay that's spelled wrong but its funny) I almost had water all over the computer screen when I read that. Go Diva Go!!!

I've been feeling a little punky lately, got a sinus thing going NOT so! I even had to pull out my inhalers...icky! Oh well, hopefully it will go far far away quickly.

On Wednesday the sales gang and I went to a Sushi place by Diva #1's was a conveyor belt place..and it was good and very very reasonably priced. Maybe Diva #1 will want to go there.

OH OH OH...I almost forgot...I get to kitty sit for Diva #1. Her beautiful cat Dottie...I can't wait. And yes, there will be pictures!

Okay everyone, I've got to go get some rest so I can get over this crude...and YES I must go watch my team....GO ZAGS GO!!!!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm outta here...

Well I'm hitting the road for a few I won't be posting for a few days....BUT I won't leave you without a picture of a recent visitor to the office. Any guesses who it is???


The Promised Photo

Okay sports it is....the proof of "B's" birthday lunch at Hooters. The Hooter gals made "B" stand up on a chair and sing the's proof positive. Enjoy!
The Gang at Hooters celebrating "B's" birthday!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The saga continues...

Okay so I haven't really blogged lately. Been too upset about the car and let me catch you all up.

The week had been very busy with fellowship on Monday, D's bday on Tuesday, Wednesday was the big wind storm and horrible traffic and on Thursday I drove to work so I could get a quote on my car. TAR hadn't called me since Monday morning and I decided to take action. I. got. the. quote. $506.38 for the bumper. UGH.

I left TAR a note with the quote on his door. He called me, and wasn't too happy about it...said he would discuss it with me over the weekend.

I had a pretty good weekend, other than the fact that I totally stressed out about what TAR was gonna do. I showed the apts a couple of times. Did a few things that neeed to be done and I made my "Spring is in the air" was nice. THEN...I started to think too much. I was stressing so much that I was thinking of cancelling my trip. What the??? I tried to collect myself and started to head to the "rents' for dinner.

Dinner was great at the "rents" it's always good seeing them. I got my car parts to take to the shop for my mechanic to work on my car. Just so everyone doesn't think something is wrong mechanically with my car...I'm just getting my 90k tune-up. GOD love the KIA!!! Talked with the "rents" about TAR and what to do...ugh...everyone had an opinion.

Monday came and went....NO call from TAR. But the good news is one of the tenants saw TAR hit my car...YEAH!!! TAR had gotten his car wash, waxed, buffed so there is NO evidence of the incident on his car...I might have to change TAR to!

Now back to Monday. Monday was "B"s birthday. I started off his day with a 6pack of bullets (heineken mini keg cans) and of course a trip to Starbucks! Birthday treats all around. When we got to the office....fresh fruit and mini muffins!!! Then the ultimate surprise. We all headed to HOOTERS for lunch with "B". Pics to come later....We had a blast. IT was tons of fun...and well I have to admit the food was good!

So at home I watched...24 YEAH!!!!! Love that show...I am sooo addicted to it. Finally went to sleep and got up this morning and got ready for work. No call, no note from TAR. I got in the KIA and headed towards work. I called Diva #1 and asked her advice about TAR. I called TAR and asked what he had planned on doing as I wanted to resolve this matter. He actually was civil and not a jerk about it. Said he had been busy and hadn't had a chance to get another quote. Said he would take care of it right away and get back to me by the end of the day.

I had a crazy day...of course...and took my car to be worked on. Smooth picked me up and brought me back to the office. Finished another project. And. then. the. phone. rang. It. was. TAR. He said he had been swamped and hadn't had a chance to go to the repair place. Siad he would do it first thing in the morning. Let him know I wasn't too happy about it. I think I said I guess it will have to be. I think he said is that okay?? SO my new deadline is 12noon. IF he doesn't call. I am calling my insurance. NO more calls to him....AND if he calls after I've called the insurance company, my reply will be to him. Please contact my insurance company. If he gives me trouble. Email to Diva #2...and he won't like that outcome.

Whew...okay I feel better. It's out into the cyberworld and off my chest. NOW to make dinner, get my card stuff ready for stamping after work and to watch NCIS and The Unit.

OH - note to all...I got a card for my bday (very early) but he's headed out to the field and won't be back in time. It brought a tear to my eye. And inside he said 35 to be that young it as I'm gonna be 37...a big brother really knows how to make his little sis feel good! LOVE YOU Brother B - be safe on this trip!!!

ttfn xoxo

Monday, March 13, 2006

What Kind of Coffee are YOU????

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

Latest Creation

Thought I would share

Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's in a slogan anyways?

So this afternoon I was reading the Puget Sound Business Journal - don't fall over from shock, but my boss forwards us the email version. So I started reading it and came across this article...I've pasted it for you:

Washington state is about to launch a $440,000 tourism ad campaign with the slogan “SayWA.” Do you like "SayWa," or one of the alternative choices below? Submit your own in the comment box below.

