Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just another…Manic Monday.

WOW – it’s Monday where did the weekend go? I know on the freeway…202 miles from Saturday to Sunday…eeeks….but the time, travel and what I did was SOOO worth it.

SO I was getting my stuff ready for lunch and there was money – yes money in my fridge. What the? LOL….that sneaky pops. HE kept asking how much the Portabella mushroom was…I told him a buck….so what did I find….a buck fifty! Too cute. I finished getting ready and headed to ‘B’’s to carpool. Parked okay and then off to work we went. Had a good ride, caught up…and then – WORK. DIVA called and checked on me…lol….just love that. It’s nice to have someone check up on me for a change.

I got my new Ipod NANO today…YEAH NANO!!! SO now just to figure it all out and load it up…and rock it!!! Had a pretty quick ride home and then off in the car I went…to Sam’s club to get a few things. I bought pops a pineapple…he’ll be sooo happy!!! Got home, herc’d everything upstairs….and then….24! Sweet.

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