Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post Scrappin Friendzy


The week just flew by! I got everything prepared that need to be done before the big event. I got all my make-n-take card kits done. My page kits all finished. AND all the little details like decorating my table and such.

I had such an awesome week of workouts....my first week of 3 times a week - Mon, Wed and Fri! WOWZA - RICO YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe that Saturday was FINALLY here. I had set a reasonable goal for sales but my overall goal was to have fun, meet new people and rock it when I taught my class. It was so hot as usual in the upstairs portion of the church. BUT I got there early and totally set up an hour before the first class.

Lots of people stopped by and did the make=n-take...and entered to win prizes..yeah prizes!!! The day just flew by. Pops called around 2pm and decided to come down and check it out...yeah....when he got there it was time for me to set up for class...I had Pops had out my class kits...it was too cute!!! I gave lots of stuff away with Scrappin trivia...lots of fun....and then the day came to an end.

I sent RICO a text and got one back, I headed to Lifeway to get the teachers guide for HFG and then finally home I went...WHAT A FREAKING FANTASTIC DAY!!!

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