What do you think the state's tourism slogan should be?
Endless Discoveries
The Other Washington: The State
There's no 'R' in Washington

SO I voted and it took me to a page where they listed other was too funny. SO if you had any say in what the NEW SLOGAN for Washington State would be what would you choose or what would it be??? I would love to read your thoughts.


Traffic Smaffic the sky is falling

Yesterday we had high wind warnings. The 520 Bridge closed, meaning lots of overflow onto 1-90 bridge - ugh! Thank goodness for the carpool. I think last night was the worse drive "B" and I have ever had. Here's just a little of the madness we faced on the way home.


Time to party, drink beer and eat wings!

A couple of weeks ago "D's" wife and I conspired together to put on "D's" 50th bday party. I am pretty sure "D" knew something was going on, but I don't think he knew the entire story.

I had told "D" before he left on his vacation, that I wanted to take him out for his birthday after work. Beers and wings. And, I added....I get to pick the place. He agreed...and left on vacation. While he was gone, the diabolical plotting to get some of the sales staff to the party started!

"D" came back from his vacation on his bday. I had brought muffins in for breakfast. At 10:00, I went to "D's" desk and said...You're 10'oclock is here...what 10 o'clock??? I handed him a 6pack of Alaskan Amber's that for a 10 o'clock??? Then I told him that the gang and I wanted to take him to play pool down at Acme Bowl. "D" replied...they got wings??? YEP..they sure do...he said, gotta check with the wife. So the day continued pretty much uneventful, but the beer fairy kept stopping by "D's" think by 5:30 he had beer from around the US...Alaskan, Montana, and Redhook...we then headed down to Acme to go "PLAY POOL" yeah right!!! HA HA...hopefully he was surprised!

We had a great time....good friends, good food, lots of good laughs and some bowling too!
Let's get this party started!
Everyone who said they would be there showed up...
this was gonna be a fun night!
Awwwee....cute! "D" and his wonderful wife!
Mr Detriot livening up the party with his impersonations
Look everyone, I'm an ooolld geezeer... kewl cane!
Look it's the incredible hulk...oh wait it's just "D" lol!
Old Fart's aka "D"s Sassy Wife
"B"'s calling to revoke Smooth's G-Card
How Brokeback Mountain got started.
Come on now, there is NO Brokeback Mountain going on here!
I hit a pin...I knew I could hit a pin!
I don't need no stinkin' cane to beat that
Time to take aim
STRIKE....I'm bad, it's my birthday!
Those sales guys...if they would only concentrate that hard on getting their commercial copy in.
Time for a little "bootie" shakin' - back that thang up!
The "PROMISED" hotwings!!!!
Teaching the fine art of bowling to the Sugarmomma
I'm revoking your "G" card.
"D's" in HEAVEN...what a great way to wrap up his 50th!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a little bit of this...a little bit of that


Time for ketchup..tee hee. Let's see, the rest of Monday. The basic happenings of the day occured.

I spoke with Cyn and Deb at work about TAR, the car and his laugh at the end of the phone conversation. They both agreed that (1) TAR didn't expect me to answer the phone (2) TAR knew he was in the wrong and (3) TAR was nervous. So I have given TAR the benefit of the doubt. After much thought about the situation and with a little advice from DIVA #1, I have decided to get a quote.

I needed to re-read and make a few notes on my homework assignment for fellowship tonight. It is the chapter on Doubt from Charles Swindell's book "Getting through the tough stuff" I was covering the front desk phones during lunch and the phones were just dead dead dead. I was totally able to read my chapter, highlight, take notes and then write a few things down.

"B" and I headed home, he dropped me off, and I headed upstairs but before heading up, I did what I had been dreading all day...and looked at my car. It's worse than I thought. SO that was when I came to the conclusion of getting a quote.

I had gone upstairs, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed up North to my fellowship meeting. I think that it deserves it's own post. I need to sort out everything that happened and reflect upon it before blogging about it.


Wired for style

LOL...okay how New York is this??? I feel like I should be at some club, hitting on some hot guy..drinking this.

Breakfast of Champions

Today is "D"'s b-day and what a perfect start to the day other than muffins. Now I should tell you all that I got "D" Bran muffins...tee hee...but here' s a pic of the yummy sugar coated blueberry delites that keep calling my name.

Monday, March 06, 2006

It's definitely a Monday

My day started off great. I had a good night sleep, I woke up and felt good. I got up, and got on RB. Did a little walk ... walk like an an 80's girl always an 80's girl. I started watching the news for a bit and it was like 6:35am, and then

The. Phone. Rang.

It's 6:35am and the phone is ringing. Who could be calling at 6:35am. I answer the phone. And who is calling but,

Can you guess? Give up yet?

TAR yes TAR. He was calling to tell me he clipped my car as he was pulling out of his parking space. He's like oh it didn't hurt your hurt mine more...blah blah blah. Anyways..then he started to laugh. I then got mad. Mad mad mad pissed off beyond all recognition.

I got off the phone, and got into the shower. Got ready for work and headed downstairs. I didn't even go look at the car.

"B" showed up...thank goodness and off to work we went. We stopped at Starbucks. Hummm life and the day was starting to look up.


Catching up...yet again

So this is how the rest of the weekend went.

Sunday I contemplated going to church, I haven't been for a while, and I was struggling with the question should I stay or should I go. Then there was the struggle and the guilt of heading to the "rents". I started to feel overwhelmed. *sigh*

I decided not to go to church and the "rents" I stayed home and showed the apts and did stuff around the apt. NOW mind you, I didn't get as much as I would have liked to get done, but if I would have gone to church and the "rents" it would have easily been a good 5 hours of not doing things that needed to be done.

"V" stopped by to check in and then off to work he went. I finished getting ready for work, then off to bed I went.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's here, it's here

OMG...they got here early. They ran upstairs checked out the space. And off they were...back to the truck.

About 10 minutes later...they were "herc"ing it up the 4 flights of stairs. Thru the door, on the mat. With power and the magic red key....they were testing it...and off they went...leaving me with RB.

Yes, I got on RB. Tested it out. I can see the tv perfectly, and out to the water. And i love it.

Now to just finish re-organizing the apartment. I am happy. I love RB.

I called "V", I was so giddy. He laughed and said I'm glad you did it. I'm proud of you.


Just when I thought I couldn't dig him anymore, he does that.

Off to go re-organize.

YEAH it's Saturday!

It's sunny. The construction workers are out in full force. I'm sick of the construction workers. Really sick and tired and irritated. Okay really pissed off about hearing the noise when I want to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays. Fought getting up and going til 9ish.

Headed to the Post Office Annex...what a pain. UGH. Then I went to heaven.

Starbucks. Mmm life is much more bearable right now.

Off to finish getting ready for RB. Gotta move a couple of things....and vacuum.


Friday, March 03, 2006


OMG...I can't believe that this week is finally over. Thank goodness. Whew....I am exhausted.

BUT. The RB will be delivered between 12:30 - 2:30 Saturday.


I'll have to do a photo shoot with the RB tomorrow. Maybe there will be hunky delivery dudes. Maybe, could I be that lucky?


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dinner with a birthday DIVA

Tonight I met the original DIVA "H" for dinner. It's her birthday celebration. We met for dinner at Tiger Moutain Grill in Issaquah. It was a very qaint restaurant with really good Northwest style food.

It was good to see "H". We laughed and caught up on all the happenings. She is such an amazing person. I wonder if she knows how much I look up to her. I should probably tell her. It was nice to talk to her about the apt as she was the manager for 13 years. Gosh, I feel like such a rookie with a mere 7 months under my belt.

Okay, back to our dinner out. I was really disappointed as my camera's battery died. I had planned on taking tons of pictures and posting them. Well I did get one picture of the birthday DIVA, so I'll post it. And yes, I did go plug in the rechargables. Must always have camera at all times!!! Back to dinner....we sat in the back. The restaurant was very dimly light...we sat by the windows over looking the river. Our server John totally took care of us. Getting lots of extra goodies for our burgers. The menu had tons of different things from pasta to steak to clams to pizza and then the burgers. They were so yummmy!

Our dinner was great and Ms DIVA opened her presents earlier and then we had a little key lime pie. YUMMMMM. And then there was the blue heron....attacking some kind of fish in the river.

I told Ms DIVA about "V" I still need to tell the "Rents" but after all the hopla with the mad scientist last year...I think I'll wait til things are more serious and definate.

We said our goodbyes and headed home.


Tis the season....Lent

It's that time of year again, looking forward to spring and Lent. Growing up semi-catholic (we only went to church during Christmas and Easter), I have at one time or another tried to give something up for Lent. I remember a couple of years ago when I not only gave up Dt. Coke, but chocolate. What the heck was I thinking back then. NOW that I don't partake in either, its actually somewhat silly.

But this year, I have decided to give up bagels. Bagels, yes Bagels. Those wonderful round delights of carbs that are delivered to my office each and every day. And on occassion on a NO bagels for YOU oh dflygirl. Bagels are bad very very bad.

SO the bagel lady is dead to me...maybe by the time Lent is over I will have totally forgotten how wonderful that Chevy (Cheddar Everything) tastes with garlic herb whipped Schmear. So when I hear the overhead page..."Blazin Bagels is in the lobby" or "Last call for Blazin Bagels" perhaps I will be enjoying my yogurt smoothie so much more!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Off to a new home....

I had a custom order for this bracelet a couple of months ago, and the person totally flaked on it. SO I was stuck with it. It was a bit snug for my liking, so I put it away with the rest of the stash of bracelets I need to sell...eeks its growing. Anyways, so I was feeling like I needed a little pick me up today, so I wore it into work.

During a meeting, the gal sitting next to me said "WOW, that is a great bracelet", so I let her try it on, it fit perfectly! SO she bought it. I did give her a discount as I at least wanted to get the cost of the amethyst grade a's out of it. Now off to your new home my precious!